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    • Imagine if we had instituted a mandatory ONE CHILD POLICY on the Negroes years ago. 99% of this undertow wouldn’t exist

    • Yes, according to Republicans and mainstream “truconservatives”/neoconservative, the reason that Detroit is the most violent and dangerous city in the U.S. and the 7th most violent and dangerous city in the world has nothing to do with race as a biological reality but is wholly explained by Democratic rule. Are they so stupid and psychotic, so impervious to and estranged from objective reality that they actually believe this. Since 90-95% of black vote democratic, any city that is 80% black will be ruled by Democrats and only Democrats, and virtually all of them will be black.

      • People have been conditioned by decades of indoctrination and fear not to notice these patterns, or at least not to mention it if they notice. It is amazing to see the fear in their eyes when confronted by it. The whole point of “respectable” conservatism is to give them the acceptable conceptual framework to talk about it.

        • Well I guess it didn’t work for all of us, I know wherever I see Niggers, I know its trouble. I was taught that not by my folks or by my family, just my own observation

      • Well remember, both parties are Free-masonic creations, so lodge brothers cannot be too hard on fellow lodge brothers, it probably violates their oath or something. All the club members do is point fingers at each other in public and yuck-it-up in private, helping each other, no matter which party’s flag they carry in public. It is all about social economic class and the being part of the in-crowd. Working class whites are not part of the in-crowd, nor are inner city blacks.

  1. Notice about all their cars are nice, and get a look at those bicycles. Drugs and crime. They have money.

  2. Detroit. Michigan being a border city was an Underground Railroad Stop peopled largely by Frenchies and New England Yankees. In 1863 the Negroes in Detroit started a riot and there were something on the order of 35 plus buildings burned.

    After the war, with little need to flee North because of the Reconstruction Gib Me Dats the Negro population stagnated and remained stagnant until about 1910. The former Negro ghettoes in Detroit from 1863 were peopled by immigrants by 1900.

    Then automobiles came and the city became a victim of it’s own success.

    In 1910 when suddenly Detroit had one of the highest standard of living in the United States it was thirsty for workers and seemingly needed thousands of them and the Immigrants from Europe simply couldn’t come fast enough. Soon word spread down to Alabama and Mississippi and Negroes began running away from their debt slavery on the plantations to Detroit, riding the rails and even walking. Between 1910 and 1920 the Negro population exploded then and ebbed and flowed until WW2 when the last gigantic explosion began that lasted until 1970 when Detroit was suddenly deemed even too dangerous by Negro migrants that they went elsewhere.

    Housing Covenants kept the Negroes isolated in the Negro section but then two things happened. One was the USSC declaring Housing Covenants unconstitutional in 1948, Housing Covenants were the usual means by which Yankees practiced an imperfect form of segregation. The other was the Interstate Highway System built largely through Negro areas which had the effect of dispersing the infection throughout the whole area. This same thing happened all over the North and in the South as well. Even before Fair Housing, the damage done by the Interstates was incalculable.

    We must also remember a different quality of Negro came North and West in WW1 than in WW2. The Negro who came North PRE 1939 was largely the mulatto class who simply wanted a chance at economic advancement. The Field Nigras stayed on the plantation. After 1939 the Negroes coming north were always the least educated straight off the slowly mechanizing and often bankrupt Southern plantations. This horde actually displaced the relatively docile Negro class who attempted to live to themselves and made everyones lives a living hell. One of the real issues with Fair Housing was these High Yellows with a semblance of education wanting away from these savage Field Nigras. Before 1939 there were riots and racial disturbances, but never like the ones thereafter.

    These Field Nigras often did good themselves, but their children were the monsters and became the savages we see in Detroit, Flint, Gary Cleveland, CIncinnati, Indianapolis, Peoria Rockland, Saint Louis,Kansas City Des Moines, Milwaukee etc today

    • Share cropping in the south, after the civil war,was almost identical to communist farming in Russia and china.I don’t know if many in the south starved to death like the millions of Russian and Chinese farmers,but the practice was eerily familiar.

      • I am not sure, Hunter would know more about that than I do but I do know this. Southern Sharecropping needed debt slavery which was what they used to keep people on the farm. Debt slavery worked really well, but by WWII it became almost impossible to continue to collect so many of these Negroes just up and left, some in the middle of the night and headed for Detroit.

        • The “carpetbaggers” bought up the farms cheap,and advanced the farmers seed,tools and provisions for a season.The harvest paid back the debt,and the cycle continued,with the lender making a handsome profit each time.It reminds me of the noble estates in russia getting taken over and exploiting the farmers there too.Not all sharecroppers were black.

          • There were probably more white than negro sharecroppers this is a fact and it is also a fact that carpetbaggers did much to set up the system financially even bringing with them inventions such as the company store which took payment in script.

          • So did Ghengis Khan.(paper script)Are you defending those opportunist?
            Why do you think the German WW1 veterans banded together to throw them out in Germany,same thing.

          • Jack I was saying the Carpetbaggers were the ones who came up with such innovations as the Company Store or Plantation Store which were often run by Jews! Scrip was an evil thing, my great grandfather was forced to make moonshine and work around the clock to make real money, because the coal mine only paid in scrip.

            Of course the coal companies in Ky and WV made scrip the most famous. I think the only reason they were able to sell the idea in the South was because real money was scarce among the poorer classes before 1861 most of them lived by barter and trade. I was definately NOT praising it my grandma almost starved to death because of it.

            Jewish opportunism needs dealt with in the most harsh way possible

          • Thanks for clearing that up.
            You made it sound like a good thing.These are professional thieves and murderers we’re dealing with.

          • No problem. Sometimes I post things and it can seem as if it has 2 meanings. From a person whose grandparents lived on script and suffered with hunger, Id never support these scumbags. —– them

    • Don’t forget Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, New York, all in similar state of distress. Many fewer factory jobs means much less work available for the lower IQ members of society. Crime turns out to be the out selected by the majority of lowest class of society.

    • Michigan is an absolutely gorgeous state, shame the economy is so bad. It is much more scenic than Wisconsin which is treated as “summer paradise” by most White Chicagoans. Largely because the horrific state of the drive around the bottom of the lake with the worst traffic in the entire midwest funneling into that bottleneck deters people from going there. However we had a few neighbors who had their summer lake cabins in southern Michigan and after visiting it and comparing it to Wisconsin I see why.

      • Michigans water gave it immense growth but it was also its downfall as it brought a million plus Negroes into the state. Everywhere you have growth like cockroaches Jews and Negroes show up

  3. Reminds me of GTA San Andreas. Grove Street Represent. I enjoy these types of videos/documentaries.

  4. I think niggers are incapable of running a city properly. But shutting most of the car factories down didn’t help them none.

  5. Yes friends and neighbors if we only elected a Rand Paul to head up Detroit and organize it around Pro-Constitutional ideas it would become a beacon of freedom. ROFL GAG GAG ROFL and GAG AGAIN. Rinse Wash Repeat. Idiots ignore the thieving Negro Gorilla in the midst

  6. A thousand years from now -even if whites ceased to exist 500 years before- blacks in the U.S.A. or what it’s then named will still be blaming all their self-inflicted “problems” (violence, crime, poverty, illegitimacy, inequalities with “Asians” and mestizos/Amerindians, etc.- on “racism” and “the legacy of slavery and segregation.”

  7. Having lived in New York City during the early 90’s I can tell you this video is just run of the mill stuff in the nigger ghetto.

    One can drive for hours on end through the Bronx and Harlem and see this exact behavior on any given night.

  8. Her Twitter feed is funny to read. I don’t subscribe to Twitter but occasionally I like to read thru a linked version and hers is funny.

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