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  1. Happy 2017! I just got home from a 110% White Party! I was dancing for hours! I am HAMMERED! Life is GREAT! YAAAAAAAYYYY!!!! I am going to stay up a bit, so I sober up before I crash. I haven’t woken up drunk in ages.
    I love you all!!!! XXXXOOOOXXXX!!!!!

  2. I come into 2017 with a more or less coherent political position.

    Struggle against anarchism, liberalism, libertarianism and property rights. If you change those things, racial preservation will more or less be an easy task and may even take care of itself. Anti-imperialism is inseparably linked to the struggle against libertarian economics.

    Aggravate class struggle across national and racial lines to tear down the bourgeoisie state!

  3. Happy New Year to my fellow Whites!

    May this new year bring us resounding success in the fight against those who threaten the identity and survival of our people,both here in the U.S. and in Europe!

    We will be victorious against our enemies!

  4. here’s an interesting take on the trump election by Jason Unruhe of Maoist Rebel News. He makes the case that class is only a side issue in American politics, because the first world is “bought off” by imperialist spoils. Therefore race can move to the forefront. I to an extent agree, but I think that’s changing. I’m somewhere between his position and the first worldist position.

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