Pat Buchanan: Is Secession a Solution to Culture War?

Patrick Buchanan recently raised the issue of secession, which has been in the news in both Blue State California and Red (or maybe Purple) State North Carolina. Buchanan openly questions, given the “divisions among us, deeper and wider than ever,” whether the Right and Left actually want to avoid a civil war. He argues:

A new federalism – a devolution of power and resources away from Washington and back to states, cities, towns and citizens, to let them resolve their problems their own way and according to their own principles – may be the price of retention of the American Union.

Let California be California; let red state America be red state America.

That seems unlikely at the moment despite the #Calexit movement and other regional secessionist efforts. Trump has sent the issue of transgender bathrooms back to the States. But in general the States are mere administrative units of the US regime. They may over time begin to reassert sovereignty but the trend has been strongly away from decentralization.

Emotions are also running very high now. Wild street protests and political violence are becoming normalized. And we are only a month into the Trump era. This summer could be chaotic. If I were a betting man I would bet on a lot more political violence and unrest with even deeper divisions between Left and Right developing over the next year. In that political climate a lot more possibilities will likely open up to us. Maybe even secession.

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  1. Secession is pointless.

    This is a point of disagreement between myself and Southrons.

    America needs to be a Great White Empire. If anything, America needs to expand. Annex Canada and declare Quebec a Protectorate, with Quebec taxes only going towards common defense and foreign policy.

    Maybe cut off the Black Belt because it is a festering sore in the body politic, but that can be ameliorated by annexing Canada. Canschluss Now! Those advocating cession of California and the Southwest are also sorely misguided, because Mexicans can be easily expelled across the border.

    Petty Nationalism accomplishes nothing, be it Jobbik in Hungary or Confederate American Southrons. North American Whites need to create a Great American Empire from the Arctic to the Mexican Gulf. Similarly, Europeans need to come together under a Federal Europe that creates a Napoleonic superpower for our multipolar world.

    • With respect, Mr. Finkelstein, I 100% disagree with you.

      Saying that secession is ‘pointless’, is like telling a wife, who has long been battered by her husband, and who has come to the irrevocable conclusion that he has been steadily buggering their children, and, as well, spending their life savings on vice, that packing up and leaving is ‘pointless’.

      There is nothing petty about survival, which is what the South long ago ought to have done – secede, again, to survive.

      Your notion of annexing Canada is about as much a solution for what ails The South as is ordering out for pizza when you are bleeding to death.

      To say we, Traditional Southerners, are disgusted by The JewEngland Empire is, dare I say, an understatement.

      We cannot remain in a ‘union’ with it, nor with White Yankees who always blame everybody else for the stink of The Stars & Stripes, and who never cease to find a new hypothesis for very real problems, without having resolved the previous century’s dilemma arisen from the previous failures.

      Lastly, though I readily admit to loving some Yankees, on a personal level, the notion of living in a ‘White Empire’ with their blighted anti-Christian anti-White, anti-nature, anti- Southern, anti-rural, anti-traditional culture, is so downright vile, I am going to the medicine cabinet to relieve my queaziness.

      God bless you, Sir. I wish you and yours the very best – up there.

          • Thank you for sharing this with me, General.

            Dixie, although it war composed by the Yankee vaudevillian, Daniel Emmett, is my favourite song.

            It pretty much sums up how I think about secular life, and myself in it.

            I’ll return you in kind – from a great Tarheel band.

          • I think that group really did it justice and the crowd’s energy gives me great joy. I have given some thought to reenacting myself but never moved forward with it.

            I was born in Portsmouth VA. I have lived the majority of my life in VA and NC. More NC than anywhere else by far.I was an army brat and served in the Army also, so I have been moved around a bit. NC is home and has been for decades. I enjoyed seing some Tarheels showing such amazing musicianship even though I do not recognize the song.

            Are you on twitter by any chance?

          • I’m glad you enjoyed the group. The song was a hit in the 1860s, though, it’s name eludes me.

            As to reenacting, though I like to see it, I don’t do it because, in free time, there’s too much for secession to do, and that’s where my focus ought be. I think folks ought stop playing harmlessly at 1862, and risk a little in 2017.

            A real man is not exclusively a voyeur.

            As to Portsmouth, I live in the Piney woods, straddling the NC-Virginny line, not so far from there. The wife and I go shopping in the Suffolk and Chesapeake areas.

            I’m sorry, General, I’m not a Twitterer, BUT, if you want to be in touch on social media, and don’t mind being in the company of Confederates and Southern Nationalists, you will find me here…


          • I agree a little, General, BUT, it has a big negative.

            What is that?

            It allows our brethren to think that they are actually defending our culture, when, in fact, they are not.

            Playing at Confederate is perfectly permissible to the JewEngland government, but, being one – that, Sir, is a whole ‘nother ball o’ wax.

            We need real Southern political soldiers, today – folks who will talk to their families, schools, and churches, about what it will take for us to secure our culture and our people.

            Have a great afternoon!

          • So you do not use twitter. I looked at VK but it seems incredibly obscure. We both live in NC and I’d like more info on how to pitch in. What can we do about that?

          • I started a group called North Carolina Secessionists at Facebook. Though I was deleted from Facebook for my articles attacking Merkel and supporting Southern White Supremacy, the group is still run and commanded by good friend.

            Online you can advocate there.

            The League of The South in North Carolina is headed by Mr. Harold Crews and he can connect with great people. The League is in a league by itself as a Southern Nationalist organization that works to free us and our children today – instead of living in 1861.

            The League can help teach you how to advocate in many different ways.


            The Tea Party of NC – though these people are politically correct, they do a lot of good. They have helped take back our state from alien control.


            Here is another strong advocacy group. They can help you remind our state and national congressmen how to stay focused on protecting our culture…


            These are good starting places. Other places are to join a local Southern Baptist church and, when, during bible class or get-togethers, politicks comes up, you can make sure that members, who probably only watch FOX News can get the truth about the situation of The Southern White Race.

            Furthermore, once you get to feeling up to speed on these issues, you can also talk to your neighbours and friends and family.

            If you still need more help, anywhere along the way, don’t hesitate to ask me, or the site host of Occidental Dissent, Mr. Brad Griffin,(Alabama League of The South) or these to whom I have recommended you.

            Once you get involved, you will begin to realize that we are all around you, and, most likely, you will appreciate being in the midst of your fellow Southern Confederates – both in the flesh and in the abstract.

            God bless you for being willing to stand up for our state and our people. We can win this fight, but, we can’t do it without you.

          • Actually, I have been advocating (subtly) for similar ideas for years. I cannot discuss this here but I have been quite active.

          • That’s just great news, General.

            It’s also great you won’t discuss it here.

            In fact many things are not discusst here, thus, unless you are in this, it is impossible to know to what extent this is – which is a good thing.

            Thank you for your steadfastness and your service to our people and culture.

    • Simmons wrote this a few months back:

      “I like describing our political divisions as a family, Conservative
      Papa, Big Momma Liberal and Radical Child and now the long lost son
      Alt-Right who has come home after Conservative Papa after a long
      debilitating illness has died and the brakes have totally failed on
      Radical Child’s behavior.

      Alt-Right Son is not here to save his
      lunatic sister or hopeless mother they are gone to him, he is there to
      collect Conservative Papa’s gun collection and to tell the other two
      they are on their own.”

    • I think the localist, petty nationalisms, such as Southern nationalism, are good, as long as they prioritize the general white interest, and as long as they respect a hierarchy of attachments.

      Attacking petty nationalism can weaken white ethnocentrism. White people need less ethnocentrism like we need a hole in the head. Wherever there is culture that guides whites toward cohesiveness and healthy values, it should be preserved and embodied in state institutions.

      The ethnostate becomes bad when it oversteps its bounds, for instance when it strips power from more local attachments (or in a very bad case when it declares that children belong to the state and not to their parents), or when it denies racial and religious international obligations and loyalties (as the Spartans did when they took the attitude that the Spartan state was as happy to ally with Persia as with fellow Greeks). But as long as it keeps to its own sphere, it is a naturally good thing.

    • America’s under-5 population is mostly nonwhite, America has 8 million Jews, America has no ethnic core, and America is a cultural mishmash. Yet you want to conquer Canada?

      And have you even considered that the vast majority of Canadian Nationalists don’t want to be part of your giant White melting pot?

      Finally, your statement that petty nationalism accomplishes nothing is completely untrue. The actual truth is that ‘Our Race is Our Nation’ style White Nationalism – which ignores ethnic ties – is what has achieved nothing. Last time I checked, you’ve failed to make any meaningful progress in the last 50 years. America’s modern movement is still weaker than it was in the 1930s.

      But what has ethnic Nationalism achieved? Let’s take an honest look:

      – NS Germany (Mein Kampf makes it clear that Hitler was a Germanic Nationalist).
      – The British Empire (the expansion of which was premised on the basis that Britannia’s primary colonies – Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. – would be settled by Britons).
      – Several highly successful European movements (Jobbik, Golden Dawn, etc), all of which have won representation in their respective national parliaments.

      And yet White Nationalists – who struggle to win seats on their city counsels – somehow think they have the right to look down on those who have actually come close to winning back their nations?

      • Thank you, Mr. Vickstrom – for capturing some aspects of the rebuttal that I failed to make.

        Race is certainly an important factor, but, for those who propose to consider it all – without regard for ethnick culture and a connection to a specifick land, language, and heritage, it is quite unpersuasive.

        • Ethnic culture is going to break down quickly in the 21st century due to mass communication, globalization, and air travel. What will remain is race. Globalization can not eliminate race. At least not yet. Race is our most powerful unifying element.

          • Dear Mr. Finkelstein –

            Ethnicity is never going to break down any more than race will – and, as you well realize, tremendous pressures have been, wittingly and un-, applied to both, over the last century+.

            North Carolinians are not ever going to be Latvians, Gascons, Albertans, or Minnesotans, for that matter, though Northwest European is the common genetick ancestral pool of all.

            Each culture is formed by the indelible impressions of the climate, landscape, and the myriad eternal ghosts which occupy it. That uniqueness will never buckle, because it is God given, and what is so, cannot be rendered asunder by wayward man.

            And so I agree with you that certain things cannot be broken down.

            Thank you for your thoughts!

      • Many of the non White children live in the Black Belt or are Hispanics in the Southwest. So expelling Mexicans back to their homeland and cutting off the Black Belt as a separate African American nation solves the conundrum you describe.

        You are also ignorant of Hitler’s views towards petty nationalism. Hitler denounced Bavarian nationalism in his very first speech and mocked a speaker who had spoken before him that advocated Bavarian secession. Hitler also annexed Austria into Germany. The claims of Southern Nationalists to secede and be left alone are similar to South Germans in the 1920s. A stronger, greater nationalism of the volk always wins out over petty tribal loyalties.

        • I suggest that you read Mein Kampf. You will find that Hitler was extremely explicit about not wanting to see Austria-Hungary’s Slavs assimilated into German society.

          Why? Because Slavs and Germanic people are both White but they are not part of the same volkish community. A volk is not just a lump of White people. It is much deeper than that.

          I am also not ignorant of Hitler’s views on ethnic & regional nationalism. The reason why he mocked Bavarian secessionism is that Bavarians, Austrians, Prussians, etc. are all ethnic Germans. Bavarian secessionism was therefore not a form of ethnic nationalism. It was a type of regional nationalism.

          Is it really that hard for you to understand the difference between these terms? You keep using them interchangeably even though they are not at all the same.

          I will also add that White Americans are not a traditional volk. They come from all over the world, have very different histories, and their main tie to each other is that they speak the English language. There simply isn’t a lot connecting the Polish x Italian x Irish mishmash of New York with Anglo Southerners.

          But if you come from a heavily ethnically mixed background, then I fully encourage you to promote White Nationalism within your community. Just don’t inflict your personal situation on everyone else.

          There are very real physical, mental, and psychological tendencies that vary from ethnicity to ethnicity. Swedes don’t look like Slovaks and Greeks don’t think like Germans. And we like it that way. Please stop trying to merge us all into some giant empire.

          Many of the non White children live in the Black Belt or are Hispanics in the Southwest.

          Have much have you traveled? Every major metropolitan area in America (and many in Canada) have tons of nonwhite children. You can’t solve the racial issues in America by simply cutting off the Southwest and the Black Belt.

          A stronger, greater nationalism of the volk always wins out over petty tribal loyalties.

          Tribe and volk are the same thing, mate.

          An independent Southern society is not going to be strong enough to advocate for White interests in the world

          An independent South would be one of the most populous White nations on Earth and would, within a few years, be a world-class power. Dixie isn’t as rural as she used to be.

          Finally, I want to point out that you completely ignored my point about White Nationalists struggling to get elected to their local city counsels. The simple truth is that White Nationalism has been tried over and over again and it keeps failing. Why? Because it is a modern ideology which doesn’t fit humanity’s naturally tribal instincts.

          People are happiest when they’re surrounded by members of their own tribe, not forced into giant racial empires.

          And as for ‘muh brother wars’ do you even realize that most of us ethnic Nationalists don’t want to kill each other? A lot of us are happy to ally – as we did during the crusades. We will march together and then we will go back home to our own nations.

    • With all due respect you are wrong Mr Finkelstein. When the Bible talks about NATIONS, sure, it’s not referring to some multicultural Babylon with multiple races in the same society. But at the same time, it’s also not talking about some great white empire. We may share the same skin color but I have little in common with a liberal Yankee from Massachusetts. Our ideas on freedom, on government, on morals are completely different! If a White Yankee is truly traditional, a copperhead, he can move here, fit in and be absorbed into the Southern population. But we have no desire to be part of some greater Yankee empire ruled by a liberal northeastern elite. We tried that after the war and you folks blew it…..WE ARE SOUTHRON and we want our liberty.

      • “We may share the same skin color but I have little in common with a liberal Yankee from Massachusetts.”

        When it comes down to the nut cuttin’, that’s it. Nothing in common. Not even much in the way of history. We have more in common with Australians and New Zealanders, than we do with Yankees.

    • “Maybe cut off the Black Belt because it is a festering sore in the body politic”

      It’s a festering sore because SJWs from outside keep rubbing salt in it.

    • Hmm…Petty Nationalsim accomplishes nothing, but violating other people’s sovereign territory to promote imperial ambition does? Yes, it does. It promotes the movement of those people that you disenfranchised into the racial body of your people. Ask the British or French how this worked out for them.

      A large country/empire is inherently more unstable than a smaller homogenous geographic location. If you plan to seek empire you’ve already sown the seed of your own demise.

      • If America cuts off the Black Belt and expels Hispanics back to Mexico, it is mostly White after annexing Canada. This isn’t France or Britain creating an overseas empire. This is more like Russia creating a great land empire.

    • I absolutely agree with you.
      While I support nationalism, I also support a measure of pan-European identity.

      We are only in this state because we were more than willing to kill each other in 1914 and 1939.
      We need to understand that we are a minority in this world. We can’t afford another white-on-white war.

      I sympathize with southerners as I am one. However, we should embrace each other as well. I have more in common with a Danish patriot than I do a (((southerner))) who may live down the road.

  2. No, because the division isn’t really geographical. The same shitlib establishment exists in the most “conservative” states in the country, and they’re all going the same way. The only way to change things is to overthrow the shitlib power, the judeo-masonic power.

    • “The same shitlib establishment exists in the most “conservative” states”

      Except that they’re a minority, especially in the South. They’re generally laughed at and have little power in politics. All the Leftism we have, has been forced on us by Northern controlled courts and Northern SJWs. An old hippie in Bonham, Tx, tried to form a Green Party and run a candidate for state Representative. The first, and last meeting he held, only had seven people show up.

      • Texas and even Oklahoma have groups of people in dominant positions who are fully onboard with shitliberation. Now whether or not they parade their insanity doesn’t change that fact. Senators Graham and McCain get elected because the “conservative states” have the same sort of thinking at the top as everywhere else.

  3. A counter court-packing threat to re-establish freedom of association and throw back to the states the major cultural issues like abortion and gay marriage and everyone again is proud to be an American and go die for Israel. It would cost nothing. But obviously nothing will be given back. We’re trapped in some kind of insane loop.

    • Secession is the exit off the loop.

      In the long run, there is no other way, for the reasons you so carefully stated.

  4. Here’s a thought, how about getting some of the Alt-South folk to interview Pat Buchanan for one of the shows? You know, build a bridge to the mainstream? He’d probably be interested in it if he can be convinced of the basic decency of this faction. It would make a great inaugural podcast for someone who has been inspired by Buchanan.

    Rule #1 Don’t do what your enemy wants you to do (play the fool)

    Rule # 2 Do what your enemy doesn’t want you to do (be a part of the accepted political spectrum)

  5. Again somebody does not understand what the word ” totalitarianism ” means.

    Yep, secession wins some time until liberals complete another long march through the institutions and after 20 years the seceded country gets it,s first black or muslim president….:D

    All white countries were seceded once.

    • Back then there were a handful of TV stations to control the minds of the nation with, but Whites have the Internet now.

      • That,s my point too. Liberalism is genetical and white people need to figure out this. Then we can smoke those people out and remove them.

        Without understanding this, white race will continue to fly from one disaster to another. Medieval witchhunt is good example that liberals do not need tv or jews or blacks or muslims to push society into madness.

          • Not the witches but witch hunters. Yep, they were genetic liberals. And most evil witch hunters never watched TV, never attended University and never had any contact with jews.

            Jews monitored liberals from their ghettos, understood that white race has genetical problem and later used this madness to destroy us.

            Now the Jew is in charge but when we remove the jew, liberals are still capable to go after witches, kulaks, racists, homophobes or maybe they invent something new for us. And then our children will go again.

  6. I heard some numnuts on the radio saying that the bathroom issue was all about title 9 and not discriminating against any sex. Well we can get rid of title 9 too. We need to attack the legislation that allows them to run our lives. If they get elected again they can repass it but if we’re in office we should get rid of it.

  7. I think that cities like NYC, LA, SF, Miami, Seattle, Portland and
    Chicago need to be formally detached from their respective states given a small portion of the Electoral College vote and be made Federal Districts. Much like DC. The cost of that devolution is a collective group of 5 senate seats call it the Metropolitan Caucus (largely people like Feinstein, Shumer anyway) and/or no representation in House of Representatives. It’s mostly
    Dependent blacks, caribbeans or Mestizos Jews and queers. They can be liquidated later on.

    Make that which is implicit explicit so that there can be a real political showdown.

  8. When an old conservative reactionary let us take America back in time suddenly sounds closer to me then you know that conservatism that flip side to liberalism is near death.

    The operational word is “Freedom” (freedom from them) because no amount of invective or essays will put any of the anti- white coalition back in Pandora’s box.

  9. IMHO the whole things rests on two things, Truth and Virtue. Without a lot of both of these there is no hope whatsoever. One very tragic and hard Truth, is that the American nation founded in 1789 is long dead and can’t be revived. Just look at that amazing map of the counties won by Trump or Hilary. Only a small percent is malignant ZOG tumors that should be rejected the rest could be reformed into several real nations, that unhooked from ZOG could easily become bastions of prosperity and order. A Dixian nation and Amerikaner Heartlad nation could work closely on defense and trade, while protecting and building their unique cultures.

  10. Secession is a rather outdated idea when you consider that the American Union is now tied together by a network of Interstate highways, fiber optic cables, etc. I could understand if one part of the country was comprised of Slovaks and the other part of Czechs. But we don’t have those kind of ethnic tribal divisions. The best course of action is to round up all the kikes (and their goy accomplices), then ship ’em off on one-way trips to forced labor camps in the Arctic. Simple, no?

    • No ethnic tribal divisions? Our Southern brethren will strongly disagree with that. Or are you just trolling?

      • I don’t come here to “troll”. America is not like Germany, Russia or the Balkans, where different tribes have lived in the same place for centuries. It’s a mixture of Irish, German, Italian, Polish, etc. I thought I made that reasonably clear.

        • Most of the nations you mention have complex ethnic makeups even after the national divisions post ww2, inspite of the effects of the EU too.

          For example: Poles, Irish and Scandies living abroad. The Irish in particular make up most of the white urban population in metropolitan England.

          It’s not unlike the US in that respect.

          London has 300,000 White French almost as many Germans too.

        • You talk about Irish, German, Italian, etc…by your line of thinking
          those are social constructs as they used to be Celts, Normans, etc… We’ve been Southern since before the US or the Constitution was created, being Southern is our ethnicity.

          • I agree. I have lived in other parts of the US for brief periods. Those are not my people. I wish them all the best (I guess) but I’d rather not live in a country that has to cater to their shitty culture.

          • LOL you’re a joke. Southern is not an ethnicity, that is unless you’re willing to SHARE that ethnicity with the the people of color, many of whom were there back when Europe thought the world was flat.

          • …and you’re a gay stalker who is not capable of doing anything on his own and has to follow me around.

        • What you say is undoubtedly true, but, unless I’m mistaken, the Southerners who come here consider themselves a separate entity.

  11. Some commenting really need to take a few steps back and consider what they are talking about. The question you should be asking is what is more important – my country or my race.
    Only one of those will survive in to the distant future. I know which one I want surviving.

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