#NeverDownballot Is The Alt Right’s Plan B

Electing Donald Trump was the Alt-Right’s Plan A.

It was a plan that the Alt-Right stuck with until October 8. That was the day of the #NeverTrump coup in which 1/3 of the Republican Senateled by the Mormon traitor Sen. Mike Lee – stabbed Donald Trump in the back.

Instantly, I suspected the damage would likely be fatal because the dog piling had a far greater impact in roiling the news cycle. #NeverTrump had taken a minor scandal which the polls had shown was having little impact on Trump’s voters and used it as their cover to launch their nukes. They succeeded in panicking Senate and House Republicans who in turn panicked all the cucked suburban voters.

Trump, of course, couldn’t stand idly by while 1/3 of the Republican Senate and 1/4 of all elected Republicans publicly stabbed him in the back 30 days out from the election. He had signed the RNC loyalty pledge. He had let Ted Cruz spit in his face at the Republican Convention. In the name of party unity, Reince had convinced him to endorse Paul Ryan, John McCain, Kelly Ayotte and all other Republicans.

Like The Snake in the famous video, Mitt Romney and his fellow Mormon Sen. Mike Lee had repaid Trump’s loyalty and support for them with a vicious bite. It was an unprecedented betrayal. They launched a nuclear first strike on his candidacy and left him with little choice but to retaliate. That’s exactly what has played out over the last few days.

After Trump won the Republican nomination, the Alt-Right knew there were only going to be two outcomes. Either Trump would win the presidency and would advance our agenda or failing that he would succumb to infighting which would be so divisive that it would destroy the Republican Party. It was a win-win scenario.

Most of us expected the infighting would play itself out after the election. Why launch a #NeverTrump coup 30 days out from the election? The Free The Delegates coup had failed and there was no “brokered convention.” Voting had already begun and it is simply too late to replace Trump. Stabbing Trump in the back at this point could only have one outcome: the collapse of the Republican Party BEFORE THE ELECTION.

That’s the scorched earth landscape we have entered since last week. Since Trump doesn’t seem to have much of a chance to win at this point (after #NeverTrump split the party to sink our candidate), the Alt-Right has little choice but to make a strategic pivot to Plan B, which is maximizing the damage to the Republican Party.

We have to fight fire with fire and change the political calculus. Two can play these #Never games. We have to make it clear to the Republican Party – specifically, to the MONEY behind the Republican Party – that as long as this #NeverTrump crap rolls on that #NeverDownballot will be our response.

Walk into your voting booth, vote only for Trump, and either vote against or leave blank the space on your ballot for anyone who is #NeverTrump. Personally, I am voting for Martha Roby’s Democratic opponent in Alabama’s 2nd District, and I suggest you vote against any #NeverTrump turncoat in your state.

After what these backstabbing traitors did to Trump on Saturday, we don’t have any reason to vote for the likes of Paul Ryan, Mike Lee, John McCain or Kelly Ayotte. We’ve got to send a message to the GOP establishment that this #NeverTrump campaign will cost them our support on the #NeverTrump downballot. When they wake up amd realize that #NeverTrump will cost them the Senate, the House, and much else besides, the MONEY will snuff it out.


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  1. Weren’t we doing this anyway? (if not we should have been)

    As an example, Paul Ryan vs Paul Nehlen: you try to take these people out in the primary, and when you fall short, you vote for their opponent in the general. There was the fellow, Brat, who defeated the highest ranking GOP Jew a few years back. Have we claimed any scalps since then besides Trump? None come to mind.

    The “alt-right” is in a state of chaos at the moment. We have nothing coherent besides support of Trump, who may become irrelevant in less than 4 weeks. I listened to a recent podcast of a/the leading voice of the alt-right last night, he was trashing white nationalists. I question the longevity of his version of the “alt-right”.

    I would love for voters to have the agility of mind to vote in complex strategical patterns, but the only thing that matters is Trump winning. I have been imagining a 1 to 2 week burst of “with our shields or on them” activity in the run up to the election. Where we ignite a mass movement of personal intervention with friends and family and anyone to get them to vote Trump, stuff the ballot box, whatever it takes to win.

    If one could vote their way out of war, should one? Trump, if nothing else, is a vote out of war, both international and civil. If one could vote to spare America from the ash heap of history, should one? Trump winning forestalls the demise of America. If he loses, America dies that day. The “alt right” needs to send that message.

  2. If You do not want to vote for a democrat you might consider voting for Becky Gerritson a republican who ran against Martha Roby and got defeated. That is what a friend and neighbor is going to do. Any vote against Martha will do. Problem there is that Martha will get more votes than those two together.

  3. There is another issue which points out that the NeverTrump people are frauds. How many times have you heard, “We must support the Republican nominee for Supreme Court picks– that’s vital.”? They always trot that out when enthusiasm is found wanting. Apparently not this year, even though Garland’s confirmation paves the way for Americans to lose the right to protect themselves. Four Jews and a Puerto Rican will remove the Second Amendment, part of the Bill of Rights.

    • How will the #NeverTrump cucks be able to defend themselves to the voters if Swillery wins and she starts appointing a bunch of nonwhite, America-hating Marxist judges to the bench?

  4. Agreed, but we also need to be thinking post-election. This means getting involved with the nullification and secession movements at the state level, i.e., The Tenth Amendment Center.

    They’ve taken our country away from us by swamping the American nation with alien intruders. It’s our job to re-build a country from the wreckage.

  5. If I still lived in Ballwin, I’d definitely voting for the Democrat in CD-2. Ann Wagner is an open declared #NeverTrump Republican.

    However, I now live in Richmond Heights, which is in CD-1, which means Lazy Clay.

    But I’ve got a Senate race in front of me, and the statewide downballot. In spite of the fact that Roy Blunt is remaining loyal to Trump, the Stupid Party’s antics of the first half of 2015 so repulsed me that I just can’t anymore.

  6. Excepting one traitor, ll my Reps are supporting Trump. My local political GOP is making a HUGE point of stating support for Trump.
    We also need to make a YUUUUGE point of explaining that Hillary means nuclear war with Russia. I have begun taking enormous pains to explain that WE are the EVIL party – that Russia is simply defending themselves. Please do the same.

    • If we get attacked by Russia her entire UGLY family is the first target. She seems to think the u.s. is the most powerful on earth, which i no longer believe. If all the countries that despise us collectively got together, we would be exactly what Putin said, “a radioactive pile of ash”

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