The Economist: The New Nationalism

The New Nationalism:

“WHEN Donald Trump vowed to “Make America Great Again!” he was echoing the campaign of Ronald Reagan in 1980. Back then voters sought renewal after the failures of the Carter presidency. This month they elected Mr Trump because he, too, promised them a “historic once-in-a-lifetime” change.

But there is a difference. On the eve of the vote, Reagan described America as a shining “city on a hill”. Listing all that America could contribute to keep the world safe, he dreamed of a country that “is not turned inward, but outward—toward others”. Mr Trump, by contrast, has sworn to put America First. Demanding respect from a freeloading world that takes leaders in Washington for fools, he says he will “no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism”. Reagan’s America was optimistic: Mr Trump’s is angry. …”

Europe’s Biggest Populist Danger:

“ONE by one, liberal democracies are waking up to find their certainties trampled by the march of close-the-borders populism. First came the vote for Brexit, then Donald Trump’s election as America’s next president. Now France is bracing itself for a momentous presidential vote in 2017 in which the stakes could not be higher—not just for the well-being of France, but for the future of Europe itself. …”

League of Nationalists:

“AFTER the sans culottes rose up against Louis XVI in 1789 they drew up a declaration of the universal rights of man and of the citizen. Napoleon’s Grande Armée marched not just for the glory of France but for liberty, equality and fraternity. By contrast, the nationalism born with the unification of Germany decades later harked back to Blut und Boden—blood and soil—a romantic and exclusive belief in race and tradition as the wellspring of national belonging. The German legions were fighting for their Volk and against the world.

All societies draw on nationalism of one sort or another to define relations between the state, the citizen and the outside world. Craig Calhoun, an American sociologist, argues that cosmopolitan elites, who sometimes yearn for a post-nationalist order, underestimate “how central nationalist categories are to political and social theory—and to practical reasoning about democracy, political legitimacy and the nature of society itself.” …

Of all the people in the world, it is nationalists who are now the least inclined to support devastating world wars. It is globalists who want to intervene in Syria, establish no-fly zones, put troops on Russia’s border, encircle China with military bases, and overthrow governments in the name of “democracy.”

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  1. Amen. Golden Dawn had wanted to recapture “their capital” from the Turks. And Israel seems to want to consume first Palestine, then perhaps more of Syria?

    And China, Japan, and S. Korea have their little disputed islands, which I suspect is not only due to resources but China wanting better defence from a hypothetical US attack.

    But largely, nationalism seems more content now in the modern world to retain its borders. Wars are just too destructive, and we don’t have population surpluses driving us to starvation (in European lands anyway).

  2. There is an irony that the left doesn’t see, namely, that when reactions like Brexit, or Trump, happen, it means that a potential revolution has been averted, since the unwashed have been given a sort of safety valve release of the building pressure. Leftists are freaking out about Trump’s win; but had he lost, the anger would continue building indefinitely until they finally got what they’ve been fearing. As things stand, it looks like “white nationalists” are willing to give “civic nationalism” the benefit of the doubt for four years, assuming Trump (unlike Obama) doesn’t try to shit on America for his whole term, via outsourcing, wars, immigration, etc.

    • Naw. I want to see scaffolds raised on the White House Lawn and criminals swinging from them. Ever read the poem ‘The Awakened Saxon’ by Kipling?

      I’ve been there for at least thirty years. I’ve been waiting for the rest of the nation to awaken. WE ARE NOT GOING BACK TO SLEEP.

  3. There is an irony that the left doesn’t see, namely, that when reactions like Brexit, or Trump, happen, it means that a potential revolution has been averted, since the unwashed have been given a sort of safety valve release of the building pressure. Leftists are freaking out about Trump’s win; but had he lost, the anger would continue building indefinitely until they finally got what they’ve been fearing. As things stand, it looks like “white nationalists” are willing to give “civic nationalism” the benefit of the doubt for four years, assuming Trump (unlike Obama) doesn’t try to shit on America for his whole term, via outsourcing, wars, immigration, etc.

  4. There is an irony that the left doesn’t see, namely, that when reactions like Brexit, or Trump, happen, it means that a potential revolution has been averted, since the unwashed have been given a sort of safety valve release of the building pressure. Leftists are freaking out about Trump’s win; but had he lost, the anger would continue building indefinitely until they finally got what they’ve been fearing. As things stand, it looks like “white nationalists” are willing to give “civic nationalism” the benefit of the doubt for four years, assuming Trump (unlike Obama) doesn’t try to shit on America for his whole term, via outsourcing, wars, immigration, etc.

  5. Muh Protective Press Pool!

    One thing I really don’t like about Trump is that he’s got me watching Kike-Stream Media again. For a decade I’ve almost completely ignored it. Now, because of Trump, I’ve been watching Paddy Fox, Morning Fucking Joe and Mikatwat, and even CN fucking N and Saturday Cunt Live!

    I saw this “story” first on The MygynKylly File. Muh-Gyn was interviewing some media Kikess called, of all the fucking kike names, Hadasah Go~~~~~ld. And Chadasshah threw out the talking point:

    “I mean, heaven forbid! something should happen to the president-elect! and we’re not theyahh to recohhd it! He really can’t go anywheyahh without The Protective Press Pool! It’s not like we’re going to tell anyone (let’s say…a bombahh…or a snipahh…) where he’s having his dinnahh!”

    • What, you don’t like Morning jew and Morning Zika? I think that they are a hoot!!!

      Well, you could listen to The Movement Turd presently on Talksjew at:

      Let Mittens get coonfirmed in the Senate, but make an executive appointment of someone that the god-Emperor treated shabbily in Celebrity Apprentice, i.e Gary Busey, who while fuktarded is loyal. Then after coonfirmation and on the second day in the job, tell Mittens that he is fired, then let Gary Busey rise to the new job. Tell Gary that he can only snort crack on the weekends and have Mondays to dry out, and must work really really hard Secretarying & shit on Tuesdays through Thursdays. I’m sure Gary will do a great job once the god-Emperor has a secret deal with Putin and the chinks to let them run wild, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

      #GaryBusey4SecofState Make this a meme!!!

      Hail Victory!!!

      Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    • Nyash, don’t aggravate yourself. Turn the Jew Tube off and get your news and opinion at White friendly sites like this one.

    • obama did not mind those people going with everywhere since they are adoring of him. Trump might not mind as much if they showed him the respect they showed the O’Communist.

  6. Nationism isn’t ipsofacto bad. So long as Lady Rothschild can figure out a way to fit a saddle upon it.

    • If we’re allowed to exist, any price can be paid! Hail Israel, and pay the bribe to the Rothschilds! Just allow us to survive, please.

      • C’mon, Weaver. I want you to pretend that you were actually a man for one second, for once in your life. What if you had a full set of balls? What would you tell a Jew that said your (Nordic) race had to die for his Semitic good?

        I recall that I gave you a homework assignment. Study up on Harold Covington’s Northwest defiance. What was the effect?

        If that is too complicated imagine this: Adolf Hitler sinking to his to knees to kiss the ring of Jewish power. I know, it is an impossibility!

        The Confageracy surrendered. The Fuhrer’s dying wish was that his followers, whom swore a loyalty oath to him, was that they would continue his life’s mission of combating the Jews.

        General Lee was a fag. Adolf was a man.

        • Captainchaos,

          your reply is how Jews rule over Germans.

          My reply is how Brits shall pursue British interests within the current power balance.

          You wish to declare your enemy publicly and to be smitten by him in a glorious death. I wish to win. That’s the difference.

          You’ve never understood this, and you likely never will. Enjoy talking big though; I’m sure it feels good.

          • @Weaver:

            To a certain extent, I understand what you are trying to say. The power of the enemy should not be underestimated, but neither should your own. No one was more subjugated to Jewish power than the Russians after the Bolshevik Revolution, yet they took their own power back to the point where the Jews expelled themselves from Russia through the Refusenik Movement.

            Yes, it helps a lot that Trump was a multibillionaire, but there was no way that Trump could have won without winning the votes and support of millions of non-millionaires.

            As Michael Moore pointed out, on election day, the rich man has the same number of votes as the poor man; ONE. And there was enough “poor” men who voted on November eighth that they overwhelmed any of the tampering of the Soros Machines and the usual Democrat election fraud.

            I do not believe, for one single New York minute, that
            Hillary won the popular vote which is why no one throwing a temper tantrum is demanding a recount. Nope, they are just trying to intimidate the electorates into changing their vote from Trump to Clinton.

            Right now, the leftists are losing their minds, because so many White women for Donald Trump … with their men. Actually fifty-three percent of us. But I begrudge them every single one of the forty-seven percent who bought their nonsense. And the number of White men who voted for her is way too large for my tastes.

            But we should still be overjoyed that, despite the non-relenting brainwashing going on, most of our people retain enough racial realism and have enough self-preservation that they grabbed the life vest Trump’s candidacy threw to them.

            In politics, power is more about perception than anything else. Barack Obama didn’t do much for Black people that White liberals hadn’t already done in spades, but they felt empowered and enough White authorities perceived that they had been empowered, hence all these BLM in the USA and other areas of the world.

            We are seeing that with the Trump Effect even now. Notice how a White politician from the South was so emboldened that he got in Jake Tapper’s face and forcibly broke his taboos about highlighting racial victimization of Whites by Blacks when he pointed out that the White motorist was beaten and nearly dragged to death by a Black mob who alleged he had voted for Trump as an excuse.

            Throughout his campaign, Trump inveighed against the press, coined them as the “lying press” and reinforced their hypocrisy and their deceptive “framing of the narrative” to Whites who had long been fuming over their selective focus on (often fabricated) crimes against Blacks by Whites rather than very real crimes against Whites by Blacks.

            What is truly glorious is that the arrogance and the hubris of the left continues. They continue to tune out any of those on the left that warn them to woo the White vote back by focusing on their economic concerns. No, in the same breath, they conclude that they didn’t go left enough and once they get back into power they are going to punish those racists … so they are going to double down and impose some nightmarish concoction of Islamic communism on Whites.

            IOW as bitter as a pill the Trump presidency may be, they feel sure that they can sit back and wait it out for the inevitable law of demography to kick in and they will have so many non-Whites that the White vote won’t make any difference.

            Hopefully, they will be so consumed with hatred of White people that they will purge the Democrats of any centrist or liberal-leaning Whites, further eroding their own White support. Their nomination of a Black Muslim like Keith Ellison to Democrat Party Chairman is a great start. I don’t think Whites are the only racial group which is sick of BRA. Once the BLM formally takes over the Democrat Party, Mestizos and Asians will join the White in their exodus from the Democrats, leaving only a shaky alliance of Blacks, Muslims, and Marxist and Zionist Jews all contained and quarantined.

            Like most Aryans, you pay more attention to what people say rather than what they do. That’s how so many disingenuous White liberals have gotten away with helping our enemies impose forced integration in our areas while living in their own lily-white gated communities. I imagine that Obama’s own aggressive HUD programs planning to bus Blacks into their own areas might have contributed to the White vote for Trump, thus the creation of the Shy Voter, LOL. It’s a shame that in saving our own families from the maw of the crocodile, we had to save theirs, too. But we owe it to ourselves to marginalize these hypocrites as much as possible.

            In any case, you British need to drop one phrase from your vocabulary and that’s “I’m not racist, but ….” If anyone has more right to be racist in Great Britain, it is the native indigenous White Britons of Great Britain. The same people who cheered when indigenous so-called people of color threw European colonists out of their countries should be reminded that any kind of colonists are evil and that the colonization of White indigenous Europeans by Muslims from the Levantine and Africans and Hindus and Pakis is just as evil.

            Time to purge these invaders from your homeland. Brexit is totally pointless if you are still stuck with a Great Britain that is a multiculti rainbow third world hell.

          • We’re not Russians though. You know full well how screwed up Brits are. And this is also true of Americans in general.

            The weak should know they are weak. And any power can be negotiated with.

            You see everywhere libertarians who throw tantrums for not getting everything they want. Greens who throw tantrums, etc.

            “Conservatives” have been known to negotiate for the best deal possible. And the same should be true of ethnic nationalists.

            If Israel wants peace with Syria, it will negotiate a peace. It might get absolutely everything it wants in such negotiation.

            Power balances. The strong can negotiate for more.

            What we can demand from Zionists is an end to wars for Israel. We can still support Israel otherwise; we just need to insist on an end to the warring. We don’t lose trillions on direct aid to Israel. Trillions are lost in the wars.

            And we can negotiate for our interests domestically. We might have to bribe nonwhites in the US in order to win their support for drastically reducing immigration. And for other things (such as keeping homeschooling legal). Winning greater white support is also important.

            The way big city folks get things done is they sit down with ethnic leaders, make a deal. And in diverse America, that’s likely how we’ll need to do.

  7. Reagan described America as a shining “city on a hill”.

    Raygun facilitated globalists of borderless trade.USSR demography collapsed,it wasn’t Reagan legacy he defeated the evil empire.From then on russians became nationalists.

    • After the Russian empire fell, our empire was supposed to fall.

      But the Roman Emperor didn’t return power to the Roman Senate, so to speak.

      Now, the Neocons want Cold War II to regain their full imperial power, to milk what’s left of the US.

  8. Of course, the article didn’t name the ‘globalists’ by name, but we all know who (((they))) are, don’t we? Oy!

    • The amazing thing is it’s Jews who are a major force helping Trump.

      The good guys with Trump, the Neocons, the Neoliberals, the Socialists, the Greens… Every side is heavily Jewish. The Left though doesn’t like Israel.

  9. The Grande Armee trashed Europe for liberty, fraternity, and equality? Of course, and that’s why Napoleon crowned himself “emperor.” The Germans were right – Blot und Boden.

  10. After WWI there was an attempted return to normalcy, aka blood and soil, that got derailed by FDR and the (((usual suspects))). They succeeded in steering a reluctant country into WWII and the beginning of globalism and White Genocide. Now a new attempt at normalcy which cannot afford to fail, with or without Trump.

    • That post about captains Hunter put out a few weeks ago reminded me of Henry Ford,he was truly a capitalist visionary for occidental America.
      The beginning of globalism started in 1602,with the formation of the stock market,the New sovereign king,the militaries have always taken orders from it.

    • Pat Buchanan once wrote the same thing. After WWI we were neatly divided into little nation states, in Europe. Then we had to screw that up.

      One reason the Alt Right’s championing of white empire concerns me is I’m doubtful the British, certainly not the American, empire had a positive impact on the world, on the whole. Brits say their empire spread Brits across the world, but those societies are all cucked today.

      With nation states there’s a better chance that at least one nation state won’t choose to suicide itself. And it’s more difficult for a small elite to ruin all of them simultaneously.

      We’ve repeatedly seen great power, “great power” as a force in itself, work against nationalism though.

  11. What we need is what I always argued – a white Ethno-State built on the fusion of Ethno-Nationalism and Folk Democracy. Sorry folks; my vision is not of a state built on Neo-Fascism or National Socialism 2.0. I envision the White Republic as like unto a greater Switzerland, albeit more racially conscious and homogeneous. A government of our people, by our people, for our people, and only our people. A system with a progressive franchise (Much like the societies detailed in the science fiction novels of Robert Heinlein) whereby some people will earn more votes than others due to merit, service, and accomplishments to the Republic. This is the best way I can see of raising that “natural aristocracy” that Jefferson spoke of to positions of state power. I envision a system in which the people, as is already the case is Switzerland (Yes, I’ve been there and seen it in action) are able to vote on pressing issues in national referendums or propose initiatives. I call this ideology Democratic Nationalism.

    • The Swiss started off by defeating the king and his army,over taxation.
      The Swiss then became mercenaries for hire throughout Europe,the Swiss guard around Vatican city is a case in point,it has been there for centuries,all part of the mercenary for hire Swiss GDP,Notice how they became bankers and stayed neutral in the wars?
      Some heads need to roll for us to have self determination also.

      • No doubt. I’m sure the Swiss will be swamped by Muslims to. I am not admiring the Swiss for their racialism but for a political system which allows participatory democracy which some segments of the Alt Right in Europe have advocated for themselves once they regain control of their destiny.

        • Notice how every Swiss man of age belongs to the army and kept their battle kit at home.
          True citizen soldiers.I have heard they have been tweaking their age old social system,in regards to their military and maybe more,I’m not sure.

  12. Two interesting events in the past day or two: On the one hand, Merkel and Obama made their joint appearance, in which they pushed the globalist line. At this point, with the success of Brexit and the Trump campaign, that seems like a goal-line stand, one bound to fail. Also interesting was Trump’s meeting with Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister. From one or two articles I’ve read, I have the impression Trump is setting up foreign relations from Trump Tower; he’s not involving the State Department. Evidently, a president-elect normally does go through the State Department for these things.

  13. The cosmopolitan elites have shown themselves to be rather stupid, based on how genuinely surprised they are about the resurgence of White nationalism. And apparently those arrogant swine have no plan in place for how to deal with it. Maybe some more name-calling will help?

    • They’ve grown soft; success does that.

      We have an uphill battle though to prevent mixing. New identities would arise, but we’d lose what we are today.

  14. Trump supporters who thought there would be no more Middle Eastern wars may be disappointed. Trump has appointed Iran hawks to key Cabinet positions. From Dan Larison:

    If there was much doubt about this before now, Trump’s initial picks for his National Security Adviser (Flynn) and CIA director (Pompeo) today confirm that some of the most important positions in the administration are going to rabid Iran hawks. If Giuliani gets the nod for State and Tom Cotton goes to Defense, Trump’s national security team will be even more aggressive and extremely anti-Iranian, and they would be united in their hostility to diplomacy in general and the nuclear deal in particular. That will disappoint many Trump supporters, but Trump has never been a candidate of restraint and his rhetoric over the last year and a half told us he wasn’t. Now he is proving it with his appointments.

  15. Western ideology has been messed up by the dichotomy of left vs right and/or conservative vs liberal.

    The only division that makes sense is us versus them or ‘mas'(ours) vs ‘tous'(theirs).

    In any healthy organic community, there must be room for liberal and conservative. They need each other like man and woman, yin and yang, night and day, fire and ice.

    Choosing only the left or right is like choosing only masculinity or femininity. Men cannot go on with only manhood. They need womenfolk. And women cannot go on only with sisterhood. They need menfolk. To preserve food, we need ice and refrigeration. To cook, we need fire. Only a fool would declare himself an ice-ist and apply cold to everything. Only a fool would declare himself a fire-ist and apply fire to everything, even to a burning house that really needs water.

    Communism failed because it was all about the labor and worker. Now, communism was right to say the worker was deserving of certain rights and guarantees. But when the issue of class conflict became the ONLY lens for seeing, judging, and solving everything, communism was bound to fail. It disregarded or destroyed too many other sectors of society that play vital roles. It’d be like trying to warm the soup with a block of ice. Or like cooking where everything is fried, even ice cream.

    The poison of ideology is in trying to solve every problem with ONE idea as panacea for all things. But then, why did ideology arise? It was because of the problem of genealogy of power. There was a time when power was passed down along dynastic and noble lines. So, if your pa had the power, you had the power, even if you were an idiot, in which power became idiotological.

    Against this genealogy of power, people who wanted reform and change had to conceive reasons. Since they lacked power by bloodline, their justification for power was based on supposedly better ideas. The radicalized form of this was ideology where a one or few ideas became central and dominant over all else.

    This radicalization of ideas could have been avoided IF the power of genealogy had been more open to reform and change by those with good ideas. Great Britain avoided something like the French Revolution because those with power of genealogy allowed space and opportunity to those who offered up good ideas. Maybe this was more doable with the Brits cuz they had better manners. So, a Brit with a good idea might propose his ideas nicely, and the kings and noblemen might give him a hearing and chance. In contrast, French like to talk passionately and insult one another, and this might have led to great reluctance on the part of the kings and noblemen to give a hearing to those who were pontificating loudly.

    When the power of genealogy is too rigid, the other side turns to radicalization of ideas, or ideology. And it all came to a head in the French Revolution. On one side was the pig-headed power of genealogy of the French King. On the other side was the firebrand power of ideology of the revolutionaries who were convinced their ideas could change the world once and for all.

    But in fact, both sides were right and wrong. The power of genealogy may have been corrupt and repressive, but it preserved the heritage, culture, and glory of France. The power of ideology got violent and destructive, but it opened the way for new ideas and possibilities. Anyway, if the French had better manners, maybe an accommodation could have been found between the power of genealogy and power of ideology, a meeting of the minds between tradition and reform, as happened in Great Britain.

    Italian Fascists understood that the issue wasn’t right vs left. Mussolini began on the left but moved to the right, but he retained a respect for the left and wasn’t a simple reactionary.

    It’s like an organism needs all its organs. It cannot be brain-ist and ignore or attack other organs. It cannot be lung-ist and be anti-heart. It cannot heart-ist and be anti-anus. Every organ counts for something, and they must all work together.

    Same goes for so-called right and so-called left. They shouldn’t be seen as enemies but necessary partners. It’s like a tree needs roots, trunk, branches, and leaves. It would be stupid to discuss the tree in terms of rootism vs leavism. Both roots and leaves serve vital and necessary functions. Even though situated at opposite ends, their functions are most complementary.

    Any organism must conserve and preserve itself, and in this resides its rightist core. But organisms must also adapt and explore and evolve better ways to gain advantage, and from this comes the leftist ventures. No organism can be entirely ‘rightist’ or ‘leftist’. Rightism is the clench, leftism is the release.

    Or consider a ship. Some people will work on deck with ropes. And some will work in the dark underbelly of the ship. And someone will be on perched up high with a telescope looking for land. Different people have different task and work at opposite ends of the ship, but they are all part of a same shared voyage. If the guy with the telescope sees land and yells out, he is doing it for the good of the entire ship, even those working under the deck.

    It’s like a sports team has offensive lineup and defensive lineup, but they all work for the good of the team. Football team has offense and defense, both both share the same goal. To win. The offense goes up against the defense of the other team but is served by its own defense that goes against the offense of the other team. So, the issue isn’t necessarily offense vs defense but OUR offense and defense versus THEIR offense and defense. Mas vs Tous.

    Same goes for right and left. The real question shouldn’t be right vs left but OUR right and left versus THEIR right and left. Indeed, the reason why Jews are so powerful is they understand this. There is the Jewish Right and Jewish Left, but both sides are agreed on serving Jewish identity and interests in Israel, US, and EU. Jewish Right and Jewish Left don’t fight one another like white right and white left.

    Neocons and Liberal Zionists may sometimes differ on policy proposals, but they are united on the necessity of serving and furthering Jewish interests. So, Jewish left and Jewish right are like the two fists of a boxer. They aren’t enemies but partners. The leftist jabs set up the opening for the right across.

    What Mussolini tried to do was fuse the left and right together. Granted, most Italian leftists saw him as an ideological turncoat, and he got too cozy with certain rightist elements, but he didn’t want an Italy divided along ideological lines. He wanted socialists, capitalists, monarchists, modernists, and spiritualists to find a way to work together and perform their vital duties of society. And the good side of National Socialism was an attempt to bring together German labor with German capital with German conservatives with German modernizers, and etc. And there were certain successes before Hitler went nutty with wars. (What some people fear most about Trumpism is not the ‘far rightism’ but the nexus of right-and-left fusionism among whites.) In the US, FDR fused right and left. He was pro-labor but not anti-business. He was certainly no communist. He pushed reforms but preserved conservative social values as he appreciated the power of social morality.

    This means that white people can have both left and right as long as both are ‘mas’, or ours. Right need not be rigid and pigheaded, and the left need not be traitor and self-loathing. When Germany and then Japan were modernizing fast in the late 19th century, both the right and left were united by a sense of nationalism. Preservists and Adaptists were agreed on serving the good of the race and nation. Japan had to modernize/westernize in order to survive. It would have to change and lose much of its old ways, but the core of Japanese race, identity, and race would be made stronger by the modernization.

    Now, the danger is that both the right and left can become cancerous, thus working against than with the other. The right can become overly rigid and pigheaded, like the Japanese militarist in the 1930s. And the left can become overly adventurous and reckless, like it did in Russia. Worse, leftism can turn traitor and collaborate with alien forces to destroy the core domain. The good side of leftism is its critical perspective and reformist impulses. But when healthy criticism turns into radical self-loathing — like white self-hatred — , it is cancerous and has to be replaced by a healthy leftism, a mas-leftism or ‘our leftism’.

    Both Mas-rightism and Mas-leftism are nationalist. Even though leftism is more likely to turn traitor and turn against itself, this danger exists on the right as well. After all, during WWII, it was the French Right that turned traitor while the French left took on the patriotic role of resisting German Occupation. And since end of WWII, it was the Japanese Right that has been most cucked out to US occupation and domination. Japanese Right is said to control Japan, but it cannot even resist Homomania since US insists on massive homo parades all over Japan or Cuckpan. And after WWII, many nationalist and anti-imperialist movements were led by leftists like Ho Chi Minh and Fidel Castro.

    Anyway, white folks need to create a new paradigm that goes beyond ideology of left vs right. Instead, they must acknowledge that a healthy society needs both the right and left, both conservatism and liberalism. It’s like a university is both conservative(in storing wisdom and knowledge passed down through the ages) and liberal(in carrying out research, debate, discourse, and/or experiments to find new truths or test improved theories). A university that is only conservative would never improve. A university that is only liberal would have no grounding, no compass.

    White folks need to think in terms of left and right, not left vs right.

    The problem is the left in the West has become synonymous with anti-white traitorism controlled and manipulated by the GLOB that uses Political Correctness and Pop Culture to turn whites into pod people and potheads. Instead of rejecting the entire idea of the left, white folks need to develop their own left that is racial and patriotic.

    There is no reason why the Left cannot be race-ist and nationalist. Zionism was social-nationalism.

    So, more crucial than the development of the Alt Right is the development of Our Left. The Left, in the healthy nationalist sense, means being open to new ideas and possibilities for the improvement of one’s own side.

    During the Meiji Reform era in Japan, the modernizers learned much from the West, but they were not serving the West but Japan. Likewise, the Young Turks learned a lot from Western Europe, but they were learning to empower Turkey.

    White people need Our Right but they also need Our Left. Mas-right and Mas-left.

    As long as it is Mas, it serves the white race.

    It’s like Israel has right and left, but both serve Zionism in the end. Of course, there is the cancerous left in Israel that is into open borders and that craziness, but there is a healthy left that upholds identity and nationalism.

    FDR was a mas-liberal. He proposed new ideas with leftist pedigree but he was an American nationalist. He wasn’t using leftism to hurt America or to destroy white folks.

    That kind of poisonous leftist came later, and there was an ethnic component to this.

    Many in the Wasp/Anglo Left wanted a better white society. Jack London was a racial-socialist. They proposed leftist ideas because they thought it would make white society even better, not because they wanted to destroy white society. Take the great Margaret Sanger who urged abortion for non-white babies, especially black ones. What a great feminist lady who loved her own race. Even feminism is good if it is Mas-feminism or Our feminism.

    But when Jewish leftists gained prominence, their sense of ‘our’ or ‘mas’ was different from that of white anglo leftists. In time, the Jewish leftists persuaded the white leftists to turn traitor against their own race, and this is when leftism turned cancerous for white folks.

    But then, same happened with conservatism when Neoconservatism took over National Review and the GOP. White Conservatism went from defense of White/Western Civilization to worshiping MLK(black god created by Jewish power), kissing homo ass, and waving the Israeli Flag. White Americans lost both ‘mas right’ and ‘mas left’ as both the right and left fell under the spell of Jewish-Globalist power.

    What needs to happen is that white folks need to create a new kind of fascist-democratic worldview that allows for mas-right and mas-left working together like husband and wife, like the man with the telescope and the man with the rudder.


  16. Accelution(accelerated evolution) and Michio Kaku

    Until the 19th century, we and rest of organisms had no clue about how life and evolution worked.

    Humans learned of the evolutionary process only recently in human history.

    Until then, evolution was happening without us knowing.

    Now comes the exciting and scary part as we figure out the code of the DNA. We can modify genes in myriad ways.

    Human organism will make the transition from the slow mutative-model to the fast modify-model. What might have taken 1000s of yrs by mutation can happen instantly via modification in a lab, and already stuff like this has been done to plants with GMO crops.

    Francis Fukuyama wrote about End of History, but we are now facing End of Humanity, and its Panglossian prophet is the sci-fi Ayn-Randian Micho Kaku who ought to be called Much Cuckoo.

    Fukuyama’s End of History was overly optimistic about the end of ideology and the beginning of the liberal democratization of all of humanity in due time.

    Kaku’s End of Humanity scenario would have us leaving our humanness behind in the dust to become sci-fi god folks.

    Neither Fuku or Kaku has any need for nation, culture, or identity. In Fuku’s happy future, we are all cosmopolitan consumers with libertarian freedom to live, work, and wander anywhere.

    In Kaku’s happy future, we are cosmic techno-deities powered by super-technology. Our power will be so vast that the notion of humanity will become quaint and boring. We will travel through the stars like the guy in Olaf Stapledon’s STAR MAKER.

    But to get there, Kaku proposes something like the Ayn Randian model. Since this future can only be created by geniuses and visionaries of super-high intelligence and imagination, most of us don’t qualify. We are dummies. So, what are we good for? Well, in order for science and technology to advance, geniuses and visionaries need lotsa money, and the best way to accumulate wealth is to sell fun consumer products to us dummies. So, we dummies are to toil like ants and consume gadgets with pleasure buttons. And since we are dumb, most of us will use these gadgets to listen to dumb music, watch dumb movies and shows, play childish video games, and indulge in other hedonstic pleasures. So, the fact that we dummies will work like drones and fork over our earnings to buy those gadgets and products means that companies specializing in technology will have more money with which to advance technology ever more. And it also means there will be huge tax revenues for government that can fund all sorts of scientific and space projects.

    If we dummies work and consume, then great wealth will accrue in the hands of very smart and visionary people who will create the future. And this will mean gene-modification to create future humans with super-duper intelligence that will make Einstein’s smarts seem wimpy by comparison. And it will mean Star Trek-like technology to beam us throughout the galaxies. And of course, as that day arrives, there will no longer be any need for dummies like us since robots will most of the work. And culture, history, ethnicity, and etc will seem to quaint and boring when god folks can travel through the stars and be like the extraterrestrial beings in 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. Indeed, even already much of humanity have no use for culture and history that are seen as relics of the past when peoples all over were limited in space and time to local cultures and lacked means of travel and communication.

    This is why Kaku has such contempt for cultures, nations, and etc. In his proto-godhead view of future, the traditional concept and practice of culture is outdated and antique. Sure, he calls for tolerance for all cultures, but he really means the End of all Cultures since no real can remain potent and viable if it is forced to be ‘tolerant’ of everything. PC tolerance turns everything into interchangeable blandness, a New Age opiate where homomania is on the same pedestal as Christianity and Judaism. PC cannot tolerate true difference. It makes a big deal about Diversity and Inclusion, but this means ALL nations and cultures must worship homomania and black rappers yapping about ‘muh dick’.

    Because Kaku has no interest in culture, history, or philosophy as the source of core identity and values, he thinks the ONLY culture that has any value is pop culture. Not because he admires dumb TV shows, rap music, Hollywood, MTV, junk food, and etc. I highly doubt if Kaku spends his days watching idiotic sitcoms or listening to some ghetto fool yapping about his guns and dong. No, it is because trash culture is most effective at motivating people to become mindless drones and consumers whose labor and consumption will enrich companies and governments with great wealth to create the great future.

    Not many people can be motivated to work hard to go spend money on a Robert Bresson film, but many people can be motivated to work to watch the latest TRANSFORMERS.

    If all things go according to Kaku’s Grand Plan, we will achieve the kind of technology that will turns humanity into god-folks like in Japanese mythology where men and gods live side by side. Japanese Emperors were seen as gods or divine figures.

    This is why Kaku has no love for high culture, history, heritage, religion, and identity. People who care about such things recoil from the culture of gross hedonism and mindless consumption. They see it as shallow, stupid, and moronic. Now, Kaku himself surely knows how stupid rap music, Hollywood movies, TV shows, and etc are. But, his ilk understand that the fans of Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, suprehero movies, and video-games are more likely to be manic consumers than people devoted to religion or Andrei Tarkovsky films are likely to be.

    For the future to happen, most people must work like drones and consume. Consumption of hedonism is the most potent incentive for work.

    It’s like in THE FOUNTAINHEAD. For Roark the visionary to build his skyscraper, the money has to be provided by the tycoon whose wealth was premised on giving the dummy masses what they want.

    So, Kaku the jerk says if you oppose globalism and mass consumerism, you are a ‘terrorist’. A terrorist obstructing the Project that will mankind into godkind.

    To get to the Future, the geniuses need the money and funding, and that can only come from profits and taxation of masses of morons who work and work and work to consume consume consume. Only thus can we have a transhumanist future that turns mankind into godkind. Kaku may be especially for such a future since he is an Asian male, a creature with zero sexual value in the global-sexual marketplace. Since the current Asian male loses out to males of other races, the fantasy of becoming godlike may appeal to an Asian geek like Kaku. It’s like how Brian J. Mason turns himself into Largo the god-bot in BUBBLEGUM CRISIS.

    But people like Kaku probably believe the moronic masses will eventually be elevated too into something superior.

    If geniuses and visionaries with super-profits and funding do find a way to genetically modify every embryo to possess genius IQ, then all the babies of the moronic masses(even the dumbest parents) will be born as geniuses. But to get to that point, the morons in the present must work and consume, work and consume.

    We will go from evolution to ‘accelution’, or accelerated evolution.

    For people with a sense of culture and history, this is a scary thought. It is really the End of Humanity as the Dawn of Deity awaits… the world of Star Child in 2001.


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