The Guardian: The American Right Wants A New Civil War

This is where we are heading though:

“A controversial and divisive US president is elected. State governments defy his will. Popular discontent erupts into low-level violence in several states. And then what?

We’ve been here before. In 1861, the newly elected president, Abraham Lincoln, had to be spirited through Baltimore on a secret train to Washington DC, to thwart a suspected assassination plot. Not long after he took power, a five-year civil war began. …

For a new generation of protesters brought up on the myths of the post-1968 period, it is worth pointing out one big difference. This time, we are not facing cold-blooded conservatives defending an existing order, for whom the killing of four students at Kent State provoked a political crisis. This time, we are facing people who want the institutions of the US to explode. That’s what happens in the “Fourth Turning” theory that people such as Bannon believe in.

It’s chilling to acknowledge it but we must: large sections of the American right want another civil war. They have spent years amassing the weaponry for it; and their signifier of choice – hunting camouflage – also gives a major clue as to what they are thinking. In this situation, the choice of the US left, of minorities, of women should be: to resist – but do not give the enemy what they want. …”

I increasingly believe this is where all this is going.

I can see a scenario in which California secedes from the Union. It might be joined by a few other Blue States. In the best case scenario, The Left Coast and Northeast would secede from the United States, it would lead to a Second Civil War, and Heartland would emerge victorious in the conflict.

Heartland would destroy the leftist oligarchy in Los Angeles and New York City and impose a new Constitution on the United States. Reconstruction would be imposed by the South on California and the Northeast. It’s not the future I imagined, but it might be the one we get.

There is an inevitable crackup coming. Everything is swiftly becoming politicized including previously neutral areas like sports and shopping. There is going to be a crisis and resolution.

Note: We will play the Battle Hymn of the Republic … as we march into California to preserve the Union. One day there will be a Trump Memorial in Washington, DC.

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  1. I’ve been anticipating civil war for years. What is new in my analysis is the role of CA as a major front in this conflict.

    • I never thought a CW was possible until I read Chittum, ever since I see it as virtually inevitable.

      W/ Trump in charge I don’t think a real CW could happen as the military and cops are too loyal to him (or their pensions) to make any sort of armed resistance possible.

      My worry is that they’ll depose Trump in some way, and then all bets are off.

      • I’ve been expecting it for 8 years, for the simple reason you can’t speak to Whites the way the left does and not expect it to come to blows.

      • the Praetorian Guard is firmly with the GOD EMPEROR. Did you read DOD is renting an entire floor in the NYC Trump Tower?

      • My personal prediction is that, if there’s a Civil War, it will be either:

        – 2 years from now after the Midterm elections.

        – 4 to 6 years from now, presumably after a Democratic President has been elected.

        • I don’t think a CW has any chance as long as Trump is in power and is popular w/ the White Right, assuming he is willing to use the military to utterly crush any uprising (which I think he definitely is.) Far too many combat troops esp SF would be jumping at the chance to crush those who’ve shit on them for so long, and many local LEO/ White Right would be equally excited at the thought of forming RWDS.

          If a Leftist, or even just a Rightist shill is president, all bets are off.

    • I’ve got that book. I can see the interior areas of California vs the Mexicans and Shitlibs. I can’t see Red states attacking the blue states. Them leaving is the next best thing to the Red states leaving.

      • It’s crazy as they are 8 years from complete total victory under the present rules of the constitution with the demographic map.

        Calexit is a sort of Mexican Supremacist deliverance! if they move first let them.

  2. Upstate NY should not be confused with NYC…NYC is nonwhite and FORIEGN…

    We don’t want to hand the Adirondacks over to Khizir Khans people…

    Cabellas…PA…Christmas time…long lines at what part of the store…right after the doors open? This is the midterm exam for you all…

      • Right after THANKSGIVING…MIDDLE AGED NATIVE WHITE AMERICAN HUSBANDS AND WIVES….lined up….White Husbands buying White Wives small conceal and carry pistols…Wives first time gun owners….defense against nigger beast rapists…If only Connie Francis had a conceal and carry on her in Aug 1975…

    • The Chinese will go for Hawaii, first.
      There’s been talk that they’ve been trying to win friends and influence people in Cuba over the last several years.


    You don’t want to hand this over to the GENELINE of Greater India…

  4. This is an Inversion of Reality.

    It is the anti-Whites who are rioting in the streets, because for the first time in living memory, they might not get their way 100%.

  5. Franco won his civil war, and 40 years after his death, w/o a shot being fired, the Leftist globalists are back in charge. We need to do more than win a war to see who gets to rewrite the Constitution. As globalist judges have been showing for a long time, what is in a Constitution is far less important than who is doing the interpreting.

    We don’t need a civil war, we need a Maoist Cultural Revolution.

    • “Franco won his civil war, and 40 years after his death, w/o a shot being fired, the Leftist globalists are back in charge.”

      Ultimately it comes down to Pro White OR anti-White. Perpetual Money Punishments for anti-Whites or they will be back.

      • Stop worshipping the cockroach Franco…..he would have happily murdered Native Born White American Workers during the populist labor revolts of the late 19th century and early 20th centuries…he would have happy murdered Bill Blizzard and his Army of Cold Miners..

        There is a faction of the Alt Right that I am developing violent hatred for…

    • I am puzzled ( and perhaps a slow old pony) – but I cannot understand how a Maoist cultural revolution fits with a WN populist uprising in an Anglo-American Protestant society.

      • Good point, Coyote.

        I can tell you this – a Maoist Revolution would garner precious little support in the South, except in perhaps 10 major cities.

        They, however, don’t raise food…

  6. I think, in a way, we’ve arrived at a crossroads where we must make hard choices.

    In a way, the progs have a point.

    Free speech is easiest to accommodate when it is mostly harmless and inconsequential.

    Suppose there is a very stable and strong society, and there are anarchists, nazis, satan worshipers, communists, punks, and bunch of other radicals.

    So, it doesn’t matter what they say. Society can indulge in free speech since it’s all just noise and hum.

    In a stable capitalist democracy, who cares what a communist says on top of a soap box? Some will look at him with amusement or curiosity, and that’s about it.

    But suppose the social order is weak and frayed, and suppose 25% of the people have strong communist sympathies. Then, free speech for communists can be very dangerous.

    This is why Latin American nations were far more ruthless with commies than the US was. There was little chance of commies taking power in the USA. But esp after Castro’s victory in Cuba, many Latin American nations were shi**ing bricks cuz lots of poor folks might go with Marxist guerrillas. US understood this and supported the juntas.

    So, free speech is most tolerable when it is most inconsequential.

    A stable democracy will tolerate lots of different speech — nazi talk to nation of islam to anarchism — since all such talk won’t amount to plate of beans. Most Americans will not go Nazi, and most blacks will not join Nation of Islam and start a race war.

    (Indeed, the failure to counter the increasingly potent Speech of Jewish Power was why America changed so fast and furiously. Jews know their power multiplied exponentially through unopposed speech and narrative, and this shift in power had momentous impact on the US. So, they naturally don’t want any side to gain credence and power through similar instrument of speech.)

    Granted, even a stable social order may clamp down on free speech if the elites have been taken over by radical ideology. We saw this in Canada. There was no chance of Nazis coming to power in Canada. So, why did PC become so crazy over there in such a safe and stable society? Because globo-radicals gained power in the institutions. And radicals must push their agenda into every nook and cranny of society and purge any idea that is at odds with their own. Also, in order for radicals(who wormed into elite centers of power) to push through their agenda(designed to fundamentally change society), they must preempt any possible opposition with a dominant narrative. Canada was once almost all-white, and many Canadians wanted to keep it that way. Under such circumstances, call for massive immigration would have been opposed by people and politicians. So, the radicals used power of media and academia to condition as many people as possible — esp the young ones — that there are Nazis all over and that Canada is ‘racist’ cuz it’s too white, and it mus have Diversity and if you oppose it, you’re a ‘nazi’. Once hearts and minds were turned that way, the globo-radicals could push for mass immigration without much of an opposition. Many Canadians will have been won over to Diversity Cult and even those who still opposed it didn’t dare speak out against it since doing so might be deemed ‘racist’ and ‘nazi’.

    In the US, neo-nazis and KKK became utterly inconsequential. There had to be invented as they could hardly be found. The freakout at Oberlin over KKK sighting for example. But most of these ‘hate’ sightings turned out to be ‘hate hoaxes’ or hate-hallucinations of psykkkedelia on the lookout for Hateful Dead.

    Meanwhile, the prog radicals took over all institutions and even publicity departments of industries, and they began to infuse everything with PC. So, even Archie’s Comics had a story where Archie takes a bullet for a homo senator. Superhero comic books are now about homos and blacks. And this became the norm.

    BUT, the rise of Trump and the emergence of Alt Right changed everything. Before Trump and AR, it didn’t matter which party won. The Hegemonic Narrative remained constant. The most ‘right-wing” this country could go was ‘compassionate conservatism’ or cuckservatism of Jeb Bush and McCain praising illegals.

    The most ‘right-wing’ that US intellectuals could go was libertarianism and rooting for US wars overseas.

    It was totally taboo to speak of white interests or even to suggest it implicitly. Or to talk of Jewish Power and the race factor in society.

    Whites had to keep their heads down and never be uppity. Never look massuh in the eye. Whites had to accept that the Narrative that they suck and must repent.

    But Trump won the presidency by deriding all that. Even his disavowal of David Duke was perfunctory than on-his-knees-begging-forgiveness.

    Also, if neo-nazis and KKK had been useful to PC(just as Westboro church was) in caricaturing the White Right as a bunch of lunatics and morons, the Alt Right didn’t conform to Proglob stereotypes of ‘white rightists’. Alt Right challenged & changed the media image of the ‘far right. It offered honest critique of the Real Power America.

    THIS is a real threat to PC. In a way, real neo-nazism and KKK rhetoric was never threatening to PC since it was self-negating. Daytime Talk Shows used to invite neo-nazi and KKK morons and have them talk garbage and make total fools of themselves.

    But Alt Right didn’t fall into that trap. And unlike David Duke who, at one time, was with the Klan, most AR guys have no such baggage.

    So, Alt Right has a real chance of making a difference in contributing to the Narrative. It is the most potently anti-PC force out there.

    And this is why Free Speech is now so dangerous. It’s not because of the Neo-Nazis and KKK but the Truth that is emerging due to internet as the alternative forum of ideas, a sanctuary of truth against PC floodwater.

    Free Speech has become consequential once again. Neo-Nazis and KKK trash-talk only validated PC by confirming all the negative proggy stereotypes of the far-right movement. But Alt Right won’t play by that script, and the PC forces don’t know what to do.

    Though Trump isn’t AR(by any stretch of imagination), his brazen attitude is an inspiration to all whites to stop groveling and keeping their heads bowed. And once whites begin to think freely and of their own interests, many of them will naturally come to agree with AR views.

    And that means a real challenge to the PC consensus that has defined America for so long.

    So, ‘Punch a Nazi’ really means “slander those who tell the truth as a nazi”. All the easier to attack them and silence them.

    But we should welcome ‘nazi punching’ because it will be even more ‘red-pilling’.

    It’s been said a ‘conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged’.

    Then, an Alt Rightist will be a conservative who has been punched.

    Anyway, most Rightist talk was, more or less, tolerated until now because it was either inane & spineless or crazy & demented. Neocons were all about Israel, Cucks were all about ‘compassionate conservatism’, and Neo-Nazis & KKK were about deranged stupidity. Neocons and Cucks served the globalist-establishment and the Neo-Nazis & KKK were too cartoonish to take seriously.

    But some on the Alt Right are the vanguard of a fresh, honest, courageous, and new ways to look at history and society. And Alt Right boils down the Power as essentially Jewish & Homo GLOB and PC-programmed prog-dummies.

    So, the other side is panicking and declared Fatwa to punch more ‘nazis’, which means any Trump supporter. Most of these Trumpers are moderate conservatives, but once they or their friends or family members are punched, they will join the Alt Right.

    ‘Red-pilling’ is mild stuff compared to ‘Nazi-punching’. That will, for sure, turn people to the AR.

  7. Billionaire rock star Roger Waters lives in a Mansion in Sag Harbor…

    At the recent concert in the Desert…Water’s brought a wetback beaner child on stage to issue a demographic threat to Native Born White America…

    For a few years…just South of Roger Waters home in Sag Harbor…at the corner of the 7/11 in South Hampton….on Montauk Highway…a lone Native Born White American Man…a construction worker….did a vigil holding a sign protesting the use of Mexican beaner labor…..he had to endure daily Death threats from the Roger Water’s Mexican beaner scab labor….you find his lone vigil on google images…

    Rock Stars deserve to be sealed in a vat of var battery acid as the White Victims of nonwhite scab labor enjoy the music of the greedy rock stars high pitch screams!!!…in the key of T=TORTURE!!!

    • No jewish methods of Hellstorm are to be visited upon our enemies. Let us be noble in victory after shooting them humanely.

  8. I own a shooting range near the South Carolina border. The area I live in is called Lumbee country. Last weekend I had 130 women mostly black (some where so light I could not tell ) come in through the day and night. They were all together and had come down here from I guess the Raleigh / Durham area somewhere because I had their tags run on their cars by a sheriff I know. I guest there aren’t enough shooting ranges up there.Turns out they were not hood rats. A lot of them worked at professional jobs, they spoke really good they were dressed nicely had on Wedding rings etc.. Later a group of 5 guys finally showed up who were with them some of the husbands. I gave them all free sodas because they had spent so much money. I just hung out with them and I told them straight up that I had never had that many women in my ranges. I did not say black because i knew it would make them go nutty. Some of them said that there wives were a part of some group that are all connected on some social media site and there had been talk about abductions of black women for some reason. Or some sort of threat to their physical safety. He told his wife she was not going to use a gun but she reminded him that she had grown up using a gun in the country. So anyway then he said he had noticed when they were out one evening that folks did not seem as respectful as they had always been. He said something had changed and people were not treating his wife right. So his brother who lived in South Carolina told him about my shooting range and to bring the girls here. . These women were real good looking but they were not trash and not poor and not stupid. I know we call them monkeys and we think they are dumb but these girls knew how to shoot. They had their paper work and licenses for their guns in order and everything. They got all their targets and made all their marks as we say in the business down here. I have had black ladies coming into my range every night this week both Monday and Tuesday. tonight I closed at 5 for the gutters to be cleaned in my building and to restock the targets. But I have a group coming in this weekend . They registered under some Greek name I googled it and found out that it is some sort of black sorority or sisterhood. Actually there are two groups two different of these Greek letter sisterhoods or whatever coming down here to practice on my rifle range. All I can say is I just was able to register for a gun show in South Dakota this summer that I previously could not afford. Now I can afford the registration and can save up for the plane ticket. If this keeps up I won’t even have to save for the plane ticket for my gun show.

    So I believe it about a civil war only when I asked the men about who they thought had been disrespectful to their wives they said mostly other black men and black people. So things are not as clear cut as we thought. Blacks are different down here. They are not all the same even though they are all one race. These girls were not like the ones you see on the news who are against the police and all that mess. These women seemed to be getting ready to protect themselves from their own people for some reason.

      • While the Zulu can fight, I doubt the Cleopatra Joneses are the real danger. I’d make a list of black officers and exservicemen. Keep track of them. Possibly also exservicemen with Hispanic blood.
        Either recruit them for infiltration or just keep track of them.

        • You kidding? Those bitches are the real danger. They’ll cut your belly open then rape you as you die.
          (only 1/2 kidding)
          Seriously though, I doubt as long as DT is in charge that any sort of stand-up secession could work. If he is replaced by a Lefty or cucked Righty anything is possible.

    • for some reason? when the antifa whites arrive in town- not their own people, these gals will be right handy. the undocumented shopper groids will not be anywhere in sight.

    • Dear Mr. Poole,

      Thank you for your testimony.

      I agree with you on your conclusions about negroes.

      Southern negroes are NOT like the cousins in the huge Northern urban centres; and, in particular, rural Southron Negroes are very very different than their urban brethren.

      I live with these people – they in their tens of thousands.

      They are theoretically liberal, yet, operationally conservative of values.

  9. Have a look through the comments section. There’s some interesting stuff in there. I dunno if it’s Americans or Brits in some cases.

  10. “We will play the Battle Hymn of the Republic … as we march into California to preserve the Union. One day there will be a Trump Memorial in Washington, DC.”

    If the Old Union states and the Pac Rim want to leave, let ’em. Southern independence will work out more smoothly if the Yankees think it was their idea.

    • Calif has too many freedom loving whites outside the LaRaza and Libturd infested LA/ SF areas. They will NOT be seceding from our Union. They WILL be helping push the browns and the libturds into Mehico or into the Ocean.

    • Opposition to the South is the only thing uniting Yankeedom, ergo, if the South leaves then Yankeedom itself will die soon afterwards.

        • I’m not a Southerner.

          My outside view of this also doesn’t actually have to do with the South refighting the past so much as it has to do with the South being by far the most patriotic region of America.

          I’ve spent a lot of time in New England, Dixie, the Midwest, and even the West Coast; , and Southerners are the most patriotic people I’ve ever met. A lot of them grumble about Yankees, but they genuinely love America.

          This often seems a bit odd if you’re not from the region (people flying Confederate flags but also identifying heavily with America) but it’s a very real phenomenon. Just talk with small town Southerners and you’ll find people who love the military, want America to be strong, etc.

          And their patriotism helps keep the idea of America relevant. If the South left, ‘Americanism’ would quickly begin to die and then there would be nothing to hold together New Jersey, Vermont, North Dakota, California, Alaska, Hawaii, etc.

          • I’m from the midwest and I don’t see a contradiction between patriotism and flying the battle flag. If HRC had won I’d probably consider it more patriotic than the Stars n’ Bars.

            I assumed you meant the North defined ourselves in opposition to the South. I think small towns are similarly patriotic across most of the nation, regardless of region. People talk about how ‘cucked’ midwesterners are, but a majority of counties vote Republican, Trump in both primary and general. Problem is 50% of my states’ population is in 2 metro areas.

            Its far less regional than it is rural/urban.

          • All good points.

            BTW, which state are you in? Things vary a lot from one part of the Midwest to another.

  11. “it would lead to a Second Civil War”

    It could spread to Western Europe, for the simple reason they have a toxic anti-White problem there as well.

  12. We don’t want a war, but we see the true insanity of the left that stokes anti-white hatred, and we see how they cannot keep their dark-skinned pets in line. Thus there will be war.

    If Mexicans decided to take Southern California, what could anyone do about it in the first days, weeks, and months?

    When it happens, lay siege, but focus on a “short march through the institutions” in the US – ripping up the apparatus of political correctness.

  13. LET’S BE REAL…

    Anyone who opposes The Left is either a Nazi, KKK, or merely wants to foment a new ‘civil war’.

    I agree with our host that we are headed there, ‘an uncivil war’.

    The hell of it is that our side is full of millions of hunters, and Yankee service veterans, such as myself.

    We not only know infantry tacticks and how to hunt, we know how to use AR-15s, M203 Grenade Launchers, M72 LAWS, not to mention 30 and 50 calibre machine guns, ad infinitum.

    Most people on The Left don’t even know what those things are, much less how to use them, and or behave like a unit in a fight.

    In such a situation there will be no ‘safe-spaces’, no psychotropia strong enough to steady your nerves – if you cannot steady them yourself; so I must, again, agree with our host – The Heartland will win any conflagration in a route.

    The Left really does not perceive their situation.

      • I am less sure than you, Captain.


        I don’t see the navy as relevent in a land war, and, as to the air force – since WWII it has only produced the desired results in the first Gulf War.

        In Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Syria etc, etc, it did not.

        That said, you may very well be right. It’s all conjecture.

        I return to my essential line – the modern American Left is way out of it’s ken in an armed struggle.

        There will be no courts to skew, no names to call, no debate cheating, no Lugenpresse – just muscles, guts, and martial skill.

        I don’t see The Left being competitive in this – even if they owned the air and seas.

        Thank you for you comment.

        • You assume that no one outside the US would run guns, occupy territory or otherwise tip the balance. Don’t underestimate the capacity of Jews to provide the “resistance” infinite credit.

          • That’s true, Captain. I did not think of that, at all, nor do I regard myself much wise in this.

            As to Jews, I don’t know how they would respond.
            They might be interested in waiting to see a developing winner, and then side with that.

            There is not much value in usurping something that, ultimately, is weak:)))

            Have a good night!

          • The French were inordinately interested in the Colonies after the French-Indian War…their financial support for the Patriots was decisively felt in the Chesapeake when DeGrasse’s fleet blocked the Bay and deprived the RN the ability to evacuate Yorktown.

          • Good point. (((Certain peoples))) spent $1.3B on the presidential campaign of the worst candidate in history, I’m pretty sure they’d spend at least that on a last-ditch attempt to regain control of their biggest cash cow

          • Captain, after reflection, let me disagree with your and my answer.

            The one who would win would be the one willing to suffer the most and lose the most in pursuit of the goal.

        • If they could get the Mexicans and Blacks to fight for them. However, I don’t believe such men would take orders from the likes of Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, or even Jerry Brown.

          • ‘f they could get the Mexicans and Blacks to fight for them. However, I
            don’t believe such men would take orders from the likes of Barbara Boxer
            and Dianne Feinstein, or even Jerry Brown.’

            Funny, Mr. Owen; and so very very true!

  14. ‘We will play the Battle Hymn of the Republic’

    You’re scaring me, Sir. Do we have to play that damn tune?

    How ’bout the one, below? …

      • I know, I just think it’s hilarious that the right is now fighting to preserve America(TM) and the left wants to secede.

        The whole role-reversal thing really is like something out of a movie. Also, to be 100% honest with you, I’m still hoping to see multiple White racial states emerge in North America rather than see the Union preserved. I just don’t particularly like America, tbh.

    • Imagine, Wolf Blitzer: “The California National Guard has been called in to escort White students to college.”

  15. Imagine what would happen if they eliminate Trump. Wow. All of America’s historical conflicts would come in a day, apocalyptic.

    • Agreed, too many of the White Right (even those who don’t ID as white) know that Trump is the last hope for a peaceful resolution

    • I don’t think so. I think we still need a few more months, maybe even a couple of years, for the conservative-minded folks to get emotionally invested in Trump and his policies. Right now all Trump has been able to do is signal his good intentions, but he hasn’t actually struck any large blows for us yet. There is no wall, no repeal of Obamacare, no immigration halt, etc. When and if it becomes clear that a Trump presidency means a resurgence of things that Anglo America holds dear, then people will be willing to rise up in large numbers to fight in his name.

      Right now, I fear that if Trump were to go, most people would just say “Damn the leftists” and go back to hunkering in their bunkers.

      • “Right now all Trump has been able to do is signal his good intentions” — that’s why the effect would be even stronger if they eliminated him now.

  16. I’m getting that your post might be a little bit tongue-in-cheek, but why not just let California and the Northeast go?

  17. “Heartland would destroy the leftist oligarchy in Los Angeles and New York City”

    What would then be done with all the non-Whites? I suggest sending the Mexicans back to Mexico, the Blacks to a separate place somewhere, and the rest to Alaska.

  18. I would rather let blue states go in peace and form there own nation and then we will see who is most successful; free trade multiracial democracy or populist based white nationalism.

    • A great pep talk, indeed.

      That said, there are many examples of bloodless secessions in the recent decades, and none that I can think of that resemble The War of Northern Aggression.

  19. I respectfully disagree that there will be a new Civil War.

    A German poll discovered that Antifa is composed of angry, young White men who are unemployed and living with their parents.

    Assuming Donald Trump brings back great paying, full time jobs, it is going to make the possibility of risking jail and a busted head from the cops for $15.00 from Soros look far less attractive. Carrot.

    Those Antifa who have already been caught destroying property are facing ten years in jail and at least at $25,000 fine. Stick.

    Just like Blacks riot in their own neighborhoods, these demonstrators don’t demonstrate in Red State neighborhoods where the residents are heavily armed. They are raising hell in liberal neighborhoods, breaking into and burning down Starbucks. So, there is a new phenomena rapidly building in, of all places, a liberal enclave like Portland Oregon called “Protest Fatigue.” You can see some interesting stuff on YouTube where the enraged citizenry is directing police swat teams to Antifa blocking buses and cars and giving them the thumbs up as they take these guys down.

    While opposing Bush without offering any concrete alternatives worked for the Democrats in 2006-2008, that is not going to work for them with Trump. Democrats had a lousy candidate with Hillary — all the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put that Humpty back together again — nor even the King himself. The only thing that kept Hillary from being fifty points behind was the non-stop propping and support from the media and Obama, but she still lost.

    Democrats need both a great alternative candidate and a solid, sensible platform that will appeal both to the Yankee White working class base they dismissed back in 2007 and also the Non-Whites who stayed home rather than vote for a self-entitled old White lady in 2016. Democrats opting to go with Black Lives Matter is not only going to further alienate the base they need to woo back but any so-called Person of Color who is not Black.

    I can’t see Mexifornia going to war against U.S. troops to secede from the Union. I go by this based on the actions of “undocumented workers” right after September 11, 2001 in Texas. I have a friend in construction there and he told me that within days, one could not find a single illegal in Texas. One day one couldn’t swing a stick in the parking lot of Home Depot without hitting one, and the next day, they couldn’t be found anywhere. They had all scampered home.

    Mexifornia is NOT going to go to war to get off the American tit. That’s not the way Gibsmedat works. Illegals were never that well-loved by Mexican-American non-politicians. Most Mexican-Americans can’t stand illegals. In New Mexico, they were referred to as low-riders and the butt of all jokes there. In Texas only Mexican-Americans refer to them as wetbacks and I imagine the Mexicali have their own derogatory terms for them, too.

    Cesar Chavez was very much against undocumented workers. Believe me, Mexican-Americans aren’t anymore thrilled than the Anglo working classes to watch their wages and standard of living decline with every wave of Hispanic undocumented labor sweeping over the Southern border. They don’t want a violent, deport them all, and let God sort em out approach by Trump, but they aren’t going to put up a fuss if Trump makes it impossible for an illegal to get a job or government benefits and the illegal self-deports.

    All Trump has to do is cut off federal funding to California which takes more back than what it puts out. Once San Francisco et al has to pay through the nose to virtue signal how much they love their cheap labor, they will find a way to make them all self-deport themselves.

    Trump won’t back down. We need to put pressure on the RINOs and the wobbly Republicans to back him, balls to the wall, let the left exhaust themselves and exasperate the moderate liberals and the squishy middle and we will prevail. No worries.

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