Daily Stormer on #Sylacauga

Can we at least get a hashtag started?

Erik Striker has some valuable thoughts on what happened in Sylacauga:

“The most angering part of this story is the reaction from the police. It’s a cliche at this point to say that the Sylacauga Police Department would be leading candlelight vigils and leaving no stone unturned if a group of Ku Klux Klan supporters beat a single black within an inch of his life for saying something on Facebook. Yet to the outraged white community demanding answers on Social Media, police chief Kelley B. Johnson chooses to deride us instead …

You see? The problem isn’t black on white violence, it’s white people complaining about it on Facebook. That is the same exact logic the niggers who beat Brian Ogle into critical condition used. If white people just stop complaining about being murdered, assaulted, and raped for no reason, and if they pray a lot, then suddenly the blacks engaging in this monkey business will have a change of heart and we’ll all live happily ever after.”

Yeah, just imagine what would happen if the races were reversed.

Let’s suppose an angry mob of White Klansmen had beaten a 17-year-old Black Lives Matter supporter and high school student within an inch of his life. What would happen then? Would the SPLC have noticed it? Would it be a local story?

The #LyingPress would be whipping the mob into a frenzy. Sylacauga would likely be in flames right now. The burning hot takes from leftwing journalists weaving Sylacauga into the narrative of the Civil Rights Movement – the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Standing in the Schoolhouse Door in Tuscaloosa, the Four Little Girls in Birmingham – would assuredly be rolling in right now. The NAACP would be sanctimoniously demanding this or that item (criminal justice reform?) on their preexisting agenda. Hillary Clinton would be arriving next week to deliver an anti-racism lecture to the community.

The Civil Rights Movement was sold as an advance that would bring about “equality.” Instead, it simply reversed the racial power structure. In Black Run America, Whites are at the bottom of the social justice pyramid and have no moral standing. Even the most ludicrous ideas held by the black community and their worst behavior is considered justified because they are victims of “implicit bias” and “systemic racism.”

The Standard holds that Keith Lamont Scott’s death in Charlotte is a national tragedy, but what happened to Brian Ogle in Sylacauga isn’t something worth talking much about. Oh, and if you disagree, then it is proof that you are a racist.

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  1. We have been condition by media and culture to not fight back, to ignore our basic instinct of survival. That conditioning must be ignored. Any attack must be fought.

    • Read above. That is what 300 years of Jewish Domination does, it breaks down your natural instincts. Started with the Enlightenment pushing ideas of Universal White Equality which was a lie, later expanded to Universal Equality regardless of race/gender. Then the all religions are relative movement gave us Deism, Agnosticism, Atheism New Age Ism. The Children are People movement which made us believe Children should have Human Rights instead of being the property of their Parents, which every society held by law for 1000s of years the child was the parents property until they were of age, no different than a Horse or Dog.

      This movement friends has been going for over 300 years, since the writings of Baruch Spinoza and others attacked Christendom. Spinoza a Portugese Jew living in Holland. Of course communication being what it was it took much longer for ideas to circulate then than now. The real damage of the Enlightenment wasn’t seen until the French Revolution, the damage of the French Revolution never ended, it was a perpetual hell that kept Europe in a mess until the modern day.

      The USA got a good dose of French Revolutionary Notions, that gave us the War for Southern Independence as the South tried to keep out those French Ideas, while at the same time attempting to trade with Napoleon III. Dixie was in a quagmire surrounded by hostile ideas, yet forced to trade with the selfsame nations who pushed those hostile ideas.

      Mass Communciation since the Radio and Motion Picture sped up the saturation of said ideas, which made change go much faster. When you know History you realize that the Frankfurt School was NOTHING NEW, they were pushing the same ideas that Weishaupt pushed, dating back to Spinoza and others and eventually trace it far enough back to SATAN HIMSELF

  2. We whine about the disparities of treatment yet don’t even gain enough muster to defend the statue of Jackson in New Orleans. If we would turn out in the thousands to defend OUR culture it would show unity and courage, both sorely lacking in the apathetic white populace of today. The only real trouble we have is with ourselves. Our apathy has emboldened our enemies and turned us into weak, sniveling mice.

      • Well, I don’t care if I’m liked. I do care if my ability to support my family is taken away because of my views. So for me, it’s fear of that specific outcome check-mating me.

        • The hapless whites of America’s right wing are little better mentally, Lew, than the cargo-cult natives of the Pacific. If they imitate the left’s overtly-political deeds and features, then, they think, they’ll enjoy the left’s political success. Never does it occur to them that the protest marches, the demonstrations, and the placards are merely the observable part of power that runs deep, very deep, and is cultivated at every moment, in “every action of the common day.”

          So–nice try, Lew, but this is Occidental Dissent. Reality never gets a word in edgewise around here.

      • Fear of placing our lives and fortunes in the hands of the Justice system where Whites are outnumbered 80 to 1. The average White man would strike back with the same vigor he did in 1950 Alabama if he knew he would have a fair shake in court. However he doesnt so you get what you have here.

        • ‘The average White man would strike back with the same vigor he did in 1950 Alabama if he knew he would have a fair shake in court.’


    • This is an oversimplification. The Jackson Square protest happened down the street from my office. I heard a lot of commotion, but I had no idea what it was about until I read about it the next day. It means whoever organized the counter-protest did a bad job getting the word out, or did the best job they could given their resources and were not able to reach many people.

      Professional agitators are spear-heading the anti-Southern monument drive in New Orleans, with backing from the local power structure. I certainly don’t have time to take a break from my responsibilities to counter full-time activitists with the power structure on their side and wouldn’t where to start if I did and therefore could never be effective.

      • There are millions of other responsible Whites just like you who are too busy contributing to society and playing by the rules to fight back against the Anti-White terrorists, who apparently have no legitimate employment to worry about, bills to pay or families to feed. The you-know-whos are supporting them every step of the way.

    • 300 years of Jewish lies, Jewish materialism, Jewish Atheism and the last 100 odd years of outright Jewish Dominance brought us to this point. Remember who the Jews are, they are not Israelites, they are Edomites, the cursed children of Jacob’s evil Red-haired Twin brother Esau.

      Jacob-Israel is Christendom

    • There is a meme problem though Denise this isnt BRA this is JRA. I wish we could get away from the Black Run America meme when it is clearly Jew Run America. We must never take our eyes off the JEW.

      It may have been Negroes beating this boy, but in reality it was the Jew behind them that made it possible.

      • There area lot of Whites who will complain about the coloreds and the messicans but are clueless when it comes to the JQ. Celtic Denise is not such a person!

  3. Kellyanne Conway is now tweeting about the Mooslum menace … in Pakistan. Instead of tweeting about this attack in Alabama, or even the Muslim threat here, or the Refugee gang-rape of the little girl in Idaho, she goes instead for the safe, Jew-approved target.

    • Well, yes, Lew; and if you were to ask her why she does that, then she, if she were being honest, would say exactly what you said, below: “I do care if my ability to support my family is taken away because of my views.”

  4. Black Run America is JEWISH RUN AMERICA IN BLACKFACE. The Blacks are just shills without any real power by themselves. Thats why i dont say BRA I say JRA. Jewish Run America.

    Paul Kersey banned me from his site for saying his Black Run America Meme was stupid and putting out the JEW RUN AMERICA Meme instead. Kersey dont like to talk about #BigKike

  5. Has anyone set up a Go Fund Me for the kid and his family and has LOS contacted the parents with support or an offer of fundraising? I know this is big news in Alabama and lots of folks seem very upset about it.

    Viral Facebook posts etc would be very quick to spread around the info and get some donations for the family. Also I’m not very familiar with Sylacaucagas local government, but contacting city council, school boards, principals, and Reps would be a good start. Hell, even email Sen Sessions, I have for much less important matters and gotten detailed responses quickly.

    Just some ideas we could put them all the info on all sites if there is a strategy to help the boy.

    • Hi! I am Brian Ogles mother. My name is Brandi Allen. I really appreciate your support. There is a Go fund me account and I will share the link.
      Our local PD made 4 arrests but only charged them with assault and they were all out on bond within an hour. Sadly, we have been receiving threats the whole time, we live in constant fear for our safety. We have been confronted in public by one of the suspects and nothing was done. Please continue to share my sons story.

  6. ‘Let’s suppose an angry mob of White Klansmen had beaten a 17-year-old Black Lives Matter supporter and high school student within an inch of his life. What would happen then? Would the SPLC have noticed it? Would it be a local story?

    The #LyingPress would be whipping the mob into a frenzy. Sylacauga would likely be in flames right now.’

    The number of attacks against whites in this country who are supporting Trump is being ignored by the media.


  7. This is being discussed on Gab. Many of us have left Twitter to the left and moved on to Gab where we are not censored.

  8. Did you read the Al.com comments. They are appalling. If this shit can happen in Alabama with the kind of comments being left on the leading Alabama new site then what kind of hope is there for a redemption in America?

    Going along with this article yesterday was the news that University of Alabama will take a knee at the football games for BLM. The stands are selling out and the white fans have sold out. If you are still watching football you are simply part of the problem by showing your support.

    • AL.com is owned by a Jewish conglomerate that also controls the other newspapers bearing state names.

      They pay professional moderators and comment people to police and squash dissent (no pun intended).

  9. Please credit me as the author of the piece, I wrote it. I’m also interested in a call in or e mail campaign to address this absurd and dangerous mindset being promoted by Chief Johnson, always expecting white victims to de-escalate while saying nothing to blacks.

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