FBI Investigating Possible ISIS Terrorist Attack In Roanoke, VA

He was shouting Allahu Akbar … in Roanoke, VA:

“The FBI has launched a federal terrorism investigation into a weekend stabbing in Roanoke, Va., looking at whether the attacker may have been trying to behead his victim in an alleged ISIS-inspired assault, sources tell ABC News.

Federal authorities have been aware of the alleged attacker, 20-year-old Wasil Farooqui, of the Roanoke area, for some time, sources familiar with the case told ABC News. In the past year, he traveled to Turkey and may have tried to sneak into Syria, where ISIS is recruiting and inspiring sympathizers from across the world, sources said.

Farooqui was arrested Saturday by Roanoke County Police on charges of assault with malicious wounding, and he’s being held without bond at the Western Virginia Regional Jail, according to the sources and a jail database.

During the Saturday stabbing, Farooqui allegedly injured a man and woman at an apartment complex in Roanoke, yelling “Allah Akbar” as he attacked them with a knife, sources told ABC News. …”

What do you think?

What are the chances this was not another ISIS-inspired terrorist attack of the nature we have recently seen in France, Belgium, Germany and Russia? They have a new video out urging lone wolves to attack polling places during the November election. Interestingly enough, they even recommend using household items like knives, not guns.

If this was an ISIS attack, you can be sure they will claim it. This is exactly the sort of small scale operation they have been encouraging lately. Let’s not forget this has happened in before in Moore, Oklahoma. That act of jihad was dismissed as “workplace violence” and was sent down the memory hole by the #LyingPress.

Not on the Alt-Right though. We’re the sentinels of White America. We all saw it. We still remember it.

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  1. Its basically their propaganda, Hunter. ‘If you cant bomb them, shoot them, if you cant shoot them, stab them.. Or strangle them, run a car on them.’ They have no rules.

  2. Absolute filth. This man has as much business being in Roanoke (Where i believe i still have distant cousins) as a pedophile does being in a preschool. Send this filth to hell

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