George W. Bush: Muh Democracy & Diversity

Ex-President George W. Bush has been counter-signaling the Donald Trump administration in recent days, slightly more than a month into the Trump era.

In Trump’s battle with the partisan media Bush has sided openly with the press, saying that a hostile media is “indispensable to democracy.” He went on to imply that the likes of CNN and NBC are necessary to keep Trump from abusing his power. Bush appeared to side with US Senator and neo-conservative warmonger John McCain against Trump’s assertion that the hostile media is the “enemy of the people.”

Bush attacked Trump’s Alt-Right supporters too and the growing nationalist tide, saying “Yes, I don’t like the racism and I don’t like the name-calling and I don’t like people feeling alienated.”

None of this is much of a surprise given that Trump ran strongly against George W. Bush’s record, condemned his war in Iraq and made the Bush family one of his favorite punching bags during the campaign.

Though the Trump administration is just getting started we already see the extent to which the Republican establishment (especially congressional leaders) are going to fight him every step of the way. They are far more aligned with the liberal media, past presidents and Big Business/globalist interests than they are with us. It means that the president will likely be unable to fully impliment his America First agenda even though “his” party controls the government. It reminds us that we still need truly revolutionary change. In this environment the Alt-South has much work to do in building a Southern Nationalist media platform and organizing the core of movement which can take advantage of the Trump era to point the way towards a brighter future that won’t include the likes of Bush, the hostile media and DC establishment.

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  1. Get that Family under investigation and do it quickly. Trump has one advantage in never holding political power before. He has no bloody record to defend or cover up. Stick that Connecticut Shit and his family in the slammer. There’s 30 years of dirt on them.

  2. He’s got his own daughter front and center with Planned Parenthood. The contempt that these filthy Yale dogshit feel for the rest of us is unlimited.

  3. President Bush’s religion is that of a polite NWO advocating New England
    blue-blood – covered over in a generous dollop of ‘aw shucks’.

    • Why would W say anything during president Obama’s reign, when, in fact, it was merely an extension of the policies he had put in place.

      Trump is a complete disconnect.

      He’s steamed just like President Obama is – for Trump did not just run against President Obama, but, against W and Bill Clinton..

    • I remember as a kid in the 70’s, seeing Bush election signs in people’s yards, here in Texas. Back then, they ran for state offices. My parents didn’t like them, but they voted Republican anyway. Rather than just not vote.

    • JFK showed signs of coming around had he not been so conveniently assassinated. Old man Joe Kennedy a conservative at heart but political opportunist as well which he instilled into his sons.

      • Both JFK and Nixon were victims of the (((Deep State))). Trump will not allow himself to become victim#3.

        • Maybe George Bush Jr. was, too – as I’ll never forget his face, reading to kindergarteners, on September 11.

      • Don’t forget the author of that bill, Spartan – powerful New York Jewish senator, Jacob Javitz.

        When that bill was signed by alltime scalawag #2 in history, LBJ, Javitz was beaming.

        Only a little kid, I had no idea why.

        Now I know … he had struck the greatest blow against the South since Sherman’s march from Tennessee to North Carolina.

        Thank you, however, for remembering that, as per usual, it was White New England Yankees who hand was on the knife.

        • Jews and Irish immigrants/their decedents working to screw over America….Wow, its almost like a tread (Mcmuffin/Kristol, Kenndey/Javitz)

          • Yes, Spartan, this is very true.

            However, please don’t forget that every culture which comes from others develops it’s own independent psychick tendencies; and in the case of The New England Culture it gets it’s from the Puritan culture of the 17th century, which, curiously, makes it an ideal spouse for Jews.

            That why I have long referred to the government in Washington D.C. as an alliance between Jews and New England; or, as was recently suggested to me by Miss Denise, ‘The Jew England Government’.

            Together, they reassure each other that only their view of the world is right; that only their motives are ‘exceptional’, and that in the process of creating a one world government favourable to them, any culture that does not mirror back their values must be usurpt, just as those who oppose them must be, as our site host so aptly has stated, treated as was the poor lady that had been badly abused by the preacher in Nathaniel Hawthorn’s ‘The Scarlet Letter’, by being forcet to wear a publick sign of stigma.

          • We should have listened to the Founders and barred those people from ever settling in our nation….

    • I love the bushes as folks. Classy, well-meaning, and decent folks.

      Both Bush presidents held up the dignity of the high Yankee office sublimely.

      That said, Mr. Kleinfeld, when it comes to their governance, particularly Jr., I am with you – it was godawful.

  4. Bush wrote a book. The book, Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors, is a collection of his portraits of veterans and their stories. It comes out Feb. 28, from Crown. Is Bush feeling guilty about sending innocent Americans to fight and die for the Jews??

  5. It took me a long time to understand the bushes. My natural hatred of the left put me in their camp for some time since they appeared as against the enemy. Finally though i began to see the truth and now I see this man as nothing. He is a midget mind of no historical consequence. He and the guy who thought he was president are ashcanned….

    • The ah Reverend Jackson once he said if he hadn’t had the father he had, he would have spent much of his life in the county jail.

    • We ought be the ones flogged, Mr. Rodriguez, for electing and reelecting him.

      I voted Libertarian, during those years, and criticize me though you may, I don’t have Bush’s Administration on my conscience.

        • No, hell no, don’t do that, Mr. Rodriguez!

          I was jus’ tryin’ to shed a li’l light on the matter.

          Your kindness and humility are duly noted.

          God bless you.

  6. Of course Bush loves the lugenpresse. Jewish journos like Judith Miller sold his lies about Iraqi WMDs to the American public to get the war drums going for the invasion of Iraq.

    One also needs to remember that the Bush family will forever loathe Trump because Trump singlehandedly destroyed the Bush Dynasty when he cut Jeb’s balls off.

    • Did he ever have any?

      As a foreign observer of the American election, there were a couple of defining phrases that, to me, encapsulated the candidates. Donald Trump’s was not “Make America great again”. It was “Only Rosie O’Donnell”. He had me right there. Unapologetic, reasonable, a winner.

      Marco Rubio defined himself with “We must dispel with…”. Doesn’t even know what the word means, then does it again.

      Jeb’s defining phrase? “Please clap”. Pathetic.

  7. The Cuckservatives have no care for Nationalism and the survival of the White Race. People shouldn’t vote based on the D or R. Always research a candidate and only support someone who supports Nationalism and White Civilization. WPWW !

  8. Dubya criticizes Trump for “racism” in the jewsmedia. Protecting white Christians from Mexican gangsters and criminals and Muslim terrorists is racist. Bombing brown Muslims in Iraq for Jews is an act of love and magnanimity.

  9. I literally hate George Bush and his whole family. Whenever I see poppy skydiving, I hope his chute doesn’t open. What a bunch of traitors!

  10. Al Gore losing the presidency to that idiot in 2000 was a major tragedy (not only for Al Gore) but Whites everywhere for the following reasons:

    A handful of Cubans pissed off over Elian Gonzales being sent back overrode the popular vote leading to both parties bending over backwards to Hispander to Latinos all over the country.

    Bush not winning an election that was ultimately decided by a cronyist Supreme Court made necessary to his administration another Pearl Harbor event that would unify the country, ergo the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on September 11.

    The so-called War on Terror lead to the patriot act and the TSA which only stifled the freedoms of Americans yet simultaneously allowed all kinds of dangerous Muslim refugees fleeing from America’s pursuit of the so-called “Axis of Evil.”

    To fire up the economy shaken by the attacks, Bush pushed through very lax lending to encourage everybody to buy a home which lead to home prices skyrocketing and all kinds of house-flipping and real estate speculation.

    The loss of Al Gore, a centrist Democrat, pushed the Democrat further left and paved the way for Barack Obama which then pushed all kinds of Hate Crimes legislation which rendered practically everybody but White men a protected class. The loss of the presidency to this idiot caused Al Gore to become unhinged and push his Global Warming-Climate Change theories that wrecked the coal industry.

    • ‘The loss of the presidency to this idiot caused Al Gore to become unhinged and push his Global Warming-Climate Change theories that wrecked the coal industry.’

      Gore was unhinged long before Bush came around.

    • That was the dilemma of 2000, Miss C – having to choose betwixt Bush and Gore.

      I voted Libertarian, for Harry Browne, and I am damn proud of it.

      W WAS a tragedy, but,mwho knows how much stupidity Gore would have gotten into?

      Never forget that he is a scalawag, and they, just like Lincoln and LBJ, are the wrecking-balls of this society.

    • Oh, c’mon, Magnificat! ; who cares?

      We are fortunate to have Mr. Cushman do this, when he works hard and has a fiancee to tend to.

        • You’re welcome, Sir. I’m excited for you that you are embarking on fatherhood.

          I hope the delivery is routine.

          What are the prospective names?

          I bet for a boy one would be ‘Rhett’, another ‘Wade’, and the other ‘John C.’

    • Thanks. I write most of these in spare moments throughout the day on my phone which doesn’t have a spell checker. So I know I miss a lot. Sorry about that.

      • Sure buddy….you have a big heart. You’ll go places with this attitude buddy. I’m eagerly looking forward for your upcoming articles.

      • Warminger could be a useful neologism. Minger in British Slang is a Pussy or Twat…


    “Peele and his former partner Keegan-Michael Key both have black fathers and white mothers”

    So, this is the wonderful promise of interracism. Black men use white wombs to produce people who make movies like this funded by the Tribe.

    As for all the white people involved in the making of the movie or paid money to see this junk to score Virtue Nazi points, what a bunch of pathetic cucks. Such tools.

    “This film is how racism feels,” said Kaluuya. “You get paranoid and you can’t talk about it. You can’t voice it. No one around you gets it, so you can’t speak about it. And in the end it just comes out in a rage.”

    Funny. If that’s how he feels about ‘white racism’, why did his people flee from beloved Uganda to come to live in white nations?

    As I recall, it was blacks who were actually harvesting black bodies — and still do — in Africa.

    Idi Amin was rumored to have been a cannibal.

    And white-skinned albinos are killed and sold for body parts.

    But blacks and Africans seem to be projecting their cultural pathology onto white people who ultimately ended slavery even in Africa. (Of course, white Virtue Nazis love to wallow in masochism as long as they get to hug themselves as conscientious redemptive whites at war with white deplorables who are still race-nazis instead of Virtue Ones.)

    By the way, it was black Africans who also captured blacks and sold them as slaves to whites. And it was in white nation that blacks, even as slaves, had promise of better future.

    Jews project onto Russia all the things they are doing in America.

    And blacks and Africans project onto whites all the voodoo craziness that happens in Africa.

    Together — Jewish money and distribution AND black writing and directing — , they just gave us something 1000x viler than Nazi movie JEW SUSS.

    Btw, if white ‘racism’ is paralyzing his black ass, he should go back to black Africa and be with his own kind.

    And why do black men reject black women and sexually harvest white women’s wombs to create vile hateful creatures like Jordan Peele?

    Jungle Fever promoted by Globalism is the colonization and harvesting of white wombs to breed the scummy enemies of the white race.

  12. Bush and his entire family are self-hating Whites. His idiot brother JEB is a major miscegenationist and is turning the family brown. Soon there may be no more White Bushes.

  13. When you are somebody who floods the country with millions of a foreign race and then scream “racism!” at anyone who objects…

    It would be silly to expect to be taken seriously when all you have is facile name-calling.


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