Occidental Dissent Officially Endorses Misty Snow For U.S. Senate

Let me tell you how strongly I feel about the #NeverTrump downballot.

If you happen to live in Utah, I am telling you that I feel so strongly about it that you should vote for Misty Snow, the no chance Democrat tranny grocery store cashier, over the #NeverTrump Mormon cuckservative traitor Sen. Mike Lee.

I’m not even joking when I say that a literal crossdressing faggot is less of an enemy than this sanctimonious, backstabbing Mormon hypocrite. Three weeks ago, Trump offered to nominate Sen. Mike Lee to the Supreme Court. He returned that kind offer by plunging a knife in his back and setting off that avalanche.

What is it about these people that makes them such snakes in the grass? In 2012, Trump also campaigned for Mitt Romney against Obama in Nevada, and he also returned the favor by stabbing him in the back.

Note: We’ve already endorsed Democrat Ryan Solen over Paul Ryan in Wisconsin.

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  1. Mike Lee is more of a faggot than that cross-dressing freak. At least “Misty Snow” has the guts to come out of the closet. Trump should have known better than to trust Lee, who is a nervous, sweaty, beady-eyed, backstabbing piece of shit.

    Jews are the eternal enemy, Mormons are the internal enemy.

  2. So his opponent is someone with no shot at winning and he set off that GOP backstabbing motion anyway?

  3. And it’s strange. Of the crop of Republicans that have entered formal elected political life since 2008, Mike Lee actually has some very good instincts. The problem is, he can’t get away from the toxic combination of Mormon institutional slash red team loyalty.

  4. Actually, there are real differences – but – Lee’s a traitor. He could have supported Trump. There was NO reason for him to stab Trump in the necks. None, at all.

  5. Scorched earth policy. Boycott all down ballot Repubs. The traitors, cucks and backstabbers need to be taught a lesson.

  6. There are so many other more effective things to do against traitors besides supporting small protest “votes”.

    We have to learn to Dox.

    We have to make terrible cuckservative traitors pay some personal price for their treasons.

    Google what our side did to establishment Swedish pols who flood Sweden with North African Muslim rapists.

    Our side knows where the establishment goes for vacation retreats of nature and serenity and they get sympathetic folks there get up and dawn and blast the place with very loud Muslim prayer music – the local cops hate these traitor pols as much as we do.

    So where does this cuckservative Mormon NeverTrump like to go for peace and serenity? We must work to destroy his peace and serenity – also destroy his reputation as a solid, Conservative “family man” – flood his district with HIV+ bi sexual prostitutes – rents are low in Utah.

    Have some fun – but let’s really get away from doing same old, same old Conservative things like

    Call your Congressman
    Vote for the Constitution party

    Let’s be effective – also go with youth.

  7. Misty Snow? Wasn’t that a porn star back in the 80s? Or was that Misty Winters?

    How on earth did he get the Dem nomination? Republicans voting in the Dem primaries? I know one Obama fan in Utah who told me she registered as R to vote in the R primaries, because there was no chance of a D winning the election.

  8. this website is like being inundated by some sort of 100 year old dust cloud of ignorance that sticks to your clothes and smells like rotten milk.

  9. The thought that this website even exists is like being pelted with a flurry of water balloons filled with some sort of mind controlling liquid that penetrates the skin and seeps a chemical into your bloodstream that turns you into a backwards thinking racist scumbag that never learned to think for themselves and just clung hopelessly to the careless lessons of their unimaginative hate-filled parents.

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