Cuckservatives: David French Whimpers On Morning Joy

H/T Infostormer

Why do you always see these #TruCons on MSNBC? I mean … these cucks are on there like every night shilling for Hillary. They’re always on the Lawrence and Chris Hayes shows.

I felt the interview was a bit of a letdown. He didn’t discuss the fact that his wife carried on a year long sexual relationship with the family pastor as a teenager. Apparently, the woman was so screwed up in the head that she adopted an African child while he was deployed to Iraq. He also didn’t let her use Facebook while he was deployed because he was afraid she would get close to other men while he was gone. You get the sense that there is a lot going on here that the public doesn’t know about.

I’m wondering if that was the reason he didn’t run for president. What would the Cuck French tapes look like?

Note: According to RedState, 17% of the self-described cons – the #TruCons, or cucks – said in the most recent CNN poll that they are voting for Hillary.

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  1. Anecdotal, but a lot of my cuck relatives are coming over to Trump in the waning moments of the campaign as reality of Hillary sets in. These were avowed never Trumpers months ago. I think Trump’s answer on abortion at the debate helped him with the cucks.

  2. French should just quit his too tough job, pack up his family into a U-Haul and move where he can find another job – maybe rack up some student debt for the retraining like he told all those whites to do. He should do it before he needs prescriptions meds he will get addicted to then become a heroin addict.

  3. Oh gee, online harassment, poor thing. He and his fellow anti-Whites have no problem unleashing screamers and thugs on any White person speaking up for us. He and his fellow anti-Whites have no problem defaming said White, getting him fired from his job and blackballed permanently from a career. They have no problem if said White and his family are physically attacked.

    If online harassment is the most you get David, consider yourself lucky, you rat faced cuck.

  4. Nancy French actually wrote a book with the subtitle “Why Nice Guys Finish First” and then cuckolded her loser husband and has an adopted African kid to show for it while he cries to the (((media))).

    David French should be a prime example of what fate for self-respecting men to avoid at all cost.

    • They all have that castrated eunuch look about them. Many are also totally bald and prematurely aging. Not exactly chick-magnets.

  5. Well, what can you say, he has mental issues. His wife probably has 5 Facebook accounts for hooking up with men behind his back, whether he’s away on deployment or at his local library.

    Interesting that his wife doesn’t really hold herself responsible for that affair with the pastor as a teenager. IMO, a truly religious, moral person would have left all the boo-hooing about the pastor’s hypocrisy behind, held herself accountable and been redeemed. She’s very capable of having more affairs and more excuses.

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