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    • People should also look up the English Peasants Revolt to place Martin Luther’s revolt in the larger context. He didn’t come out of nowhere, although to the best of my knowledge his crusade wasn’t as overtly economic and political in nature.

      But at least the germanic people showed more spine than we do now, allowing the semitic roman jackboot to crush our race with such little resistance.

      Down with Sandniggers!

    • You don’t think the jews backed this 100%.It was the original chimp out.
      Calvin did this to The ignorant Dutch peasents and created the first secular state. Ruled by the Dutch east India company.
      and financed by jews.They got a hold of all the fishing boats and had a monopoly,the Dutch fisherman mutinied,so they opened the borders and flooded Holland with immigrants,sound familiar?Many were the very same German killers that left “Martin’s heaven”in Germany and were employed on fishing and merchant ships in Holland.
      The jew newspaper is another story.

    • “And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye
      of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” – Matthew 19:24

      • Bill, some say the Jews, of which Matthews was one, wrote the New Testament and the story of Christ and Christianity to keep non-Jews from killing Jews. You know the Romans nearly killed every last Jew on earth 2,000 years ago and that was a direct reaction to Jew misconduct.

        • I was pointing out that the Church does not live by its own teachings. They fleeced money from peasants and built palaces of gold for themselves. That was one of the reasons the peasants revolted. Another was they didn’t like the idol worship.

          “You know the Romans nearly killed every last Jew on earth 2,000 years ago and that was a direct reaction to Jew misconduct.”

          The Romans did the most to bring Christianity to Europe. They imposed it top down on the populace, when one of their Emperors became a convert.

          • Do you understand that The Year of the Emperor preceded Constantine’s conversion to Christianity?

            Belief that their emperors were gods who, on their deaths, would ultimately ascend to Mount Olympus to rule with the other gods was imposed on Rome by the Caesars. Well, when the emperors annoyed the Romans too much, they sped up the process by killing them. They ended up dispatching over forty emperors to Mount Olympus. There were four of these events in one year before Constantine took power.

            There was already a strong need for Rome to go to monotheism to better unite the Romans under one authority. Romans not only worshipped the usual pantheon of gods but also had their own family gods. Mithras was more popular than Christ at the time which is why Christmas is celebrated on Mithras’ birthday and takes over his festivities.

            Constantine imposed Christianity instead, because of its pacifism towards state authority. He also looked at Judea and saw how much power the rabbinate had over the Jewish people, so he figured out PDQ that it was better to SPEAK for God Almighty than to BE a god!

          • Goebbels is credited with creating the idea of the big lie. It wasn’t Goebbels it was (((them))). Is the current modern big lie, “diversity is our greatest strength” a creation of …….who?? How much different are we from our ancestors and how much different are the Jews different from their ancestors?? The idea of Christianity as a Jew scheme is not mine, Nietzsche wrote about it. I believe in Christ with all my heart.

          • They barely killed any. And the ‘we were abducted into Europe by the Romans’ myth is exactly that – pure self serving jewish fabrication.

          • The destruction of the temple was total and complete. No Jews survived. Today’s so called Jews are nothing but frauds, fake Jews, imposters with no connection to the blood of Abraham. The Jews were destroyed by God and replaced with a new Gods Chosen People the Christian faithful, those obedient to Gods laws.

          • Christ said that their house would be left desolate. St. Paul condemned the judaizers. All of this, of course, is lost on the “Christians” who “Stand with Israel”.

          • There is genetic proof done by Jew genetic scientists that substantiate these facts. Genetically speaking the Palestinian people have more Jewish blood than so so called Jews do.

    • I’m not all that interested in religion, but if Martin Luther were duped by the Jews, he at least caught on by the end of his life. “The Jews and their Lies” was written late in his life.

  1. Yes, the printing press did change the world for the better. I am glad for Luther’s protest 5 centuries ago, though my doctrinal position is closer to John Calvin than Martin Luther. The printing press made it possible for the masses to read the Bible for themselves, which is a good thing. The printing press also played a big role in the American Revolution.

    • No, it allowed demagogues to proliferate, and the former unity of Christendom was fractured because the people were deceived by those demagogues.

  2. Institutions become an end in themselves regardless of the ideas on which they were founded to espouse. The Church had become corrupt and the Reformation was the response. Protestant institutions have become no less corrupt than the Church was 500 years ago.

    We live in a post Christian age today. We retain some of the traditions, like Christmas and Easter, out of sentimentality but who takes Christ seriously anymore, church prelates and pastors included? We long to replace Christ with something or someone else or end up in nihilism and despair. All the ideologies have failed us and I don’t see any future in neo paganism. This is 21st Century White man’s dilemma and the indifference to or embrace of White Genocide is the worst symptom.

  3. A day of mourning.

    There is a direct line from the idea that every peasant ought to be able to read and write, to the idea that every femcunt, dindu, and yahoo ought to go to college.

    It’s what got us into this mess in the first place.

    Thanks, you fucking heretics!

    • Everyone who thinks the Alt Right and the populist movement that elected Trump are somehow an integral or even metonymous group stands corrected.

      • We are White but it doesn’t mean Germans want Italians pouring into Germany or vice versa. However our racial enemies treat us as one group. They want to wipe us all out using massive immigration and forced integration.

        • I was actually discerning between the class sensibility of Trump’s followers and the Alt Right’s, and between their basic premises. Trump’s people are more politically and economically oriented, while Alt Right types see things in biological racialist terms.

    • Those heretics you speak of created White first world countries, while the Catholics created only brown third world countries. Move to South America if you desire the results of their rule so much.

      • And if you seriously believe only the Bettah Clahss should read and write, then lead by example and stop posting now and forever.

      • I would love to, at least some form of human compassion still exists down there.
        I told you the Roman movement was hamstrung by you parasitic jew wannabes.
        For example , John Jacob Astor shipped guns and ammo to Venezuela and fortified the Indians of Venezuela with the weapons and they slaughtered the Spanish nobility.
        His fur companies started operating there, hunting and eventually shipping live nutrea to the southern states.
        I can go on and on about how Roman Christianity was destroyed by opportunist from the north, in central and south America, an integral part of your economy, we’re talking about Christianity right,
        Crypto jew ?

        • Again for Pedro.

          South America: brown third world race mixing hell holes for centuries – a Catholic creation.

          North America, Australia, New Zealand: first world, safe homelands for Whites until recently – Protestant creations. Non-Whites didn’t have citizenship until recently and there was segregation.

          • Outraged Pedro isn’t denying the reality of Catholic South America, he is insulting and making excuses for it.

            Exactly like all black majority areas and countries are poor and Outraged Blacks and Liberals make up endless excuses for why they are all Failures.

          • Yes, yes, yes.

            Mind you, three of my grandparents were Catholics. They were aryans or thereabouts, irish and germans, but facts are facts.

          • What facts? The Irish were enslaved and shipped to Australia?
            The Irish and Germans were shipped to America during and after the civil war ?
            The facts are money lenders and stock market companies took over the world starting with the puritan protestant religions.Your churches have always been promoted by the stock market, Freemasonry was the order to bolster jew numbers in power, and your churches have always been communist nurseries,and basically turned the mass into 0 degree Freemasons, right where they want you mutton heads.

          • You won’t let it go,
            you crypto jews destroyed europe in the new world,then europe itself,you really lack history of the times,you were from the beginning lower class whites that were given rank by criminals in the stock market and money lenders,the jew always plays off the parasitic form,other then winning the war of northern aggression, your fate in the south was always sealed.
            What happend to the southern states happend to the Spanish in the New world, by the same power.
            Portugal was run by Holland and jews starting in 1648.

          • If a dark skinned Pedro came from south of my country looking to tell me what to think, tax me and call me names if I disagree, I’d send him back to his Momma in little pieces. That’s what I think the Germans, Norse and British did to the corpse of the Roman Empire. I think it came down to one thing, They didn’t like Wops.

            I have known you for a short time Pedro and you have convinced me of this.

          • Don’t ride the coat tails of Europe laquisha.
            Hitler partnered up with Italy and helped spain when your unmasked communist rulers finally could destroy Spain proper, 50 thousand Spaniards fought with Germany in Barbarossa and more fought the French underground during WW2.
            Where were yours at, getting shipped by the same shipping companies that hauled all your niggers in.
            They made a billion dollars modern day shipping laquisha to europe in WW2.
            Go live in fantasy land.

      • Protestants didn’t create any civilization. They hijacked it. Chiefly, Protestants don’t build Cathedrals because they don’t believe in having them, even as they are some of the grandest architecture of Western Civilization.

        And those that do have them, such as the Anglicans, are apologetic about having them.

    • Same old story, the Roman Catholic Church was deep in debt to the Jews, so in order to pay the Jews off the Catholics started tax farming the Germanics & Nordics.

      Keeping the Germanics and Nordics dumb by forbidding the translation of the Bible into the common languages was one of the Roman Catholic strategies of control.

      Another control strategy was the infallible Pope and his Catholic Church because they are all knowing.

    • Religion is important, but right now we need to avoid infighting. Our goal must be to keep our eyes on the prize and destroy political correctness.

      Our enemy isn’t Martin Luther – it’s the left, organized Jewry, and the gay mafia.

      • The Roman Catholics & Jews are still allied to this day in the US Congress. There may even be a formal alliance between them dating back to the early part of the last century.

        • ‘May be?!’

          There is no Roman Question anymore than there exists some mythical ‘Jewish Question.’

          It’s a definite. The WASP’s of NYC/NJ know this better than anyone else.

      • When a Protestant’s name is put up for the Supreme Court it is shot
        down. When a Catholic or Jew is put up it is approved. This isn’t
        infighting for me, this is pointing out objective reality.

        Are the Catholics in league with Jews? Maybe, maybe not. If its just the Jews, they know the Catholics can be relied on to vote a certain way, while Protestants cannot.

        • I’d point out that it’s the Italian Catholics specifically, at least in this country. The Masons tap the Italians for a reason. They’re willing to feign ‘conservative’ in a way none of the aryan Catholics could get away with or even think like.

    • The idea that every peasant ought to be able to read and write, once transformed a huge swath of illiterate vodka-soaked dirt-eaters, into a space-aged nuclear-armed superpower in less than 50 years. And while that superpower is no longer as monolithic as it once was, it today remains arguably the most formidable military power on the planet, commanding the fear and respect of all of its would-be adversaries.

      Meanwhile, the remaining aristocracies of Western Europe, those descended of an “elite” who some apparently believe were only ones worthy of the concept of education, now watch impotently as their lands are invaded and their women raped.

      So you’re most welcome, from The Fucking Heretics.

      • That “spirit” of learning, is the exact same movement of today in American public school.
        It was an indoctrination.

        What did those 60 +million Russians worked to death learn?
        What error did the western church commit to deserve communist enialation ?

        • “It was an indoctrination.”

          Yes, that every young man and woman should be equipped to enter adulthood with the ability to communicate intelligibly by speech or by pen, to understand the fundamentals of numeric properties, to know their own history fully and objectively, and to someday use that knowledge to healthily and productively contribute to their society. A terrible act of mass-brainwashing indeed.

          • You make a good point here.

            But most of the work of university is initiating people into a system via a series of personality tests.

  4. And Protestant versus Catholic round of “Who Let The Jews Out?” Number 6,666,666 starts in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….

    My apologies for adding fuel to this fire, though, but I have to raise the question as to how much the Protestant Reformation (where its Congregation was halved again) contributed to the Catholic Church encouraging Catholic European bachelor settlers to intermarry with the natives leading to miscegenation in Non-White territory?

    In no way am I overlooking the corruption and arrogance of Rome, but if there had been no schism with the Eastern Orthodoxy and the Protestant Reformation never happened, there is a good chance that the population of Europe would never have been decimated by religious sectarianism, Constantinople would still be Christian, and all of the Americas would have been settled by White families rather than part of it by horny bachelors.

    I am by no means an atheist or agnostic, but I can understand the temptation to go that way when it is obvious that, just like today, White Europeans back then put ideology, i.e. RELIGION over racial unity. In doing so, they lost Constantinople and nearly lost Vienna to the Ottoman Empire. Just as losing so many congregants made Rome encourage bachelors in Latin America mix with the Indians and Negros then, losing their population during two World Wars has compelled European countries to allow immigrants from other races now.

    The ORION principle needs to be applied to religion as well as nationality. No more brother wars!

      • Actually, they have. And I hope that God in his mercy, will cause them to come out from underneath the current anti-pope, and reclaim their historic western orthodoxy once more before the end of the world.

    • Check out the 4th crusade and the sack of constantinople.
      The counter reformation prompted the Roman powers to create more kingdoms in the New world, Portugal had made Japan a vassel kingdom of Rome when the Dutch east India company caught up to them and wiped it out of Japan, within 50 years Jewish financiers took control of Portugal itself.(1648) and basically operated as if a Dutch port.

  5. I wish Luther had used his influence to destroy Christianity by exposing how rotten it had become rather than attempting to “reform” it.

    • Another populist revolt taken over ?
      You should read “Batavia’s graveyard: the mad heretic…….. ”
      A Dutch merchantman wrecks on a island off of Austrailia, and the crew of former young revolutionaries fresh from all the murder rape and pillage back in europe form a gang to strongarm the food supply and hunt “enemies” that could possibly inform the authorities if they are rescued.There were 2 camps at war for about a year or more.True story,it shows you the violence and disregard of life at that time, not God’s love.

  6. Before Luther and Calvin, there was Wycliffe and Hus. Wycliffe and Hus didn’t have access to the printing press though…

    • Wycliffe, never got burnt at the stake. But, decades after he died the Roman Catholics had his remains dug up and burnt.

      Huss on the other hand was burned at the stake by the Roman Catholics.

  7. 13:43 — “these pests of the world”

    Well—there’s a phrase that will show up again in German writing (as translated, anyway) …




  8. Without Martin Luther, the world’s common language today might be German instead of English. No Reformation means no pointless thirty-year religious war tearing Germany apart and reducing its population by two thirds. Germany might have participated in the Age of Exploration and been the first to settle the colder parts of North America. (The Thirty Years War was a big reason the Pilgrims left Holland in 1620, as the Spanish Army was approaching and they did not want to be captured and put to the Inquisition.)

    If English settlers had to assimilate into German North America instead of the other way around, perhaps the 20th century would see a kooky English dictator start a world war to get some living space for his overcrowded nation.

    • It’s an interesting thought experiment, but I personally believe that if Lutheranism hadn’t grown so explosively then another Protestant sect (like Calvinism or maybe even Anglicanism) would have.

      My reasoning is that many Northwest Europeans just don’t mesh well with the ritualism and sense of ‘spiritual hierarchy’ that is associated with the Catholic church.

      Our culture is just too different from that of the Mediterranean for us to have stayed part of the same church for much longer.

      • Luther is the best remembered, but there were literally hundreds of now forgotten leaders of the Reformation. Zwingli is one of my favorites, So is William Tyndale. Zwingli died in battle with the Catholics. Tyndale was informed on for printing Bibles, and was burned at the stake by the Catholics. A later great who I’ve always admired was Gustavas Adolphus King of Sweden, who tried his best to drive the Catholics over the Alps.

      • “Luther’s attack on the mediating saints of the church (and especially on ‘the devil’s sow, the pope’) was, beyond any doubt, fundamentally the attack of a lout who could not stomach the good etiquette of the church, that reverential etiquette of the hieratic taste which permits only the more initiated and silent into the holy of holies and closes it to louts. Here of all places the louts were to be kept from raising their voices; but Luther, the peasant, wanted it altogether different: this arrangement was not German enough for him: he wanted above all to speak directly, to speak himself, to speak ‘informally’ with his God. — Well, he did it.”

        —Friedrich Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morals, Third Essay, Section 22, Translation by Walter Kaufmann

        • this arrangement was not German enough for him: he wanted above all to speak directly, to speak himself, to speak ‘informally’ with his God.

          Nietzsche’s paragraph comes across a bit arrogant / self- hating (with all of its dismissals of Luther as a peasant), but it basically gets the overall point right.

          Even Tacitus noticed that Germanics had a very different attitude towards spirituality than any of the Mediterranean peoples.

      • ‘My reasoning is that many Northwest Europeans just don’t mesh well with the ritualism and sense of ‘spiritual hierarchy’ that is associated with the Catholic church.’

        Precisely. It’s useful to note here that the Irish or Celtic people who introduced Christianity into the farthest corner of this region did so by their own syncretic design, and not by force of Roman invasion. I believe this accounts for some of the devotion to the Church in Ireland; some differentiate between the Celtic Catholicism created and observed by the Irish and Roman Catholicism as it is conceived by the Italians.

        This distinction is not significant enough, however, to politically disconnect the celts from sandnigger cult evil. That said, today in Ireland there is less defense of its vile corruptions (pedophilia, misogyny) than in America. Native celtic ways have never been wholly repressed by the stamp of foreign filth. The Jesuits enjoy a far worse reputation in Ireland where their dispatch directly from Rome was seen as invasive and evil, although in many irish catholic circles in the US they are also loathed. Jews and Italians have greater influence in the US so their evil ‘Jews in Suits’ connive and manipulate with impunity.

        My point is that overall, Irish Nationalists (in Ireland) choose their race over an alien degenerate Roman Church.

        • Every Irish Catholic mother must raise their son to be a politician. LOL. Either that or every anti-White Irish Roman Catholic is in Congress or the Statehouse.

        • Sadly, my experience has been that Irish Nationalists (living in Ireland) are far more grounded than their American counterparts.

          The key issue is that many young Irish folks in New England really have adopted a ‘we were the first victims of the evil English’ attitude. And the ones who do attend church are joined at the hip with the Italians and Poles who also attend their churches.

          Then there is the issue of Irish Americans like Phil Donahue, Stephen Colbert, etc. who constantly attack America’s historic character.

          I wish I could be more optimistic, but from what I’ve seen the American Irish community actually causes WASPs a lot more trouble than most people want to admit.

  9. ‘We’re considering traveling to Germany next year. I would like to see Europe. Never been there’

    Stick to the places with less than 30,000 people, Sir – and nowhere near a major urban centre.

    That’s where you will get the measure of Germany that you would appreciate.

    The other places are Merkel’s Germany.

  10. “no relation to the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr”

    In early 1968, when the shooting of Martin Luther King hit the news, fourteen-year-old I was unclear on that point. I’d heard, I think, the name—Martin Luther King—but I wasn’t sure whether he was the guy we’d learned about in school, the Martin Luther who’d started Protestantism. There ran through my mind the uncertain thought that the Martin Luther who’d started Protestantism had lived a long time ago, so I concluded, tentatively, that the man who’d been shot was not he.

  11. The Reformation and the resulting democratization of the Church did nothing to strengthen the West or Christianity. It did much to weaken the cult (upon which cult-ure rests) though and broke with the Classical roots of our civilization. It was a great tragedy. Today, every man invents his own truth rather than have traditions handed down to him. Any man can put up a sign on his trailor proclaiming himself to be a pastor. Compare this to the Shinto shrines of Japan or majestic cathedrals of old Europe. Is this degeneration anything to celebrate? Once the church was strong, central and united. It led our civilization. Before the advent of Christianity the old religions of Rome, Greece, Egypt and Sumer did the same thing. I don’t see the current anarchy to be a positive thing at all. My wish is that as we correct society, eject the invaders, abolish democracy and restore the family that we can also eliminate most of these small time sects and bring back a greater degree of power, glory and unity to the Church.

    • What is your opinion of Catholic South America? Do you want to live there, or build a wall to stop it getting in?

      If Catholics still ruled, North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand would be mixed race brown. The way the Pope is behaving right now, Europe would be brown too. We’d still be tilling fields and collecting water from streams, dying of the Black Death and dysentery etc. We never would have gone to the Moon, never would have the Internet to fight White Genocide with. You and I would be backwards illiterate peasants and probably brown. The Protestants helped the White race dodge a bullet for a while. What happens now is up to us.

      • I voted for Trump and def want the wall. That said, wealthy and White Uruguay and mostly White Argentina and prosperous and heavily White Chile are ruled by Catholics. White Catholics ruled over Bolivia until recently and continue to dominate other South American countries. So your assertion doesn’t make sense. Many Catholic lands were very pro-White.

        Sure, the present pope is terrible and he is despised by all my Catholic friends. But even so the Catholic church is far more conservative than most mainline protestant churches. Even the Southern Baptists have strongly embraced anti-White policies.

        I say all this as a conservative Anglican, understand, who was raised in a liberal Protestant sect but left it as a teenager. The splits in our faith have weakened us, not strengthened us.

        • The kinds of whites you would feel comfortable living around clearly differ to what I would feel comfortable with. The Chileans I have met were nice people, but they looked native to me and the people in Argentina look very dark to me. But I wouldn’t feel comfortable living in Italy, Spain, or Portugal either, to me they look Middle Eastern.

          What you say of mainline churches is true, but like most people they don’t actually Think. Their opinions are those of the establishment/their TV and from what I see, Protestants are deliberately blocked from the Supreme Court of a country that they created. There is a reason they are blocked.

          Believe it or not I am not religious, if Catholics created any countries I wanted to live in I would support Catholics, but they have not.

  12. The fratricidal Thirty Years’ War and English Civil War probably would never have happened if it wasn’t for Luther’s “Reformation”. It caused far more harm to the West than good.

    • It’s got more to do with Gutenberg. But yeah, the repercussions of mass literacy are a close parallel to today.

      I’d guess the first generations of Muslims able to read and watch TV and communicate via the net is a precondition of the disaster of the current Middle East.

  13. Protestants converted the Catholic cathedrals they confiscated in Germany and Switzerland, as in Lausanne, just like the Muslim Turks did to Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, the basilica at Nicaea, the site of the first ecumenical council, and every other significant Orthodox church in Turkey.

    Just as under Muslim control, Catholic sacred art was destroyed in those Cathedrals. In France, the Calvinist Huguenots would become known for routine vandalism against Catholic churches.

    Eventually this vandalism would escalate to such an extent, a profound sense of the violation of the sacred that the St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre occurred.

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