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  1. To repeat an enemy’s words “This is like election night all over again!” Yes, and I’m loving it. A return to “real American” (read white Christian) law and order again!

  2. Kudos to Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina – a Black Man who was prepared to stick by truth, in the face of the vilest array of base slander and craven threats, that he embrace falsity, disingenuity, and governmental illegality.

  3. Can and will the Governor of Alabama replace Sessions with a real Fire Eater?

    He has essentially a free hand, no?

    If you wanted an Alt South Senator, now’s the chance.

  4. Time for Joe Manchin, (D) Senator from W. Virginia to switch parties. The only (D) to vote for Sessions.

    • Richard Shelby of Alabama was also a Democrat. I suspect Manchin is a D due to vestigial ties of West Virginia once being a Democrat bastion (WV even voted for Carter in 1980). Just as there was no reason for Shelby to remain a Dem, so too will Manchin switch parties. Trump did better in WV than he did in any other state.

  5. Yeah but Neil GorSUCK has already cucked out and called Trump’s comments on the JEWdiciary disheartening. I never liked Gorsuch as a possible SCOTUS and questioned why Richard Spencer and Hunter Wallace praised the selection of Gorsuch.

    Trump, withdraw Gorsuch’s nomination and replace him with William Pryor!

      • I think it’s Rahm’s advice filtering through.

        If no division exists create one…

      • Dump Gorsuch, put Bill Pryor on SCOTUS.

        Gorsuch was way too Establishment Republican for my tastes.

        I hope Trump is fuming and kneecaps Gorsuch now.

      • All Gorsuch said was that Trump’s comments about the judiciary were “demoralizing,” he didn’t say that Trump was FOS or go into a full scale anti-Trump diatribe. The Democrats are jumping all over Gorsuch’s statement like it was a full-on rebuke to Trump and Trump’s agenda. They know that if they vote against Gorsuch, a candidate they voted for last time, the Republicans will be pressured by their constituents to resort to the nuclear option. They WANT to vote for Gorsuch, because they have already proved that they have no legitimate objections where he is concerned, but they must save face to do so.

    • Wow. He couldn’t just keep his cuckmouth shut! Not even appointed yet, and already attacking Trump. He needs to be cast into the outer darkness.

      “Supreme court nominee Neil Gorsuch calls Trump judge attacks ‘demoralising'” — The Guardian · 54 mins ago

      “Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch calls Trump’s attack on judges ‘demoralising'” — NBCNews.com · 46 mins ago

      “Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch says Trump’s attacks on judiciary are ‘demoralising'” — Washington Post · 1 hour ago

      • Has this Cuck Goresuch seen what Trump does to people who cross him and aren’t loyal?!?!?

        You know that Sessions will be telling Trump to dump Gorsuch and replace him with fellow Alabamian William Pryor!

        • Washington Post, 8 hours ago:

          “Democrats — and Gorsuch — must counter Trump’s attacks on the judiciary. And that’s the second move for Democrats: They must demand Gorsuch rebuke the comments and defend the independence of the judiciary.”

          They said “Jump!” and Gorsuck squealed “How high?”

          • Yeah, I explicitly said here and at Spencer’s AltRight.com that it was bad news when NRO was hailing Gorsuch’s nomination. NRO would not have ran a puff piece like that for William Pryor. Hell, they probably would have opposed Pryor.

          • In celebration of Goresuch’s nomination, Jonah Goldberg even spilled some of that sweet Jewish wine on his size 54 waist Dockers, you know its hard for Jonah to get a new pair of pants like Trump said.

    • William Pryor is the worst judge on the list. Unless you agree with homosexual and transgender rights…

      • I don’t care about wedge issues like transvestites using bathrooms. The importat thing is, if Sessions thinks Pryor would uphold the Muslim ban, then that’s good enough for me and I’d rather have Pryor than Gorsuch. Gorsuch has already cucked out.

        • Then you answered my question. You are for homosexual and transgender rights. I think you should maybe follow the Alt-lite? What’s next civil rights for people that pick their nose at the salad bar?

          • OK…But it sure sounds like he should join Milo. If we are making a list of what issues are the most important let me know I would like to weigh in. I dont believe in multiculturalism including kowtowing to homosexual culture. Not giving special rights to every made up minority is high on my priority list.

  6. Best news I’ve heard all day. Can’t wait to see him get some ‘special investigations’ going into the mountains of corruption that have been exposed in the last year or so. Four years might not be enough time.

    • Thank you, Sir. Thank you for your leadership, both in this, on matters of White, and the issue of Southern Sovereignty.

  7. Would that I could have said to my soldiers, resist, and hang out our banners on the outer wall etc! But the day of retribution has not yet come when we shall be able to satiate our spirit of revenge on those fanatics and radicals of the North. Whenever it does, we shall make them drink of the poisoned chalice to the very dregs.

    General P.G.T. Beauregard.

    I think that day may have arrived. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1a02f3629c4eaa0f60f9e6b93a92a350a781e3f9b12b6d27b0913b818ef2e88d.jpg

  8. Now they’ll be desperately trying to ramp up the chances of triggering foreign wars, to distract from what must be done in the homeland.

  9. The DoJ has so far been trying to sabotage responses to the court actions contra the (FakeNews) “Muslim-Ban”. If Sessions really wants to show who’s boss, scores of Shysters need to get booted out of their gumming offices, under armed guard, clutching cardboard boxes filled ONLY with personal items.

  10. Wall Street Journal:

    “For Moderate Democrats, Judge Gorsuch Is as Good as It Gets”


    I bet G. was an NRO-subscribing Never-Trumper.

  11. From the comments section of a HuffPo
    article with the exact same header as this one.

    “The South will rise again”
    I’m afraid they’re very close to fulfilling that promise.”

    “I had a friend who always said the south will rise again. So it has.”

    “Republicans are lighting their celebratory cigars with burning crosses tonight. The Confederacy has risen again.”

    By God, Hunter got his wish!

    • Many of the Union troops at Gettysburg were quickly shuttled to New York City to butcher Draft Rioters, right under the noses of Union League Club Republicans chomping cigars and swigging Cognac leaning out the club window in fact.
      These lefties have no idea how much work Trump must

  12. I hope Beauregard has learned his lesson and won’t do any more photo-ops with colored agitators walking across bridges in Alabama.

  13. Another comment from the HuffPo article
    on Sessions’ confirmation.

    “As a 64 year old white Northerner who vividly remembers the Civil Rights Movement from about 1960 on, and who reveres the memory of every great leader from Rosa to Medgar to Malcolm… I find the approval of Sessions to be profoundly abhorrent. It sends chills through me. I can’t imagine what my black friends and neighbors are feeling today. EVERY American should hang their head in shame that this racist insect is now AG.”

    ‘As a 64 year old white Northerner who vividly remembers the Civil Rights Movement from about 1960 on”

    Must of been rough, seeing it on TV from the safety of your all White, Northern town.

    ” I can’t imagine what my black friends and neighbors are feeling today.”

    All four of them?

    “EVERY American should hang their head in shame that this racist insect is now AG.”

    Does that include us Confederates, Copper Heads and every Cowboy, Indian and Sod buster in flyover country, too?

  14. The Attorney General should focus on cleaning up Communities, Towns, and Big Cities. Should go after Drug Dealers, Gangs, and Ghetto Thugs. Should look at these individuals as organized crime and destroying America. The Ghetto Thugs and Dope Dealers and Users might get mad. Good! Go and protest in the streets and do your little Riot. The Attorney General should shut down those Riots and restore Law & Order in America. The law should Defend honorable people and go after the trash that’s destroying America. WPWW !

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