#TruCons Prepare To Advance Their Own Sweeping Agenda

Don’t shoot the messenger.

I told you that I was going to be honest with you:

“When the 115th Congress begins this week, with Republicans firmly in charge of the House and Senate, much of that legislation will form the basis of the most ambitious conservative policy agenda since the 1920s. And rather than a Democratic president standing in the way, a soon-to-be-inaugurated Donald Trump seems ready to sign much of it into law.

The dynamic reflects just how ready Congress is to push through a conservative makeover of government, and how little Trump’s unpredictable, attention-grabbing style matters to the Republican game plan.

That plan was long in the making.

Almost the entire agenda has already been vetted, promoted and worked over by Republicans and think tanks that look at the White House less for leadership and more for signing ceremonies.

In 2012, Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist described the ideal president as “a Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen” and “sign the legislation that has already been prepared.” …”

What’s going on here?

Apparently, the Paul Ryan game plan is to go after Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, cut taxes and pass the REINS Act (Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny) which is a top priority of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. George Will thinks signing REINS into law should be Trump’s top priority on January 21st.

What do you think? You’re probably Googling the REINS Act because you have never heard of it. I closely followed the campaign and don’t remember it ever coming up. Basically, Paul Ryan is claiming a mandate to push the same legislative agenda he would have advanced if someone like ¡Jeb! or Marco Rubio had won the election.

Here comes the Paul Ryan agenda:

“The 115th Congress begins Tuesday with a full slate of business, though nothing will be more politically important or pressing for Republicans than repealing ObamaCare. …

Lawmakers will also look at a tax overhaul, reversing Obama-era environmental regulations and other conservative priorities. …

The Senate plans to begin repealing ObamaCare on Tuesday with consideration of a procedural measure that will shield them from Democratic filibuster legislation annulling much of that statute. …

McConnell, Ky., and House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., also want a massive tax overhaul, with the goal of simplifying a complicated tax code that rewards wealthy people with smart accountants as well as corporations that can easily shift profits and jobs overseas.

It would be the first major tax overhaul in 30 years. Trump has also advocated a tax overhaul, but with fewer details. He promises a tax cut for every income level, with more low-income families paying no income tax at all.”

Ryan and McConnell want to squander Trump’s political capital by using the election as a mandate to stir up huge fights with the Left over heathcare, taxes and deregulating Wall Street. This could quickly consume all of 2017.

Update: The Wall Street Journal has more on the Ryan agenda:

“WASHINGTON—The nation’s new, all-Republican leadership begins to take power Tuesday with an ambitious agenda of tax cuts, regulation rollbacks and repeal of President Barack Obama’s health law, but they face a complicated legislative path pocked with unresolved policy details. …

Taking up another foreign-policy debate, the House this week is expected to vote on a resolution disapproving of the Obama administration’s decision to allow the United Nations Security Council to condemn Israel’s expansion of Jewish settlements in Palestinian areas. The House vote will be an early sign of support for Mr. Trump, who urged the U.S. to veto the U.N. resolution. …

To reduce the regulatory burden on business, the House this week plans a vote on a bill known as the REINS Act, which would empower Congress to approve major new regulations written by federal agencies. The House also plans to vote on a measure to allow Congress to repeal a block of regulations at one time. …

A rewrite of the tax code is likely to be more of a slog than a sprint. Republicans want to make the farthest-reaching tax-code changes since 1986, lowering marginal rates on individuals and businesses and repealing the estate tax. They aim to use a legislative strategy that relies only on GOP votes, but it will require Republicans to unify around a single plan and fight past any interest groups that feel threatened.”

Passing a resolution to condemn the UN for being too critical of Israel will also be another top priority for the Republican Congress in January.

CNN has more on the first 100 days agenda:

“Washington (CNN)”Buckle up” was the advice Vice President-elect Mike Pence gave Hill Republicans about the hectic pace ahead for Capitol Hill’s first 100 days in 2017. …

Obama’s announcement last week of new sanctions against Russia for its cyberattacks during the presidential election are putting Hill Republicans in a tough spot. Virtually all the top GOP leaders in Congress publicly backed the sanctions, although they criticized how long it took to put them in place, along with the administration’s overall foreign policy. …

McCain, along with South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, have vowed to draft legislation imposing additional sanctions to penalize Russia, and Democrats have agreed to craft a bipartisan proposal.

Both McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan have publicly denounced Russia’s moves, but any bipartisan push to move sanctions legislation puts them in the precarious spot of using valuable time in the first 100 days of the new administration on an issue that puts them at odds with Trump.”

John McCain and Lindsay Graham want to craft new legislation to impose further sanctions on Russia which Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell endorsed.

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  1. What do I think?

    I think it’s something like the America of my childhood trying to rebirth itself.

    Is that good?

    A lot of it will be, as, being a real conservative, I want the central government off North Carolina’s back.

    That said, as long as President Trump appoints strict constructionalist judges, I will be happy.

    He has 103 appointments he can make, the moment he gets in office.

    That’s twice more than Obama had (he only succeeded in getting in 22 court appointments0 and thrice more than George Bush before him.

    If you like States’ Rights, and oligarchical free market capitalism, you will like the coming years.

    If you don’t, ye ain’t gunna lyke it one l’il bit..

    I know I am looking forward to North Carolina revisiting school prayer, abortion, integration, and gay marriage.

    That’s what Trump’s election means to me – getting the New England Government ‘democracy’ off our Tarheel backs.

    • Trump is going to deliberately engineer a recession via an interest rate hike. The Saturday People will pull the plug on the Stock Exchange too.

      • Yes, Captain, I expect that some powerful Saturdayers, and more than a few of their friends, will attempt to sabotage his reign vis-a-vis the economy.

        It shall be an interesting battle to behold.

        In business, I would not ever lay bets against Trump.

        I think he would rather die than lose – though, in the end, one who fights many battles must lose some.

        He knows what is coming – an economick war that will be the proxy of a military one.

        It’s time for a war, of any sort, against those who think they owns everything on this continent.

        I told my wife, just a few days back, that, if she wanted anything of a utilitarian nature, now is the time – as the trade wars will soon be here.

        Happy New Year!

      • Quite right, Mr. Myshkin.

        At any rate, lest anyone get too disappointed, just dwelling a few seconds on the thought of Madame Secretary as president, ought be the cure.

        I expect to be disappointed about immigration and the wall – because, in this issue, his party is largely against him.

        As to the justices, who shall determine the next century for North Carolina, this is the make of break issue for me.

        Here, he has the prerogative to fulfill his word unfettered.

        Thank you for your thoughts.

        • If Trump fails to keep his promises on the wall and immigration, he will not be re-elected, nor will the nation survive as “united States” past 2020. He was elected on that issue – from the beginning, and all through his campaigns, he reiterated that issue. That is the only promise he absolutely must not fail to keep, or our system is finished.

          • Although the wall is less important to me than his promise to appoint Scalias throughout the Yankee court system, I do agree with you that, for many many, the wall stands alone as the one indispensible.

            Again, if he fails, we win – because what was at boiling point in the late Obama Administration, amongst the citizenry, will return – with a furious uptick.

  2. I think this is disgusting. Immigration, trade deals and Obamacare should be the highest priority of the Trump administration. Like Ann Coulter says, if Paul Ryan wants to make deregulating Wall Street the number 1 priority of a Republican Presidency than he should run on that platform himself – Good luck.

  3. All in all Trump will not do much. My guess is after his first two years he will just rolll along and just be a President that maintains the status quo. I don’t have a problem with that as long as the borders are shut and we have a nice multi-billion dollar WALL on our Southern border. I want all the bells and whistles and the state of the art technology on my WALL.

    Aside from that, I don’t expect much from Trump. I hope he kills this Baghdadi son of a bitch, I’m sure he will. I expect things to calm down after a year or so.

    However, everyone who complains about Trump should consider what we almost had in the White House – Hillary Clinton. That would have been very bad, extremely bad. So, Trump wil probably turn out to be establishment Republican. Okay on my end; the economy will boom, which is great for me as a self employed person, and Great for everyone. People will go back to being content.

    Number one issue for me is immigration. We are never going back to the 1980’s America. Too much damage has been done.

    • Ryan is delusional enough to think that St Ronnies economics will be the key to prosperity and multiracial integration. Within 3 years Trump will not have Ryan to worry about (see House of Representatives switch hands in 2018) after interest rates go up, and Trump will plow ahead with Autarky.

      • So far it’s all a toss up. When the economy improves people stop watching. They get busy buying shit and going out.

        The one positive thing Obama did was to keep everyone on edge. Not sure if he did purposely or if he was just too inept to create a decent economy in eight years. Probably a combination of the two.

        He was a horrible President; I look forward to Trump humiliating him by repealing his numerous Executive Orders,

      • It is not necessary to build a wall. There is another method that is going to work better. And it is being implemented as we speak.

        • Good point, Mr. Burns – one way of building a wall is to make sanctuary cities impossible, and to implement a careful program that makes it all but virtually impossible for illegals to be hired.

          Yet, will the GOP have the spine for that?

          It will deprive their biggest supporters the principal way they have used to improve their wealth for at least several decades.

    • You may be right, Ronnie – BUT, if Trump falls into perpetual lassitude, that would be totally outside of his character.

      Thus, I see that as unlikely, though, again, you may be right.

      We’ll see.

  4. The first few years of Fascist Italy were similar. Deregulation, free trade, tax cuts. Within 3 years there was a drive to Autarky. Italy was resource poor though so the results were poor. I’m not boosting the Ryan program because I think that Ryan’s plan rests upon an electoral and demographic map that existed in 1980. Trump can’t prevail politically beyond 2018 if he chooses Ryan’s portfolio of policies. Too many racial outsiders and too much debt.

  5. Trump knows that Paul Ryan is a snake and that the Republicans in Congress are going to be the main weapon used against him. Let’s just wait and see the results of his bargaining. In the eternity between the election and the inauguration Trump is under a probationary Constitutional Crisis.

  6. “sign the legislation that has already been prepared.”

    Sounds about right on how government actually works.

    • True, Mr. Owen, but, if those that sit on The Hill think that Mr. Trump, an inveterate negotiator, will give away things for free, they are in for a rude awakening.

  7. I believe the congressional leaders are making a strategic mistake and Trump will use it to his advantage.

    • Good point, Fee.

      Mr. Trump has demonstrated that he can always find the crease in his opponent’s defensive line

  8. Let’s hope the lugenpress is just trying to demoralize us. Just because this is what Ryan wants doesn’t mean, necessarily, that Trump will go along. They have no statements from Trump saying he plans to do all this. The Washington Post is also the worst Fake News outlet.

    • We need to keep making noise, and ACT. Act in our own interests. Trump will listen to the adoring hordes. Ryan must be REMOVED.

      • Yes, Ryan and Bitch McConnell, who is married to the new Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao…a SLOPE.

      • Donald Trump is our MEANS TO AN END. We must use him as such. Remember he is the hammer in our hands and it is our job to use said hammer to smash everything in sight

      • I agree, Miss Denise – Ryan is very very bad – because he is a closet Liberal.

        He certainly is an enemy of The South.

        That said, I cannot see him being removed, because his grip on power is rather firm.

        He will have to fall, by some method.

        It may be that he and Trump fall out, as negotiations begin to show Trump that, just as the German industrialists once regarded Herr Hitler, they see him only as a convenient signature to their agenda.

        Happy New Year to you and yours!

  9. Pro-White groups should NOT be sitting by on the sidelines and waiting for Republicans to disappoint all of us again. It will most definitely happen just like it’s happened many times before. If we can’t get into the game because “racism” is cause for immediate ejection and a lifetime ban, then we should find another game.

    In the meantime, there’s nothing stopping us from disrupting their games. Start a fight in the stands. Start a fight in the parking lot. Sleep with some of the player’s wives and then tell the other team about it. Pay some nice working lady to have an affair with the coach and then give his wife the pictures and video evidence. Maybe the concession stands in the league have a gigantic rodent problem all of a sudden.

    We all need to understand the game they are playing and how far ahead they’ve thought things through. Think asymmetrically. Fight them asymmetrically. Their loyalty and self-preservation instincts are tied directly to a Party, not a People. It’s because of this reality that pro-White people and pro-White politics will always be sacrificed as long as anti-White people control the narrative and are establishing the rules of the game.

    • Sitting on the sideline isn’t an option. The hard right can poison the machinations of the Ryan’s and Pelosi’s of the world.

    • This is why I like the Daily Stormer calling themselves the number one most trusted Republican news source and telling their readers to infiltrate the party. The respecties heads explode when they hear about it. Muh Republican Party! Muh respectability!

  10. The only people who’ll benefit from the “TruCons” is Corporate America, the Jewish Supremacists, and the ZOG. The GOP establishment liberals and globalists couldn’t care less about White Americans. Sad fact. WPWW !

    • People who make over a hundred grand a year will benefit. This isn’t going to change either. There is a lesson here.

    • In general, I agree, Mr. Pace.

      Yet, be assured about one thing – The GOP DOES care about White America to the extent that they get reelected; and that won’t happen if they show a great disrespect for the issues that brought them to this apogee.

      They know this.

  11. Trump did comment on the overwhelming number of new rules and regulations that Obama had signed into law, using his pen and his phone, that were killing business. So, it is possible that he was aware of this REINS Act and quietly supported it as a candidate, but didn’t overtly refer to it, lest the Democrats twist the wording, and enact more MEDISCARE propaganda to get Hillary more votes from frightened old people.

    That said, Ryan is not addressing his own weaseling to the scary black man in the White House. McConnell and He rolled over and played dead and even went overboard to cooperate, in the stupid AND evil “spirit of bipartisanship” with Obama, because they were more afraid about being damned as racists by the press.

    Moreover, since nearly ALL of the Republiscum are RINOs at heart, they were long in the habit of allowing not only the executive branch, but the judicial branch take over legislative duties from them that would have lost them votes from their more conservative base if they had enacted these laws themselves. “Conservative” Republican Congressional majorities under Bush could have easily overturned Roe v. Wade, citing that the Supreme Court had violated the Constitutional separation of powers and sent it back to individual states to decide upon or even outlawed it altogether. With Scalia alive, it is highly unlikely the Supreme Court would have fought it.

    But other than railing about it during election year, they did nothing. Moreover, it was widely known that they were counting on the Supreme Court’s activism where it concerned Gay Marriage so they would be able to keep their hands clean and still get voted back into office. But keep getting reelected touting conservative marriage and family values.

    Assuming that Americans have another brain fart of Obamaesque proportions and decide it is time to “make history” by voting in another unqualified minority with a very dodgy background as the latest affirmative action candidate for the White House, I fail to see how the REINS Act … well … is going to rein him or her or XER/XIM in if the will to oppose just isn’t there, because they are too scared of looking (fill in the blank)phobic or ist to an increasingly militantly liberal press.

    • Roe vs Wade is never going to be overturned. Forget it. You got a better chance of niggers being sent back to Africa.

      • I respectfully disagree, Mr. Burns.

        Abortion will be, in the next several years, sent back to the states – at which time you will see it banned from Red States.

        • It will not be sent back to the states. And even if it were, it will still stand. Too many women want it, whether they themselves have abortions or not. Moreover. we have far too many examples before us of the intense negative media campaigns whenever this comes up, and the lightening speed of Conservative politicians caving.

          • Thank you, Mr. Burns, for your reply.

            I won’t speak for your state, but, in North Carolina, many many Christian ladies are against abortion – full bore.

            Not that popularity with women will be the criterion upon which The Yankee Courts decide this issue.

            No, Mr. Burns – once they are stuffed with strict constructionalists, by Mr. Trump. they will simply reject Roe vs. Wade as an invalid usurpation of the constitutionality of States’ Rights.

            This is a big reason why The Left is so upset.
            They feel ‘Constitutionality in the wind, so to speak.

            Slavery was once sacrosanct, and it fell, and so, too, shall abortion.

            God bless you, and have a good day!

        • Roe vs Wade can be overturned by the Supreme Court, if Trump wins a second term it could happen then. Women and Jews want abortion, who says we have to give them their way? It’s a very, very bad attitude. The gentile hating Jews have an albatross around their necks – that is their love of abortion. It exposes them for what they are.

          We will never accomplish anything if we rely on getting women to agree. Sorry wasps, but you’ve led us to this point by telling us about your chivalry and blaming everyone but yourselves for your out of control women.

  12. The Republican party leadership is totally conscious of its class interests. The followers, however, have an invisible view of class.

    The Democrat leaders are conscious of their class interest as well, but they use ideologies to undermine socialism. Under FDR it was social Democracy, now it’s multi-racialism and liberalism. Neither change the class division. Back in FDR’s day the Democrats may have been better than the Republicans, but now they’re just as bad.

    • ‘The Republican party leadership is totally conscious of its class
      interests. The followers, however, have an invisible view of class.’

      That’s a good observation, Mr. Besarab.

      My country, North Carolina, has always been an oligarchy.

      In many ways, North Carolina has a lot in common with Czarist Russia, or old bygone East Prussia – a community of rural plantation fiefdoms – each run presided over by a few families of great local power and repute.

      We won’t ever be changing.

  13. We must learn from Trump’s success:

    There is absolutely nothing stopping our guys from joining local Republican clubs and running for office. And if we use Trump style rhetoric, we will win. Then – once in office – one can talk about race & the Jewish Lobby.

    The end goal of all of this should be to tear the Republican Party to pieces. After all, it is the weak pillar which upholds the modern establishment. It is the one element of the modern system which we have a good shot at shattering.

  14. Paul Ryan was eager to do the will of obama since he was black, but imo he will not do the same for Trump.

  15. Trump needs to pair tax reform / tax cuts with tariffs (tariffs are, after all, taxes, so it would make sense to do them together) and insist he won’t sign a budget without sufficient funding for the wall. As I understand it, there is enough ambiguity in the Fence Act of 2006 to make the “fence” as substantial and reinforced as it needs to be, i.e. a “wall.” Probably because the original drafters never intended to PAY for or build the wall, so they could be as sweeping as they wanted with the language! That’s tough shit for them now.

    I’m betting that Conservatism, Inc would agree to the hostage taking as an acceptable price to get their longtime wish list enacted.

    Problem solved!

  16. McConnell isn’t much better than Ryan, he is just more sneaky if that is even possible. Rand Paul made the mistake of trusting McConnell. They’re tried and true globalists and will undermine Trump at every opportunity.

    Trump should take my advice for these two and dole out the correct punishment with many salivating citizens willing to participate in all the festivities. Trust me, I would pull the lever for both creatures without batting an eye. In fact, the smile on my face would be permanent.

    • McConnell is married to a chink and Ryan dated darkies in college. Don’t hold your breath waiting for either of them to build the Wall, deport 3rd worlders or otherwise protect our people. If Trump follows through this GOP Congress is liable to be more of a hinderance than a help.

  17. We’re going to find out what Trump is made of soon enough, if he’s going to stick to the agenda that got him elected or let shit like Ryan and McConnell walk all over him.

    • We already know, Mr. Lew.

      We have seen the most amazing acquittal of a presidential candidate in our lifetime – perhaps in the entire history of that office.

      It is impossibly to take Mr. Trump for anything but a very strong ma, with a clear vision.

      Though, over the years, he has changed his mind on some policies, his behavior is remarkably consistent.

      He is Churchillian.

  18. 1. Build the wall.
    2. Deport them all.

    That’s it.
    That’s what we voted for.
    That’s what we want.
    Death to our enemies, if this is not carried out!
    As God is my witness.

    • Yes, Father – I want the wall, too; though, I am not optimistick about it.

      But, there again, I remind you that we are in a win-win situation – either Trump delivers, or the country will break up.

      People, from many angles, have grown desperately impatient with the continued failures of Washington, and shall not brook more of the same ineffectual inconsequential leadership.

      • America will breakup in any event; it already has. The coming economic apocalypse will bring the balkanization. Dark days ahead, irrespective of temporary waving of hands and speeches; Trump’s election may give some folks who are not yet prepared time to get ready.

        • Thank you for your thoughts, Mr. Coyote.

          I agree with you.

          The ‘union’, upon which ‘America’ is baset’ is really only a lightly veneered conquest, reinforcet by conditioned misinformation.

          Morever, the wildly unrealistick accumulation of hypotheticial ideas, which the central government has opted to enforce upon the citizenry, may be found in the whim of the human imagination, but, have no basis as a collective tradition within human cultures.

          That said, unlike you and many others, am unsure about what will occur during the coming Trump administration.

          That said, I will restate what I have,since the night he was elected, stated – we, who dislike the state of things, are in a win-win position; this because, either Trump delivers, and things get much better, or he fails, and things get worse, which will prompt the unprepared to get over it, and make concrete steps.

          All the best to you!

  19. ‘McConnell, Ky., and House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., also want a massive tax overhaul, with the goal of simplifying a complicated tax code that rewards wealthy people with smart accountants as well as corporations that can easily shift profits and jobs overseas.’

    Heavy spin in that paragraph.

    The tax code needs overhauling.

    Normal wage earners and business owners ranging from large to small would benefit greatly.

    • I thought no one could be worse than mitt Romney and bush but Ryan is beating me to it and moving ahead of them everyday with his actions…

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