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  1. I love how our glorious God-Emperor takes his message directly to the people, instead of sending a flunky in front of the kike-controlled press to grovel for their approval. Those days are over with, son.

  2. There’s a lot of talk about resisting the invasion of Muslims to the West.

    But, isn’t it a bit too late to talk about resisting Submission to Muslims?

    After all, the West has already submitted to Zionist-globalism, Afromania, Homomania, and Feminist Castration.

    The West had once been virile and militant in its stand against Islam. So, how did it become so defenseless now? Because all-powerful Muslims suddenly smashed the gates of Vienna in the Current Year? NO. It is because the alien forces that already dominate the West — financially, culturally, intellectually, or morally(think of the Mandela Myth in the West) — have decided to let the Muslims in. The forces that already dominate the West may not like Islam, but they fear Western resistance against Islam because such might lead to return of Western pride and virility that may then throw off other yokes as well. When a people fend off or defeat one enemy, it gives them confidence to take on more enemies. (When non-whites subjects of the British Empire served in the Imperial military to defeat the Germans and the Japanese, they returned home with the confidence to then resist and overthrow British power itself. Ironically, their service under the British gave them the confidence to eventually defy the British. Even though they’d served to fight the enemies of the British Empire, they realized they could fight.)

    Muslims are arriving in huge numbers because the gates have been raised from the inside. And why did Western folks do this? Because they’ve already SUBMITTED to Zionist-globalism, Afromania, homomania, & feminist castration and take orders from PC.

    Fixation on Muslims misses the point. Muslims are late-comers and train-hoppers in this historical trajectory. They are not the ones with the power forcing the West to submit. If the West regained its senses, it would easily push out all these pesky Muslims. If a small and relatively weak nation like Hungary can build walls to keep out Muslims, so can all of EU. But why won’t they? Because they’ve submitted to the GLOB(globalist power).

    In our time, Western folks worrying about submission to Islam is like slaves worrying about submitting to a new master. Suppose there are white slaves who serve their Jewish master, black master, homo master, and feminist master. Then, suppose the masters decide to bring over a Muslim and make him master over white slaves too. Suppose white slaves raise a stink about having to submit to this Muslim-who-would-also-be-master. White slaves say they want to remain free. But if they prize freedom so much, why did they already submit to Jewish master, black master, homo master, and feminist master? What is one more master? Also, the Muslim doesn’t have the power to force himself to be master. He is being enabled by the other masters that the whites are ALREADY serving.

    If anything, to the extent that Muslims are defiant against Jews, homos, feminists, and blacks, maybe whites should learn a few things from them.

    Besides, Islam isn’t about making the world submit to Muslims. It is about mankind submitting to Allah, their name for God. But then, isn’t Christianity also about submission to God?

    I don’t like Islam, but in some ways, it is freer than secular ideologies that require us to submit to human authority. Secularism says that certain peoples should have supreme power: communists, ‘Aryans’, Jews, blacks, feminists, homos, etc. Certain peoples, based on ideology or identity, should rule over others. Jewish secularists think Jews should rule over mankind.

    Islam says that all humans should submit to the higher authority of God. It says there is a power and truth higher than anything human, political, ideological, and PC.

    Islam is troublesome because it has too many archaic laws and decrees carried over from Arabic medievalism, but Muslims at least worship something higher than the fads & fashions of the Current Year. Also, Mosques don’t allow homo symbols. In contrast, so many christian churches have surrendered/submitted to the Anno Sodomini.


    It is not enough for white folks to say, “We will not serve the Muslim master.” They must say, “We will serve NO master. We will serve ourselves, our people, and our heritage.”

    As long as white folks slavishly and cuckishly serve the GLOB, the likes of Soros will ask, “If you love being my slave, what’s the big deal about being slave to my overseer as well?” These Muslims and other non-whites are little more than overseers used by the Glob to keep the white race enslaved mentally and morally.

    So, if whites want to be free, they need to liberate themselves from the Glob first and foremost.

    • You speak of Islam as though it would treat Westerners on an equal footing with Muslims and just be another master among many. It would not. This is the part that liberals have been trained not to get. Muslims are a different race, therefore they hate us with a specific racial hatred. Racial hatred, it’s real. Liberals will not get anything until they get that.

  3. Given the nature of those who currently control the media, they need to be overwhelmed and taken over through stealth, infiltration. Front door storming is only go to do so much. Isn’t there anyone who can supplant largest share holder at NYT? NYT is the lynchpin. It is terrible when the media in a country serves the interests of everyone other than the country itself. The radical liberal terrorism mud fest that the media is now is not in the interests of the American people.

  4. The Muslims who hit the Charlie Hebdo offices were spot on. They are on verge of dictating to their political will to France.

    Trump is absolutely correct to attack the press.

  5. We are told that we can’t send illegal aliens back to their native countries because it would tear them apart from family and friends in America.

    Okay… then we can’t allow any more immigration since it would tear the arrivals from their families, relatives, friends, and countrymen in the home countries. What an unconscionable act of violence to uproot them and resettle them in America so far from their nations, families, relatives, friends, and countrymen. We can’t have that! It would be too traumatic.

    We must keep them intact with their families and friends by ensuring that they stay in their homelands and not come to America where they will be surrounded by strangers in a strange land.


    • “…then we can’t allow any more immigration since it would tear the
      arrivals from their families, relatives, friends, and countrymen in the
      home countries…”

      Good argument.

    • Armstrongs reports are very interesting. I read them from time to time. There set up for long term forecasting so they’re always topical.

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