John O’Sullivan: The Redefinition of a Nation

Check this out:

“As Douthat points out, it was a common and largely undiscussed assumption of both major parties and the elites that serve them that the old America would gradually give ground to the new until a fresh American synthesis was achieved, not without hurt feelings along the way but in the end broadly tolerable to all major social groups.

Within the limits of partisan advantage, therefore, both parties saw it as their responsibility to ensure that this gradual transformation of America’s national identity occurred without violence and undue conflict. Why not? It was inevitable, wasn’t it? But this required, and got, a degree of collusion between the parties that took the form of not strongly opposing policies such as affirmative action and not exploiting popular opposition to high levels of immigration and not following through on election promises to do something on such matters.

It seemed to work quite well until Donald Trump came along and raised these issues…”

In other words, the Republican establishment and “conservative” elites sat back and let the transformation happen. These “conservatives” never conserved anything because their real role in the system was always to collude with the Democrats and the leftwing intelligentsia to ensure America’s demographic “transition” into a Third World country went as smoothly as possible.

As George Hawley pointed out in The New York Times, the sole accomplishment of William F. Buckley’s conservatism was in policing the Right on behalf of the Left. They were a false opposition. For decades, they systematically silenced and purged anyone who opposed the “transition” on behalf of the SPLC. The “mainstream” was a nice little cartel of “respectability” until President Donald Trump and his hordes of populist and nationalist Deplorables came along and ruined it.

The deal was something like this: “conservatives” would be the respectable and mainstream face of the Right. They would be the Left’s legitimate sparring partner, they would be featured in newspapers and magazines and would appear as talking heads on television and have social status, but the price is that they would always have to uphold a set of norms in their discourse. They would always neuter their own side by purging anyone who questioned the rules the rigged game which were set by the Left. Those people would be banished to the fringe and the ruin of their careers would cause others who wanted to work in politics to police their own thoughts, language and associations.

In order to win the argument, all that was required of a leftist was to make an accusation of racism, sexism, nativism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, homophobia or Islamophobia. The “conservatives” were declared to be the mainstream, respectable and legitimate Right in American politics because they were willing to cede the substance of morality to the Left.

That’s why they were so cucked, so race-whipped, so housebroken. They couldn’t even imagine putting up a real political fight. It would be immoral to do so. They would reflexively shun and disassociate themselves from anyone who got uppity and broke the racial etiquette. Cuck Panic is the quakes that a mainstream conservative gets when he or she is discovered doing or saying something politically correct.

Eventually, the people began to wise up to the rigged game. It only took the arrival of tens of millions of foreign aliens in their communities and a decade of pleading with their leadership to stop it. A conservative pundit these days is synonymous with a weakling and a scold who doesn’t fight, who has no sense of honor and who has no sense of loyalty to his own constituency.

Were it not for President Donald Trump, the Ross Douthats of the world would assuredly still be colluding with the Left to ensure that the “transition” goes as smoothly possible. That’s why they fought President Trump with every fiber of their being. He was trying to win. Their role is to lose.

It is politically incorrect to say it and maybe it is a bit vulgar, but I got to say it because the comparison is accurate. These conservative elites were the house niggers of the American establishment. They got to live in the Big House, enjoy higher status and were handsomely rewarded for their services.

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  1. cuckservatives are like the washington generals, the team that perpetually lost to the harlem globetrotters. vox day or steve sailer made that analogy first – can’t recall, but it’s an apt metaphor!

    • Everything they stood for in the 1960s they are now against. Their job was to argue with the left for a few years and then become Ratifiers of left wing policy.

  2. Yes the housecons were there to legitimize the “ists”, “isms” and phobias that the left invented and spewed.

    Without “Murka 2.0 running about like a headless chicken over the IIPs we might have stayed a recognizable country.

    • “*Wage endless wars on behalf of the Zionist state in occupied Palestine”

      Sad thing is they think their going to curry all kinds of favor with American Jews with this when most of them could give two shits about the Likhud plan for a “Greater Israel” and really only care about the total consolidation of their Leftism here in the US. While they don’t want to see the Israeli’s get killed, ultimately they’d have no issue in eventually letting them all come over to their new “Afro-Hispanic” majority US and just forget about the whole nasty little mess that has hindered their UN style Internationalism with it’s negative propaganda.

  3. Brad, sooner or later you are going to figure out the problem with Roman Catholic politicians like William F. Buckley Jr. You are getting there…

    • Your Romeaphobia is showing, Talulah…

      Everything that Rome is, Protestantism is as well. Like whoring mother, like whoring daughters.

      All y’all need to jettison your aberrant theology, which gave you multiculturalism in the first place… and sought the ‘conversion of the darkie’ in the second.

    • They want the United States indisputably in the hands of the Vatican, and the fastest way to make that happen is to make the U.S. brown. Their clergy push “multi-culturalism” everywhere in order to have the most powerful country in the world fall under their grasp, and yes they’re making a sacrifice of their own France to do that. There’s no excuse, and especially no compromise, as they strengthen their anti-white grip on this country.

      The last two Speakers of the House have been Vatican-Romans, Spkr Ryan and Spkr Boehner, to the extreme detriment of the white population here, and it’s time to stop electing these Roman Catholics.


      • If a Catholic has an allegiance to the Pope and advances his agenda of open borders and immigration to our country and the West of third world Africans, Latinos and Muslims he is a traitor.

        • “Sam,”

          No, that’s called loyalty. The Vatican-Roman “Catholics” are a nation and, at that, a hostile one when it comes to my people.


    • KW, Buckley was only a nominal Catholic. He was a member of Skull and Bones, a secret society that had connections to the Masons and other shadowy groups. As far as his loyalty to the church goes, he betrayed two devout Catholics, Pat Buchanan and Joe Sobran by smearing them as anti-semites. I also read, I believe in a Sobran column, that Buckley despised most of his early supporters, who were mostly devout Catholics. Well, when you go Jew, you have to despise Christians.

  4. der frankenfurters schulkinder are zuch wundermenschen. some quebecois goy wrote a little tome “white niggers of America” (he called canuckistan that cuz norte americanos all look alike) way back in the seventies. an early red pill for me. the very worst overseers were all blacks during slaver era; the invisible chains of usury now allow the shekelmeisters to whip us into line with debt: traitor cucks are mental overseers.

  5. Getting down to brass tacks, it is white Christian America versus Jewish dominated racially mixed “America.” The people who settled this land and established it are the real Americans, and nothing can change it. They might be capable of integrating certain immigrants but being Europeans with a Christian heritage was vitally important to that integration. National Review and the New York Times, both Jewish dominated, are not capable of upholding American identity, and are committed to its demise.

  6. It’s all reducible to the Cold War anti-Commie crusade…

    And the Cold War anti-commie crusade was a violent assault on the Historic Native Born White American Working Class…60 thousand of them on the Vietnam War Memorial…Socially Conservative Vietnam conquered-passified-homosexual-pedophile normed for gay tourism for Bush H and Bush W Log Cabin homosexual bowtie appointed Federal Judges and their husbands…

  7. An excerpt deserves to be recorded as a definition:

    Conservative Pundit (n.): A weakling and a scold, who does not fight, has no sense of honour, and has no sense of loyalty to his own constituency; to wit – a Cuckservative.

  8. O’Sullivan is a contemptible figure. He presided over NR when paleocons and immigration restrictionism were welcome, but then meekly accepted a demotion when the neocons purged his supposed friends. I have never heard him speak on behalf of the purged or challenge neocons. He played the house nigger role inside of the paleo right the same way conservatism inc. played the house nigger role in the establishment.

  9. John O’Sullivan of NationalReview: “it was a common and largely undiscussed assumption of both major parties and the elites that serve them that the old America would gradually give ground to the new “

    Here’s what Tanstaafl wrote today at his blog Age of Treason (link) :

    ” in the current year even the jews admit “elite” is just code for “jews” “

  10. “That’s why they fought President Trump with every fiber of their being. He was trying to win. Their role is to lose.”

    Among the phony conservatives, you have to make a distinction between:
    – the Jews, who have a Jewish agenda,
    – and the treacherous Whites, who work for the Jews because they think it is in their personal interest.

    And among the treacherous Whites, you have to make a distinction between:
    – those who are going to keep working for the Jews no matter what,
    – and those are now betting on Trump.
    Anyway, it’s better to get rid of all of them.

  11. They didn’t want Trump to win, and they had probably no preference between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. But it is not just about elections.

    The far left, led by the Jews, deliberately promotes destructive things like these :

    – mass immigration
    – race mixing
    – homosexuality
    – sexual promiscuity and abortion
    – atheism
    – crazy anti-male feminism
    – rap music, graffiti, drugs, piercings
    – impunity for criminals
    – less and less free speech in the media
    – ugly modern art
    – ugly public architecture
    – the idea that school is not about transmitting knowledge
    – the whole word method to teach children to read
    – relocating the industry in China in the name of free trade
    – getting western countries heavily into debt
    – ETC. (the aim of every policy is to help destroy Western society.)

    And the job of the phony conservatives is to pretend that they oppose those things, but to do nothing against it when they are in power.

    Thank God for Trump!

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