The Alt-Lite Meltdown

The Baked Alaska vs. Cernovich feud has broadened to include Jared Wyand and Microchip vs. Bill Mitchell. The Alt-Lite seems to be dissolving into Alt-Right and New Right factions:

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  1. Enoch was on the TRS twitter account last night saying Milo begged to go on one of their shows.

    Hoping he gives more details in upcoming shoah.

  2. if in a purely fraternal context among whites, there are this many divisions (southern nationalists, alt right, alt light, white nationalists, national socialists, christian identity) then how in the world can you expect unity when class and finance in the real world only add to existing divisions?

    • ‘How in the world can you expect unity when class and finance in the real world only add to existing divisions?

      Bending principle to fashion unity is a preoccupation of The Left.

  3. Bill Mitchell is obviously a fag. Let him and Milo form their own little movement for jews and homos, they are no friends of true alt-righters.

  4. Philo, cripto or straight up jews are poisoning the well of liberation, again. When we finally say, no more, humanity will progress to it’s full potential.

    • We are doing just that now. The fence (post) sitters (impalees) and squeemish bystanders piss me off more than these kike shills. Stop being little bitches and kvetching about the infighting. These kikes are not and never were in the group they need to be purged in a clear and decisive manner.

      • I couldn’t agree more. When they are expelled for the 110th time an Israel left to fend for itself will be their only refuge. The holocaust education of our young must be replaced with education of jew behavior and the importance of excluding them from our society without exception and any politician who does any bidding whatsoever in favor of the jew needs to be treated as the traitor they are. We’ve repeated this mistake far too many times.

        Hopefully Kerry’s speech today marks the beginning of the end of our government’s treasonous protection of the jew. We’ll see.

  5. It looks like the Zionist are gonna play off of Trump, so they need to be the face of the alt right. It seems the left should get more anti Zionist because of it.

  6. I’m SMDH. I’d like to say this is growing pains but this feels like the truck coming off the wheels before it gets out of the driveway.

    We agree on probably 9 items out of 10, and we’re having a public food fight over what is frankly little more than personal slights and dick measuring.

    We do NOT have a mandate to relitigate WWII, folks! Can we at least get the damn border wall built and score some deportations before this shit spills out onto the street?

    • Get a bag, place it over your mouth and breathe in and out to the bag until the room stops spinning, you silly cunt. This is nature taking its course. Fascism abhors weakness of any kind. Man up.

  7. Imagine if the broader movement was the silent partner to the Trump administration: counter punching his enemies hard, showing up to do the hard work, and flexing muscle when there is deviation on the demographic question.

    That’s quite boring, a lot of hard work, and not in line with the career goals of some “leaders”. The have a histrionic and narcissistic need for attention – that is their “victory”. Some look at Milo as a role model, and want to replicate his Dangerous Faggot University tour. They outlandishly took credit for a movement where most people had never heard of them until 2 years ago at max, and took credit for 60 million Trump voters. That takes a lot of, what’s the right word? Chutzpah?

    Now we get articles like this:

    Notice the tone: they aren’t scared of the alt-right any more. They’re just teeing off.

    Now this fellow, Baked Alaska, I had never heard of him until today. He was brought to my attention by both Anglin-Spencer-Enoch and Greg Johnson. The former for the dust up over the Deploraballs event. The later because apparently Baked Alaska “doxxed” somebody and Greg Johnson wants to use anti-doxxing as a first step in providing discipline to this undisciplined mob.

    So I looked at the Baked Alaska’s “periscope” and formed my own impression of the man. The sheriffs, state reps, military men, CEOs, professionals that inhabit my sphere of influence are not going to risk their position to stand with Baked Alaska.

    That is the problem, isn’t it? No one can trust the Enoch-Spencer-Anglin faction to behave in polite company. They cannot be partners to power. They can only exist in the bowels of the internet where they will remain ghettoized until they can scheme up the next “outrage” to draw attention. Inevitably, they will overplay their hand and FORCE society to come down HARD on them.

    The sheriffs, state reps, military men, CEOs, and professionals will not only watch silently from the sidelines, they will gleefully lead the charge.

    How about a movement where you don’t have to be afraid of taking a public position? You don’t have to fear that Andrew Anglin is going to photobomb you wearing his “I’m with stupid” T-shirt! The violent rhetoric has to go, the anti-God rhetoric has to go, the Nazism has to go.

      • I don’t follow you here. Both of those feuds are alt lite vs alt right.

        How is that “internal to the Alt-lite?”

        See Brad, this is what’s worrisome. We’ve been in the spotlight barely a year, and folks like yourself are already presuming to name heretics and suggest they leave.

        EVERY one of us want a border wall. EVERY one of us wants deportation. EVERY one of us want to tell BLM and the various racial grievance lobbies to go fuck themselves! The vast, vast majority of us get the realities of race and get that America has to remain white for us to have a future worth having.

        And we can’t stowe this shrillness over the JQ for just a little while until we make some progress?? Really, is that too stifling for the movement? Hell, think of it as focus, not “weakness” as another poster stated. We really want to get so bogged down in what divides us before we notch a single victory on what unites us?

        • 1.) Cernovich, Baked Alaska, MILO, Jared Wyand, Microchip and Bill Mitchell are all Alt-Lite Twitter personalities.

          2.) I don’t have a problem with moderates (Jared Taylor) or converts (Baked Alaska). My objection is solely to the hucksters who attach themselves like parasites to any successful cause.

          3.) In my experience, there are people who talk about SJWs or Muslims or black mobs or various conspiracies solely because it is low-hanging fruit. It is nothing but clickbait to them. They are just making money off of it.

          4.) I don’t want to be associated with anyone who polices the Right in order to curry favor with the media. If I wanted to go that route, I would have taken a job in conservatism a decade ago after I graduated from college.

    • How about you take your kippah and get the fuck out. That approach was already tried it resulted in hordes of RHINOs and a Republican party so far removed from its core values it wouldn’t have mattered which party won any election now or in the future.

  8. I am losing interest in Twitter since so many I follow are Shoah’d, most recently _HR2K, Nikoç and Hateful Heretic.

    On another topic, I saw the odious John Bolton asserting Israeli Exceptionalism tonight on TV. He must be kept far away from Foggy Bottom and Trump. Tel Aviv would be perfect.

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