Richard Spencer Trolls International Students For Liberty Conference

I just heard about this on Facebook.

I’m not in DC and have no idea what was going on here. I hope Richard shares his account of what transpires later, but meanwhile this is already up:

“Just moments ago, at the latest International Students for Liberty Conference, White Nationalist and Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer had a heated confrontation with FEE head Jeffrey Tucker after the former had set up an impromptu booth in a dining hall at the hotel venue.

For close to an hour prior, Spencer sat and spoke with passerby as they questioned his being at the libertarian event and his societal views at large. Spencer at various points supported the idea of using state force to protect the rightful citizens of his ideal utopia from “outsiders,” as well as spoke very cynically and distrustfully of multiculturalism — something he apparently thinks degrades culture and is therefore wary of.

Various attendees to the conference publicly shared or posted about the happening on Facebook and other social media, showing their unease. …”

Some neckbeard with a weak voice made the video below on Facebook Live:

There was a confrontation with Jeffrey Tucker:

Update: Apparently, Richard was invited by the Hans Hermann Hoppe Caucus.

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  1. Libertardianism is as discredited as NRO conservatism. Its only appeal is with a few eccentric White kooks who never experienced the pleasure of having coloreds and mestizos move into their neighborhoods.

    • I Jack Ryan of OD take personal credit for deflating the cult that was/is Ron Paul, Rand Paul race denying, open borders Libertarian Constitutionalist lunacy.

      I was the one who got American Renaissance to revive Instauration magazine’s “Traitor of the Year” award in 2013 and make KY Sen. Rand Paul the first winner/loser.

      Libertarianism especially the Ron Paul cult is a cult and it works the way other cults work – with an anointed leader at the top who gets wealth and fame, and then a pyramid. Those on the bottom are virtual slaves and face tremendous social pressure never to leave the cult.

      It’s pointless to try use reason with these Libertarian cult members. Hard nature including violent racial realities are what is needed.

      • I remember someone in the Duke camp fell head over heels for the Ron Paul lunacy back in 2008 and was publishing deranged article after article telling how Diebold hacking was stealing all these blowout Ron Paul victories in the Primaries away from him to McCain. Funny thing is I asked around the workplace an nobody knew who Ron Paul even was, the all knew Obama, Hillary, and McCain, showing that the guy wasn’t even on the publics radar obviously discrediting the crackpot stolen election theory.

        • At least Ron Paul was anti bailout and would have ended the fed and our military involvement in the middle east.

          You got your platform because anti white racism hit a crescendo under Obama. You should quit being so arrogant. Who the fuck ever heard of Bob Whitaker? LOL!

    • I use #Losertarians but agree with your analysis in general.
      The founders would certainly be Nationalist, and probably pro-white because they weren’t stupid. In 1960, the other races were conforming, or at least trying to conform to the white, European, Christian (protestant nonconformist externally) paradigm. Today they are – to judge “by the content of their character” barbarians, and I think Thomas Jefferson or even Alexander Hamilton (anti-immigrant) would treat many like the Barbary Pirates.

      Jim Crow may have been a “Severe Mercy”, but it was merciful to force a conformity to morality and God’s commandments. I can wonder how it might have been, but even if I wanted to, while it may be easy to overcome self-destructive sinfulness, it is far harder, almost impossible (camel through needle) to overcome “have a kid, get a check”. Blacks are worse off, but Whites are succumbing.

      • “In 1960, the other races were conforming, or at least trying to conform to the white, European, Christian (protestant nonconformist externally) paradigm.”

        One of the worst pieced of crap out of Hollywood recently has been the Harold and Kumar movie. It seemed meant to make sure that the “white admiration” that is part of some of these immigrants mindset is changed to white resentment. It is also meant to encourage the Hindus and Chinese immigrant kids to turn away from their conservative family clan type lifestyle and remake themselves into rootless individuals immersed in sex drugs and MTV. One particular scene in it blatantly points out to all these Asians that they are NOT to view Jews as white and “passover” them with their hate. Two Jew potheads are the only whites positively portrayed in the movie and pointed out to the audience.

    • That Tucker guy jumped in to stop Spencer from converting the young men to fascism. Libertarianism is the last stop for well meaning whites before the red pill.

  2. Richard Spencer needs better security. The rule should be if any Antifas or others are being verbally hostile and wearing mask disguises then the fight is on.

    • These Libertarians are close to conversion.

      A few of them must have noticed the contradiction of ejecting a peaceful dissident from the hotel bar and their open society with Marketplace of ideas…

        • Hmmm okay I’ll take your word on that.

          I tend to see libertarians as people who a rationalizing genocidal policies against blacks but hide behind fiscal and financial gobbledegook. They know what they are peddling.

          Liberals rationalize the same against whites but via cultural change and they are in denial they are doing it.

          But I’ll defer to you if you have personal knowledge of these folks.

          • They catch a lot of the more intelligent White college kids longing for freedom. When you’re 20 being a “deluded fool” is understandable. If you haven’t wised up by 40 that’s a different story.

        • They are EQUALLY honest but suffer from hubris and stupidity. Tom Woods and Michael Malice were talking on a podcast last week and noted the problem, “I’m smart, and have determined if we just get rid of X, we’d have Utopia” – where X is alcohol, marriage, or private property. But put “government” into X and you see they are no different. They have all the answers and wish to completely transform society to their idea of perfection.

  3. “Excuse me!! … ExcUUUUUUUse ME!!!! … Hey, let’s all say ‘fuck you’… [swearing] [nigger-speak]” etc

    Why would anyone ‘debate’ with a libertarian? It makes more sense to debate with Downs Syndromers.

  4. Libertarians, liberals, communists, etc. may not agree on everything, but apparently they all agree on silencing anyone who believes that Whites as a group have legitimate interests and that they don’t exist to serve the interests of other groups.

  5. Faggy voices are intolerable. I can’t understand the people who are Milo fans. Chic Nihilistic Faggotry has about as much interest and appeal as a sewage treatment plant.

  6. “Fascism’s” great consequence is it forces all people to reject their liberal sentiments. It makes even the pacifist into a fighting spirit who will not hesitate to discard all their pretense of liberty and peace to deny a fascist the same rights they pretend to value. We are only more honest, we intend right from the start to censor the pacifist and deny him a voice. Liberty has only the value we assign to it.

  7. This is wonderful. Spencer, to my knowledge has not called for any return to Slavery. Unlike Block and Hoppe.
    But it might solve the refugee problem. No open borders, but often Libertarians say it is better to have child labor than to have them become prostitutes or starve. Well, maybe we can have “libertarian slavery contracts” and then let any Somali or Syrian or Hispanic in that wants to become a chattel slave in the USA (I think we’d need a constitutional amendment, but the libertarians don’t like even that much government). As per their child labor and free trade with tyrant arguments it might be better to live here as a slave than “there” under such conditions.
    There is a problem, now I won’t know if “libtard” refers to the left or libertarians.

  8. I was reading the newest posts on the blog of my biggest fan, that being Nicholas Stix, and something occurred to me:

    A yuge percentage of libertarian intellectuals are tenured academics. Which means they are immune from the economic pressure and forces they want everyone else to be subjected to.

    As far as “Jeffrey Tucker taking down Richard Spencer,” all that means is that Tucker won a debate. And what does that mean in the long run? Zilch. Political debating is meaningless, irrelevant and overrated. Tucker might have won that debate, in his own mind and in the opinion of his partisans. But, they’re debating on a worldview that generally has 1% public support. Richard Spencer, OTOH, is on the right side of history.

  9. Jews claim to be worried about low-birthrates in modern first world nations of the West and the East.

    Well then, how come Jews don’t recommend the Read-and-Breed Strategy for nations with low birthrates?

    Jews say they are so concerned about European and Asian nations with low birthrates. What is to be done? Jews say these nations should invite in tons of foreigners to become ‘new Germans’ and ‘new Japanese’, even to the point of demographically eclipsing the original native population. Jews say the original populations should go the way of indigenous Hawaiians in Hawaii that is now mostly white and yellow.

    But Israel has had success with demographic stability. If anything, it has increased Jewish numbers with birthrate alone.

    How did Israel do this? The government has funded the Jewish scholar Talmudic ‘brahmanic’ class to devote their lives to spiritual-cultural study, preservation of heritage, and family creation. After all, the only way to preserve the heritage of history and culture is by having future generations to inherit them. Sacred texts, art works, architecture, and cultural treasures mean nothing on their own. They only have meaning in relation to people who receive, value, and identify with them.

    If the world were devoid of people, what would all the world’s arts, books, musics, and museums be worth? Nothing. Culture only has meaning to those who inherit and appreciate them. So, in order to preserve Jewish heritage, Jewish lineage must also be preserved and continued. There has to be future Jews in healthy numbers in Israel to inherit the culture & treasures and keep them meaningful and viable across time.

    And Israel, though an advanced first world nation, has managed birthrates at not only replacement level but growth level. How did Jews do this?

    Read-and-Breed Strategy that lent prestige to the Talmudic class of scholars. They were allowed to devote their lives to study, culture, and family-formation. Since they were valued as patriots and standard-bearers of blood and culture, they were incentivized to have families. So, Jewish numbers in Israel has remained healthy.

    Well, if this works for Israel, it should work for other nations. Jews should tell European and East Asian nations that they too should create a prestigious class of national-scholars devoted to study, culture, heritage, spirituality, and family. And they should be funded by the government since they are standard-bearers and torch-bearers of history, culture, and national lineage. So, even if many secular professional Germans are not having kids or just one kid per family, a German ‘brahmin’ national scholar could have 6 or 7 children. Some will follow in the footsteps of their father but some can later take up professional jobs in the secular field. It’s like some kids of Talmudic parents in Israel become secular and become scientists, lawyers, engineers, and etc. But the thing is the current system of Read-and-Breed works for Israel.

    Another great thing about the Read-and-Breed Strategy is that Israel will have real Jews in the future who will appreciate Jewish identity and culture. In contrast, there is no guarantee that foreign newcomers to Europe or Japan will want to really assimilate and appreciate the native cultures there.

    Anyway, if Jews are indeed so caring and concerned about nations with low birthrates and want to give sound advice, why not share their successful formula of Read-and-Breed?

    Just think. Suppose there are 10 Germans. Suppose 2 don’t marry, 3 marry and have 2 kids each, and 4 marry and have 1 kid each. So, those 9 together don’t produce replacement level. But suppose the 10th German is designated as a national scholar devoted to culture and family. Suppose he has 6 kids. That will balance things out.

    So, nations with low-birth-rates should create a brahmanic class to be funded by state. And their lives would be devoted to culture, patriotism, and family. That way, even if ‘secular’ countrymen don’t have enough kids, these ‘brahmanics’ will make up for the loss. And their kids will be raised with a strong sense of history, culture, and heritage.

  10. Listen to the fat cuck fuck, saying richard spencer won’t do shit. Fucking beta cuck warriors. Ha !

  11. Libertarianism is implicitly pro-white. If there was true freedom of association, there would be many whites only businesses, schools, neighborhoods, and even cities.

  12. Many White Nationalists and Alt Righters got started with libertarianism. This is an obvious recruiting ground, perhaps because the Faustian urge towards freedom is inherent in the White race.

    A point to be made towards libertarians is: if “barnyard collectivism” and “initiation of force” are big evils, then libertarian opprobrium ought to be directed against Black Lives Matter, “antifas,” Muslim student fronts on assorted campuses, and the like. These groups are collectivist, these groups have initiated force, and these groups have engaged in suppression of free speech by various attacks on speakers (e.g., the recent riot in Berkeley against Milo).

    The demand for collectivism is coming from the Left over “reparations for slavery,” the “white privilege” narrative and mandatory “diversity” indoctrination, as well as big government initiatives such as Section 8 housing. What are the libertarian positions on these issues?

    Libertarian heroes such as Jefferson are being expunged by the left for being slaveowners. Same with other founding fathers such as Washington and even Jackson. There is a streak within libertarianism which supports the Confederacy’s struggle against the federal government. How do libertarians feel about the recent wave of attacks against Confederate monuments and the Confederate battleflag?

    The Alt Right ought to be confronting libertarians on these issues. One can ask libertarians: if they oppose Whites organizing for their interests, would they also oppose various minorities doing the same? i.e., what is the libertarian position on the NAACP, La Raza, the Muslim Student Union, etc? For that matter, what is the libertarian position on capitalist corporations and public tax dollars subsidizing many leftwing racialist groups?

    And the next time that BLM is rioting, will libertarians confront them on the Non-initiation of Aggression Principle? Will they be willing to use their Second Amendment rights to protect lives, liberties and property at the next NPI event?

    If the Alt Right handles this issue correctly, libertarianism can be turned into an asset.

  13. What is often denounced as ‘antisemitism’ is really ‘anti-semito-supremacism’.

    Anti-Semito-Supremites oppose Jewish supremacist abuses.

    • And Jews are not Semites. As Benjamin Freedman, Arthur Koestler, and Shlomo Sand have attested to in their printed works.

  14. And this is why they will never win, too busy being the most “moral and principled” person, they fear being hated by groups who are indifferant if not hostile to them, their culture, their goals and the people needed to make it happen rather then being dispaced/replaced/out voted and their rights and wealth being stolen by a bunch of imported welfare voters..

  15. Glad to see Richard is letting his hair grow out and isn’t sporting that fucking stupid undercut style.

  16. Poor Tucker looks pretty tuckered-out here, I suppose decades of grids-faggot sex takes a real toll on body, mind, and soul. And Tucker is antifa! Who would have thought?

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