Neocon Puppet Donald Trump Announces His Unilateral Attack On Syria

I didn’t hear anything about how he spent three years lying to his supporters about his foreign policy in the hope they could be duped into voting for him in the 2016 election:

Note: If he lied to us about this, what else did he lie about to get elected? Certainly, there is the fact the he picked the president of Goldman Sachs to be his top economic adviser.

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  1. He’s just bought himself two years of glowing (((media))) coverage. Licking Netanyahu’s sack.

  2. As lame as cucked as GW Bush’s “smoking gun in the form of a mushroom cloud.”

    In a single stroke, Trump has lost his entire base. The Alt Right, Alt lite, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, everyone but the Neocons are opposed to the Syrian nonsense.

  3. Fuck Trump and his whole (((family))). The stupid cunt is isolated now. His approval will be in the teens.

  4. I’m so angry I can barely type coherently. To think that I sent several hundred dollars to his campaign, too.


    I understand many are upset, but, I wonder if y’all are not jumping the gun.

    Trump is a negotiator, and a lot of his moves are designed to get results at a cheap price.

    I think before y’all feel completely betrayed, wait to see what follows.

    If there is a regime change in Syria, then y’all would be right – this is a betrayal, BUT, if only diplomacy follows, then this would fall within what president Trump promiset – that he would approach the world with an unpredictable hand, in order to strike fear and, thus, order into areas, where it is not.

    Though candidate Trump said he did not want to tell other countries how to be, never said he would not do things like this.

    That said, I do not doubt that this is why Bannon is gone from the NSC.

    Again, calm down a little. Trump is doing good by his immigration promises, by his helping the economy, by his wounding of political correctness, by his helping of Brexit along, and by his appointment of Judge Gorsuch ect, etc.

    He’s done more good in less than 3 months than Obama did in 8 years, and y’all can be sure that it is vastly better than Miss Hillary would be doing!

    Each one of you was right to support Trump, and I ask y’all to walk back your anger, tonight.

    Watch and wait. Y’all have absolutely nothing to lose.

    Let us all, Christians, pray for President Trump, that he makes some good decisions.

    Let us, even though we disagree with this, stand by him. We made a committment.

    If I can stand by a Manhatten Yankee shark, then i think that y’all. many of whom are his countrymen, can do the same.

    God bless each of y’all.

  6. I know everyone is losing it tonight.

    Oh dear.


    As bad as it gets

    Please don’t take it out on your loved ones or….

    Don’t take it out on me.

    I warned about this #*$7#

  7. Shepard Smith looked like he busted one in his pants during his whole broadcast.

    Filthy queer.

  8. Assad striking back against the people trying to oust him from power is not an act of war against the United States, This is the Middle East, this kind of thing happens all the time. But, the meddlesome Maddie crybabies in Washington took it personally. And went around screaming the U.S. has to doooo something! There is no concern for what it’s going to cost, or will anything really be made better, or what the unintended consequences could be. Trump has talked about infrastructure spending, how many bridges could have been repaired, or roads worked on, or airports upgraded, or Amtrak upgrades could have been done with the money wasted on trying to install democracy in Iraq?

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