Why Is The “Deploraball” So Interesting?

It has nothing to do with the event itself.

As far as I can tell, there wasn’t much interest in our community in the Deploraball before Mike Cernovich generated a public controversy by banning Baked Alaska. To be sure, there were people who were going to that event, but otherwise no one really cared much about it. I hadn’t thought or written anything about it.

If Cernovich hadn’t made it an issue, the Deploraball would have likely gone off without a hitch. It is highly unlikely that the Alt-Right would have bothered to show up. Those who were going to DC for the inauguration likely already had other plans. I wouldn’t be writing about it. It wouldn’t have become a source of division. To be honest, the thought of going to the Deploraball never crossed my mind.

I’m thinking and writing about it now because the Deploraball story has become about the Alt-Lite and its boundaries and what changes we can expect to see under a Trump administration. That’s what is really fascinating. Is the line Sieg Heils and Neo-Nazism? Is the line the Jewish Question? Is the line White identity politics? Is the line “race stuff”? Is the line homosexuality or talking about White Genocide?

The burning question of 2017 is how much change our wider community can expect to see under a Trump administration:

“Following this weekend’s social media meltdown over the guest list of the DeploraBall —an inauguration bash celebrating the role a right-wing social media insurgency played in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign — a man named Jeff Giesea finds himself in the crosshairs of a livid troll army. It’s an army he helped create.

Giesea, a Washington, DC, entrepreneur and consultant, is one of the minds behind MAGA3X, a meme-happy social media organization that describes itself on Twitter as “a citizen grassroots movement that helped elect Trump” and on its website as “Freedom’s Secret Weapon.” He is also one of the organizers of the DeploraBall, now the site of a dispute threatening to destroy the alt-right — the nascent conservative alliance of hardcore trolls, white supremacists, anti-SJWs, Trumpian nationalists, and memelords — on the eve of its greatest triumph.

“We just had a bad public breakup,” Giesea said.

In short: Last week, Giesea, a startup veteran who has worked for Peter Thiel and the Koch brothers, and his co-organizer, the conservative internet personality Mike Cernovich, decided to remove a third co-organizer, Anthime Gionet (who goes by his Twitter handle, Baked Alaska, and the alias Timothy Treadstone) from the “Featured Guests” section of the DeploraBall’s fact sheet after Gionet posted several anti-Semitic tweets. Since then, prominent Twitter conservatives have been taking sides: in one corner, those who decry the alt-right’s associations with white supremacists and racists, and in the other, those who believe the DeploraBall organizers have abandoned the movement’s commitment to offensive speech and its white nationalist vanguard at the first sign of mainstream acceptance. …”

I just took a look at the Deploraball website.

It caught my eye that Deploraball is hosted by #GaysForTrump. It promises to be “the gayest event in all of DC.” This sounds to me like a follow up party to MILO’s “Gays for Trump” RNC event where he had Geert Wilders speak in front of Lucian Wintrich’s “Twinks for Trump” posters. It’s fair to say Deploraball is a gay party.

So, the inevitable questions arise for the Alt-Lite: you have a problem with Sieg Heils, but are you saying MILO’s behavior is acceptable and within the boundaries of respectability under the Trump administration? What’s your identity? What do you believe? Are you just a pozzed version of mainstream conservatism?

“Yiannopoulos: There are some fringe factions of the alt-right that have demonstrated genuinely racist, anti-Semitic, and prejudiced leanings. They clearly don’t want a Jewish, homosexual, black-d— supremacist as a spokesman. And I don’t want to be associated with them, either. I like the free-speech stuff, the political-correctness stuff. And I believe in and love the populist, nationalist, antiglobalist rebellion happening all over the West.”

Here’s the thorniest question of all: all these pro-Trump constituencies are expecting major change, but is the only change going to be … this?


That would make Peter Thiel, Mike Cernovich and Deploraball happy. A bunch of coastal liberals in Blue States that all voted for Hillary would be happy to see that. It’s not, however, going to go over well elsewhere. This is why Deploraball is so fascinating because it is tackling thorny questions which will be answered in the years ahead.

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  1. Sounds like a worst ever Jerry Springer show .

    I m going to try to get an accounts receivable job and miss all this


  2. I was blown away by Microchips sharing the Thiel….> Giesea….>Cernovich….Altright divide, chain. It made SO much sense in the light of Cerno-wankers about-face on Spencer, etc. He was PAID to do so. Plus, the timing of Baked’s shunning, and the instant replacing of him with Milo, was def planned. Good times!

      • He is posting stuff on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/SpookyLeaks/
        But nothing yet on the Thiel stuff. He was shoahed by Twitter last night so this is a new account today.
        I found the connection with Jeff Giesea , and the promotion of him by Buzzfeed, to be very fitting with the timeline of Cernovich’s sudden change of heart, and then the rest of the losers like PJW, Mitchevelli, etc, all attacking the AltRight. Seems very organized to me, and being hired/paid would make perfect sense as a means of explaining their behavior.

      • He’s a genuine “red-pilled recently” case. Kinda like Baked Alaska, but much meaner, vengeful, and now very dedicated to ruining our enemies.
        As he says himself, he’s apparently very good at this kind of thing. 😉
        Twitter bans him daily and he is always back within hours, lol. I trust him on this, he hates #PozzRight with a passion.

      • We can still pray Trump is relatively unaware of the specifics here. Nothing Trump has said or done makes me believe he would endorse this kind of cuckery and backstabbing of young, loyal supporters. But we shall see……his son in Law, (((kushner))) is the problem 🙁 He hired Thiel to do the dirty.

  3. What exactly is conventionally deplorable about non-racist, homophilliac philosemitic Conservative politics?

  4. All these fags are just a front for weak men’s misogyny. Straight neurotic men aka The Alt Kike hide behind homosexuals who are allowed to promote outrageous violence against women that would be verboten to straight men.

    What does it say about mainstream America that the Alt Lite is actually more indulgent of misogyny than the Alt Right?!

    Maybe Sinead McCarthy will make some honest men out of ya. I don’t seem able to. I’m not young or melodramatic enough.

    • “What does it say about mainstream America that the Alt Lite is actually more indulgent of misogyny than the Alt Right?!”

      Macho gays promote hatred of women for the same reason lesbian feminists promote hatred of men. They are sexual competition.

  5. “It caught my eye that Deploraball is hosted by #GaysForTrump. It promises to be “the gayest event in all of DC.””

    I was just thinking the name Deploraball sounded gay and then I saw this.

  6. At the end of the day, the ‘alt-lite’ are cultural libertarians who want some border security. And also, like libertarians, they like to virtue-signal by promoting things like homosexuality, that are loved by liberals.

  7. You would think that as two people who oppose extreme antisemitism, Milo and I would be close, but we have nothing in common. His comment about how everything comes down to a culture war off the bat disagrees with my view that the economic base is the key issue. Not that culture doesn’t matter.

      • All joking aside, not everyone attacks the wn stance on Jews from the same logical standpoint. I suppose having Jewish ancestry makes one more motivated, but the rationale can be completely different.

      • To me the WN stance on Jews goes beyond a simple realization that Jews occupy certain positions of power and extends to creating eternal enemies and eternal allies. This then corrupts a (international) class struggle message. They say antisemitism is the socialism of fools.

        That said, I am, in certain contexts, willing to single out Jews for having influence.

  8. lol This guy is Jobling on steroids. He uses liberalism and democracy to defend anti-immigration. But he goes further, uses homosexuality to defend anti-immigration.

  9. I’m not interested in seeing the alt-right go mainstream. Right now it is still a nebulous movement comprised of colorful but shadowy characters. That’s fine, as long as it doesn’t become associated with jews and queers. Let them start their own separate movement and see how many people they attract.

  10. Is MILO’s flamboyant pozzed conservatism any better than Ben Shapiro’s conservatism? They’re both against racism and anti-Semitism. They both clash with SJWs. Shapiro isn’t a flaming homosexual and raging narcissist.

    What is “populist” about MILO? Does he even know what that means?

  11. The fact that it costs between $100 and $2500 to attend that deplorable jewish fag-fest tells me right off the bat that it has nothing to do with the real alt-right, it’s just a rip-off meant to scam you out of your shekels.

  12. Are the gays planning to mix it up in the streets with the Michael Moore’s protesters during Trumps inauguration??

  13. Yesterday on AmRen I suggested that when emasculated Libs die they go to Faghalla. My comment was removed! I mean, I know it wasn’t “A” material, but come on, et tu Jared Taylor?

  14. Every time I am forced to endure a Milo video, I immediately make myself feel better by watching goat humpers throw sodomites from the tops of buildings.
    One can dream I suppose.
    History will show the “gays” did more damage to White culture than negroes ever did.

    • Brutal stuff.
      Hatred of homosexuals is universal within all cultures since the inception of mankind.

      Milo has been installed as the so called leader of the alt-right as a way to mock and ridicule the movement. To make it look foolish to the point where people will laugh it off. Sodomites have zero moral compass.

  15. Cucking hard.

    Bill MitchellVerified account
    Trust me, I know things about this #WhiteGenocide crowd most of you do not. It is a very very bad group and has no business in our movement.

    • Before White Genocide went viral anti-Whites never breathed a word about it. Now they’re all busy trying to shove it back into the closet.

  16. They’re definitely trying to hijack the alt-right label and ruin it by making it a more politically correct cesspool filler.

    • It won’t work because they are a minute minority. Jew groups and the media will make them abandon the moniker Alt-Right while we wear it proudly.
      They are cucked faggots and will be seen as such.
      Remember; we used Trump, not the other way round.

  17. “Alt lite” is another group of cuckservatives vying for first place in the Respectable Conservative pecking order. Like Milo, the Respectables crow about free speech and opposition to PC while they ban any speech that’s Politically Incorrect or “offensive” to certain protected groups.

    • Bill Mitchell ?@mitchellvii
      Real Trump supporters aren’t racists. We want everyone who is here legally to succeed during Trump’s Presidency!

      Bill Mitchell ?@mitchellvii
      Am I seeking to cause division in the Trump Movement? Hell yes. I’m trying to divide us from the crazy but tiny #WhiteGenocide crowd.

      ?Pink Lady ? ?@pink_lady56 2h2 hours ago
      @CarlosBeats @mitchellvii @VivaLaAmes I stand with Israel but I’m sure I have friends that don’t. Doesn’t mean I’ll call their boss.

      ?Pink Lady ? ?@pink_lady56 2h2 hours ago
      @CarlosBeats @mitchellvii @VivaLaAmes I just hope it doesn’t cause her problems at her work. Uncalled for.

      @pink_lady56 Amy’s boss is one of my best friends. If one of his writers is associating with Neo-Nazis, I owe it to him to say so.

  18. My God! If Donald Trump bends over, and sticks his ass out for the faggot constituency, I will pray for his death every day of his first and only term.

    This man won because of us! Nobody else.

    There aren’t enough faggots in the world to make up the alt right nationalist white racialist Properly xenophobic and anti-Talmudic constituencies, that voted him into office, in the first place!

    Donald J. Trump, do you truly want me to call down God’s damnation on you? Because I will do it, so help me Jesus, if you turn your back on the white race now.

  19. It looks now that the divide between the alt right and the white nationalists is pretty clear. But when Hillary Clinton gave that speech, she appeared to really believe that the white nationalists dominated the alt right. I pretty much believed it too. I didn’t believe they dominated the Trump campaign, but I did believe they dominated the alt right.

  20. Baked Alaska is a narcissistic con-faggot, Milo’s bitch




    Only a complete moron or desperate faggot could fall for this pizzagate-sleazy degenerate con-man sociopath pervert subvert.



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