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  1. The trick that Le Pen has to pull is to make her election seem like the easy way out. It’s France after all.

    • I agree, Captain – but, there are other ways along with that.

      One, as Mandela used effectively, is to assume the mantel of persecuted tribal leader.

      This seems to be shaping up for her quite nicely. In fact, The EU almost seems to be in her campaign, if you will..

  2. Is this old? because Miss Marine did this exact same speech last fall, as well – as has Nigel Farage, numerous times.

    It’s always funny to watch the Junker-Hollande,Merkel trinity receive this kind of tongue-lashing.

    • Maybe you’ll agree, Junius, that even a mediocre Jew would know enough to mark, on such a video clip, the date on which the remarks were delivered. If a mediocre white man of the type that posted this clip were to be advised of the importance of such a date-mark, he would respond as follows: “Shut up, faggot.”

      • In this case, John, I think your comment is so sublimely nuancet and witty, that not even this mediocre Southerner can get it!

        God bless you and mama!

        • Thanks, Junius. In case my remark truly wasn’t clear to you, I’ll restate it: In posting at YouTube or any other place a video clip of this kind, one should indicate clearly, in the clip itself, the date on which the remarks were delivered. On the mediocre white man who posted this clip, at YouTube, the importance of such dating is lost. What’s important to him, in his frat-boy mentality, is that the clip shows Le Pen “savaging” Merkel. That much is all he’s taken the trouble to indicate, in the clip’s opening title.

          A mediocre Jew, on the other hand, would never post a clip in this inane form, because the importance of the dating would have been impressed upon him by Jews of higher rank.

          Between Jews and whites, that, in brief, is the difference: Jews have never been dominated by their mediocrities.

          • “Between Jews and whites, that, in brief, is the difference: Jews have never been dominated by their mediocrities.”

            Jewish leadership often seems mediocre, especially the religious and political leaders. Without an owned media class, which doesn’t seem to be made up of rocket scientists, Jewish elites could easily be given the idiot treatment. Think what an honest attack media could do to the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, The Google guy, most of Jewish Hollywood, the Neocons, AIPAC, Jewish members of congress, the senate, the Fed, Supreme Court justices, etc. It’s not hard to ignore the obvious when reporting, and the Jewish elite has made a mess of just about everything they have touched, from the local, national and world level, and they’ll probably fuck up outer space if Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg can ever get a rocket off the ground.

          • “Think what an honest attack media could do to the likes of [etc.]”

            Well–don’t you consider yourself, in your commenting here, part of “honest attack media”? Are you having any effect on those targets you listed?

      • Aren’t you the guy who recently berated someone as lazy for asking Hunter to post a timeline for a video rather than doing it himself?

        Why don’t YOU go find the fucking video and time stamp it yourself, if it’s so important to you, you smug dickhead.

        • It’s not important to me. I’ve simply pointed out that someone who thought the clip important enough to post should have dated it.

          • That’s a dodge, and you’re a hypocrite. If it isn’t important to you, then why not just shut your stupid yap. Do you really imagine anyone here wants to listen to your pompous gassing-ons.

          • Unsurprisingly, you have this completely backwards, you obtuse thing. The video that was posted here on February 25th, in Occidental Dissent’s entry about “Identitarian Ideas IX,” was clearly labeled, as you’ll see below, with the time and place of the event it presented. The clip’s poster, in short, had done his duty; and the commenter here who asked for detail—as to time-stamps of the clip’s segments—was asking for an extra, which he himself could have provided had he thought it important. In the present case, a commenter here was interested to know the date of this clip of Marine Le Pen, at the European Parliament, and I—who attach no particular importance to this speech of Le Pen’s—pointed out that the poster of the clip had not met the basic duty of dating it.


          • My anti-virus software flagged your post as “possibly a scam”.

            And indeed it is.

            As to your reply, I’m not reading it. Given that everything you write is bullshit, it’s not worth the trouble.

  3. Well, the average French middle aged person must now obviously see the writing on the wall that is their future if they continue down that road. Will they be able to come together as a supermajority to outvote the Arab-African colony in their midst?

  4. Trump needs to roll the dice again.

    Invite LePen to the Whitehouse.

    Embrace her and have Melania and Trump tour her around the WH.

    Housewarming party

  5. “recently suggested that France is spiraling toward “a civil war.”

    SJWs and shitlibs all think alike, no matter where in the Occident they live. It’s uncanny how they all seem to adopt the exact same memes all at once and in short order.

  6. Why would French people want to give up France? Why would Americans want Somalis? It makes no sense. I don’t believe any polls.

    • Because of the liberal paradigm, YHW – prove you are a good person by regarding nothing as yours.

  7. There’s a better candidate in the French presidential elections named Henry de Lesquen. Unfortunately, he may be “too AltRight” for France even at this moment of existential threat for the French. He talks a lot about the reality of race and wants to deport all non-Whites from France, among many other great things.

    Here’s his webpage translated into English:


  8. Trump just implied the Gravestone and bomb threats might be hoaxes.


  9. To win, Miss Marine must pose, and, key, be seen as Joan of Arc.

    Given that the EU has decided to persecute her for her having displayed forbidden images of ISIS atrocities, online, they are now acting the part of Bishop Cauchon – the man who orchestrated the trial of the French heroine, which provided the ultimate martyrdom of the famous French saint.

    If she can steer clear of the stake, any persecution will be good for her candidacy.

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