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  1. I got Luther’s letter to the Germans imploring them to stop killing, raping and looting the nobility, its so homo, he’s saying, that’s not Christian, Stop it.
    You know the traitor nobility took over those ignorant peasents, kind of like a modern day merger, and consolidated powers, which opened the doors for other opportunist like Jewish money lenders buying into the whole lot of them and given freedom to operate within their ranks.
    I can’t watch the videos on my cheap phone so I don’t know the direction your going with this but I can say.
    The Zionist thank you protestants

  2. The sort of divisions that happen here happen in the real world too. Even in business, there’s politics and people jockey for position. Perhaps these people can’t find jobs because they think sociopathic behavior only exists within their online circles.

    I really should make my own site, I’m just lazy as hell and stalling over choosing a technology and a name. That’s why I’m commenting. Perfectionism is a real flaw and it’s delayed me for years.

  3. Like I said on Twitter, its really quite amusing that Cernovich cares so much about his ‘brand’ that he thinks is so popular.

    I could see someone like Sean Hannity or Ann Coulter being that concerned w/ their brand, because they actually do have a normie following. On the other hand, I don’t think anyone who isn’t involved in alt-right/alt-lite twitter even knows who Cernovich is. He’s cucking over something that doesn’t even matter.

  4. The host on this podcast interviewing “Baked Alaska” is spouting racial nonsense saying American Blacks wouldn’t cause much or any crime, disorder unless Jews were inciting them, corrupting them.

    How do Blacks in places like Rwanda and Congo, Liberia – how to they act when there are not Jews around. Are they all well mannered, polite, well dress English gentlemen types?

    It is a huge waste of a life to fall down in to 24/7 obsessions with THE JEWS.

    Hitler never did that.

    • Jack, you are missing the point, as usual.

      If it weren’t for the Jews, the nigger, both here and in Europe would be easily controlled or repatriated.

      • That’s just ridiculous nonsense. Re-enslaving Blacks or re-instituting strict racial and cultural segregation would not be “easy”. Nor would forcibly deporting tens of millions of Blacks who do not want to go to Black Africa – this at a time when hundreds of thousands of Black Africans are doing migrant invasions of White Western countries.

        Too many people live in fantasy lands that aren’t based in reality – wasting their time with impossible fantasies like electing some old sincere Constitutionalist Libertarian like Ron Paul as POTUS.

        • Non-sense. Without the Jewish world order blacks would have zero sway in the West.

          Nor did I suggest reinstating slavery. I’d be happy with renewed Jim Crow laws and segregation, which by the way would be easy to initiate sans the massive Jewish organizing for niggers and minority groups.

          Jack, do you have any knowledge of American history? With ascension of Jewish power over the past century, you can literally trace the rise in nigger crime and immigration.

          I am suggesting that things in this nation would naturally return to White supremacy without Jewish influence. My argument is easily proven by examining American history.

          • So what are the practical things you are doing to oppose REAL Jewish cultural marxism, real Jewish media control?

            I successfully protested the Weinstein Brothers and Tarantino doing a mass opening of “D’jango Unchained” on Christmas Day.

            Way back in 1991 I took out full page adverts in the Nashville Tennessean Chatanooga Times opposing the first Jew Neo Con invasion, war against secular Arabs in Iraq. I got on talk radio, TV (local) and named the American Jewish community, Neo Conservatives along with others like the Saudis in forcing this foreign war for foreign interests.

            Yes, I do name the Jew, I just don’t fall down in to the same old, same old cop out that

            THE JEWS CONTROL EVERYTHING and there’s nothing we can do except complain and engage in revolutionary fantasies living in the past etc.

            There are lots of good things happening now as 2016 ends. My god we just elected Donald Trump POTUS!

            How about working for some state and local success?

            Let’s get rid of lisping Lindsey Graham.

  5. Diversity is replacing a class system with a caste system.

    Class system in a homogeneous society unites the masses of shared identity against the elites who must mind the masses.

    Caste system in a diverse society divides the masses of fragmented identities under the elites who can play divide-and-rule.

    When there are only two castes — masses of oppressed and elites of privilege — , the lower caste may unite and overthrow the upper caste, as happened in South Africa.

    But when there are many castes — and every new ethno-group with a voice is just another caste in America — , they can’t agree on anything. BLACKS MATTER MOST means little to non-blacks.

    There is a chance that all the various castes will racially mix and become one people to challenge the elites, but the history of India and Latin America says otherwise. People of mixed identities become confused and culturally lethargic.


  6. A problem just as big as the Black Pathology is the Excuse for Black Pathology, or the Blaxcuse.

    This paradigm says blacks are never responsible for what goes wrong in their community. Oddly enough however, black ‘genius’ is behind all that goes right in the white community, like the NASA space program that was really manned or womanned by the Supremes or Ronettes. Blast Off in the Name of Love. Everything good about white society must be attributed to blacks; everything bad about black community must be attributed to whites. (Another contradiction. Black Studies tell us that blacks had lots of agency, even in days of slavery. Indeed, the notion that whites freed blacks is wrong because it was conscious Black Struggle that led the movement from Civil War to Civil Rights. But these same blacks then say NOTHING can be done about current black pathology until whites offer Reparations Forever. So, even in the dark days of Slavery and Jim Crow — preferable to Grim Bro in my opinion — , blacks had the foresight and fortitude to make great changes… but today, blacks cannot even keep safe streets in their hoods like Chicago and Baltimore. And today’s black culture is what? More about black booties than black bodies. (Incidentally, white anti-bodies exist to protect white minds from thuggish black bodies.)

    Anyway, it’s time to say NO MORE to the Blaxcuse. Even Trump and Detroit Republican Rand Paul keep pretending that blacks are not at fault. No, we get ‘Democrats are the real racists’ or ‘Howard Roark needs to rap his Sermon on the Fount.’

    Blaxcuse wouldn’t be so bad if blacks weren’t such megalo-egomaniacs.

    Most other races can be nasty and accusative, but they are also capable of self-criticism and appreciate good will by others. This isn’t the case with blacks. Offering them the high ground turns them into little Idi Amins or Idi-ots. Give an inch, they take a mile. Tell them they’re angelic, and they think they is god.


  7. Baked Alaska from audio file,”…I believe the JQ is a litmus test for the alt-Right. I don’t believe the JQ is the most central thing of the alt-Right. I don’t think it’s the only thing we talk about…but I think it is a litmus test. If you’re not willing to talk about the Jewish influence in media then you are not seeking the truth. You are not seeking the full truth…”.

    I would agree a 100%. My only caveat would be that without fully airing the JQ and all it’s ramifications you have nothing. All your efforts will wither away. It’s like attacking a balloon that squeezes out another direction every time you grab it. Not to say nothing can be done without airing the JQ but eventually to have some kind of control over the destiny of the country the JQ must be dealt with. Not doing so is like a drunk looking for his car keys under the street light because he can see better there. The Jews are a major, major, major problem in this country and the world. Maybe they are not the majority but without their cash, media and organizational skills many anti-Whites ideas and platforms would remain still born. They’re the gas for the van that they load the anti-Whites in to get them moving.

    • They’re like a mafia, not understanding this leads the average yokel to scratch his head at the transvestite bathroom rights thing or underclass black trash agitating against Ferguson and underestimate just exactly what they are up against. You’re not facing these losers, they aren’t the real force behind this, a super powerful wealthy, giant family, leftist mafia is.

    • Not enough. Not just “If you’re not willing to talk about the Jewish influence in media then you…are not seeking the full truth…”

      Not good enough after his involvement with BuzzFeed.

      The problem is not just Kikes in the media. Not by a long shot.

  8. Reddit comment on Baked Alaska AMA:

    Hijacking the first comment for visibility:

    Hey, I have first heard about you and “deploraball” two days ago. So help me understand here, you were a rapper working for Buzzfeed who in just a few months went from completely unknown among the alt right to being “one of his largest figures” according to mainstream news media like BI and many others. You also seem to have gained popularity associating with Milo and by creating controversy after controversy around yourself and literally the first search result for your real name is someone suggesting you are a leftist infiltrator who admitted to and was suspended from twitter for using bots and that your 130k+ followers over multiple accounts are fake. How many twitter accounts do you have? Have you ever used bots or bought followers?

    I’m a bit confused, because most of the alt right social media mini e-celebs have between 4k and 15k followers; only TRS, Richard and Sam have more. Now suddenly, just after the usual neocon co-opt attempt has failed and while the alt light/new right is left in the hands of Cernovich, Milo, PJW and the like, out of nowhere comes this completely unknown ex drug addict who like Milo is surrounded by controversies, calls Trump “daddy” and bleaches his hair but is instead super overt on the JQ and has a huge following. Your feed is nothing but forced memes with zero insight and with the wrong context.

    But it has not always been this boring: two years ago you tweeted: “ppl of color get locked up for nonviolent drug crimes more than double of white even though whites do more drugs” “no they are singled out by cops more often read the stats”

    Also “I’m done with white people quit pliz” (archive) for the StopWhitePeople2014 hashtag.


    Are these the beliefs you are “doubling down on because you couldn’t really be silent anymore”?

    My main question is: are you just a con-artist or are you an infiltrator sent to do what Milo and Cernovich couldn’t?

    Edit: now I have found many sites claiming you are the manager of Milo Yiannopoulos, such as this one, in which there is a photo of him kissing you in front of money allegedly obtained through a charity scam. Care to comment?

    Edit 2: other evidence that you are Milo’s manager. Apparently you run an Anchorage based charity which is “under financial and serious wrong doing investigation”. And what is your actual name, of the three you go by?

    Edit 3: Breitbart themselves writing you are Milo’s manager. All I have to say is OOSH tbh fam.

    Edit 4: You also are literally Milo’s lover, who was previously engaged with your DJ. An excerpt from this long collection of your lies, from May, by a Trump supporter thinking you represent the alt right:

    MicroChip is responsible for all of this bad media and press calling real Trump Supporters fake. MicroChip’s presence was first noted twitter handle was YugeMilo back in December 2015, then later recreated himself as MicroChip now using the twitter handle WDFx2EU1 after being suspended the new account is @WDFx2EU2 MicroChip uses a program Tweet AttacksPro to command thousands of his self generated bot accounts, some are made to give the appearance from overseas while others are made to appear as normal Trump supporters.

    Edit 5: I have found myself one of your alts: “Minority Republican”, with 11 followers and a stock picture of an African soldier. You desperately try to provoke popular leftists in a conspicuous enough way so as to be publicly called out as fake in front of their followers and discredit the cause, just as the sir above complained. In this occasion last week you even succeeded in having people trace back the fake account to yourself and therefore our movement.

    Edit 6: Ladies and gentlemen, forget Spencer, may I present to you the new leader of the alt right:

    “I dropped my new video today, but there’s more important things going on in the world we need justice fam! #BlackLivesMatter #EricGarner” (Dec 2014)

  9. All I hear is some cuck who lies (he says he was a bit into BLM because he was concerned about racist injustice — no, he was MASSIVELY ANTI-WHITE, SELF-WHITE-HATING), cucks for niggers, says he “idolised” Milo, bitches on and on about bitchy twitter infighting, who says TWICE about his friend “Richard Spencer is a real dangerous faggot”, who got a fucking Trump tattoo (which is mega-mega-faggy), who name-drops and yaps on and on about who he used to hang around with and who he hangs around with now, talks about how he plays Zelda and Halo for 12 hours at a time, and who was FILTHY FILTHY DISGUSTING PEDOBASTARD DEGENERATE MILO’s manager for a year. Fuck.This.Shit.


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