Russell Moore Could Be Fired Soon

H/T Rod Dreher

This is the best news I have heard all day:

“Concern is mounting among evangelicals that Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s policy arm, could lose his job following months of backlash over his critiques of President Trump and religious leaders who publicly supported the Republican candidate. Any such move could be explosive for the nation’s largest Protestant denomination, which has been divided over politics, theology and, perhaps most starkly, race.

More than 100 of the denomination’s 46,000 churches have threatened to cut off financial support for the SBC’s umbrella fund, according to Frank Page, president of the executive committee. The committee is studying whether the churches are acting out of displeasure with Moore because it has received more threats to funding over him than over any other “personality issue” in recent memory, said Page, who will meet with Moore today. …

Some say the debate is less about Moore’s politics than it is about Moore, whom some view as arrogant and out of touch with many rank-and-file Southern Baptists, particularly in rural churches.”

It is about time.

I can’t tell you how many times I have read something from Russell Moore that has made me not want to identify as a Southern Baptist. Just from memory, some of Russell Moore’s greatest hits include The Cross and the Confederate Flag, Can The Religious Right Be Saved?, Have Evangelicals Who Support Trump Lost Their Values? and Southern Baptists and the Confederate Flag.

If Russell Moore is fired by the Southern Baptist Convention, we are going to celebrate his demise on this website. It will be a glorious day for Southern Baptists. If you were to ask me to name the single most important reason Southern Baptists are in decline, I wouldn’t hesitate to answer Russell Moore. He is proof of the effect that a single entryist can have on corrupting an institution.

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  1. Didn t we do some blogs here slamming Russell Moore for writing a brutal op ed for the Jew York Times slamming the small town Southern world of Mayberry in the Andy Griffith Show?

    Russell Moore s hateful rants against Mayberry might as well have been lifted from Tim Wise.

  2. I feel for the Southern Baptists getting upset with this cuck. We got the same kind of jerks in the Catholic Church in the clergy and the laity. I hope both of us can get rid of our cucks soon, before they cause any more ill will in our churches!

  3. If I recall correctly, the southern Baptist argument for slavery was that the slaves were spiritually as well as physically better off under the institution as they had been removed from pagan lands and Christianized. And pardon the Marxist interpretation, but it seems not-coincidental that the southern Baptist theology of the day suited the interests of the wealthiest donors. The wealthiest southerners got cheap labor and the trouble-making proles who (rightly, IMO) viewed the slaves as competition in the labor market got slapped back to their pews.

    So along comes Russell Moore arguing a theological position that suits the interests of the wealthiest (((donors). HIs position simultaneously gives the wealthy cheap labor while slapping the trouble-making proles back to their pews. The more things change….

    (don’t mean this as a criticism of southern Baptists, I’m ethnically southern Baptist if not the most faithful practioner)

  4. That guy looks like a real fag. All religious leaders are liars, hypocrites and con-men. Many are also perverts, like I suspect this guy is. None of them shall ever recieve a dime from me.

  5. Check his background and associations. He is a “virtual Jew”, as Shabbat Goy, acting as a Jewish agent. Marxism is a toilet full of crap that is overflowing. That scata made its way into the Southern Baptist Convention Living Room and Kitchen.

  6. May God hear your prayers.

    Lord knows, the Southern Baptists could use all the help they can get! Just sayin’, as an Orthodox Christian. Now, if DTS would jettison the Scofield Reference Bible, we’d really be talking!

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