Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

Do you know what this news feels like? It feels like waking up on Christmas morning and finding out not only that Santa Claus has come, but that Santa Claus is real:

“WASHINGTON — President-elect Donald J. Trump has selected Senator Jeff Sessions, a conservative from Alabama who became a close adviser after endorsing him early in his campaign, to be the attorney general of the United States, according to officials close to the transition.

Mr. Sessions was also under consideration for secretary of defense, creating debate within the Trump transition team over which job he should fill.

Mr. Sessions, a former prosecutor elected to the Senate in 1996, serves on the Judiciary Committee and has opposed immigration reform as well as bipartisan proposals to cut mandatory minimum prison sentences. …”

Renee and I were there that day in Madison, AL when Sen. Jeff Sessions endorsed Donald Trump.

For years, I hated virtually the entire Republican Party with the exception of one man, Sen. Jeff Sessions, who was the sole voice of national populism in Congress. I felt that no else in politics represented me. Sen. Jeff Sessions as our next Attorney General is a massive victory on three fronts:

1.) It is a victory for law-and-order over the anarchy that the Black Lives Matter movement has unleashed in our streets. The days of black mobs rioting and torching our cities and beating people up and pulling them out of their cars on the interstate and assassinating police officers are OVER.

2.) It is a victory for law-and-order over the “anti-fascist” movement which routinely engages in street violence, which pressures employers to engage in job discrimination, and which pressures hotels to breach contracts. There is a new sheriff in town and their days of getting away with that are OVER.

3.) It is a victory for law-and-order at the Mexican border and the beginning of a nightmare for illegal aliens and their employers. Their days of getting away with that are also OVER.

Donald Trump promised a New World Order and with this pick his base will be very, very happy.

Note: I can’t wait to open up the next Christmas present. Will it be Sheriff Joe or Kris Kobach as DHS Secretary?

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  1. Almost too good to be true. This means Trump is actually serious about restoring law and order, without which nothing else good can happen. Hail Victory!

  2. Will Attorney General Sessions prosecute Bathhouse Barry Soetoro, Loretta Bonobo-Lynch, Grandma Cankles Clinton, et al for HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS?

    • Trump’s victory buys White nationalists some time. That time must be used to prepare the Confederate states for a peaceful and orderly withdrawal from the Union.

      • Not happening. Americans have to learn from the Golden Dawn and some of our other european brothers. Expecting some kind of peaceful within-the-system withdrawal is totally unrealistic.

        • Less than a year ago the “experts” assured us that the election of Trump as President was also totally unrealistic.

          • The swedish resistance is a sort of outlaw party (not officially outlawed yet) that works with one of the major political parties. We need some combination of the two countries’ set ups.

            We have zero chance of turning things around within the system. If anything, in keeping with american tradition and its signature chaotic tendencies we’re more likely to maneuver successfully through plain brute force.

          • Good point, Afterthought. Be that as it may be, The Greek achievement, even so long ago, is the cornerstone of The West.

            Hell, the very house in which I live, not far from where the Nat Turner Rebellion was put down, is a late 18th century ‘Greek Revival’ gem.

            And more than a few books in my library are by, or about the brilliant thoughts of Heraclitus, Aristophanes, Plato, Epicuros, Euripides, and Aristotle.

            And it goes on from there – the dimwitted basis for my existence in the historick South.

      • I will preface with the caveat that the future has a knack for being unpredictable. It really is possible that we could be very pleasantly surprised.

        But that is unlikely. The most likely outcome is just what you said, that Trump buys us some more time to prepare for disassociation by whatever means necessary.

  3. 1. If Trump’s finalists were Kobach and Sessions, I would have advised him to pick Kobach, because eight years or however many of USAG set him up beautifully for 2024, to be the post-Trump Trump. Kobach is 50 right now.

    2. That said, I’m more than happy with the pick. And I realize that it’s a lifetime achievement award as much as it is a cabinet position. Because Sessions is 69, it also means he’ll be 77 in 2024, which means not Presidential material. Him being USAG is not done with the thought of the post-Trump future in mind.

    3. USAG is the cabinet best fit for Sessions; There was talk that Trump was considering him for State or Def; I don’t think State was a good fit for him. He does not strike me as a professional diplomatic type.

    4. But I kinda sensed that we’d have a USAG we’d like once Krispy Christie got bounced out of TranTeam. That happened b/c Bridgegate is getting too close to Christie personally, and Christie tried to sneak in a bunch of lobbyists; Trump caught wise in the nick of time and dropped the hammer. Otherwise, I think Christie would have been a lock for USAG.

    5. I do not and never did buy for one minute that either Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney or Nikki Haley had any serious chance of being in the cabinet. Remember, Trump has to live down a reputation for letting personal slights get the better of him. There’s no better way to do it, at least for outward consumption, and only for outward consumption, than to bring all three to The Palace On 57th and have them meet with everyone, including The Big Frog up on 26, and promulgate the fictitious notion that they’re being considered. When in reality, everyone involved except for Cruz, Romney and Haley knows that Trump is using them for props to clean up his own reputation. Maybe Romney knows better, because he used Kris Kobach as a prop to win the 2012 Republican nomination, and the karma-irony is delicious that Trump, who may yet have Kobach in his own cabinet, is using Romney as a prop for his own political benefit. Romney is user, so he can probably sense when he himself is being used. OTOH, Trump has already played Ted Cruz for a cheap fiddle once this year, with Cruz all the oblivious about it, and it appears he did it again. Cruz is too thrown in to his cult ideology to know when personal games are being played. He’d walk into traps all day long till the cows come home, and keep doing it. I don’t know enough about Nikki Haley, but I do know she said that South Carolina would be the firewall that stopped Trump from winning the nomination, and it turned out to be anything but.

    • 1. Kobach for FBI director. 2. Floating the idea of Kobach for AG makes it more likely for Sessions to be approved by the senate because many consider Kobach to be the more extreme of the two. Trump could always go Kobach if Sessions is cheated out of the position.

  4. It s OK not bad good

    But I see this as Neo Cons manipulating things

    Giuliani should have been Attorney General – cleaned up Chicago Baltimore Birmingham like he did NYC

    Instead Neo Cons are pushing Rudy G for Secretary of State

    What does Rudy G know about foreign affairs ?

    Neo Cons ” get tough with the Russians”

    Oy Vey!

    • Are you ready to munch on some delicious irony?

      Guess who may well single handedly preclude Giuliani or John Bolton from being Secretary of State?

      One of your most favorite people in the whole world:

      Rand Paul.

      His (righteous) caterwauling about it seems to be making Trump think more along the lines of Dana Rohrabacher. Who is mildly pro-Putin.

      • Yeah I noticed that Ron Paul and Rand Paul have been solid on opposing Neo Con Secretary of State

        About time they did anything good for our side

      • It would be a good pick. We need to remain united, and Paul will ensure that foreign affairs remains quietly on the back burner.

    • Giuliani did not wish to be AG, Mr. Ellis.

      Anyway, for me, as a Southerner, it is truly great to see the law in the hands of one of my best countrymen.

      • No way. None of you people come from NYC. You have no idea what a zombie apocalypse it would set off.

        Not happening. His uncles were in the mafia, BTW. He would use the NYPD to personally stalk critics.

        • Fear Bolton. Bolton would start off a real apocalypse.

          If Trump starts a war, we risk a left wing reaction in 4 years. That could mean someone like Ajamu Baraka or a Latino equivalent as president.

    • Sessions is better for immigration enforcement which is the number 1 priority at this point. Worry about the googles later. In the meantime build more prisons to increase storage capacity for surplus basketball americans.

  5. Democrats sure are having a very hard time dealing with this election. They couldn’t nag and hector people not to vote for Trump. As far as I know, David Duke hasn’t physically harmed anyone and I don’t think anyone is really afraid of him. Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown were another story.

    Sessions will handle the Senate hearings very well, as he did every TV appearance as a Trump surrogate.

  6. It’s going to be very very hard on the Northeasters, and, in particular, the New Englanders, as they are going to have to watch some ole-timey Confederate law and order return.

    Finally, a Southerner can look forward to something resembling the law being correctly enforced, and the government staying out where it is not supposed to be!

    And with the coming Justices, to be added to The Supreme Court – say good bye to gay marriage, and abortion, in those states that do NOT wish it.

    It’s a good day to be a Southerners, after years of having it be so dang painful!!!

    • No, gay marriage will be staying. A very large number of Southerners now support it; also, Trump is very pro-gay. This victory was made possible by abandoning unhelpful social policies like abortion and gay issues. Let’s not return to embracing what was previously costing us victories.

      • You may be right, Mr. Point; you may not be.

        Mr Trump will not decide the issue of gay marriage, Mr. Point, but ,the states who will sue against it; and with Alito, and Thomas (both having spoken out against the court’s overriding of the states on this issue) receiving reinforcement from those news States’ Rights justices which Mr. Trump is planning on appointing, it will be likely revoket, in The South and much of the Midwest and Plains’ States.

        Now, as to your notion of leaving New England values in the place of Southern values, in The South, for fear of ‘losing again’ – I cannot think of anything remotely positive about that.

        People uset to tell me when I was a kid : ‘better do as everyone else does, or you will be rejected and talkt about, and girls won’t love you, and you will get no work.’

        Like all the lectures about Trump never being able to win, never being able to campaign as he did, and still win, it has not proven to be true.

        We have already seen what leaving ‘civil rights’ in place has done to The South, and, most especially to the negro community.

        The notion of beginning another failed social experiment, when the failures of the previous have not yet even been addresst, is not a recommendable path, not in the least.

        Furthermore, the notion of equal rights to unequal people, following unequal life paths is New England style thinking; (anti-God, anti-nature, anti reality, anti-traditional, anti-gender, anti-race, anti-diversity) and, thus, most folks, in Dixie, will not cotton to it – outside of the Yankee occupied federal fort immigration cities.

        Southerners believe in diversity – all people unequal,, thus, all paths must be so held. Do this, you reap that; do that, you reap this.

        Moreover, Sir, I don’t base my values on what will win or lose, but, what is right – and we, of The Traditional South, have our own time-honoured views on that, which we will not relinquish to Northern RINO culture.

        Gays have a place in The South – always have had; but, gay marriage does not, never will.

        Gay marriage, like hammering in the heads of fetuses, or letting our daughters think it is okay to ‘date’ negroes, is NEVER going to be alright in The South.

        Be that as it may be, Mr. Point, I thank you for your thoughts, and pray that you are not in the Carolinas.

      • ‘This victory was made possible by abandoning unhelpful social policies
        like abortion and gay issues. Let’s not return to embracing what was
        previously costing us victories.’

        After pondering this a little further, I would like to say that this statement is incredibly incorrect, Mr. Point.

        First of all, your ideas, of not advocating our social order – in order to maintain political power – is the Yankee RINO establishment way, and, speaking of that…

        Of 16 candidates, in the GOP primary election, 14 advocated variants of your views. They were soundly trouncet by both Trump and Cruz, and now Trump is president-elect.

        Mr. Trump achieved all this by ruffling feathers, and by three issues : race (immigration) economick (trade) and social values (future jurisprudential appointments)

        This whole election was a repudiation of what you advocate, both in policy and strategy.

        If we had followed your advice, Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush would now be waiting to take office – and the victories you refer to, would be, at best, a four year future hypothesis.

        I hope it is not lost on you how much race figured in this election, because most people I know voted for Trump, because he is planning on defending White Civilization, instead of advocating for a New South Africa- Western Arabia, here.

  7. I look forward to all these anti-White liberal Yankee mayors and governors, of ‘sanctuary cities and states’, either cowering or being put in jail, to and by AG Jefferson Beauregard!

    I am sick to death of Yankee Government double standards, and now with real Southerners in charge, we’ll have a whole lot less than that!

    Praise The Lord!

  8. A white man from the Deep South is now head of the very agency that has been spearheading the destruction of our homeland for 60yrs? I am seriously over the moon on this one.

    So. Much. Winning.

  9. The second Ferguson Effect: because the left shat on first responders, and because they are largely white, they will be ready to crack some skulls.

    • Mitt Romney might be tapped to clean out the VA. He might actually do a good job. Nimrata the Bindi Whore needs to be Ambassador to India. Forever.

      • Dear Miss Denise,
        From the Tarheel Confederate point of view, it would be nice if the treacherous governess of our sister state would be kickt upstairs away from our people. No day is too soon.

          • M’am, I cannot quite bring myself to mention what I think of, when I think of Miss Nikki – though, if you want a hint, it has to do with traditional Klancraft.

            As such rituals are no longer high-style, (very undeserved – in light of the devolution of the culture) perhaps I would settle for her being deported with Soros, Obama, Kagan, Cuomo Jr.,Immanuel, Blasio, Wasserman-Schultz, SotoMayor, Brown, Boxer, Miss Hillary, Feinstein, Ginsburg, Warren, Brazile, Pelosi – and all the heads of ‘the national media’ to Angola.

            Let them establish a mud-race paradise, with Miss Angela Merkel, way out jungle yonder.

            Thank you for your sympathy and understanding. It’s very very much appreciated!

  10. This is soooo awesome…..Trumpenfuhrer’s picks are just….thrilling……! This is better than ALL the popstars that have ever been!

        • Thank you so much for asking, M’am.

          Our daughter, just a month back was married to the best young man I may have ever met; – he being the soul of consideration, respect, honour, and kindness. You would also approve of the fact he is a right-thinking person. We are overjoyed that The Lord brought them together, and we wish them great felicity in driving each other crazy!

          The wife and I are, both, fine, we hard at work in our respective endeavours, and happy to be with each other.

          Though we have a new kitty, our antebellum house seems empty, and. owing to that, we are looking forward to one of our dear friends, soon to be released from prison in California, who is coming to start his life here, anew, with us.

          Being that he is a graduate of Bob Jones University, we are sure he will love it in this very old-fashioned Tarheel town.

          As for the rest ; we attend church, a lot, and are catching up on the yardwork – cutting down vines, trying to usurp old statement trees, and we even dug up 5 young Sycamores, from the swamp, and placet them at the edge of our property.

          We were greatly saddened to see NC Voting Rights act overturned by the illegal overreach of New England Government courts; and the result was that the NAACP bused in every negro, to the polls (even those out-of-state students they same-day registered to vote) to cut down our fine governor, though, the race is still in dispute.

          Odd, how nothing changes – the New England Government trying to control us by a coalition of carpetbaggers, scalawags, and niggers.

          Of course, we are both delighted at the reassertion of a White government, and, in particular at the prominence of our fellow Southerners, in the new administration.

          Donald Trump’s Presidency is, oddly enough, turning out to be ‘The Southern Governor’s Revenge; – as Bannon and Trump think, with the exception of ‘integration’ incredibly like the Governor Ross Barnett of Missi’ppi, Governor Lester Maddox of Georgia, and, of course, Governor George Wallace of The Great State of Alabama.

          Though we are dismayed to see many Southerners turning away from secessionist thoughts, and, once again, being afflicted with Yankee-Doodle-Dandy-itus, we are amused to see how that government, built up so big by The New England Establishment Left and scalawag Southern RINOS will be employed against them.

          A long lesson in kharma, is coming for the nihilist rakes and milk-toast ‘conservative’ sellouts.

          What a joy it is to know that Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, born and raised in The Olde South, will be in charge of the law, after the most vile and disgusting AG this country has ever beheld.

          In fact, when I think that Miss Loretta Lynch is from our state, we feel somehow remiss in not having taught that negress better – for, though she has all our genteel mannerisms, she owns none of the respect for fair-dealings that marks our culture – most White and Negro, alike.

          How eagerly we await the arrest and ordeportation or a host of anti-White Northern Mayors and Governors – from Immanuel, in Chicago, to Brown, in California.

          Odd that I know quite a few Klansmen and Secessionists out yonder, for that state, as a whole, is truly gone to hell.

          Well, that pretty much sums it yup.

          How are you and yours gettin’ along? Miss Denise?

          • I will answer you properly, later in the day, because I am already behind my time. I am glad to hear you and yours are well. ALL the best to your daughter, and her gentleman!
            Trump must assume office. Every day will obviously be a struggle.

    • M’am, The Demonrats do not stop to think that, in trying to pin Senator Sessions to the matter with a comment he made in 1986, they beg for the question to be askt : until what recent year did y’all keep the honourable Klansman, Senator Robert Byrd, as y’all’s majority leader?

  11. Lolololololol

    Any one of you longtime readers of OD expect an NYC yankee as fuck former Democrat, Republican president to name Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions as deportation Czar? Truth is stranger than fiction.

      • What’s going on with Romney? Do you think Trump cut a deal with RNC that foists this backstabbing bastard into some prominent cabinet or advisory position? Although I wouldn’t mind if he was ambassador to Haiti or some other 3rd world shithole.

    • “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”


  12. every white nationalist: until we absolutely drive the jewish pest from our nation, it is never time to celebrate. these stupid vile creatures are neither intelligent, resourceful or creative; but they ARE persistent. enjoy each victory for an hour or two, but then re double, re triple your efforts for ultimate victory. the wall is starting to crumble, but it has not fallen yet. let none of us rest until the last jew and the last white sell-out has been kicked from our homeland.

  13. By the by, folks, if you haven’t checked out the Tucker Carlson show – do. It’s the only thing on TV worth watching.

  14. Sessions also hugely supports asset forfeiture. (Govt seizure of cash, and property on “suspicion” of crime.) It violates every principle of freedom the USA once stood for.

    • Would you object to seizure of BLM, ADL, SPLC or AIPAC assets on “suspicion of crime” or would you defend them on constitutional grounds? Not saying this will happen but maybe, sometime in the future….

  15. Get some paleocons on the foreign policy team. Make the warmongers sweat, and pack up their carpet bags. In addition to term limits, everyone at the Brookings Institute who advocated for war in Iraq or Afghanistan should be forced to serve in one of four branches of the Armed Service, for a term of no less than four years, on active duty.

  16. ACLU National @ACLU
    Attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions called for constitutional amendment to stop granting automatic citizenship to people born in the U.S.

    Jared Wyand ?? ?@JaredWyand
    Jared Wyand ?? Retweeted ACLU National
    And that’s why Jeff Sessions is a perfect pick. You don’t get to walk across the border just to put America on the hook for your baby.

  17. @Mr. Griffin…

    Sir, will you please employ your connections to get it to Mr. Bannon to ask the president to unfund the SPLC?

    At the very least, it will spare the noble sacrifice of some fine Klansmen from having to do a partial job.

  18. Congratulations, Southrons!

    I never saw Mr. Sessions or knew who he was before I watched him endorse Mr. Trump at the Alabama rally and fell in love with this man’s unassuming manner, his gorgeous accent and sweet smile. (I know, splashing in the shallow end). But I started researching him and following his television appearances whenever he is on. He impresses me as a great American with much integrity. I believe he would be a huge asset to President-elect Trump’s team wherever he is placed. Hunter, I share your hopes that he is our next Attorney General so he can help restore some law and order and end all the third world banana republic corruption in this country.

    Yay, Trump and Go, Jeff!

  19. I’ve been a fan of Jeff Sessions since he was a frequent guest of Lou Dobbs when he was still on CNN. He’s the greatest patriot in Congress.

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