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“A viable Southern alternative capable of drawing a large portion of the mainstream Southern public to our side is definitely possible. If we stick to a few key issues where we have broad support then SN can become an influential movement. On the other hand, if we descend into a spiral of vantardist black-pill rhetoric (which will drive off normies and associate us with the next Dylan Roof) then we will not grow or gain influence. Sadly, I have seen too much of the latter on social media. This venting and signaling never helps our cause; its temporary high from postering and proving how “hard core” one is comes at a big cost for our cause and any group affiliated with such rhetoric.”

For years now, I have made it clear in this space that I have a low opinion of “vantardism.”

By “vantardism,” I am not referring to vanguardism in the sense that Greg Johnson or Richard Spencer use the term, which is to say, an intellectual vanguard focused on metapolitics which can be combined with political activity in the diluted form of a mass movement. This is basically what we are seeing in the interaction between the Alt-Right and Trump’s “Make America Great Again” movement.

Vantardism starts with an apocalyptic mindset. It is the belief that only a tiny minority of Whites can ever be awakened. It is the belief that all political activity is hopeless and that only small, cohesive groups of hardcore revolutionaries or lone wolves acting on their own initiative can bring about change through violence. Vantardists prefer to shun interaction with the mainstream and retreat to some place – like, say, a mountaintop in West Virginia – where they can form small cells of true believers.

I believe the opposite is true. I think the majority of Whites can be awakened. I think our ideas are increasingly popular, that political activity isn’t hopeless, that long term historical trends are on our side and that we should aim to create a large mass movement full of people who are less radical than the ideological vanguard. I believe we should have patience with disaffected people who are not as radical as we are, build relationships with them, find common ground and calmly persuade them that our ideas are correct. In my view, BREXIT, Trump, and the success of the European nationalist parties are all proof of this.

Dylann Roof’s belief that he could single-handedly ignite the RAHOWA by shooting up a black church – in the process, killing 9 random black people – is the polar opposite of my view of sound strategy and tactics. If those 9 black church ladies had died in a traffic accident on a church bus, it would have had no political significance, but by turning them into martyrs Roof succeeded in catalyzing a wave of cultural genocide in the South. In hindsight, we would have been better off if Roof had just become a junkie.

We live in an age of riots, mass shootings and terrorist attacks. We’ve had all three within the last two weeks and all of that violence has had amazingly little impact on the system. Last weekend, Arcan Cetin, a Turkish immigrant, shot up a mall in Washington State. Who will even remember it happened two weeks from now?

If Trump loses in November, which as of today is the most likely of my two scenarios, we can expect a wave of secession fever to sweep across the South. Undoubtedly, the wave will recede before January, but some valuable new people might be left behind in its wake. The legacy of Trumpism will haunt the mainstream for years as people who found their way into the movement via Trump continue to radicalize. This is what we saw happen with Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul. If past is prologue, Trump’s “wake” will be the largest yet.

In such a scenario, our message should simply be – SECEDE, because at this point why not? America, clearly, isn’t on track to be great again. We shouldn’t get lost in the weeds on countless other issues like violence, theology and other minor points of disagreement. Instead, we should promote the idea of “independence” which is destined to become increasingly popular in Hillary’s America, keep it real vague, and let disaffected people attach their own fantasies to the idea. This is why Trump has had so much success with “Make America Great Again.” It is an idea so vague that it can mean countless things to millions of disaffected people and that papers over their many divisions.

What should we say we are for? INDEPENDENCE. Just say that Texas or Alabama or Tennessee ought to have a BREXIT-style referendum on it. I think that is an idea which could gain traction. As for the “Day of the Rope,” I think that might be a harder sell. At best, Holy Martyrdom might dominate the news cycle for a few days.

Americans don’t have the attention span to be moved by small-scale acts of violence. Even large-scale acts of violence like 9/11 were a boon to state power. Calm persuasion, not violence, remains our most effective tool.

Note: In my recent speech in Arkansas, I addressed this issue around the 4:30 mark. Specifically, I warned against moving further away from our people at the exact moment that they are coming around and moving closer to us on issues like immigration, trade and secession. This is true in both scenarios.

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  1. One important thing to do is to report, honest positive local events, local mainstream leaders like the County Board chairman of suburban areas outside of Detroit who publicly celebrate how great, successful, positive their areas are compared to the worst areas of Detroit, Flint Michigan etc.

    We can just promote private schools like Chicago’s Mount Carmel – schools that work and which are 90% White.

    Have academic standards, conduct standards and this will keep out the worst Blacks, Leftists etc.

    The Home Schooling Movement was a big thing in the 1990s, now those home schooling moms are mostly empty nesters – they should be employed to teach other people’s children as they did so well teaching their own children.

    • Public schools have turned into pigsties of Social-Marxist indoctrination, even the elementary schools in pleasant White communities. Teachers/administrators are either unthinking dummies who do whatever the System tells them to do or they are Cultural Commissars with an actively subversive anti-white, anti-American agenda. Anne Frank, Harriet Tubman and Caesar Chavez are the new “heroes” and role models whom the kiddies are supposed to revere.

  2. Hey kids when you wake up…don’t get shooty.

    1. Get your certification, licences and training sorted out. Here I mean as a plumber, technician, electrician, builder. If you are clever get a JD or MD or go into software and electrical or electronic engineering.

    2. Have sons.

    3. Buy property.

    4. Carefully and quietly leave crumbs and hints for others to follow.

    Don’t get shooty. This is a long term game.

  3. What is the likelihood of being able to get a referendum on secession in red states after the election if Trump doesn’t win? While random acts of violence are never called for, there is a time and place for violence. Not now but perhaps in the future. The key is to provoke the state into violence first. People can justify violence if they believe it is in retaliation to the acts of an unjust government or done as a last resort in defense of the population.

  4. Interesting how black violence and extortion has always advanced their interests but the same approach by our people retards or defeats ours. The liberal peace and love crowd really has no problem with criminal behavior as long as it’s directed against Whites.

      • I would argue most real White men don’t fear it PER SE, they fear what law enforcement and the courts will do to them if they respond. The Negro has no more power BY HIMSELF than he did 100 years ago. He is merely a front for the Judeo-Zionist-Illuminati Control Complex.

  5. HW, there is a faulty premise in your otherwise cogent argument, viz., that the Dylan Roof “massacre” really happened. It was a ZOG hoax, like the make-believe massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school. The purpose of those fake events was to demonize White gun owners who are hostile to any more ZOG gun control laws. Fortunately the public did not buy into the manufactured hysteria, although the People’s Democratic Republic of Connecticut, under jew pressure, has rammed through some new gun control legislation just the same.

    Change will never come about waiting for the public to accept or understand it. They will meekly follow whoever the leader is. This is the kind of society I want and I daresay most of the rest of us want as well:

      • If Dylann Storm Roof is a “Vantard” then whose “vantard” is he?

        Nobody seen Dylann Roof in the bowel Movement coming. Roof had no prior history in the bowel Movement and had a bunch of niggers as “Facebook friends.” Roof claimed he read something off the CofCC web page and decided to start shooting.

        Therefore, while Dylann Roof is a “Lone Tard” he isn’t a “Vantard.” If he was a “Vantard” then he’d be YOUR vantard. You would do better to simply stop dropping Roof’s name rather than bring him up again and again when for a fact if Roof was a “Vantard” then he was a CofCC “Vantard.”

        Just drop the matter altogether rather than keeping on bringing it back up in order to make your false point. Unlike TraitorGlenn Miller who was a ZOGbot since 1976 or 1977 when it turned snitch after being caught with Klan fliers in order to get in its 20 years for retirement and as its last act for ZOG gunned down three mongrels in the Old Kikes Home parking lot in order to get medical attention — if it wasn’t for being locked up without smokes or whiskey TraitorGlenn Miller would have croaked off over two years ago — this stupid kid gunned down a passel of niggers after reading what you likely wrote. And everyone in the bowel Movement knows it.

        The results may have been the same but the same spot on the road was reached by different vehicles travelling different routes. I know that you will be angry about this post, but you either need to own up to it or, better yet, drop it altogether and not mention it ever again.

        Hail Victory!!!

        Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri’
        (Disqualified LibberToon) Write-In Candidate for Governor of Missouri

  6. Something as simple as turning off the TV (short for TalmudVision) would go a long way towards helping White people to clear their minds and deprogram themselves from the Kike-Matrix.

  7. After witnessing the vicious beating of his little brother by BLM niggers, Hunter has come to the conclusion that for the safety of his family he must begin the process of Northwest Migration. The South is too overrun by niggers to make succession viable.

    • No more White retreating! Besides, a lot of Whites have no interest in moving to Oregon or Montana. I certainly don’t.

  8. Hunter, I hope and pray you’re wrong about Trump loosing. Hillary is vindictive, and will take it out on all of us.

    • Donald Trump would win the election IF THE ELECTION WAS FREE AND FAIR, I have told Hunter this a billion times. However as our elections are neither Free nor Fair, the best we can do is to expose the entire system as a giant facade. I do not believe the so-called ALT RIGHT will go to sleep, they’re too pissed off. If everyone follows my program of HAVING NOTHING IN YOUR HOME THAT IS ILLEGAL and two IF YOU HAVE A LESS THAN LEGAL WEAPON CACHEING IT ELSEWHERE then they will have nothing on you. This is what you must get. No porn on the computer no anything keep it as clean as possible. When Hillary’s Stasi comes around, make them prove their case.

  9. Ask Dr. Hill to tell you about Bacon’s Rebellion—the real story before it became PC. The pre-revisionist telling of Bacon’s Rebellion.

  10. I agree pretty much with everything here, which is why I am a supporter of OD and why OD needs to be at the forefront of any post-Trump movement.

    The “Alt Right” is nihilistic, often Godless, and almost always childless, comfortable with frank homosexuality and takes an Evil Be My Good approach to the current struggle. Its pillars are contempt for human rights and human dignity, pick-up “artistry”, and a jocular, fratty attitude towards despotism, violence, and murder.

    The Traditional Right, is God-fearing, family oriented, and seeks a Balance of Power, not only between nations, but also within nations. We understand that even if other races don’t comprehend the notion of Right Universal, we do; it’s literally in our blood.

    I became very skeptical of the “Alt Right” around the time of the NPI Conference. In the run-up to the conference, I was full of hope: the post-Libertarians exemplified by were going to “professionalize” and physically enter the mainstream institutions of Washington DC.

    What went wrong? They banned Matthew Heimbach. Mr Heimbach, a Hero par excellence of the Traditional Right, gave voice to many of the things that I believed in, and if he wasn’t welcome, would I be welcome? Probably not.

    This fissure still exists in the divide between camps that want to leverage the emotional ties to America and those of us who conclude that a new start is the better way. It exists in the readiness to gloss over Trump’s foibles and even Deify him rather than understand him as a transitory phenomena in a broader struggle.

    Trump today, tomorrow someone worse?

    And therein lies the unbridgeable divide between the two wings of this movement. I, and I hope to say, We, already know the principles that Makes Society Great. We just don’t have the numbers inside the current political geography to put them into practice.

    The other wing seems to be searching for answers, or worse, unconcerned about the question. You see this in the Hitlerism and Pinochet reverence – both RAPID political flame-outs in the historical context that did long-lasting damage to our people.

    While not a Christian, I consider them Fellow Travelers, and would eagerly embrace a nation guided by those behavioral norms. I doubt I would want to live in a society guided by the principles of the Alt Right, assuming there are any enduring principles beyond nihilistic rage.

  11. We live in an age of riots, mass shootings and terrorist attacks.

    The mass shootings are mostly hoaxes. The terrorist attacks are almost all either false flags, hoaxes, or events that would not have happened without instigation by government agents.

    The Psycho-Cho shooting at VA Tech was supposedly the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. Then came a whole string of made-for-TV shooting hoaxes. People are becoming inured to these spectacles. The supposed Florida nightclub shooting left the VA Tech shooting in the dust in terms of its “official” body count, but it is now just a fading memory, like a bad made-for-TV movie, which it was in a way.

  12. Evan McMullin ?@Evan_McMullin 7h7 hours ago
    Donald Trump is supported by a white supremacist movement in this country, which all Americans should oppose.

  13. “…There is nothing to stay you. Your Constitution is all sail and no anchor. As I said before, when a society has entered on this downward progress, either civilization or liberty must perish. Either some Caesar or Napoleon will seize the reins of government with a strong hand; or your Republic will be as fearfully plundered and laid waste by barbarians in the twentieth century as the Roman Empire was in the fifth; with this difference, that the Huns and Vandals, who ravaged the Roman Empire, came from without, and that your Huns and Vandals will have been engendered within your country by your own institutions…”

    – Thomas Babington Macaulay (1800-1859), from a letter to Henry S. Randall, author of the Life of Jefferson.

  14. “I think the majority of Whites can be awakened. I think our ideas are increasingly popular, that political activity isn’t hopeless, that long term historical trends are on our side and that we should aim to create a large mass movement full of people who are less radical than the ideological vanguard.”

    I agree that it is a matter of waking people up. But it isn’t really a matter of making our ideas more popular, it’s mainly about spreading information and changing attitudes.

    So far, people still don’t understand that the government wants to kill them. They still don’t know that the government and the media are controlled by the Jewish anti-White lobby. They have never heard the word ZOG. Even so, they are losing confidence in the government and the media.

    The general White population is getting closer to the positions of White Nationalists because they are under attack by the government, and because the non-White population is growing very fast. They cannot believe that it is a deliberate genocidal attack, but they can see that the government doesn’t defend their interests.

    The big difference between us and them is that we know the government wants to kill us, and we know it is a Jewish attack. Apart from that, there is no big ideological difference. Most White people, even those who vote for the left, do not support race replacement at all. They know that third-world people are not the same as us. They know about racial differences.

    We are more politicized than they are, we are more awake and less conformist, we have better intellectual and political clarity, our views are better defined and more coherent, but that’s all. In fact, we should see ourselves as spokesmen for White people in general.

    White Nationalists = White Advocates = Spokesmen for White people = People who defend White people’s interests = Nothing to do with political ideas and ideology.

    By comparison, the case for secession is really based in the world of political ideas and ideology. It must be backed by good arguments. The problem is that people are afraid of political change. The benefits of independence are obvious to me, but not to everyone.

    Normal people instinctively understand the logic of White Nationalism, and why it isn’t a good idea to become a small minority under non-White rule. By comparison, if you defend secession, there’s a lot of explaining to do.

  15. White Supremacy sure isn’t what it used to be . . .

    Listen up $PLC ZOGtards:

    Look at the Board of Directors: Kyle Bristow’s “law clerk” is a Satannic mongrel named Bryan Reo, and Bryan Reo took down a dozen of my Church web pages because I found that it wasn’t white back in 2010.

    The dirty mongrel sued me for $10.75 million in federal kort and the case was so bogus it had to be dismissed.


    Yesterday I was applying for a Petition for Certiori to the u$ jewpreme kort:

    I asked Kyle Bristow to help me out with an evil mongrel who was making false accusations against me and my Church on 10 Feb 2016. The weasel said it couldn’t because “Bryan Reo is my law clerk.”

    So now these so-called “white supremacist” lawyers are going ass-to-mouth with a known mongrel that has taken down Chistian Identity web pages in conjunction with a former Jersey City jew jailer named William Finck who spent 12 years in federal prison for murdering a Puerto Rican sneak thief prisoner.

    Funny how none of you $PLC tards even know how to do a basic search of the Internet to find out who is who and who is jew. But not to worry — neither did the North Perry Nuclear Power Plant. At least not until there were numerous failures there and they finally did a google search and found my web pages and Bryan Reo’s being a non-white “White Supremacist.”

    And when the $PLC looks at “dangerous Stormfront radicals who kill, how about when Bryan Reo threatened to murder FBI agents due to Reo paranoia?

    But then again, this is how much Bryan Reo loves the First Amendment as does Attorney Bristow:

    Of course with 45 lawsuits in the Lake County Ohio County Courts, Bryan Reo goes after small white family businesses and probably splits the proceeds working with Attorney Bristow.

    Yup, “White Supremacy” isn’t what it used to be. Let’s see what what White Supremacists like Bryan Reo look like:

    Well, them NIM-Busters are still sore that Bryan Reo took their web page down four times, so they keep grudges.

    By the way, if the Southern Poverty Law Center wants to get rid of “White Supremacist” ambulance chasers, perhaps you can get in touch with the owner of the below family small company which was extorted for $1500 by Bryan Reo and possibly Attorney Bristow who are working to becum the next White Supremacist $PLC. Mr. Norton would certainly like for a class-action lawsuit against the law firm of Bristow & Reo.

    Gotta love the wonderful job in researching you jewboys and mamzers do in keeping an eye on us racist haters, some of whom are mongrel wannabe racist haters. By the way, Bryan Reo took down over five times the Christian Identity and White Supremacist web pages than you homo jewboys at the $PLC and Ashkenazi Defecation League coonbined.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    (Disqualified LibberToon) Write-In Candidate for Governor of Missouri

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