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      • Maybe I’m out to sea, but the election isn’t a referendum on the GOP, but America itself: Ragnarok approaches.

          • Do you know of a man named Donnelly,he was a leader of the populist revolt,he wrote a book about a future dystopia in NY City where the Jew leaves America to a country they created with the wealth they stole from America.
            “Caesers column”
            Donnelly 1890
            He also talked of ragnarok a lot.

  1. Donald Trump Names the Snake

    That’s a relief. For a moment there, I thought he was talking about me.

    It’s bad enough the first words out of my daughter’s mouth to me were “two faced shitweasel.”

    • Trump needs Tebow on his team:

      Tim Tebow Saves Fan From Seizure After Laying His Hands On Him And Praying


      New York Mets prospect and former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow reportedly saved a fan’s life from a seizure Tuesday.

      The unnamed fan had a seizure while the Heisman winner was signing autographs, but the seizure stopped after Tebow placed his hands on the fan and prayed, according to ABC15 reporter Kari Van Horn.

      • The (((usual suspects))) did their damnedest to destroy Tebow’s football career and succeeded. Seems he’s the wrong kind of role model. His Christian image was at odds with the ghetto gangsta image (((they))) prefer.

  2. If the Trump camp didn’t know this was coming they are no where close to being professionals, everyone and I mean everyone knew he talked like that and he would go on the Stern show.

    I believe even Bill Clinton’s scandals produced drops in support temporarily till people rationalized it and then supported him because just because

  3. Ok

    Is it agreed Paul Ryan is American traitor if the year?

    Internationally Merkel and Pope Francis might be worse

    Here in the USA Paul Ryan is the worst


    Let s Dox

    Where does he live? Hang out? Play golf ? What posh private school do his children attend ?

    Who does he sleep with? Make or female?

    Ryan strikes me as very queer.

  4. To me, Ryan is more of a rat than a snake. And he has always reminded me of Bela Lugosi playing Court Dracula.

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