Tucker Carlson’s Reinvention

If you haven’t heard by now, Tucker Carlson has replaced Megyn Kelly on FOX News and has evolved from a mainstream conservative into a borderline Alt-Lite personality:

“This shtick worked brilliantly for Carlson, catapulting him from a weekend hosting gig to the coveted 9 p.m. slot in Fox’s primetime lineup. He now regularly pulls in more than 3 million viewers a night—a marked improvement on the program he replaced—and he counts the commander in chief among his loyal fans. Just this past weekend, President Trump set off a minor international firestorm when he suggested Sweden was experiencing an immigrant-fueled spike in crime—a (dubious) claim he picked up by watching Tucker Carlson Tonight. …”

Case in point, the Sweden story.

It was all over sites like Infowars and Breitbart in the two weeks before Tucker Carlson picked it up. It went from there all the way up the rightwing media food chain to President Trump. We’ve become fans of the show in this household even though we consume far more more information from the internet than cable television. He’s reaching an audience which normally doesn’t watch FOX News.

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  1. My wife and I have been watching Mr. Carlson since night 1.

    We both felt it better than Miss Megyn, and, since he began to reprise more of the ancient Braden/Buchanan CNN Crossfire debate confrontations,, it’s gotten even more interesting.

      • Yes, Mr. Cushman – neither my wife nor I enjoyed the new butch lesbian Kelly look, nor the apparent increasing seeminess of her interview style.

        Maybe you don’t like her because she fundamentally opposes most of what we hold dear, although she never said it outright.

        Many times, particularly during the campaign., when my wife accused her of being liberal.

        P.S. I hope you are proud of the work you did for the Trump Campaign, and for Southron Nationalism, because it is really starting to pay off – and it’s only just beginning.

      • Towards the end of her run, she seemingly spent most of her show promoting her book. She is a shallow careerist.

        • Well, she is a Vatican-Romanist. Did you take that into consideration, S.L.?

          I remember during the debate in which she ran into the Trumpian buzz-saw. She, as a moderator, asked Sen Rubio (Vatican-Romanist) about Cardinal Dolan and foetal abortion in one question. The ethnic cohesion in that moment was palpable and it was to me alien and therefore highly deleterious. But it is also a microcosm. White-presenting people of Republican Irish background give a hand up to Hispanics through the religious context. It happened in the 1960s with the Kennedys’ immigration plot, as well.

  2. I don’t have cable, but watched on internet videos.

    Tucker is attacking low hanging fruit, but there is so much. This is like a boxing match where there is a TKO in round one but they have to fill airtime. Tucker can be opposed dialectically and rhetorically – but few have any substance. Watching a liberal bob, weave, dance, “float like a butterfly” and sting like a moth… Tucker’s letting them hang themselves may be the best part.

    Say, has anyone watched the uglified bad hairdo Megyn?

  3. I recommend Mr Carlson to others primarily out of ethnic loyalty, which is a loyalty he reciprocates himself ocasionally, though in a general way.


  4. Carlson doesn’t just have a bigger audience than Megyn Kelly had, I believe he has a younger audience. That’s certainly important to FOX, as a business consideration.

    And it’s important to the prospects of conservative politics generally. The median BIll O’Reilly viewer is in his late sixties (I think Megyn Kelly had a lot of viewers who were old men too, for obvious reasons). These are people who, within a few years, not going to matter much, politically, because they won’t be around to vote. Carlson’s viewers, on the other hand, are more likely to be younger. A lot of his audience are people with kids who will be going to college within the nex few years, and he is showing them just what the modern university has become – a place where you send your kids to be taught to hate themselves, you, and your entire civilization, and you get to pay through the nose for the privilege.

    Now, every evening, Carlson turns over a rock and invites his audience to examine the vermin that live thereunder. It is very instructive.

    • The United Nations has predicted, surprisingly, that Sweden will become a third-world country by the year 2030… You know it’s bad when the U.N. has that sort of outlook on your current-year policies.


  5. If I remember correctly, this transformation began when he wrote an article( for Politico, of all places) “Donald Trump is Shocking, Vulgar and Right”. It was so good that even Patriarch of all Cucks was impressed. One year later Politico publishes instructions on how to “deal” with Tucker during an interview.

  6. Case in point, the Sweden story.

    It was all over sites like Infowars and Breitbart in the two weeks before Tucker Carlson picked it up.

    ………and the slow invasion and destruction of Sweden has been spotlighted in White Nationalist circles for well over a DECADE. It’s great that Trump and some mainstream media personalities are finally talking about Sweden and implicitly showing that an anti-White agenda does exist—like we’ve said all along—in White Western nations, but I’ll be damned if they get to swoop in and act like prophets, sages and saviors when, for years, it has been pro-White people that have been fired, degraded, ostracized and assaulted for daring to bring the truth to light. They will be constantly reminded whose talking points they are using.

  7. There is so much low hanging fruit in the anti-white bramble patch even Cucker Tarlson can be effective, and that is saying a bit.

    Think of a right wing Jon Stewart and to think that shtick was there for years waiting to be picked up while those dipshit “conservative intellectuals” wrote essays on what the left really, really meant.

    • Re the low-hanging fruit, one of my first quizzical observations about WN was that it wasn’t so much that WN tended to be done so badly, but that it tended to be done so badly when the opportunities to do it well abounded.

      • Saw that one too. I called not an IOI on altright.com – her hair really was in her face, on the camera side, and she’s a professional TV journalist. But it don’t matter – all those lib bitch hindbrains crave a fashy bruh.

        • I think she knew it would have to be interpreted as one. She shouldn’t have moved her hand in frame either way.

  8. I think Tucker is one of many in the media who will start coming out on our side now that our numbers are up and they will be professionally rewarded rather than professionally and personally destroyed for proWHITE views.

  9. I’m going with the idea that we can’t put a lot of hope in some leaders/saviors that

    A) Wear bow ties, worked uncomplaining at National Review

    B) Are flaming homosexuals who boast about Black lovers with big D****

    Sure, I guess it’s nice to hear some non anti Southern, non anti White things on the MSM – but let’s cultivate and support (make $) on our own leaders.

    Hunter Wallace should be talking, speaking directly to millions of our own people and he’s not going to be wearing a bow tie or trying to spread Libertarian memes that:

    “Al Sharpton is Right” (Cucker Carlson once said that)

    • He shines like a beacon in that somewhat creepy Romanist place that is Fox News. Did you notice? Even Carlson’s substitute for his off-days is a Vatican-Roman “Catholic…”

        • It’s not said flaming homosexual who boasts of perversion, even though that one also belongs to said ethnic-religious group… Come friend, be a little more trusting for I will not repeat the name of a heretick in this place reserved for more godly soldiers.


  10. Carlson found his niche asking straightforward questions. If this had happened a few years ago, he might have asked why George Zimmerman was obligated to allow Trayvon Martin to kill him or turn him into a vegetable.

    Maybe tonight he’ll take on CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s idea that 12 year old girls who don’t want to see a penis in their locker room are intolerant.

  11. My feeling was that the (Jewish) children of Rupert Murdoch were looking to take over Fox news, make it Neo Conservative – the smears and firing of Roger Ailes, banning of Ann Coulter showed that was happening.

    The Trump victory has sort of temporarily slowed this down. The Zionists are regrouping and basically giving up on most of Neo Conservatism. So Many Neo Con Jews are acting like rats leaving the sinking Neo Conservative ship to swim over to Anti White, Lib Left Social Justice Warrior stuff.

    There’s also a huge push to make Jews part of the Liberal Left victim group with obviously hoaxes of Anti Semitic hate crimes, anti semitic Vandalism. The desecration of the Jewish graves in an All Black African area outside of St. Louis – that’s 90% plus a self inflicted hoax designed to get sympathy.

    Jews want Debbie Wasserman Schultz as head of the DMC, Jews want all their Lib Left anti White, Jews on the Supreme Court. Ruth Bader Ginzberg is now 86 years old.

  12. 2 quick points:

    1) the Jewish Federal Reserve is prepping to crash the economy, and blame it on Trump. We need to get out ahead of this (its not the economy stupid, and end the fed)

    2) Brietbart always had that neocon vibe to them, much like Mike Flynn and others associated with Trump. Pro war rhetoric is the giveaway. For our people the war is here at home.

  13. We watch Tucker every night and especially enjoy the way he eviscerates the progtard du jour. He may be the smartest, most formidable interviewer anywhere. Plus, he’s fearless.

  14. People like Tucker Carlson are huge positives in my opinion. He is the reason I always considered Milo a hindrance (not that he matters anymore lol). People like Tucker can give normies the ‘alt-lite’ gateway drug while still being a respectable white man.

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