Con Artist Donald Trump Crosses Red Line And Starts War With Syria

It is happening now.

I’m watching it now on MSNBC. The neocons have just started a brand new war. This is an absolute, total betrayal of the confidence we placed in President Trump. I’m finished with him. This is the sort of move we would have expected from W.

Note: I will take out the trash in the morning.

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  1. Trump is finished. Republican mid term wipeout in 2020 and President Elizabeth Warren in 2018.

  2. Tomahawk missiles fired at several bases inside Syria.

    Fuck you, Donald.

    Cuckold punk bitch.

    You lied to us.

    You betrayed us.

    American Whites will now die thanks to your boot-licking cowardice.

  3. It’s terrible.

    Don’t be finished with President Trump.

    Foreign policy is just one thing.

    Immigration policy

    Domestic racial policy is another

    Obviously a terrible night.

    I do this with my relatives

    I don’t allow talk about bad politics

    Terrible night.


    Yes, early in Reagan’s presidency he wanted to send a message to the world : ‘I’m tough’.

    And so, there was an inconsequential confrontation with Libyan fighter jets, and the classick ‘line in the sand’.

    And here it is – President Trump thinking out loud – I’ll show the world, scare the hell out of Assad, warn North Korea, and put on a display for China’s premier, all in one fell swoop.

    Don’t screw with me, is Trump’s message.

    His intent?

    To prevent future conflicts by scaring folks.

    Will it work? – or will it devolve into something more?

    Stay tuned.

    My guess is that Trump’s common sense will prevent him from actively seeking Assad’s removal, that all the publicity is to scare the holy hell out of the Syrian leader..

    My only question is : What does Czar Vlad think of this?

  5. I feel like a fool knowing that I trusted this Jew-loving cuckold even for one single minute.

    Fuck you, “God Emperor.”

    Fuck you, Donald.

    May Bashar al-Assad hold long against Trump’s terror bombings.

  6. Not that the kikes are going to impeach him now he’s in thrall, but go ahead and impeach the bitch.

  7. Impeach Trump. He needs to go.

    This was CLEARLY illegal. Did the congress approve this? Did the U.N.? No. Get rid of this idiot. Next thing you know, he’ll be attacking China or Russia. No way we can let that happen.

  8. He will definitely kill Russians on the deck with these targets. What a fucking stupid move.

  9. We voted for Trump and got Rubio or Jeb! instead. A very quick-to-pull- the-trigger Rubio or Jeb!

  10. I knew this day would come.

    In the end, it is for the best too. This way we can show the absolute futility of “Taking Back America” or voting to “Make America Great Again.” You get the same foreign policy no matter who wins the election. That’s the biggest red pill of them all.

  11. after he fired the missiles i’ll bet he said “you’re fired!”
    hopefully he did it just so he could say “you’re fired!” one last time.
    & then he returns to being the original trump & not the one trying to please the neo-cohens.

  12. I guess it’s up to Russia to back down to avoid WWIII. Another crime committed by the Anglo-Zionist Empire.

  13. no HW, don’t throw your Trump swag away, sell it on ebay – or autograph it & sell it from the OD website!

  14. Why would Assad gas his own people when he has the US and Russia both fighting his enemy’s for him? Answer: he didn’t. Maybe the free Syrian army aka. ISIS. Led by Mcshame and Lyndsey Gramnesty? What happens when you topple middle East dictator’s? See Yemen, Libya, Iraq, etc… Trump pulled the trigger way to fast! Like I said before Trump caved to the deep state in less than 100 days.

  15. All based on the word of Muslim maniacs and their US Secret Police handlers and supporters. Wow. Trump is a menace.

  16. I hate him. My blood is boiling. Bombing another country less than 90 days from taking office. Looks like the Left and Alt Right have something in common now.

    New World Order full speed ahead.

  17. Fuck Trump. He’s a jew stooge. Gassing innocent sound just like tearing babies from incubators or cutting the hands off children. jew propaganda through and through.

  18. Sauder called him for what he is. He also had us down as the fools we are:

    I saw the Deagel numbers before they had the narrative response about the 80% reduction in US population on the bottom. It was very unsettling seeing that figure and not knowing what to make of it. Perhaps we will know soon. I hope not. I hope it is all an illusion.

  19. Fuck trump. He’s a jew stooge. Gassing the innocent sounds just like weapons of mass destruction, tearing babies from incubators, cutting the hands off Belgium children…jew propaganda through and through. More wars for the jew.

  20. Look what coulter just retweeted. Obviously about Trump:

    Ann Coulter Retweeted
    martha maccallum?Verified account @marthamaccallum Apr 5

    #Q TR: a man who loves other countries as much as his own is on level with a man who loves other women as much as he loves his wife.

  21. I am done. He is carrying out the Neo-Con Bush agenda. Jared Kusher and the Neo-cons won out over Steve Bannon. I am done. There is no difference between Trump and Hillary now.

  22. I understand many are upset, but, I wonder if y’all are not jumping the gun.

    Trump is a negotiator, and a lot of his moves are designed to get results at a cheap price.

    I think before y’all feel completely betrayed, wait to see what follows.

    If there is a regime change in Syria, then y’all would be right – this is a betrayal, BUT, if only diplomacy follows, then this would fall within what president Trump promiset – that he would approach the world with an unpredictable hand, in order to strike fear and, thus, order into areas, where it is not.

    Though candidate Trump said he did not want to tell other countries how to be, never said he would not do things like this.

    That said, I do not doubt that this is why Bannon is gone from the NSC.

    Again, calm down a little. Trump is doing good by his immigration promises, by his helping the economy, by his wounding of political correctness, by his helping of Brexit along, and by his appointment of Judge Gorsuch ect, etc.

    He’s done more good in less than 3 months than Obama did in 8 years, and y’all can be sure that it is vastly better than Miss Hillary would be doing!

    Each one of you was right to support Trump, and I ask y’all to walk back your anger, tonight.

    Watch and wait. Y’all have absolutely nothing to lose.

    Let us all, Christians, pray for President Trump, that he makes some good decisions.

    Let us, even though we disagree with this, stand by him. We made a committment.

    If I can stand by a Manhatten Yankee shark, then i think that y’all. many of whom are his countrymen, can do the same.

    God bless each of y’all.

  23. Here come Trump’s Comical Alis to Trumpsplain for us. They’ve been crawling over Stormfront since Trump started running.

  24. JamesD,”…You get the leadership you deserve…”

    I don’t think this is true. Bob Whitaker had no money and no support. We have a electoral college and anyone not taking this into account is foolish. I know Hipster Racist said that Trump was surrounded by Jews and that meant that he wasn’t on our side but it could also be looked at in terms of, he’s surrounded by Jews and knows how awful they are. He started good.

    :…I viewed this as a betrayal and still do. Pro Whites are disloyal scum, just like most Whites. Disloyalty is why we have nothing…”

    He betrayed us we didn’t betray Whites, although I’ll grant you overall this sentiment is correct and the sole reason the Jews dominate us.

    winbornmill,”…TRUMP REPLAYS REAGAN…

    Yes, early in Reagan’s presidency he wanted to send a message to the world : ‘I’m tough’.

    …scare the hell out of Assad, warn North Korea, and put on a display for China’s premier, all in one fell swoop…

    …My guess is that Trump’s common sense will prevent him from actively seeking Assad’s removal, that all the publicity is to scare the holy hell out of the Syrian leader…”

    I don’t trust him anymore. and will always assume that he was playing us the whole time. He would have to do some major backtracking to change my mind.

    If there’s a natural disaster or a EMP event or anything where they tell you to go to camps, don’t go. If they care for your safely they will not threaten you to go to camps. If they do threaten you f you don’t go then the odds are they will kill you there.

  25. I suspected this would happen at some point. The Bureaucracy is completely controlled by the Deep State (JEWRY). Trump had two choices, Go Down In A Blaze of Glory or Go Along. Its obvious he chose the latter

  26. It’s as if the whole thing had been planned for months by the military. They knew exactly what they were going to do. All they needed was an excuse to do it. We’ve been had and we deserve it for ever thinking the anti-White establishment would ever really do anything for us. I’m done with this guy and he can go to hell with his ZOG handlers.

  27. Trump is fatigued from the endless assaults by the intelligence agencies and Congress and just wants to be liked again. He must feel that Kushner and his crew can pull the dogs off him. Contrary to the tunnel vision rantings in these articles, the main reason Trump got elected was not foreign policy but because Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin want jobs. Trump definitely needs to keep that in mind and deliver, lobbing a few missiles to make the Republican establishment happy won’t hurt that, another expensive war in the middle east will. Trump doesn’t have the power to pull the plug on democracy and send the media, agitators, and leftist college professors into the Gulag. This is Americas collective fault for not being Jew wise, you can’t do what you want to do because the public doesn’t understand and wouldn’t support it. Looks like the train is going off the cliff no matter whose in the engine control room.

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