Belgium Machete Attack 2.0

Open thread.

“Three people have been injured by a machete-wielding woman who went on the rampage in Brussels before being shot by police, it has emerged.

The attacker lunged at passengers, stabbing one in the back and one in the stomach as they were getting off a bus in the Uccle area of the Belgian capital this afternoon.

She is said to have fled to a nearby gallery before armed police descended on the scene.

They warned her several times before shooting her in the arm and arresting her when she failed to back down. …”

Just another lovely machete attack this afternoon in Belgium. It has been about two weeks since the last one. What’s the over-and-under on it being a Muslim?

Note: Yes, we drew the wrong straw in Switzerland, but we got Russia right.

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  1. Rt reporting sources said woman was “Asian”. Lol. European Asian? Isn’t that code for a -stani

  2. If it wasn’t for the fries and great beers, Belgium would be a bit dismal. I am not seeing a Belgian randomly targetting people with a machette, but a nut belgian perhaps. Also nuts and jihadist are pretty much the same, the difference being the political factor.

  3. Reportedly there was an “argument”. How fortunate that she happened to have a machete with her. And she had mental health issues. For a good laugh read the comments. Everyone is on to the mental health claims.

  4. Widespread mental illness is another “blessing” of the modern order that ties back to our struggle for another way ( ie it’s not all about race).

    Detached deracinated people outside of the reciporical bonds of heirarchy are unhappy and sick, enrout to their final existential replacement by machines, etc.

    Likewise, some on the other side argue that one of the advantages and benefits of the liberal order is that wars like WW1 and WW2 are less likely. Odd that wars churn on regardless, often initiated by liberal democracies against relatively inward looking people – another “blessing” from the False Religion!

  5. The Muslim Women can’t be trusted either and next they will be doing what the Gooks did in Nam strapping explosives to babies. Mark my words

  6. Belgians are well known for going on machete-wielding rampages. The only solution is to ban all sharp objects and import more Mohammedans.

  7. Here’s one of my favorite movies

    The Battle of Algiers

    Near total race war Europeans vs nastiest Arab Mudslime scum.

    This movie was banned for a few years in France for supposedly taking the Algerian Arab side, but I think the movie is very balanced.

    The French counter terrorism officers have the best lines.

  8. Paul Nehlen ?@pnehlen
    “Borders are the worst invention ever!'” says EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker…the sound of his voice drowned out by marauding rapeugees.

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