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  1. Congratulations to our own Hunter Wallace for “coming out of the closet” so to speak and publishing the truth under his own name in a widely read, leading Alternative Right, traditional Conservative blog stating the truth that the Republican establishment hates pro American, pro American worker, pro American First foreign policy and pro Constitutional candidates in any form.

    The gossip about Donald Trump using vulgar language 11 years ago is just a cover.

    The traitors in the GOP establishment work hand in glove with the worst Liberal Left political and media elites. They like the system complete with open borders immigration and Soros funding mobs to attack police officers. The system works fine for the GOP establishment and this elite will strongly support the Lying press/Lugenpresse to slander and marginalize Donald Trump or even Mike Huckabee.

    Great job Hunter!

    I am honored to have worked with such a brave, brilliant young man.

    • I was a Ron Paul supporter back in 2008, but eventually gave up on him after studying the JQ. The Republican Party definitely treated Paul dirty, just as they are with Trump.

        • We all know of the deficiencies of Ron Paul (if you don’t, Jack Ryan will fill in the blanks for you), and of Mike Huckabee (open borders), and of Barry Goldwater (LBJ was always going to win that election because his boss was assassinated less than a year earlier, rolled up with the fact that even under ideal circumstances, the Goldwater brand of economic libertarianism was never going to win a national election after 1928). The point of HW including them in his article is to include them as rhetorical devices, cautionary tales, historical parallels.

          As far as Trump, he combines all the magic elements: A decades-long national public figure, rich enough to self-fund for the most part, and populist-nationalist policies. The hitches are that he’s trying to make that get along with the boilerplate Republican Party and conservatism, and for the fact that the media are driving a wedge between white suburban Republican leaning college educated soccer moms and Trump.

          • QD writes:

            “We all know of the deficiencies of Ron Paul (if you don’t, Jack Ryan will fill in the blanks for you)”

            I respond;

            This is true. Ron Paul had/has many deficiencies – probably the 2 worst are:

            1) He didn’t/doesn’t have a spine.
            2) He doesn’t have a working penis

            These are 2 important things I look for a White American leader. When you’re dealing with guys that don’t have a spine or a working penis – it’s going to be tough to win anything.


  2. What you fail to acknowledge, Mr. W., is an ethnic difference so great as to amount to a racial difference. From the rest of the white world, Dixie is separate–completely so. Most of Trump’s “insanity” has been his indifference to–actually, his incomprehension of–aspects of the main white world. Maybe the most-revealing episode with respect to that was his wife’s plagiarism fiasco, of which, as I continue to suspect, he was the engine. If I’m recalling correctly, the reaction of you, Hunter Wallace, a graduate of a decent university, to the plagiarism, insofar as you granted it had been such, was “I don’t care.” That, at bottom, was probably what Trump himself had been thinking about it, when the speech was being prepared. To you–and to him–the reaction of mainstream Republicans to it was mystifying; those Republicans were merely “throw[ing] gasoline on [the] fire,” as you say in your VDARE piece.

    Below is a graphic I recently posted here, at Occidental Dissent, in another context. It reveals Dixie, in the form of the three locales of origin of the members of the country-music group Pistol Annies. That is a territory of a white race, a race, as I’ve said, different from all other whites, a race that would not live in harmony with other whites even if all non-whites were somehow, instantaneously, driven from white lands. Not incidentally, we could plot a similar map with the places of origin of three male, murderous Manson Family members, namely, Charles Manson himself (from Kentucky and West Virginia), Charles “Tex” Watson (from Texas), and Bruce Davis (from Louisiana and then a student at the University of Tennessee). This, as I say, is a breed separate from other whites.

    Though you yourself often speak of this ethnic difference, you do not seem quite to recognize its implications. Your VDARE piece, accordingly, is simply in the Southern tradition, like something from your hero Robert Barnwell Rhett. Incapable of self-examination, Rhett, you, and the rest of Dixie’s thinkers simply sputter, simply place all of your problems outside yourself, in the supposed lack of character of those with whom you can not live in accord. Those others are backstabbers or whatever is your latest denunciatory characterization of them.

    On one or two occasions, in the course of this presidential campaign, I’ve wondered whether Trump has realized that the roots of his political strength are in Dixie. Even though I haven’t bothered to confirm it, I have often thought he seems to have returned to Dixie, for a rally, whenever he has put himself in trouble, via, for example, the plagiarism thing. One would have to look back through his campaign itinerary to check that, but we know that the rally with which his campaign kicked into gear took place in your own state, Alabama, in Mobile. Part of me thinks that, in a way, Trump, too, is a sort of Dixie type, a displaced Celt or Teuton, lost amid the middle-class world that whites have constructed in America. Recently, at the website “Amerika,” Brett Stevens spoke of this, the “middle-class world”; and that, at bottom, is the thing with which Dixie can not live in peace.

    What your VDARE piece reveals, in short, is simply that you are a Southron, a man of Dixie, heir to a tradition, to a way of thinking that you can not escape. Indeed, several of the commenters here might well snarl at my implying that it even is something from which one should “escape.” However that may be, there will never be peace, as I’ve said, between Dixie and the rest of the white world, not even, to repeat it, if all non-whites somehow disappear from white lands. The difference between Dixie and the rest of the white world is, as I’ve said, one of race.


    • The Trump Candidacy, John, is The South’s delayed revenge at the Northern Liberal’s takeover of our party – 50 years ago.

      The Trump candidacy is a continuation of a quasi Confederate rebellion that occurred in 2012 – The Tea Party – against the ruling Northeast elite –

      The South has basically effected the most passive style of secession it can contrive.

      It will continue, because no matter who wins, The GOP is through.

      The election is just the stumbling of a confused South, which knows that it does not belong, but, is struggling to locate it’s balls to undertake what is necessary.

      All the best to you, way up yonder…

      • Thank you, Junius. All the best to you, too, well below the Mason-Dixon Line.

        PS A week or so ago, a friend of mine told me he’d once heard the following: “To New Yorkers, the Philadelphia accent is one of the Southern accents.” Whether that’s accurate, I can’t say, but my friend had heard it in a television program about Philadelphia’s Quaker history and enduring Quaker traits. He mentioned it to me after I told him something I once mentioned to you, namely, that the Harper who ran Harper’s Ferry, the gateway to the interior South, was from what is now part of northeast Philadelphia, where my said friend and I live. Harper, I might have told you, was a builder. He’d originally gone to that area, where the ferry ran, to build a meeting-house, I think it was, for some Quakers. Anyway, I guess I’ll just have to be mindful that I speak with a Southern accent.

    • A long and rambling essay telling us the South is different. Ya think? Have you been in a basement or something your entire life?

      This man imagines he is clever and has something to say.

      • As I will say to you for the second and final time, Mr. Burns, you’ll be entitled to address me when you’ll have shown me my comments that led you to attribute to me views I didn’t recognize. It’s been about two months now since I asked you to do that.

        • I will address you whenever the hell I like. I do not need your permission. Who do you think you are? Royalty?

          As far as your views, and true nature, everyone on this board well knows what you are. Moreover, I outlined and specified them one by one, at the time you made them. Ditto several other people. You come on here an obvious fraud, and then when called out, pose as some kind of gentleman commandeering a pseudo-moral high ground. The very same technique the left, Jews and anti-whites use.

          • I did not say whether you WILL address me, Mr. Burns. I stated the condition under which you will be ENTITLED to address me. It’s a simple distinction, for anyone who can read.

            For you to say now that you “outlined and specified” those comments of mine “one by one, at the time [I] made them,” is false. At the time of our exchange in which you attributed those views to me, I asked you to show me the comments that had led you to attribute them to me. You have yet to show me even one of those comments. I will not be replying to anything else you’ll post until you show them to me.

          • Here, you lie. It was only ONE view that you challenged–about deportation–that I MIGHT have been mistaken on and that was another poster and not you. The rest of the several were dead bang on you and you never really even denied them. You couldn’t for they were right on the page under your name. So stop with your lying and deceiving.

            And stop with your “entitled” bullshit. You have no power over what anyone can say about you or to you. You are just a little weasel who darts out from your hole and make derogatory comments to people, and then you want to hide beneath a blanket of “oh, I won’t hear of any of you vulgar commoner’s remarks to me, the Great Entitled One! I will tell you when you can speak to me o’ ragged ones!.”

          • You are incorrect. There were at least two distinct matters on which I asked you to present me my comment or comments that had led you to attribute to me views I didn’t recognize. You presented me no comments of mine with respect to either of those.

            You are also obtuse. Not only have I claimed no power over what anyone can say about me or to me here; I’ve made clear that I wasn’t speaking about that.

            I’ll be responding to nothing more that you post.

          • You are incorrect. There were at least two distinct matters on which I asked you to present me my comment or comments that had led you to attribute to me views I didn’t recognize. You presented me no comments of mine with respect to either of those.

            You are also obtuse. Not only have I claimed no power over what anyone can say about me or to me here; I’ve made clear that I wasn’t speaking about that.

            I’ll be responding to nothing more that you post.


          • Your pseudo-intellectual posturing while trying to squirm out from beneath the spotlight I have shined upon you is almost as offensive as your true nature.

  3. They also supported Howling Mad McCain. Talk about a dangerous candidate.

    Is liberalism, the political left, throughout the Western world a white-hating racist movement? This is the question that the cucks won’t answer. And they certainly won’t answer the followup question – is the level of that racism genocidal? The answer to both these questions is, of course, yes but acknowledging these truths and acting on them would threaten the comfy gig these collaborators have. Better that America, Western Civilization, white people, conservatism and even their own party dies than to do that. Sam Francis did white America a disservice when he resurrected The Stupid Party as a label for the Republicans. They’re not stupid, they’re crooked and evil.

    Remember, the real nature of the GOP/Conservative establishment was pithily summarized by John Mitchell 50 years ago when he said “Watch what we do, not what we say.” The job of the GOP in the system is not just to lose, not just to be the Washington Generals as a recent article put it, but to actively sell the interests of white America to Wall Street and the white-hating left. To keep whites from acting in their own self-interest while they’re literally being dispossessed and exterminated.

    When I say evil I mean it. Also remember that the only place you’ll find less information on racist violence against whites than in the “Washington Post” or “New York Times” is in “conservative” rags like “The National Review” and “The American Conservative”. If racist violence against whites got the sort of coverage and outrage that racist violence against blacks gets most of it wouldn’t happen. We know why the Post and Times doesn’t mention it, they want it to happen. What’s conservatism’s excuse? Turning a blind eye to racist mass-murder and rape, including the murder and rape of children, is part of the bargain the establishment right makes in order to be “respectable” and get their thirty pieces of silver from the system.

  4. To me, one of the first steps towards secession, could be explaining to the rest of the country, that federal courts have assumed all kinds of power that they don’t have. For example: the U.S Supreme Court does not have the authority to re define marriage for the rest of the country, marriage is a state affair, it always has been. They have no authority to interfere with schools, or criminal justice either. Unless there is some dispute between the states, the courts do not have to authority to say much of anything. They are a small group of unelected bureaucrats, with no expertise in anything beyond case law and court procedure. I would like to start seeing state officials begin to point this out. They are the public’s representatives, not these wise guys in robes.

  5. I think it was:

    The Wall and deportation– strike one!

    No TPP– strike two!

    No more Mideast regime-change, democracy-through-bombing wars and certainly no war with Russia– strike three and you’re out!

    But he was out before they even knew his platform– he’s not one of them.

    Many NeverTrumpers in the Senate aren’t up this year. That must be a future project.

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