Reports: Jared Kushner, Gary Cohn, and Goldman Sachs Subvert #MAGA

I agree with everything Josh Marshall from Talking Points Memo says here:

“All signs suggest we’re now in the “President Trump has full confidence in Michael Flynn” phase of Steve Bannon’s tenure in the Trump White House. I don’t know whether this is some moron genius dialectic on Bannon’s part or just Karma. But can we miss that the man who gave coherence and verve to Trump’s campaign against the ‘globalists’ and unrooted cosmopolitan elites is about to be booted by the President’s Jewish tycoon son-in-law and a group of bankers (yes, Jewish bankers) from Goldman Sachs? These are I confess uncomfortable observations, but consider this …

And yet here we are and let’s not shy away from it. All accounts suggest that Bannon has fallen from grace and will soon be fired by the President. His ouster comes as the loser in a battle with a group of Jewish Goldman Sachs (Cohn, Mnuchin) bankers and the tall, dapper and yet nebbishy Jewish legacy real estate tycoon Jared Kushner. (I’m Jewish. I can say all of this.) It all reads like the kind of alt-right morality play one of Bannon’s deplorables might have written in some grand alt-right dystopic novel. Even the non-Jews are veritable auslanders: A key new player is Dina Powell (born Dina Habib), an Egyptian immigrant (albeit a Copt) who was herself a banker at Goldman Sachs in addition to being a Republican policy insider. …”

But let’s stipulate now that if the ‘alt-right’ wanted to write a betrayal narrative that touched all the ideological erogenous zones on that fetid body of thought they could scarcely have come up with material more charged, melodramatic and grand.”

It would be the mother of all red pills.

Just think about it: the meaning of Trump’s presidency would end up being that David Duke, Kevin MacDonald and The Daily Stormer weren’t anti-Semitic enough. The Alt-Right wasn’t paying close enough attention to the globalist Jews swirling around Trump who were conspiring to destroy his presidency. It all ended when Kushner convinced Trump to attack on Syria on behalf of Israel!

Even if you are totally opposed to Trump, you have to marvel that it could all end in such a dramatic fashion. Have a drink and just marvel at this world.

Note: I was already thinking beyond Trump last year well before the election. I predicted at the time that any perceived failure of #MAGA would only further radicalize his supporters.

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  1. The absolute core of our world’s problems are summed up by the concept of “4D chess”, The idea of “plans within plans”. No, if you say “well, I’ll do this evil today, and that evil tomorrow, and the over evil next week – and when it’s all said and done a great good will come out of it”.

    We have to adhere to truth, or what the Confucius termed “the rectification of names”, or in modern parlance “calling it like it is”.

    1) Assad didn’t gas any one, if anyone was gassed at all

    2) It was a false flag to drag dumb Americans (Trump chief among them) into another war for the Satanic New World Order

    3) Trump and the people who control him may not want a full fledged war on his plate; probably they don’t. But the evil is playing games with human lives. Even if nothing comes of this and it is another case of global theater, we must stand against the theater itself. One lie begets another.

  2. This is something to promote.

    Trump as his JewishSon in Law’s Bitch.

    It’s solid.

    It’s as if Crassus had mentored Herod instead of Julius Caesar.

  3. James Owen: By standing for what is right. You think the Buddhist types in from the 50s thought they would ultimately triumph while Viet Nam was ramping up, when they were getting water cannoned and bitten by dogs?

    Right makes might.

    Notice how Trump is losing all power and is going to immolate himself in a conflagration of evil. He is no longer right.

  4. “the tall, dapper and yet nebbish Jewish legacy real estate tycoon Jared Kushner”

    The only thing the Daily Stormer meme-ists demonstrated with their images of Trump as one Goth-like force of a man after another was the inadequacy of their white, comic-book mentality. Powerful Jews are often–I’m tempted to say “invariably”–unprepossessing.

  5. “How can we capitalise on all of this?”

    You can’t capitalize on it, James. You’re white. You’re not smart enough.

  6. i’m not jumping off the Trump train yet because I like what he’s doing in SOME areas but this jew coup is quite disconcerting.

    Jamie Gorelick, a veteran of President Bill Clinton’s Justice Department and a Hillary Clinton supporter, explains why she’s working for Trump’s daughter now.
    By ANNIE KARNI 03/24/17 05:09 AM EDT

    Attorney Jamie Gorelick had just finished vetting potential Cabinet secretaries for Hillary Clinton — and raising money for the failed 2016 Democratic nominee — when Jared Kushner called her last year, seeking legal counsel.

    Gorelick, who served as deputy attorney general under President Bill Clinton and

    a former member of the 9/11 Commission,

    was recommended to Kushner by former News Corp. executive Joel Klein, who now serves as chief strategy officer at Oscar,

    the health insurance company co-founded by Kushner’s younger brother, Josh.

    Klein told Jared Kushner he needed a real lawyer to sort through nepotism and conflict-of-interest concerns that could bar him from working in the White House for his father-in-law, President Donald Trump.

    Gorelick, widely rumored to have been Hillary Clinton’s front-runner for attorney general, hesitated before agreeing to represent someone who served as the de facto campaign manager for a candidate who encouraged chants of “Lock Her Up” at rallies.

    “At the time, I was grieving for Hillary Clinton,” she said. “This was not the transition I was contemplating working on — at all. And I didn’t know Jared Kushner. And I did think twice about it.”

  7. Lee Stranahan?Verified account @stranahan 3h3 hours ago

    Trump supporters ONLY: let’s talk about Jamie Gorelick, the attorney for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Follow along. #FireKushner

    Gorelick has worked with heart of the establishment including a CIA commission, W. Bush & Clinton

    Gorelick was Vice Chair of Fannie Mae from 1997 to 2003. She was considered to head FBI by Obama

    Jamie Gorelick Who ‘Helped to Bring us 9/11 AND Housing Collapse’ Is On Short List to Lead FBI
    Published in 2011

    Jamie Gorelick (Kushner / Ivanka attorney) is also a director at a) Amazon (Bezos owns WaPo) b) MacArthur foundation c) Carnegie Peace

    The MacArthur Foundation is one of THE BIGGEST leftist funding orgs

  8. Good piece. This latest move of Trump will awaken the Alt-right, or at least the hard core element of it that was WN long before the trump campaign. Mainstream conservative will be basically unaffected.
    I especially loved the delicious line in this piece that: “Just think about it: the meaning of Trump’s presidency would end up being that David Duke, Kevin MacDonald and The Daily Stormer weren’t anti-Semitic enough.” Awesome, and basically correct!

  9. The world is run by the Americans, Russians and Chinese…they take turns exporting arms.

    Start making guns?

  10. Couple of things.

    Hitler’s driver was partly Jewish, his speech guru Erich Jan Hanusen was also Jewish…but yeah he didn’t have a Jewish son in law.

    It wasn’t a long con.

  11. With Jews, you lose.
    Every. Single. Time.
    The visual icon of this is Christ on the cross.

    Trump is done -impeach the bastard;
    move on- white America for white Americans!

    All Jews- ALL Jews, raus.
    Gentleman, start your ovens.
    Deo volente.

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