2017: A Question Mark

I’m not sure how this will go.

The Trump administration could unfold any number of ways. All I know is that I am going to be watching and writing about it on a daily basis in 2017. Trump will undoubtedly do things that I like. He will do other things that I dislike. He will do some things which were expected and other things which were unexpected.

I’m going to be open-minded. I don’t want to be a Trump cheerleader or a Trump hater. I want to write about Trump as an independent populist and nationalist, not as a Breitbart propagandist which has ties to the administration. I’m not going to try to poison your mind either in order to advance some agenda. We will try our best to cover the good, the bad and the ugly here through the lens of truth and realism.

I’ve already summed up the worst developments of the last two months in The Trump Honeymoon Is Already Over. There have been some positive developments too: funny tweets which remind us of the Trump we loved during the campaign, politically incorrect tweets which have roiled the news cycle in the Lügenpresse, the prospect of peace with Russia and the ongoing effort to save American jobs since the Carrier deal.

In 2017, I’m going to write about our wider community (that is, the entirety of the non-mainstream Right, everyone who is considered beyond the pale of respectability, which includes dozens of labels) and how it reacts to new developments in the Trump administration. There are mainstream reporters who occasionally do this. We need an analyst on our own side covering this beat on a daily basis.

Here are some key questions we will be answering: Is there going to be a great change or are we going to revert to business as usual? Will the Trump administration deliver on its campaign promises or bait-and-switch? Are we “Too Far Gone” to ever be a part of the political mainstream? What happens to all of these millions of angry White people whose expectations were raised to the moon during the campaign?

Anyway, this is my New Year’s Resolution. This is the goal I have set for myself and this website in 2017. This is a reset. I want to bring you the truth about the Trump administration. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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  1. To be blunt, the unending vacillation on this site, from both yourself and your commentariat, is bordering on the comical at this point.

      • Not at all. The examples, simply, are every article on this blog from January of 2016 up through today, and every comment, excepting that of three individuals, posted to that span of articles by this site’s regular visitors.

    • This blog has never wavered in lacking the courage to be National Socialist. If ZOG absolutely insists that the White race on the North American continent must perish, well, according to this blog, that’s just the way it’s got to be. So sorry. Words yes, balls never.

        • The two month plus wait for the new President really sucks the life out of speculating about politics.

          It would be better to evict the outgoing officeholder and install the new guy within a week.

          We’ve just seen the HNIC attempt to start a war with Russia after the voters turfed out his party.

        • If you look at Mussolini’s first cabinet you could not have predicted what was going to happen later as a result of Mussolini’s charisma and political import.

    • My position on his presidency is simple enough. His victory rests on a few hundred thousand white working class voters in Michigan, Penn, Ohio and Wisconsin.

      He knows it and they know it.

    • What do you think people should be saying? I think the bottom line here with many readers is let’s wait and see, but the trends as of now are discouraging. Trump could have put a nationalist populist in every key job. Instead, he put Chamber of Commerece conservatives in most of the jobs.

      • For the record 00Lew11, you are among the three exceptions on this site, who I observed not to swing back and forth in your opinion of Trump, to whom I alluded in my reply to Celestial Time.

        • You haven’t been paying attention.

          I happen to like many of Lew’s posts, but he seems to be bi-polar or mercurial or just flighty.

          • Lew strikes me as a social democrat. Not a bad thing but…as you point out it becomes mercurial at times.

          • “..he seems to be bi-polar or mercurial or just flighty.”

            I don’t agree with that. 00Lew11 cautiously supported Trump, and then retracted his support after Trump assembled that horrendous cabinet of his. I have seen no emotionally-fueled back-and-forth swings from 00Lew11 such as I see from the rest of this crowd.

            Sadly, the only other two exceptions to this behavior on this site, are that misandrist shrew Lorax100, and that vulgar thug Chris313.

          • Trump’s ascent triggers things whether he likes it or not. Whether you like it or not.

          • I don’t quite follow what that has to do with this conversation, but regardless, the only thing I see Trump’s ascent having triggered, is a case of dizziness in harmless clowns likes yourself.

          • Mussolini’s first cabinet was full of absolute scoundrels. You mentioned that Trump’s cabinet picks were an cold shower for Lew and Hunter. Well, no western power has appointed or elected anything quite as edgy as Trump since the 20s and 30s. It’s an interesting moment for white America. The shift from the economic Free Trade of De Stefani to Volpi’s corporatism happened within a blink of an eye.

          • “Well, no western power has appointed or elected anything quite as edgy as Trump since the 20s and 30s. It’s an interesting moment for white America. The shift from the economic Free Trade of De Stefani to Volpi’s corporatism happened within a blink of an eye.”

            Do you even bother to read the articles here, or do you just make comments without thinking? This site’s owner has presented, over the last several weeks and in perfectly acceptable detail, his opinion that Trump’s cabinet picks could easily pass for a Mitt Romney or even a George W. Bush cabinet.

            Stick to posting frog memes or whatever your thing is, junior.

          • I don’t have to agree with the author of the site. I’m pointing out an historical example about Mussolini. It’s not like I’m attacking Hunter’s take I don’t even think I’m playing devil’s advocate.

  2. Concur.Not going to set my expectation to high of the situation that it so far down the rabbit hole, it’s going to take perhaps hundreds of thousands to dislodge from the monster they’ve created.

  3. One of the best things we can do is goad the Democrats into “becoming who they are”. We don’t want moderate democrats (there aren’t any really, just opportunists who can fake it) – we want wild-eyed cat-ladies, hostile, mau-mauing blacks, and outrageously degenerate fags to be the public face of the Democratic party.

    We should join our progressive allies in denouncing the Democratic Party whenever they put up some stale, pale male for a position – any position. Ideally, four years from now, there won’t be a normal white person on the podium at their convention. When their party becomes a complete freak-show – a total dumpster-fire – maybe whites will finally get the idea that the Democrats are not on their side.

  4. Hunter, I really think he will attempt to bring the country together which is why he is reaching out to all Americans regardless of their views of him. He knows the country will not survive unless the severe divisions are greatly reduced. The fact that he has chosen a black, an Asian, and possibly a Hispanic should come as no surprise. Be happy there are so few… so far. The fact that he has so many white men is also a sign.

    I also believe, deep down inside, that Trump is racially-conscious to some degree. White people at that income level are just as browbeaten as we are. They, too, have to watch what they do and say. And, they have much more to lose… Being a racially-conscious white is always viewed as anti-everything else and it is no different for someone like Trump. He has merely disavowed certain groups and people. Disavowing is not the same as condemnation. Remember, Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, Alt-Right, etc. are viewed as extremists by many and I am sure Trump realizes what is going on on both ends. I truly think he is making an attempt to be fair. He knows he has to stop giving his enemies more ammunition since he has now been elected. I wouldn’t read too much into it… yet.

    I still believe Trump running for office had a lot to do with him seeing the final goal of the globalists and realizing that even he and his family would not survive it. I am also sure he knows many things that we don’t regarding geopolitics and the globalists intentions for the Western World. Our path to destruction was most-likely well understood by many in his circle(s), and he was the only one brave enough to challenge the status quo/globalist system, and the only one willing to risk it all to do so.

  5. I think you’re making too much out of this. Unless, of course, you put too much hope in a Trump presidency.

      • Get a load of Stephen Miller coming out against segregation here:

        “He has deep conservative roots going back to his undergraduate days at Duke, where he wrote a series of articles
        on such topics as multiculturalism, which he called “segregation” ”

        forward dot com/fast-forward/358400/stephen-miller-writing-donald-trumps-inaugural-address/

    • So long as Trump sticks with neutrality of central Asia conflict, everything else will be fine. But if he engage in world policing its doom to fail.

    • Everything about this election makes me uneasy. Feels like I just watched a Hollywood B movie where Fascist Gay Jewish Nazis elect the most Zionist President in history.

      Make Israel Greater Again

    • The Shortest Short List
      Fears: he backtracks on any position that made me vote for him
      Expectations: secures ALL borders, stops ALL immigration or alternately restores pre-1965 immigration quotas, makes it legal to carry in all 50 states
      Hopes: hangs all the traitors and allows citizen participation!

    • He favourably views Mr Spencer’s upcoming tour of college campuses and arranges for whites to have a pro-white version of “sanctuary cities” where whites are allowed to turn away customers from residences and commercial centres for whatever reasons the proprietors see fit, including racial ones.


  6. I just hope Trump doesn’t get us involved in the Mideast again. Obama was right to stay out of it, the terrorism issue is caused by admitting all these people to the West, not our lack of spending trillions on another war.

  7. I think whatever else Trump may do, he has already been an important catalyst for White Identity. Just now I was on Breitbart of all places and the comments to a story about NPR’s Michele Norris claiming that the MAGA slogan was code for “white prosperity” were amazing. I couldn’t believe it. Almost all the comments were explicitly pro-White, red-pilled comments. There was so much White Identity there it felt like DS. On Breitbart! That would have been impossible a year ago. Trump may well Cuck, who knows? But I don’t think this White consciousness is going back underground, and for that I will be eternally grateful to The Donald.

  8. “”….Is there going to be a great change or are we going to revert to business as usual? …:””

    I predict USSR collapse scenario. At some point liberals lose last nerves and do something terrible witch freaks out whole society from average Joe to the top elite.

    As we remember, in 1991 lot of people were afraid of USSR collapse. Whole 20th century was one big madness down here and when Gorbachov offered relative freedom so general opinion was, dont rock the boat.

    But some lunatics impose martial law, brught tanks on the street and prepared for mass murders. So society forced to react and bring system down.

    Liberalism is not politics but mental disease, so they are everywhere the same and thatswhy western eshtablishment comes down the same way like USSR one. Or when we look history then French revolution was ended and leaders beheaded by their own scared coworkers.

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