Uncle Tim Warns Left of Civil War and Rightwing Death Squads

Uncle Tim has been thinking through the consequences of a Trump defeat:

“Here’s the problem we face with this election. Although every respectable pollster says Trump will lose, his people KNOW he will win. And not just win, but win in a landslide (bigly!) Seriously, this is what they say online and in email after email they send to me…

They say this because they live in a right wing echo chamber of their own creation: FOX, Brietbart Drudge etc…They think everyone thinks like them. That women aren’t offended by Trump, nor people of color. They seriously expect a 40+state romp…

They think pollsters are part of a conspiracy to rig the election, who would risk their professional reputations to convince people of Clinton’s lead…They think things like polling methodology are for pussies and intellectuals (same thing of course)…college shit…They believe Clinton can’t win except by fraud, by which they mean POC voting “ten times” as Trump himself has suggested they’ll do…

And their hero stokes this paranoia, encouraging his base to serve as poll watchers in “certain areas” (guess where?) to uncover fraud..

Now, ask yourself what happens when folks encouraged to see conspiracies, who think their country has been “stolen” wake up and realize they lost? Do you suspect they’ll accept the loss & think “gee, I guess we have to work harder next time….?” Do you think they’ll admit that most Americans reject their politics? Their xenophobia, sexism, etc? No, because everyone THEY know thinks like them…So they’ll double down on their “my country has been stolen” bullshit and then what? They have only one recourse…and we all know what it is..

…they’ll see they don’t have the votes but they have lots of guns…lots and lots of fucking guns. So we on the left, who they’ll be coming for best be prepared and we’d best take every necessary precaution because these fuckers WANT civil war….I get that from them every day in my Twitter feed, via email, or on my FB page. If you think second second civil war isn’t possible you aren’t paying attention…

I’m not telling anyone what to do in this situation, but you’d best be prepared. Because shit is gonna get ugly. These folks don’t lose well… I know they’ll try and come for me and others who do what I do. But know this, their hatred knows no boundaries. It won’t stop with public figures. We are all at risk. And so, if they start it, they must be crushed. Without mercy…There do not compromise, and they do not negotiate. They either win or lose. They must lose, whatever that takes…

I believe in non-violence. I also believe in self defense. And if someone brings war to you, you have a right and obligation to end them.


Clearly, Uncle Tim is worried about the possibility of some black-pilled Trump supporter showing up on his doorstep in a red MAGA hat and opening fire.

Like Hurricane Matthew, the #NeverTrump coup on Saturday has sent the GOP down an unexpected track. In my previous forecast, I had expected a narrow Trump victory or defeat. In the event of a Trump defeat, I had assumed that all the Republican factions would blame each other, try to purge each other, and that no one faction would emerge dominant. Each faction of the Republican Party would retreat into its own corner.

But now? It is an open question whether the Republican Party will even exist four years from now. There might not be another nominee in 2020, who would lose, and another nominee after that in 2024, who would lose. My best guess was that the downward spiral into political violence would happen sometime around 2024. I figured it would take another decade of Democratic control of the White House to reach that point.

It all depended on whether the Republican Party remains intact. If either Trump or Hillary lost, it was always a given that there was going to be some degree of destabilization. If the Republican Party simply imploded like the Whig Party though, like overnight, all bets are off. We radically overestimated the strength of the GOP establishment in the primary season. It might be less resilient than we thought.

The election of 1852 was the death knell of the divided Whig Party. Franklin Pierce won in a landslide – 27 out of 31 states. It was quite an electoral mandate, but history only remembers the Pierce presidency for the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. The idea was to open up the Kansas and Nebraska territories to slavery in order to tack on some points to the balance of power within the Union.

You can probably see where this is going. What if Hillary wins and a Democratic Congress passes the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2018? What if the Republicans – like the Whigs before them – crumble over immigration? How long would it take for the shooting to start? No one in 1852 realized that they were only two years away from Bleeding Kansas and six years away from the War Between the States.

Just some food for thought. It could ugly really fast.

Note: I still don’t think any state will secede. If the Republican Party collapses in this cycle though, the destabilization will be much greater than we anticipated.

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  1. Tim Wise isn’t prepared for Russian support of the White resistance forces. He’s not prepared for nuclear war with Russia, the last White Christian state.

  2. In…..

    Our dreams.

    Here’s hoping we really do lost to the Hispanics led by…

    General Pinochet!


  3. Timmy & the Hebes are setting up a rationale to kill us. Period. Think “The King’s Torah”.

    • Mr. Wise talks tough from his lilly white enclave. Many folks like him will cry like a little bitch if they’re cornered. I’ve worked with many of these so called white collar professionals, educators, etc. As long as they have their henchman or body guards, they’re safe. But with no protection, they’re toast.

        • Bodyguards and aides will be the first to go when feces fly. If they’re a non-white, they’ll disappear quite fast. They can’t be with him 24/7. He has to go to a public restroom, he has to go to the doctor or the dentist. He’s not always protected.

        • Note the typical weasel words, “I believe in non-violence. I also believe in self-defense.” In other words, Timmy has a gun and/or guards with guns. Guns are only bad if White people have them.

        • When a real civil war happens in other countries, and those types start taking casualties, they usually quit. Private security is only in it for the money. Then they have to be replaced by militias of real supporters. In the USA, that would mean nonwhites and SJW’s.

          I don’t think blm and la raza mobs “guarding” rich white enclaves from the redneck militia will end well for the enclaves.

      • We fled DieVerse City for a nice Whitopia after seeing all the chimp outs when the food stamp system went down for 8 hours on 10-12-2013. Anyone still in the cities when the EBT card goes down for good will have trouble leaving alive.

    • I’m not on Trump’s side and I don’t think anyone is itching to kill Trump supporters. This is tin-foil hat stuff. No one is organizing a militia for when Clinton wins on the other side.

      • In she gets a chance the hag will kill anyone she despises. You haven’t noticed that people who stand up to the hag are no more.

    • Three laws of the SJW the third is they always project their views on to us.

      Frankly it is time to incite them though in a subtle fashion such as denying them the concept of moral superiority that enrages the feminine mind.

  4. I was shocked by the coup attempt. Not in a million years would they have ever stood up like that against Obama in unison and demanded anything of him.

    That is why we didn’t see it coming. We couldn’t predict they had any balls because ultimately they are total cucks. However, we should have. The only thing that animates them is their hatred of the “yokels” – no different than Hillary and creeps like Podesta.

    Their chess move backfired in a spectacular way. We watched it unfold and Trump played it like a violin. Trump’s overwhelming win in the debate stopped the coup dead cold. They also misjudged the electorate. They have been insulated so long from the public that they no longer understand the changes that have taken place in the last 25 years. This was a playbook that would have worked in 1995 – that offensive nasty words from a private conversation from 11 years ago would cause shock and awe and cause a mass exodus away from Trump.

    It didn’t happen – as a matter of fact I am feeling an energy in this campaign that is here now that wasn’t before this event took place. It feels like the primaries again.

    If Trump loses – the party is finished. Everything will be blamed on the establishment. When the party burns down there is a new reality coming that we can only guess at.

    If he wins….There is no doubt that Trump will have his revenge in a big way.

    As far as Tim Wise is concerned – he is scared while at the same time fantasizing about our slaughter, Bolshevik style. He is a weakling that is irrelevant. He cannot carry out the fantasy he wants because it would require men to carry it out and all the real fighting men are with Trump.

    Their army of dykes, nu-males, beaners, niggers and cucks would last 1 hour.

  5. “…what happens when folks encouraged to see conspiracies, who think their country has been “stolen”…”

    Gee, I wonder where we got that idea? Maybe from Tim Wise himself…

    “In forty years or so, maybe fewer, there won’t be any more white people around who actually remember that Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, Opie-Taylor-Down-at-the-Fishing Hole cornpone bullshit that you hold so near and dear to your heart.

    There won’t be any more white folks around who think the 1950s were the good old days, because there won’t be any more white folks around who actually remember them…”

    • He really is a major league fantasy merchant.

      It required millions of white men in Britain, US and Russia to beat Germany. And pretty much all their GDP.

      As long as we don’t make fatal decisions like war with Russia ( or otherwise crazy combinations of opponents among ourselves…) we are unbeatable people.

    • Millennials who see the old horror movies like The Birds, or Invasion of the Body Snatchers understand how much has been lost.

  6. Ten or fifteen years ago I was talking about the coming civil war, and people on my own side ignored it. And now look.

    Our people had better wake the fuck up fast.

    • Thomas Chittum prophecied it in CIVIL WAR II THE COMING BREAKUP OF AMERICA in 1996 and saw the war begininng in 2020. If you dont have this bool GET IT. The book is a Bible for any survivalist.

  7. “I believe in non-violence. I also believe in self defense. And if someone brings war to you, you have a right and obligation to end them.


    But WHITE GENOCIDE isn’t actually a thing that anyone could be promoting.

  8. Perhaps genocidal anti-White Tim Wise will meet his satanic maker long before the civil war. It will save him from further consequences.

  9. The LA Times poll which had Trump up nationally is tied as of now and the Rasmussen national is Hag +4

    But its a month to convince those outside the echo chambers that Hag is from the most unloved demographic outside its own echo chamber, crazy white feminists and her rule will be small minded, petty and vindictive.

    A good read on this is by a blogger Z Blog and a piece entitled Broken Women it is about the West in general

  10. Regardless of who wins this election the GOP betrayal of Trump and his base may well create the opportunity for a viable 3rd party four years from now, a genuine pro White party. The GOP will remain but will never elect another president . It will continue losing seats in Congress and continue to fade out of existence.

    Anyway, a 3 way race in 2020 would be our best or only opportunity of putting a pro-White in the WH.

  11. Tick-Tock Timmy shows his age and he reveals to the world his stunted growth, both intellectually and emotionally. He’s still the same spoiled child that never believes he could be wrong, and he clings to the notion that Right vs Left is the paradigm which will fracture society. Right vs Left is a trap. It’s always been a trap to keep lazy, ill-informed people perpetually chasing their tail while the string-pullers are busy raping society and lining their own pockets.

    Timmy, the guys and gals who will be giving you Leftists the most resistance won’t be the Right Wingers you incessantly complain about. It’s going to be people that were formerly Leftists who now find themselves caught between the banal, moral superiority of the Right and the smug, hypocritical self-righteousness of the Left. Think of it as people that have learned to evolve past the Dumb and Dumber stage. They finally see you for who you really are and they resent the fact that you’ve been nothing but a charlatan all along who makes a living off of fear, misinformation and the very same division you claim you want to end.

    I’m sure Timmy would just call this another rant of a Right Winger. But that wouldn’t be very accurate, because I’ve tended to be in the company of Left Wingers for much of my life. Still a Race-ist, but a much, much more liberal one that Timmy would have anyone believe can and does exist.

      • Once you get people to stop seeing things strictly as Right vs Left issues, they almost immediately see how the anti-White narratives are put in motion by both those on the Left and Right. The Left does it more brazenly, while the Right is much more subtle and amenable to throwing White people under the bus.

  12. States don’t have to launch immediately into secession; the “alt right” does!

    Right now the alt right has no message; it has swallowed the media narrative that it is primarily about “fashy memes” and cartoon frogs. In other words, juvenile and irrelevant.

    We need to be pushing the idea that the election is a referendum on America itself, we need to explain to the normies what the logical follow on to a Trump defeat will be.

    Take back America will finally and truly be dead. Sufficient numbers if us will be leaving the GOP as to make it unviable. Some of us will turn “accelerationist”. It will no longer be a frog boiling process but a crisis with sharp breaks and psychic pain.

    We will FORCE normies into a ” come with me if you want to live” decision point.

    American whites must go down swinging. We need parallel lines of attack, some in the system, such as a constitutional amendment allowing secession. Some out of the system , such as conducting private elections and setting up a shadow government.

    At any moment this could go nuclear; ZOG could go gor our guns, or the internet, and we would have no choice but to resist.

    Trump winning is far easier, but the movement isn’t communicating the above at all! It is trapped in the day to day (debates, pussygate). None of this matters. The big picture matters, and we need to speak with a common voice to be heard!

    So at least after the last “debate”, can we get on it?

  13. I love all those who are like heavy drops falling out of the dark clouds that hang over mankind. They are heralds of the lightning and like heralds they perish. Behold I am a heavy drop and a herald of the lightning. I too shall perish but after me comes the lightning and that lightning is the higher man. Donald Trump is the herald. He prophesies the coming of the lightning. The real fun starts AT- After Trump! By 2040- a mere 24 years- we will be a minority. By 2019 the majority of public school, children in the United States will be majority non-white for the first time in American history. Thats bodes ill for out future, indeed we have no future in the United States. It is time for us to leave! Red States secession now! Since they despise us anyway and call us deplorables surely such a nice and upstanding people do not want to be associated with us our or ideology anyway-so left us leave! Red States secession may be an oddity now but it will be the reality of tomorrow! Not because we are malevolent or evil but because the United States is and it is incapable of leaving well enough alone. It will push, push, push, until it finally causes the revolt it always feared and predicted. Expect all the 500,000 immigrants Hillary will let in to be sent to red states in order to “democratize” them and turn them blue in addition to huge section 8 housing filled with non-whites in the heart of red state America. This the U.S. will do and it is one of the definitions of genocide according to the United Nations!

    • The absolute bizarreness of the situation is strange. The UN aka ((THEIR)) government set up the UN Genocide Convention which every tenant of it except for outright murder is being performed with the blessing of the UN, NATO, EU on their own citizens against their will. Any attempt to bring up the fact that they are violating the UN Genocide Convention, their own law, is dealt with jeers and cries of Racism. NO MORE!!!!!!!! This will not be tolerated. They wanted Race War and now they will have it #RaHoWa will clean the world of ((their)) kind

    • If TRUMP said he will pardon anyone who kills an illegal alien who has taken an American life, MS-13 facial tattooed gang bangers or drug dealers, at least 1/2 of illegals would leave the US before inauguration day.

  14. We’re only seeing the collapse of the national GOP. We still have to take into account that the GOP can still remain viable at the state level. It’s not uncommon for blue states to have Republican governors. Who the president is ultimately has little bearing on day to day life so the presidential election is mostly an oppurtinity to virtue signal. It’ll be interesting to see what would happen at the state level if the GOP collapses. Will the Republican state legislators and governors all turn into independents?

  15. What is the deal with Jews and projection? Seriously, do they lack the foresight to understand that by avoiding your own failings you can never overcome them? I thought they’re supposed to be intelligent. Perhaps they are intelligent but simply lack the humility to achieve wisdom.

    • I used to live in heavily Jewish neighborhood while I attended my undergrad university (which also had an extremely high number of Jewish students & professors).

      Based off of my personal experiences, Jews often have high verbal IQs but normally aren’t very introspective. They have an extremely hard time realizing that their own behavior is the chief cause of ‘anti-Semitism.’

    • Instincts often trump reason in dictating human behavior. My bet is they just don’t notice, and likely couldn’t help it even if they did notice. The innate instinct to virtue signal is very strong, and in some individuals, probably drives most of their decisions in life. Of course with instincts being a product of genetics, we should suspect that some races are more prone to it than others.

  16. The left does not approve of the 2nd amendment so I hope they abide by what they say instead of being hypocrites but I know better.
    They are guns for me, none for you.

  17. I’m not advocating Civil War II, but there are all indications that it will happen. It could be a Civil War, but more than likely it will be a new Revolution. We have plenty of room on the calendar for another holiday!

  18. The Alt Right can use Alt Light and Alt Fright.

    Alt Light would be like Gavin McInnes and Milo who serve as bridge to normies.

    Alt Fright would be 14/88. This has toxicity and has to be treated like radioactive material. But it is sometimes effective as molotov cocktail throwing outrageousness.

    Alt Fright cannot be allowed to define the Alt Right but it can be used at times to bash the enemy hard.

    They can be like the Hanson Brothers in Slapshot.

    The Progs got antifa thugs.

    The Frogs got ultrafa thugs in Alt Fright.

    It’s like the Corleones needed a thug like Luca Brasi sometimes.

    But you have to keep it under control.

    And the US army had the Dirty Dozen.



    • MILO is a JEW HOMO, who has nothing to so with us,(just like YOU, Nigger Loving PHAG) & Gavin isa racemixing poseur CUCK, who throat felatted the Jew HONO Milo.
      Now run down to the street corner, and pick up your Dindu Sex Worker du jour.

      • Sometimes I’d like to punch you; sometimes I’d like to hug you; and then there are times I just need to get out of the way and let you entertain me. I’m not in a punching or hugging kind of mood right now, so……….

  19. Hey goys, I found Tim’s new address. He had to change his name. He’s still in Nashville, TN.

  20. Timmy, I’ve heard that Trump is going to change November 24 from “Thanksgiving” to “Take a Leftist to the Guillotine Day”. But that can’t be true, Trump isn’t French.

  21. Wise harbors a fantasy of eradicating whites. This was not his only commentary on the subject. He has before expressed the fantasy of an inevitable civil war wherein he and most other liberal Jews would assist in a strategic role (not on the front lines of course) in assisting POC in winning. His seething hatred is consistently palpable, as it is here. He can’t resist commenting that his enemy (whites) must be “ended forever”. This genocidal fervor indicates an anger that well surpasses any logic based in situational hypothesis of the future or a rational commentary on the present political situation.

    Tim Wise is an old-school Bolshevik. Nothing more nor less.

    If and when he and they achieve their demographic tipping point, there is 100% chance that there will be unapologetic genocide against the majority-minority: especially in rural areas.

    One only needs to refer to the specifics of the Red Terror for confirmation, as well as the other parallels between how the Jews came to power in Russia and the social and sociopolitical policies enacted today in the United States. Read excerpts of 200 Years together for confirmation.

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