Bill Kristol: ‘Lazy, Spoiled’ White Working Class Should Be Replaced by Immigrants

H/T American Renaissance

I can’t say that I am outraged by this.

After all, I’m in favor of replacing second generation Jewish neoconservative pundits. I’m a nationalist and a populist. I’m loyal to my own people. I don’t believe anyone should be in a position of leadership who 1.) fails to identify with my people and 2.) is hostile to my people.

This is one of the biggest problems we have in this country. We have an elite that is larded with alienated Jewish cosmopolitans who are hostile to the White Christian majority. These people don’t live in Trump Country. They don’t identify with the people who live here or share their culture. Yet for some reason they are presented to us on television as the “leaders” of the Right.

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  1. The White working class gets sh*t on again by Hymie.

    Would he dare say the same about the black working class?

    This country would be so much better if all the normal whites were gone and replaced with Somalis, Nigerians, Syrians, Mexicans, Dotheads and Cambodians.

  2. I think the big difference between THEN and NOW is the way we deal with the elites.

    The great era of reform and progress happened when the Ruling Elites, the Wasps, came under scrutiny and criticism, mostly pointedly from Jews but also from ethnics, Catholics, and blacks.

    So, The Power came under pressure to reform and make things fairer for all citizens. And The Power back then didn’t shield its power or deny its power. Wasps fully admitted and even flaunted their power, and their prestige depended on how they managed this power. They knew they had the fire and were the tenders of the flames.

    In contrast, with the rise of the Jewish Elites, the tradition and practice of speaking truth to power has been perverted by various diversionary tactics.

    The narrative continues to be about ‘white privilege’ — and yes, whites still have lots of power — , but the main power is now held by Jews. However, Jews will not admit to the extent of their power and leverage, and all gentile(and ‘gender’) groups are afraid to confront Jews and demand accountability.

    Also, if Jews rule America, they effectively rule the world since US is the lone superpower.

    Because criticism of Jewish Power has been muted(or diverted to another group via Jewish control of narrative and discourse), we have disasters in finance, foreign policy, media, and academia whose true origins are hardly addressed. Nothing crucial is placed on the table for honest discussion of the real power.

    Instead, due to Jewish media control, we are made to fixate on ridiculous stuff like Aryan Nazi rapists at UVA or Putin as puppet-master of Trump. Even Trump, though ceaselessly attacked and reviled by the Jewish elites, pretends that the biggest threat to America is a handful of random of Muslim terrorists.

    Also, because Jews find Negroes and homos useful as allies against White/Christian power, their nastiness and problems are hardly discussed. So, let’s not talk about black crime and mayhem, which is a big problem in the US. Let’s not discuss the baleful influence of homos on our culture that is now an open puss of degeneracy, vanity, and indulgence.

    If we are to have another golden age of reform and rising accountability, we need to deal with The Power. The Power is essentially Jewish and Globalist. It will be good for everyone to have a honest discussion of who has the power and what is being done with that power.

    It’s like a doctor has to be honest with his patient if he is to really treat the disease. There are good things about Jewish power, but when all Jews circle the wagons and pretend to be underdogs even as overdogs, things will just get worse because good Jews will have decided to stick with the bad ones out of tribal loyalty all the while attacking white patriots for their ‘racist’ tribalism.

    Immigration Issue just obfuscates the discussion we must have because increased Diversity serves as Diversion from Crisis of The Power. It just creates tensions among diverse goyim that are manipulated by the GLOB that sits on top.

    What the Alt Right must do is do what St. Paul did with his epistles. He wrote a series of letters to his rivals, enemies, and possible allies/converts.

    Alt Right and Antifa may disagree on core vision, but surely both are about addressing the Issue of Power. Alt Right must inform Antifa that the Real Power is with Jewish Globalists of Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, and etc. Antifa and such ilk are completely deluded if they think ‘nazis’ have power in America.

    If Antifa wants to be a real rebel against the Power, they are fighting the wrong people. If anything, they are unwitting Procuck who are being manipulated by the likes of Soros.


    • “Even Trump, though ceaselessly attacked and reviled by the Jewish elites, pretends that the biggest threat to America is a handful of random of Muslim terrorists.”
      Why I am thinking this 7 nation travel ban is a miscalculation, the wrong fight at the wrong time. Doesn’t really do much to stop the rest of the crazy rag heads from inviting themselves here, but distracts attention from the big one, an overall crackdown on illegal immigration and the repeal of the 1965 Immigration Act.

      America is full, we don’t need more people period, cut it down to a handful of scientists or immediate family members (not your siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins, or elderly parents coming to spend their golden years courtesy of the taxpayers of the United States.) Maybe 100,000 or so. There will always be some movement of people, went on since before the time of Marco Polo, just not this mass migration we see today that started out as a way to populate a frontier and mitigate the savage Indian threat. Let some able bodied adults (no pregnant women allowed) get temporary agricultural Visas to pick strawberries in California, pay them a legal wage, and make sure they go home. Oh and also instant Visa revocation of any woman on such who gets knocked up. Then of course get rid of Birthright citizenship. Way I see it is the Senate isn’t solid enough to do this yet, McCain needs to keel over from Cancer and downlow Lindsey Graham needs a gay sex scandal to run him out, those two are assuredly on the other side as a starter. Ultimately “Democracy” proved to also be a miscalculation, this is how it ends up after a few centuries, paid whores of plutocratic Oligarchs. A sound system wouldn’t have let Krystal and his ilk take it over so easily. Of course (((the left))) doesn’t believe in free speech and the rest of the Constitutional Fetishist panoply, they saw how easily it could be used to co-opt a society and take it over and want to make sure it doesn’t happen to them.

  3. Of course, the problem is with the focus on class than race.

    ‘Working class’ implies they should be judged by economic utility than racial unity.

    In fact, white people should value white people because they are fellow Europeans, their brethren and sistren. That comes first.

    After all, even more blacks are economically fallen behind, useless, or punkass. But can you imagine a Negro leader saying, “Shoo, all them Negroes sho be lazy and shiftless and shit*. Gots to replace them with Mexicans who be better fo’ da economy of da hood. Sheeiiiiit.”

    Now, this isn’t to minimize the importance of the economy. It is very important. But any national sense should begin with ethnos. And if YOUR PEOPLE have fallen behind, then you should identify with them, lead them, guide them, and help them. You shouldn’t say, “What useless bunch” and just go for foreigners. A nation is not a factory or a box store. Workers are hired and fired. Your countrymen are fellow citizens.

    Much of Conservatism Inc is about materialism over organicism. A race is an extended family.

    You care about members of your family even if some fail. A decent parent doesn’t say, “You know, my son isn’t smart enough to become a computer programmer and buy me a nice retirement home in Florida. I’ll disown him and adopt some Hindu or Chinese kid to be my new ‘son’, go to Stanford, and buy me good stuff.”

    Do Jews feel this way toward their own kind? Does William Kristol feel about poor Jews or religious Jews, “What a bunch of tards and lowlifes. Look at those useless Jews with funny beards and silly hats. Totally useless as economic units. The hell with them, and I’ll only care about industrious Hindus in Silicon Valley.”

    It seems to me that, even though Jews do work with talents of all races and groups, they also care about fellow Jews for the simple fact that they part of an extended organic and cultural family. So, when all those poor Jews were coming out shtetls and looking very pathetic, Jewish nationalists reached out to them, represented them, fought for them, and led them… like Moses did in THE TEN COMMANDMENTS by DeMille.

    So, even if it’s true that many people in the white working class have fallen behind and turned stupid(and even got dumb ass tattoos), it is the organismic obligation of successful whites to lead them, represent them, inspire them, and identity with them.

    We are racial, historical, and cultural beings before we are economic and material beings.

    Economics is about the mouth and stomach. It’s about consumption. We need to make stuff in order to live. We need to eat and have roof over our heads. We need foods and materials. Sure, economics is important for survival and well-being.

    BUT, we don’t derive meaning from economics. A family is about organic unity. Should a parent abandon his mediocre son to an orphanage and get a rich son? Vito Corleone cared about Fredo too though he wasn’t very bright.

    And should a son reject his parents and pretend to a child of other parents cuz he thinks the other parents are richer and cooler?

    It’s the emotional ties that bind that make a people. And even ideas must serve emotions. Why are we stirred by history? Because it tells the story of our people. And even though we can feel empathy and sympathy for OTHER peoples, what is wrong with feeling more about your own kind. If a Jew is saddened by a book on Nanking Massacre and a book Nazi Killing of Jews BUT is more moved by the latter book, is there something wrong with that? If a Negro is moved by a book about American Indians and a book about Negro slaves but is stirred more about the story of his brothas and sistas, is there something wrong? Emotions define values and ideas, and emotions are about attachment, and it’s natural for people to be most attached to their own families and then to extended family of the race and culture.

    Look at Israel. It is fundamentally an organismic state. Its immigration policy favors Jews with IQ of 100 over Hindus and Chinese with IQ of 130. Organicism trumps economism.

    Now, suppose Israel decided to kick out its mediocre IQ Jews and invite gentiles of IQ of 120 and over. Then, surely its economy would grow bigger. But it would no longer be ethnically and culturally Jewish. Is more wealth worth it to abandon one’s racial and cultural identity and unity?

    Though we need to send food to our stomachs and have roofs over our head, our truer and deeper worth comes from a sense of culture, heritage, lineage, and history. In that sense, the Jewish Bible is worth more than all the material wealth Jews got. It tells them how they came to be, who they are, where they came from.

    After all, if Jews were to keep all their wealth but forget their history and culture, they would just rich people with no sense of identity. They would have no sense of direction.

    But if Jews lost all their wealth but kept their Book and sense of history, they would still be rich in culture, and this would inspire them to rise again. Look at Germany and Japan after WWII. Totally smashed and destitute. But why did they rise again? Because they still had a sense of nation, culture, identity, and history.

    If today’s white working class are sinking lower and lower, it is because the rise of economism and hedonism judges everything by money and celebrity. It says nothing else has any value. Also, Christianity is too vague as an identity. It has worth as value system and moral guide, but since anyone can become Christian, it cannot serve as an identity. Identity has to be about blood, culture, and history.

    White working class must be brought back to blood. Their main identity shouldn’t be economic but racial and cultural. They must see themselves as European Folks, rich or poor. With a sense of culture(which is priceless), a poor man is just as worthy as a rich man. Jews have this sense of worth based on blood and culture. So, even those Jews who made it out of camps after WWII and had NOTHING but shirts on their backs felt just as worthy as some Jew with millions. Materially, he was nothing but culturally and ethnically, he was no less than the richest Jew.

    If you got a million bucks, would you rather lose the money and keep your memory OR keep the money and lose your memory? The latter is worse. To have a million bucks but not know your childhood, who your parents are, what your culture is… that is truly tragic.

    So, the notion of ‘white working class’ misses the point cuz it primarily economizes them. They should be valued simply because they are fellow whites. And if they lost their way, those who haven’t lost the way must reach out to them and make them rediscover the way. Like Moses did.

    Working-class-ness is an interest, not a useful identity. For one thing, one can move in and out of classes. Or a parent might be working class but son might be upper class.

    The idea of a Mexican working class, Chinese working class, Hindu working class, and Hungarian working class mainly identifying as ‘working class’ is silly and unrealistic. Far more stable identity is race, culture, and nation.

    And this was what fascism was about. It said rich Italians, middle class Italians, working class Italians, farmer Italians, and poor Italians — they are all fellow Italians, and they should all have a sense of shared culture and history; as such, they should find the best way to coordinate all their efforts for a better future.

    • Right, Andrea. If there is anything we could learn from the Jews is to stand up for our (White) race and (European) culture.

  4. We need to expand our horizons. Instead of a Southern Secession we need Heartland secession including all the red states of the lower and upper south also. Now that would be one powerful country! After all, the Trump revolution was basically an implicitly white Neo-reaction of white middle and working class whites. Or as it was once called Revolutionary Conservatism. Not Reagan BS but conservation of creative racial elements responsible for the nation’s formation.

    • Why not take the whole country back? I can see letting some particularly nasty locals go as Singapore like City States. The NYC area for one, but I doubt rank and file whites in Buffalo would want to be part of a social justice warrior fringe nation instead of the bulk of the country that doesn’t want this crap.

  5. It’s like Animal Farm. Pigs use the horse to its last ounce of strength and send it to the glue factory.

    Neocons have been asking white Americans to support Israel, fight Middle East wars, and vote for politicians who favored the interests of the globalists. For three or four decades, most of the pie went to those at the top.

    And now, this top neocons says “toss out white trash and replace them with foreigners”.

    Welcome to the Glue Factory.

  6. Kristol is saying that America doesn’t belong to Americans but to the hostile Jewish elite, and if we don’t like it they will just replace us with more amenable helots. I’m pretty sure that that is how most, if not all, of our elite think.

    • That’s it exactly. Its like building a house and some fat pig says he wants to rent it to someone else, because they’ll pay him more. Its not his house!

    • He’s also confident that America will remain the loyal servant of Israel if it is majority minority. What exactly is the calculation?

      • I assume they believe the demographic replacement is already so far advanced it can’t be reversed. They probably figure that even though Trump is a set back for them they can ultimately bring him down.

        • interesting point, but I doubt that Mexicans are zionist. They won’t subsidize the IDF. They can’t.

          The paradox in America is the whites are Zionist by default.

        • I’ll bet almost anything that there’s an immigration law that states that immigrants have to provide for themselves. Simply check the welfare roles for the last 50 years or so and if they were on welfare, deport them. I bet we could deport minimum 20 million.

      • Probably why Netanyahu likes Trump, he sees the Afro-Hispanic-Islamization of the US as greatly weakening their greatest Benefactor. Just like how when a Globalist, Leftist America became the dominant force, holdouts like Pinochet, Franco, South Africa, Rhodesia, were able to survive for a while, but eventually fell to the prevailing liberal zeitgeist. If America goes totally “UN” with Marxist Liberation Theology of an Afro Hispanic populace Israel may founder around for a few more decades, but eventually vanish with the wind into the Arab biomass in it’s neighborhood.

    • I think this kind of Jewish anti-White hatred needs to be encouraged. Jews, like their SJW useful idiots, need to go off the rails. It’s show and tell time!

      • I rather think that their anti-White hatred needs to be more visible, as it certainly is intense but is kept out of our “racist” earshot.

  7. “Sixty per cent of the American people do all the work, earn most of the money, pay all the taxes, and support a considerable portion of the rest of the world. This is our white Christian people, yet they have no lobby, no voice in the government, and are always caricatured as boobs on television shows. Any attempt to set up an organization to represent them is immediately crushed by the government, while the entire newspaper, radio and television empire scream about “racism”! The press never seems to notice the racism of the Jewish organizations. Jews and Negroes are sacred cows on television. They are always portrayed as kind, angelic human beings who patiently endure the outrages of the ignorant white people. Of course white business people pay for these shows. As the Senator from Texas, Tom Connally, remarked in a public toast a few years ago, “The United States, here’s to it! The white people work for it, the Jews own it, and the Negroes enjoy it!””
    “New History of the Jews” by Eustace Mullins (1968), pages 122-123

  8. “After the Crash, the Jews set up many new holding companies for their stocks, such as the Lehman Corporation. By 1933, they owned 69% of the shares outstanding of all stocks listed on the Big Board. Typical of the new rich was a runty little Jewish racketeer named Billy Rose. After working as a secretary for Bernard Baruch, Rose was hired by the Mafia to front for them in the operation of a tourist clip joint in New York called Casino de Paree. The place was netting gangsters $20,000 a week, but they were only paying Rose $1000 a week. He began to hold out some of the cash, and the Mafia passed the usual death sentence. Rose was tipped off, and he rushed to Bernard Baruch. Baruch sent him to J . Edgar Hoover, and four FBI men guarded him night and day until the danger was over. Hoover persuaded the Mafia to forget the whole thing. Rose then went into the production of girly shows. At the time of his death, he was worth one hundred
    million dollars and was the largest single share owner of American Telephone and Telegraph. The telephone had been invented by a gentile, Alexander Graham Bell, who at his death was worth $18,000.”
    “New History of the Jews” by Eustace Mullins (1968), page 133

  9. And what is to become of whites?? The Jew has not spoken it, but extermination of whites is right on the tip of his tongue.

  10. The “laziness” is a result of their poisonous rule. Their nihilistic entertainment, their “feminism” destroying families and the fathers’ authority, their school systems banning proper discipline, their judges subverting law and order, their “economists” recommending our jobs be stolen and given to scab Chinese and Mexican labor, their policies of not guarding our borders letting a cornucopia of drugs in, their “civil rights” laws allowing them to have their schools and workplaces wrecked by clownish blacks. Yes it’s a project to fix this bad attitude, (i.e. the young punks are going to flip out when you tell them you can’t spend the workday messing around with your Iphone on the clock for one, Generation Bastard thinks they have a right to surf the internet on the employer’s dime) but it wouldn’t have happened without this hostile elites nation wrecking.

    • It’s more to do with having no settling mission. Imagine for a moment French Indochina had been settled by millions of French. Then the US jumps in and settles 2-3 million troops there to augment the Frogs. Same goes for Latin America. Venezuela was ripe for colonization.

      The situation right now is a set up.

  11. The Jew makes it quite clear that he doesn’t like us. Mexicans are the “New Americans” coming to “replace” us. What’s so bad about that?

    Replacement is a code word for White Genocide.

  12. The worst part about this is the cautionary tale that comes out of it, and the eternal regret.

    This is what and who benefited from the American right’s implicitly nationalist political energy between Reagan leaving the White House on Marine One for the last time and Trump riding down the escalator. Definitely during that time period, and quite a bit even before then.

    When you like pepperoni, think you’re ordering pepperoni, but keep on getting anchovies, you eventually have to figure out there’s something amiss.

    One of the best features of the Era of the OCGE (Orange-Crowned God-Emperor) is that the white American right is starting not to allow its energy and effort be diverted and wasted into hostile forces, dead ends and dummy loads.

    • Way I see it is this whole Trump thing is very precarious and totally dependent upon the unique personality of one particular man. Who other than Trump had the balls to take these people on? Pence? Seems like if Trump died suddenly Pence would just be another rerun of W. type typical stuff. The left knows this too, it’s why Trump needs to get his people all through the system, Sessions getting in last night is a good start, just the race is on to solidify this thing, if possible, before Trump is no longer in charge.

  13. In the mean time the deportations of illegals HAS quietly begun and Hunter’s prediction of SJW and Hispanics rallying around to form a human blockade to stop it has actually come true. Some Mexican Felon Woman was getting deported in Arizona and a mob surrounded the SUV, hugging it’s tires, etc. Since I see no will by the right to actually go down fighting, any “salvation” is going to have to come by the left starting the fight while Trump is in there to coordinate the putdown.

    • Will the left make the same miscalculation of Imperial Japan? I see Middle America in a similar predicament, letting the left commit one slap in the face after another and (unlike the delusional right wing troll) showing no signs of having the will to do anything about it. But will the left finally go one step to far? A leftist Pearl Harbor? That forces the sleeping giant to awake to the existential crisis facing it and put it down and undo the leftist long march through the institutions, purging by force these people from our media, school system and judiciary as a natural outgrowth of a putdown of a violent leftist insurrection?

  14. This is the description for Eustace Mullins on Wikipedia by the white Christian male hating Jews.

    “Eustace Clarence Mullins Jr. was an antisemitic American writer, Holocaust denier, and disciple of the poet Ezra Pound. Wikipedia”

  15. There is no economic case for race-replacing THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS with Chinese…Korean….Sihk…Pakistani….Hindu…”American” scab workers….

    The Greedy Cheating one Percenters want to deprive THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS with the very great benefit of a very severe labor scarcity=very high real wage…wich would have happened if the 1965 NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCREASE ACT had not been passed…….and THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS WOULD STILL. BE A 90 PERCENT RACIAL MINORITY IN 2017….

    Richard Spencer

    What I have just written above….this is how you debate the enemy during your college tour…

  16. I believe that post-1965 race-replacement Immigration Policy on the most fundamental level is driven by the WHITE LEBERAL WHITE MALE MEGA CEO GREEDY CHEATING CLASS stark raving fear of a severe labor scarcity…..which wouled have caused a rise in the real wage..and given labor market bargaining power to THE NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS…..

    The mantra of “THE BLESSINGS OF DIVERSITY” is in a very real sense epiphenomenal to the bipartisan Democratic-Republican Party post-1965 low wage labor policy for THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS…

    Richard Spencer



      We could have and should have lived in peace with the Soviet Union….

      It was a Soviet Russian Naval Commander named Vasily Akhipov who saved our NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN ARSES FROM THERMONUCLEAR EXTERMINATION….from the subhuman filthy IRISH CATHOLIC COCKROACH JFK who instigated the Cuban Missile Crisis when he ordered terrorist attacks on the Cuban Civilian population…which he did again TWO WEEKS AFTER THE RESOLUTION OF THE CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS!!!

      • THE COLD WAR ANTI-COMMIE CRUSADE…is inextricably linked to the post-1965 race-replacement of THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY.

        It is not a coincidence that THE FILTHY SUBHUMAN IRISH CATHOLIC BRAHAMAN COCKROACH JFK was agitating for demographically transforming America as early as 1953….

        The passage of the 1965 NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCREASE ACT was cockroach reprobate TEDDY’S PERMANENT MOMUMENT OF DEMOGRAPHIC EXTERMINATION to his cockroach brother JFK…

        Congressman Peter King is another example of this:IRISH CATHOLIC COLD WARRIOR WHO VOTED FOR THE VERY RAPID RACE-REPLACEMENT OF THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS….and boasted about it in the pages of Bill Cuckley’s National Review…

        The immigration policy that Congressman Peter King Voted for gave us 9/11 and Colin Ferguson…my late father was on that train that day… father just missed being diversity-blessed-away-by Colin Ferguson….

  17. OT: WTF is going on with the website? I was under the mistaken impression it was going to be the “Breitbart of the Alt-Right”!

    Hunter is updating, writing for, BOTH sites. Can someone help him out?

    There have been no updates at

    Even Gavin McInness and his ProudBoys have been more active.

    What the hell is going on?

    • It looks like Hunter is the News Editor and is posting his news feed over there, which is good. So in that sense, Hunter is creating an Alt Right Breitbart at Occidental Dissent and There have been some podcasts and videos from Spencer, Red Ice, Jorjani, and Woes. I agree, needs to step it up in the content area of podcasts and video feeds.

      Personally, I’d like to see aMcLaughlin Group type Weekend News recap podcast with Spencer and others to replace Fash the Nation.

  18. It’s OK to fox people like William Kristol and spread the private information to both:

    1) Trump populists – bikers for Trump, veterans, United Autoworkers (not as lazy as William thinks) and

    2) Pro Palestinians

    In individual cases where “the shoe fits” it’s perfectly fair and natural to insult, fight back against those spoiled, lazy intellectuals who abuse our people abuse our nation.

  19. Bring back the 1882 Chinese Legal Immigrant Exclusion Act!!!=VERY PRECISE RIGOROUS MEANING OF MAGA!!!!






    Hop Sing had a home….it’s called China…

    Fuck the greedy Cartwright Family!!!

  21. I noticed that CNN is picking up where John McBonacoursi left off after he did a Yemen raid drive by.

    Ban that faggot.

  22. Kristol needs to look in the mirror if he wants to see a prime example of a lazy useless human being. He has never done a real day’s work in his life. He has gone through life by exploiting the parasitic American jewish network. He got his Weekly Standard editorial gig through Jews who blackmailed Rupert Murdoch into funding Weekly Standard in return for ending criticism of Rupert Murdoch for his ownership of American media.

  23. The Jewish Supremacists have no respect for European-Americans and the Working Class. The same goes for America’s involvement in the Middle East and Wars. The Jews like the idea of Americans fighting and getting killed in the Middle East. For what? All for the benefit of the Jews and Military Industrial Complex. That’s why our People should realize the Jews and Muslims are both the enemy of the White Race and all races in the World. WPWW !

  24. Maybe someone should refresh Bill’s memory about the history of Jews being kicked out of countries 109 times! Yes Bill, it is a natural and necessary to remove Jews from our countries.


    #1. Is Mr. Kristol George Soros?

    #2. If he is not, why do either he, or Mr. Soros, still have Green Cards?

  26. We can start with an “immigrant” military we can ship off to the Mideast to keep Israel’s borders secure and help with Israel’s expansion plans. Because it is just amazing to me that the only jobs that are open to American Whites are in the military. We have an economic draft going on and I believe that this situation suits Israel Firsters like Kristol just fine.

    That’s why they oppose an Uber Zionist with Jewish grandchildren like Trump. If he purges the USA of illegal labor and cheap immigrant labor and brings back great-paying jobs, the military industrial complex set up for Israel’s benefit is going to go begging for workers. And folks like Kristol will start yammering about reinstituting the draft lottery which will inevitably lead to anti-Israel sentiment. Follow the agenda.

    • Military training is as much a privilege as a burden.

      You could argue that your officer corps is your nation’s elite.

      It’s a mixed bag.

    • Our “replacement” will not have a happy ending for Jews but most of them are too stupid or filled with hate for us to see it.

  27. He laughs as the advocates the displacement of his White benefactors.

    Some people might call that demonic.

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