Cuckservatives: Multiple Goys Step Forward To Claim Sexual Encounters With David French’s Wife

Oh man, this is his biggest meltdown yet:

“The alt-right unleashed on my wife, Nancy, claiming that she had slept with black men while I was deployed to Iraq, and that I loved to watch while she had sex with “black bucks.” People sent her pornographic images of black men having sex with white women, with someone photoshopped to look like me, watching. …

Online Trump world took that tweet and transformed it into a campaign of harassment directed against me and my wife that continues to this day — all of it sexually charged, all of it disturbing. My wife is a tough woman. She’s a survivor of sexual abuse and assault. The notion that she can no longer open her Twitter timeline without seeing men boasting about having sex with her while I was gone — or even while I’m home — is intolerable. It’s relentless, and it often gets under even her very thick skin. …

There is nothing at all rewarding, enjoyable, or satisfying about seeing man after man after man brag in graphic terms that he has slept with your wife.”

Hey, if someone is stepping forward to claim it happened, it must be true, right? That’s all we have heard from #NeverTrump for the last week now.

For the record, I haven’t seen any evidence of Nancy French’s interracial, adulterous liaisons. I don’t claim that David French is a cuck in the double literal sense in that he enjoys seeing his wife engage in sexual intercourse with other men. This is something he is claiming has happened and without the testimony of the accusers – multiple men have stepped forward – we aren’t in any position to judge the veracity of their claims.

It’s not really a he-said, she-said argument though, is it? It’s more like a he-said, he-said, he-said, he-said, he-said type of situation, right?

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  1. Seeing as how French is such a spineless, low-T cuckservative would anyone be the least bit surprised if his wife was being tag-teamed by Negro bucks while he watched? Trump and his family are having to endure far worse insults and abuse from their enemies but they do so without complaint.

  2. “It’s not really a he-said, she-said argument though, is it? It’s more like a he-said, he-said, he-said, he-said, he-said type of situation, right?”

    No, it’s more like a bunch of vicious louts thinking they’re being clever, while their extinction, as engineered by their enemies, moves apace.

    • No, it’s more like a bunch of vicious louts thinking they’re being clever, while their extinction, as engineered by their enemies, moves apace.

      Everyone gets frustrated with the Alt-Right meme pluggers at some point, but at least they’re doing something. By constantly desensitizing people to crassness, they manage to provide cover fire for polished individuals like Jared Taylor.

      I’m not saying they’re perfect or even that they’re capable of winning a major cultural war. Just that they serve a purpose.

      • If you think alt-right meme pluggers are crude you obviously have never heard the “humor” of revolting jewesses like Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer. When it comes to viciousness nobody beats the jews and their Marxist fellow-travelers.

        • I’m very familiar with Sarah Silverman’s ‘work’ (whenever I hear her name I am reminded of a famous pic of her pretending to have sex with a dog).

          As for memes, I’ve actually plugged quite a few of them. But sometimes even I get a bit frustrated with the guys who only want to plug memes. There’s a time for memes and a time for seriousness.

      • You actually think the working class whites who make up the bulk of Trump’s supporters believe in Taylor’s IQ supremacism.

        Wow. Are you ‘Alt Right’ types really that deluded? Shouldn’t we be calling it Aut(istic) Right?

        • Why are you attacking me with strawman arguments? I never once said that Trump’s supporters believe in Taylor’s theories (or have even heard of them, for that matter).

          Also, implying that I’m deluded is somewhat of an odd insult considering that I’m the one talking about the need for a multi-faceted approach to propaganda (aka offering common sense advice).

          To make my own position very clear:

          It is simply good strategy to attack one’s enemy on multiple fronts. Meme-plugging, Taylor’s IQ arguments, street activism, etc. are all necessary components of a mass movement. None of them are, on their own, sufficient. They must exist in synergy with each other.

    • You, too, try to be too clever by half. What is being described here (men’s wives being induced by the media, etc., into having adulterous sexual encounters) is in fact one of the chief weapons being used to disrupt our society.

      Our enemies and their techniques are not all prim, proper, and gentlemanly as you are so stridently trying to imply on this board. Far from being some kind of rising sun finally showing us the way out of the polar darkness, as you imagine you are, you are in fact simply another of a long line of men who are more part of the problem than the solution. Always advocating gentlemanly conduct, even in the face of savage attack.

      • I agree with that.

        In the Jewish play book you see the Hebrews infiltrating and sacking Jericho by getting on the good side of a slutty woman called Rahab. She let’s a commando team scale up the wall into her quarters in order to open the gates.

        Subtext is obvious.

  3. The truth is the best propaganda

    Spreading degenerate lies doesn t help anything

    This guys a cuckservative lots of honest ways to honestly fight him

  4. The NRO article is hilarious, especially Trump gassing his Afro American “daughter.” Politics is a dirty game David. If you dish it out you better learn to take it. Alt right is here to stay.

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