Cuckservatives: Nancy French Admits To Sexual Relationship With Family Pastor In The Washington Post

Oh, wow

“I was thinking of her, when the preacher’s thin mouth pressed against mine, his wiry tongue stuck down my throat. He pulled me down onto the love seat and ran his hands over my budding breasts. Though I’d failed the hitchhiker test, I had another chance to prove I was cool enough to deserve attention.

He offered me rides frequently over the next year. He came to the house, ostensibly to talk to my parents but lingered afterward. My parents didn’t suspect he was shoving his hands up my shirt on the porch.

It confused me to hear the values preached from the pulpit but ignored in real life. At church, he talked of how sexual immorality would send you to hell. Was he lying about the hell part or simply willing to let me go there?

Regardless, we were in love. Or, at least, we did the type of things that people in love did. I only knew about this phenomenon from movies, so I operated from the well-worn Hollywood script. …

As soon as I got old enough to leave the house, I quit Christianity, painted my nails black, became a liberal and picked up a cigarette habit.”

Nancy French has told The Washington Post she carried on a sexual relationship with her family pastor for at least a year. She was in love with him. He turned her into a liberal, a goth, and an atheist. It culminated in suicidal thoughts, painting her fingernails black, and picking up a cigarette habit. Fortunately, she was saved from both hellfire and a life on the liberal plantation by listening to Rush Limbaugh.

“When the Trump videotapes broke, I watched the news and Twitter feeds of prominent evangelicals to see justice be done. But what I saw was all-too-familiar and yet somehow still shocking. “This is how men talk,” one said. “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone,” another said another — who used to “focus on the family” and had never uttered that phrase to refer to any Democrat who ever walked the face of the earth. …

Republicans who have lamented the Clintonian proclivity to malign women are now defending the same activities because … well, they idolize power or their own strategic cleverness. Trump, like the preacher, is too important to abandon. We have become what we said we despised. …

I realize now — only now after all these years — it’s all been a facade. The “religious right,” which I’ve defended my whole life, abandoned the posture of “family values” when they had the chance to gain a seat at the table.

Here’s the truth. The GOP once was alive but is now dead. It confuses me to hear the values preached from the podium but ignored in real life; it feels odd to just repurpose a political party into an extension of the trump Empire without acknowledging the values which had so recently dwelled there.

My party — which should’ve been a place of a certain set of values — now shelters an abuser. I’m thinking of this when the GOP presses against me and asks me to close my eyes just one more time.”


Oh, but Trump!

It’s Trump’s fault that Nancy French is adopting African children, theologically cuckolding her husband, and so few people (Rod Dreher excepted) are credulous enough to believe her every hysterical claim on the basis of no evidence whatsoever. The Religious Right can’t be defended anymore from sexism and charges of misogyny! All the men in her party, her church, and her life have failed poor Nancy!

Note: By doing all the things “that people in love did,” Nancy seems to be implying here that she was having sex with the family pastor, and it was all downhill from there to Trumpism.

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  1. Yes, the present day religious right is largely hypocritical.
    Thankfully, my time spent with them, mainly in two different independent Baptist churches, did not expose any major pastoral scandals -although a girl from my former church married a guy from a church who’s pastor was a sexual predator who hung himself in jail after being caught (for like the third time in 20 years). Where were the men in that church to remove their pastor when he was accused of rape? Apparently, there were not men, just males. Instead they let him stay on and sent him to a pastoral conference -where he stopped at a bar on the way and picked up a woman who he took to a rural place and raped. I understand she escaped while his truck was in the mud, and the police caught him there -still in the mud.
    My opinion is that the primary reason this has happened is that the present day “religious right” does teach what the majority of Christians in America believed between 1620 and 1865. If Calvin, Knox, Edwards, Whitefield, Dabney, Spurgeon, or any of the Puritans would have caught a pastor doing this -he would have been removed from his pulpit -and possibly tried civilly.

  2. The institution of marriage has been weakened by the advent of feminism, and this benefited to a degree ”sluts” (if you want to call them that) and man-whores.
    Not to disgress into a broader dating discussion but the advent of mobile Internet browsing make cheating a lot easier nowadays. Probably for the worse if you ask me.

  3. Nancy French doesn’t seem too concerned Hillary is a MEGA ENABLER of Islamic jihadists and Hillary wants to bring lots of Islamic Jihadists into the United States and Islamic Jihadists LOVE to go on RAPE JIHADS. And they throw women, even young girls, into sex slavery, and are overall very violent to women. The women complaining about Trump want Hillary to win, yet Hillary is a MEGA ENABLER OF ISLAMIC JIHADIST RAPE JIHAD and Hillary wants to bring ISLAMIC RAPE JIHAD TO THE UNITED STATES BIG-TIME. If Hillary wins there will be MORE RAPE and MORE VIOLENCE AGAINST American women then ever before in the history of the United States. Nancy French doesn’t seem too morally outraged that many Republican big shots also support the agenda of flooding this country with Islamic Jihadists on all kinds of Islamic Jihads, especially RAPE JIHADS. That doesn’t bother her about the Republican Party big-shots, or Hillary, but Trump is too immoral for Washington, lol.

    The same ilk morally outraged about Trump found every excuse in the book to excuse and justify Bill Clinton when he was having oral sex with Monica Lewinsky in The Oval Office and his perjury. That was NOT a moral outrage. LOL.

  4. Why can’t people see through these obvious, over the top con artist “preachers”?

    Or perhaps they do see through them and I’m missing something?

    PS from the always great Authentic Gatha Zoroastrianism blog:

    – Prophet Zarathustra, in his poetic gathas calls his fellowship airyá “noble, honorable, Aryan,” or magá “magnificent, mighty, of masterful powers/abilities.”

    MAGA?! Magnificent! We’re going to Make Aryans Great Again!!

  5. We should be Addressing sodomy, abortion etc as a perversion/death cult but infidelity as a normal impulse which is not moderated.

    Yuge difference…

  6. I never even heard of this woman until now and from what I read, Im glad I haven’t heard of her.

  7. If Nancy French has her way, the next first “lady” of the United States will be Bill Clinton the Arkansas RAPIST, the next first “lady” of the United States will be Bill who went on RAPE JIHAD in Arkansas, and has sex with underage MK Ultra mind-controlled children on some private island in the Caribbean owned by some detestable jew totally into satanism. Bill is bi-sexual and has sex with both men and women, and also with underage girls and underage boys. Bill sired a child from a prostitute, a black prostitute.

    Hillary herself, when she was an attorney in Arkansas, defended a Rapist who she knew to be guilty and Hillary used every dirty trick in the book to make sure he was set free and not serve the sentence he deserved. She defended a known Rapist. She defended a Rapist of a 14 year old girl. The Rape was very violent Rape. Hillary was totally on the side of the Rapist of a 14 year old girl. Hillary also belongs to a satanic coven in California, and has belonged in the satanic coven for a long time. The satanic coven is a female satanic coven.

    Hillary also defended black panther RAPISTS and MURDERERS during her legal career. Knowing fully well the black panthers she defended were guilty. She ALWAYS encouraged the black panthers to go out there and RAPE AND KILL, especially RAPE AND KILL us White Americans. No Hillary supporters ever get morally outraged about Hillary’s long history of defending known RAPISTS AND MURDERERS and her deep connections to the black panthers.

    Bill and Hillary are very good friends and working partners with the very same ilk who are responsible for MK Ultra, and MK Ultra is all about sex with children. Hillary too has had sex with underage children, underage females, with girls. MK Ultra sex slaves. Nancy French is NOT morally outraged with the Clintons, though.

    About MK Ultra and Hillary and Bill Clinton. From Cathy O’Brien, the author of “Trance-formation of America” .

    • “Woman Who Grilled Donald Trump At Event Is Actually A Jeb Bush Intern”

      If one didn’t know better, one would think the young hipster was a die-hard Democrat. Maybe she’s related to Nancy French? But she works for the Bush family, she works for Jeb Bush, LOL . She’s very defiant and very sure of herself and very tough, an empowered young woman, which is real brave if you got BOTH the Republican and the Democrat Big Shots behind you and you got the whole Establishment behind you, protecting you, LOL . I’d be “empowered” too if I had the whole Establishment behind me supporting me, backing me up , protecting me. It also looks like the young woman took acting lessons at a professional acting school, she’s a very good little actress, she’s an-up-and-coming actress. An ingénue of the millenial generation :

  8. Neither Nancy French nor any PRO-Hillary supporter in both the Democrat Party or the Republican Party ever gets morally outaged by Uncle Sam’s wars, all of Uncle Sam’s wars based on lies and nothing but lies. I bet Nancy French wasn’t at all morally outaged when Uncle Sam under Bush launched the “Shock and Awe” war against Iraq [ yet another one of Uncle Sam’s wars based on nothing but lies ]. Washington, in league with Jerusalem, dropped tons and tons of depleted uranium on the civilian population of Iraq. Depleted Uranuim is “depleted”, but it’s NOT depleted of Radioactivity. Depleted Uranuim is Radioactive.

    Now in Iraq and for evermore in the future, Iraqis are giving birth to many children severely deformed becuse of Washington’s/Jerusalem’s depleted Uranium. ZOG knew it would cause the Iraqis to have very large numbers of severely deformed children forever more, that’s EXACTLY why ZOG dropped tons and tons of Radioactive depleted uranium on the Iraqi people, a people who had NOTHING to do with 9/11.

    Washington-Jerusalem also dropped tons of White Phosphorus on the Iraqi civilian population, a people who had NOTHING to do with 9/11. White Phosphorus burns people alive. Nancy French is not morally outraged by that. Either are any of Hillary supporters outraged by what Washington-Jerusalem did to the civilian population of Iraq. Burning them alive and dropping radioactive depleted uranium on them, a civilain population, on a people who had nothing to do with 9/11 or any other kind of terrorism against the USA or Israel. A massive assault on a people in a war based on LIES and nothing but LIES. A GIANT WAR CRIME AGAINST THE IRAQI PEOPLE. And lots of Christians in Iraq were also burned alive and also suffer from the effects of depleted uranium. Not only Muslims, but Christians also. Nancy French is concerned about the state of Christians. If it was only Muslims in Iraq, it would still be a GIANT WAR CRIME what ZOG did to the Iraqi people.

    They NEVER get morally outraged that the ISIS and Al-Nusra Islamic Jihadist armies Washington-Jerusalem started-owns-and-controls was Slaughtering Christians in Syria [ until Putin showed up and Saved the Christians in Syria from certain Genocide and Extermination at the hands of Washington-Jerusalem.]

    Our own government in Washington had it planned to GENOCIDE AND EXTERMINATE the Christians of Syria, a people who never harmed the United States or Israel, a Christian people who had/have NOTHING to do with 9/11 or any terrorism, Washington-Jerusalem were Slaugthering them via ZOG’s owned and controlled Islamic Jiahdists ZOG started ALL Islamic Jihadist armies. Hillary stole 6 Billion Dollars of State Dept. money to arm the Islamic Jiahdists slaughtering Christians in Syria with tons of weapons. Obama and Hillary played a big role in starting ISIS and enabling ISIS, funding ISIS, arming ISIS, giving ISIS lots of very important miltiary logistical info. Nancy French is NOT morally outraged about that.

    Either is the fat pig NWO novus ordo cardinal dolan who sat next to Hillary during the Catholic dinner the other night morally outraged at what Washington and Hillary does to Christians [ and Muslims who have no part in terrorism ] in Iraq and Syria. Doesn’t morally bother cardinal dolan Hillary is deeply connected to the Islamic Jihadists giving them tons of weapons and Hillary’s Islamic Jihadist mercenaries for ZOG are specifically targeting Christians in the Middle East for Gencode and Extermination.

  9. But, but muh Aryan princess.

    Best election year ever, also I’m sticking to my prediction that the electoral strategy initiated by Bill Clinton, appeal to nice suburban white wimmin is cracking up, they be sluts anyway.

  10. Nancy French calls herself a “Christian” but she’s not the least bit morally outraged that Hillary wants it LEGAL for babies to be aborted up to the very last day of pregnancy, even on the same day a baby is just about to be born, Hillary wants it LEGAL to abort babies on the very same day they’re about to be born. And yes, even female girl babies, it should be LEGAL, of course, to abort a male baby boy on the very last day of pregnancy ; And in contradiction for all of their talk about how much they love and respect women and the importance of female rights and the impotrtance of women/girls/females to have choices, Hillary even wants it LEGAL to abort female baby girls on the very same day female baby girls are about to be born. Those girls are NOT to have any choices. This is what Nancy French and ilk on both the Left and the Right are trying to pass off as “Christian Morality”.

    It’s OKAY I guess to KILL the innocent young, as long as you never say the word “pussy” or the expression “pussy grabbing”.

    It’s absolutely necessary, It’s The Moral Thing To Do, to be “Tolerant” and “Inclusive” of foreigners, even foreigners who come to America and hate us and commit all kinds of violent crimes against us Americans, we need to be “tolerant” and “inclusive” of them. But when a woman gets pregnant and the baby is “inconvenient’ ALL talk about “tolerance” and “inclusivness’ goes out the window. They’re tolerant and inclusive of illegal alien foreign criminals here in the U.S., but NOT the least bit tolerant and inclusive of the their own children they conceive. How quick they are to KILL any child in their abortion mills they think is “inconvenient”. NO tolerance and NO inclusiveness for their “inconvenient’ children, they KILL their own children while lecturing us on the Morality of tolerance and inclusiveness. Yet they have NO tolerance and NO desire to be inclusive of their own children they conceive, if the child is deemed to be “inconvenient”.

    In the meantime, female celebrities in Hollywood , they all support Hillary, they grab their pussies on-stage all the the time and encourage everyone in the audience both males and females in the audience to grab their celebrity pussies, usually figuratively, but sometimes even literally. So they’re actually encouraging men [ and women also ] to go around and “grab pussy”, and they complain Trump said “grabbing pussy” while they themselves always and for years and years have encouraged men [ and women also ] to go out and do they same thing Trump said he wanted to do. And madonna shouts out she will give blow-jobs to any man who supports and votes for Hillary. This is what Hillary supporters on both the Left and Right are trying to pass off as Purity and Morality.

    True Christians do NOT support abortion, the KILLING of the innocent young.

  11. Articles like this designed to take White woman vote away from Trump, Hillary’s best chance of winning and Trump’s greatest vulnerability. I saw an MSM article yesterday that compared Trump to a pedophile. That’s a new low even for MSM.

    Funny how not a peep from the pro-woman crowd when president Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades where on display and his wife participated in damage control and cover up.

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