Professional Latina Ana Navarro Squawks About Steve King’s Racism

Ana Navarro has never done anything but squawk about Hispanics and “racism” on CNN.

She is a professional Hispanic with a BA in Latin American studies. Her political career has consisted of advising and supporting losing Republican presidential campaigns like John McCain in 2008, Jon Huntsman in 2012 and ¡Jeb! in 2016. That’s all she has done to get to routinely appear on television. She is nothing but a supporting brown face in furthering a Narrative.

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  1. The White man on the right was asked by the journalist to take the defense of Steve King’s tweet. But I think his tongue was tied by semitical correctness. It’s like fighting in a boxing match with your hands tied in your back. He should have said the whole thing was about immigration. Like America, Holland is being invaded by the third-world. If current policies are not reversed, Whites will be a tiny minority in a few generations. What’s going on is wholesale race replacement.

    Steve King made the point that Holland will no longer be Holland once it is entirely inhabited by Turks. As Geert Wilders said, the Turks who are in Holland will never be Dutch. They cannot maintain the Dutch identity and culture. They cannot become what they are not.

    Likewise, that Latina will never be an American, no matter what jewkipedia says. Non-Whites cannot become White. They cannot transmute themselves into our descendants. They cannot become us.

    When immigration from the third-world is kept to a low level, some people will argue that it doesn’t matter all that much. But the non-White population is increasing so fast that White countries are quickly turning into the third-world. Should there be no limits, according to Ana Navarro?

    It’s not clear if she thinks Miami is exactly the same nice American city it used to be 50 years ago, or if she thinks it has become a Hispanic city, but is still just as nice and American as it used to be (which would mean the word American has taken a new meaning).

    Does she not agree that the White population has been displaced/replaced by non-Whites? I think Steve King is against the replacement of White people, while Ana Navarro is in favor of it. She is a so-called anti-racist. People like her pretend to be neutral on race but are obviously working to the destruction of the White race.

    She says that Steve King’s tweet about “somebody else’s babies” is a racist, controversial, incendiary, offensive remark. “My babies are as American as his babies”, she says.

    But if she was an honest Latina, she would be more explicit about her views. This is presumably what she would say:

    – White people have no right to resist their race replacement.

    – It’s wrong for White people to want their own babies.

    – My babies will be more like you than your own babies.

    – As a Nicaraguan immigrant, I am the baby you never had.

    – I am YOU!

    – When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a cross between Taylor Swift and Kim Basinger.

    – When I hear myself speak on CNN, it’s like I’m listening to Pat Buchanan.

    – When I see fellow Hispanics in the street, I could never guess if they are from Nicaragua or from Sweden. I have to ask them.

    – I’m not parroting the SPLC nonsense, I made it up myself!

  2. The list of GOP Hispanic Congresscritters she rattles off as “(not looking) like Steve King” are actually all white! There’s not a mestizo among them, they’re mainly white Cubans.

    • Huge difference between Spaniards and Spanish speaking injuns. A Spanish speaking Injun name Jose is born in Mexico. That makes him “Hispanic.” A full blood Cherokee boy is born in Oklahoma. His name is Billy Taylor. Does that make him an Englishman?

  3. The Jews won’t even say explicitly that White babies are interchangeable with other people’s babies. They will simply imply that it’s wrong to say we are not interchangeable and that White people cannot be replaced. They won’t even SAY that race replacement is good for White people, they will just raise a fuss about the “racists” who disagree.

    They won’t say it’s wrong for White people to have their own babies. They won’t necessarily claim that non-Whites can maintain our existence as well as we can. But they will hint that it’s wrong to talk about those things. It’s insensitive, offensive, divisive, and so on.

    They are never explicit. CNN will pay a Chinese looking journalist to do the hinting, and a dumb Latina to do the squawking. But it is not as if they were presenting a real point of view with real arguments in favor of race replacement.

    We cannot refute their arguments; they don’t have any. Our first task would be to try to translate their hinting, their squawking and their shifty attitudes, into rational arguments for their side. It’s an impossible task. They will probably deny that they want to destroy the White race. They are like slimy eels, or like sand through your fingers.

    The holohoax propagandists use the same tactics. They have forbidden holohoax revisionism in many countries, but the new laws won’t even give a list of the jew truths we are not allowed to argue about.

  4. If I don’t give a rip about what some slimy sh*t-eating Dago named Cuomo says, why does this spic-ess think I care about her opinion?

    No me gusta la tua raza, señorita!

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