The Case for Trump: Hillary Clinton Plans To Attack The Alt-Right In Thursday Speech

Hillary Clinton is planning to directly attack Trump over the Alt-Right in a speech in Nevada on Thursday:

“Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Thursday plans to deliver a speech on the connection between Republican Donald Trump’s campaign and the “disturbing ‘alt-right’ political philosophy,” a Clinton aide said.

The address, planned for Reno, Nev., follows a report this past weekend in The Washington Post that the so-called alt-right has been heartened by Trump’s candidacy, seeing recent moves by the candidate as consistent with the alt-right’s goal of maximizing the white vote in November. …”

Reality check.

It’s true that I have been enjoying the recent Dave Weigel stories in The Washington Post on the Alt-Right. I’m happy that the Alt-Right has become more visible thanks to Trump’s campaign. But, seriously, the notion that we have “taken over” the Republican Party is a ludicrous media manufactured meme.

I mean … it would certainly be nice to be reveling in the fame, fortune, and power of operating completely in the mainstream like Hillary Clinton does, where the Clinton Foundation has operated as a vast pay-for-play scheme that has made her into a multimillionaire, but nothing has changed on my end. I’m still sitting here on this shitty laptop writing all this pro bono because I believe so strongly in our cause.

It’s true that something has fundamentally changed in the mainstream. Since it is my job is to tell you the truth, I will tell you that what has changed is that Trump has overthrown the Republican establishment and Conservatism, Inc. – which was smashed in the primaries when its forces went to war with him – has lost its traditional power to police and neuter the Right. We haven’t taken over the Republican Party so much as we have escaped from the mainstream imposed quarantine on our ideas.

Whose fault is that? Trump was nothing more than the storm that came along and blew away the rotten structure. Conservatism, Inc. dug its own grave on immigration, foreign policy, and trade. It lost the culture wars because it was never really serious about fighting them. It promised the world to its base and never delivered anything but defeat and misery. It went along with non-White identity politics – embracing affirmative action and promoting this or that colored in order to appeal to this or that racial bloc – while condemning White identity politics as beyond the pale. It ran ¡Jeb! as the donor class candidate with a $100 million dollar war chest in an effort to openly buy the Republican nomination.

If that weren’t bad enough for them, the base no longer believes in their ideas. The base doesn’t want the Paul Ryan-Ayn Rand economic agenda. More than anything else, I think their most damaging move was who they selected as their messengers. At the end of its life, Conservatism, Inc. was full of nothing more than effete grifters and smug DC social climbers who wanted to be seen as “respectable” by their leftist peers. I watch these people every day snarking and counter-signaling in their Twitter circle jerk. They are the equivalent of the eunuch class which has constipated degenerate courts throughout history.

Eventually, the class divide between the Republican base and the cuckservative elite – the ponces and goofballs who you can see parading around Northern Virginia – ballooned into an unbridgeable chasm. The Republican signaling structure broke down. They would go on television and “signal” their preferred candidate – usually, a show like Real Time With Bill Maher or Chris Hayes on MSNBC – and the base in a state like Alabama would receive the signal and vote for the candidate they were trashing.

Unlike all the other candidates, Trump was listening to the people. He sized up his audience. He quickly discerned what they really cared about, what was stale ideology, and what was donor class baggage. That’s what he ran on in the primaries. Starting with immigration and political correctness, it just so happens that there is a massive overlap now between what the Alt-Right cares about and what the Republican base cares about.

Hillary intends to portray the Alt-Right as “extremists”:

“Campaigning in Reno, Nevada, on Thursday, Hillary Clinton will address Donald Trump’s recent campaign hires and what her campaign termed in an announcement as “his advisors’ embrace of the disturbing ‘alt-right’ political philosophy.”

“This ‘alt-right’ brand is embracing extremism and presenting a divisive and dystopian view of America which should concern all Americans, regardless of party,” the campaign said in a statement. “In her remarks, Clinton will contrast Donald Trump’s divisive views and dangerous temperament with her vision of an America that is stronger together and where everyone has a role to play in the future.” …”

This is a half truth.

In reality, the Alt-Right is much closer to the center on most issues. For twenty years now, the Alt-Right even before it congealed into the Alt-Right was sounding the alarm about immigration. The same is true of free-trade and destructive foreign wars which were two of our signature issues through the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush years. The Alt-Right has always been passionately against political correctness and highly critical of multiculturalism, but it has been taken to such ludicrous extremes that the Republican base has come around to our position. The Alt-Right has always warned about the dangers of extreme expressive individualism and the rapid disintegration of the social fabric.

The Alt-Right has always believed that the political system was rigged against the people because it was controlled by the donor class. It has always believed that Republicans cater to the wealthy and neglect the White working class. It has always opposed the #LyingPress. It has always been skeptical of the traditional Republican agenda of tax cuts and free markets. It has always been more secular and less religious than ordinary conservatives. It has always been highly critical of the American Empire.

The Alt-Right has always been known for being angry, alienated, and believing America’s best days were in the past – the difference is that now the White majority has caught up to where we were twenty even thirty years ago. The Alt-Right, too, has always opposed extreme racial double standards, particularly in crime, and especially the way the #LyingPress demonizes Whites while coddling black extremism.

Donald Trump’s leadership has exposed an uncomfortable reality for the bipartisan political establishment: year after year, White America has drifted closer and closer to our long established positions on the issues, and has become more and more alienated from the self-selected elite. We’re condemned as “extremists” from the top of the social pyramid by the media while the view from the bottom looks very different.

The Alt-Right is White America’s Cassandra: decades ago, we were highly conscious of the demographic projections, and were very concerned about the future of our people. We traveled far ahead of our people, who tend to mostly live in the present, into the distant and then highly abstract future of the 2020s, 2030s, and 2040s. Now, the future that we have always warned about is starting to dawn, and our dystopian predictions are coming true whereas the rosy kumbaya predictions of the liberal establishment and its creed of secular humanism turned out to be far wide of the mark.

Shooting the messenger won’t kill the message.

Note: Since Hillary Clinton is directly attacking us here, which I can’t remember ever happening in 15 years of watching politics, that ought to tell you something. She’s attacking all pro-White people and so for once we ought to put aside all these petty divisions and unite to oppose this evil bitch for one day in November. We’re not being ignored anymore. They’re not pretending we don’t have a voice.

Note: I say half truth because some red pill issues – namely, Jews, race realism, secession – aren’t yet as fully digested as others like racial double standards. Also, I don’t even really identify as “Alt-Right,” but I am close enough to think of myself as a fellow traveler. We believe in most of the same things and will share the same fate.

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  1. ….looks like the only company you have around here is (alt-right) tumbleweeds. Ever thought that your pro-bono work would be better directed elsewhere, instead of harnessing Conservatism’s innate xenophobia?

    • The “alt-right” has as much to do with conservatism as soap and water has to to with Mohammedans. In other words, nothing.

      And what’s wrong with xenophobia? Who gave you shitlibs the authority to decide which ideas/words are acceptable and which aren’t?

      • For some reason that graphic didn’t come out like it should have, so I will use this one instead:

    • Nobody around here is “harnessing” conservatism’s innate xenophobia; we ARE conservatism’s innate xenophobia. For the moment, everything else about conservatism may kindly go to hell.

    • tumbleweeds…. high plains drifters… coming into town to “set things alt-right”… because evil needs killing. again. better step aside, stranger.

  2. Alt-Right represents the rising tide of White racial consciousness after decades of White race denial. It is a normal and healthy reaction to attempted White Genocide. It is anathema to anti-Whites, cuckservatives, and traitors.

    • Bob Whitaker and Horus the Avenger deserve most of the credit for converting Ron Paul infowar types to white nationalism (myself included) and also for making TRS a white nationalist (but still “take back America”) fountain head rather than an AnCap platform.

  3. Pepe the frog is going to get his legs pulled off by Mrs. Clinton. Oye vey. Itz going to be a frogocaust.

  4. Hillary and the media are losing the narrative. #hillaryshealth has taken over the election and news cycle. They were dismissive at first. Wouldn’t cover it. Then it became conspiracy theories. Just last night, under the cover of darkness, they had her opening an unsealed, already opened pickle jar to try to cover up her obvious health issues. #picklegate. #wherestheseal. She’s basically Dukakis at this point, but with a media that will do everything to carry her to November. If she’s talking about the alt-right, this is a hail mary. It’s really a last ditch effort. This narrative gained no traction when the left alt media tried to cover it. Then the media covered it, to no avail. Now she’s forced to try to bring it up. She’s desperate.

  5. We are going to want Hillary and the cucks to come out explicitly against white identity politics

    And Trump needs to scoff at those paranoid crackpots and their conspiracy theories of the International White Conspiracy

    • Mention to the press that you endorsed the D who is running against Ryan, even if he is as anti-white as Ryan people still might have jobs

  6. Seriously, Ayn Rand was in all probability a Russian (((Jewish communist))) spy who didn’t get caught. Her father was a pal of the head of Russian secret police Yagoda, and Ayn was allowed to leave Russia when few were.

    • Wouldn’t surprise me. Notice how they always change their names to avoid scrutiny.

      Birth name: Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum

    • Yes. You know the Jew was a JEW, and Jews will ALWAYS be Jews. Enemy of Humanity, but especially Whites.

    • Ayn Rand is a strange one but this is true, her rugged individualism eventually causes such misery it leads to Communism. John C. Calhoun when he repudiated Jefferson in the 1840s stated that ALL HUMAN BEINGS are born into a community and a culture and are defined as a person through that culture and community. He showed how that since mankind has lived as communities since Adam’s family this idea that we are all individuals is ridiculous. We are part of the volk the village insert adjective.

      The Southern Confederacy was not wholly individualist, it was a collective as well, men and women fighting for a COLLECTIVE SOUTHERN IDENTITY. THis idea of full individualism is a facade. Ayn Rand was a disinformaiton agent.

  7. Alt-right is just the space of the right whose adherents are chiefly motivated by some form of anti-egalitarianism, and are uncomfortable with identifying with other incumbent constituent parts of the right.

    If Cankles is going to take on the alt-right, it’s going to make Pepe have a sad. And when Pepe gets sad, he gets mad.

    I guess that’s her strategy for the rest of the campaign, to run against Pepe.

  8. “(The) alt-right’s goal of maximizing the white vote in November. ..”

    Yes I know, preaching to the choir, but they proudly and openly talk of GOTV efforts to “maximize the black vote,” and “maximize the Hispanic vote,” and “maximize the LBGTQ-ABC’s-and-123’s vote,” or whatever. But to talk of “maximizing the WHITE vote??” Which might deliver a result WHITES would prefer? Horrors!

    How in the hell did we reach this sorry state where working against our own interests is considered equality and virtue?

  9. There is a lot of truth here. I red pilled a fellow today but I did not do it via Aryan / Jew dialectics, but rather via faith and folk.

    Is the alt right VNN or OD? That is the essential question much as the question you posed to VNN: would you shoot a Jewish girl if you had the chance?

    We need to ask of our criticism of the Jews: what is the end goal here? Retaliation? Annihilation? Subjugation? Reciprocity? Apology? Separation? It makes a huge difference, not only for marketing purposes, but also morally: remember that Right makes Might.

    The same thing with political frameworks: are we going for the Hitlerian führer system? Aristocratic rule? Traditionalism? Or a balanced republic? It makes a huge difference practically and morally.

    Many leading persons of the alt right are childless men. Past a certain age that is a huge red flag. Women will court a man with means who is not scaring her with odd behaviors in order to start a family. Men who do not fit that mold and who simultaneously become political bomb throwers are not and cannot be the base of a prosperous civilization.

    Men of gravitas can reassure everyday people sufficiently to take a shot a the tumultuous change we advocate; the bomb-throwers’ vote only goes so far.

    A Trump loss will make things harder in the short term, but perhaps catalyze the Movement that will actually get us to the promised land.

      • Do you consider Daily Stormer to be the most trafficked site of the alt right, and thus exemplary of the alt right’s present and future?

        Are “fashy” memes useful for now, but easily jettisoned when not?

        As the opening line of Dune aptly puts it: “A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that balances are correct.”

  10. The Guardian publishes a “reflexive marginalizing hasn’t worked, we must understand them in order to marginalize them” article about the alt right.

    Spencer and Enoch quoted as essentially saying that blood and soil are the essense of the alt right: in other words, a “safe space” for whites.

    This I can abide (obviously), but human excellence needs to be part of that vision, not “evil be my good”.

  11. If I’m not mistaken the Alt Right is pro-abortion (for blacks).

    Pro gun control for blacks

    For feminist sluttiness because it annoys Muslims

    I’d say the Alt-Right accepts a Marxist idea about capital

    The Alt-Right justifies the acceptable in unacceptable ways.

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