Vespasian’s Vomitorium – SEC Edition

When I was a kid growing up in the South, every Friday and Saturday were filled with the cheers and jeers of sportsball fans. Decked out in the colors of their local high school or college team, legions of players and spectators clashed physically and vicariously on the 100 yard battlefield in crowded stadiums in the quest for victory over rival and foe. Not much has changed these days, perhaps the draw of football has gotten stronger. But why? What psychological need do we have to declare victory and bragging rights?

Western people are largely sedentary creatures. We no longer walk much in our daily routines. We drive a self propelled machine around to alleviate the burden on our legs. The slothful and obese even use little electric cars to do their grocery shopping. No need to walk to the end of the sidewalk to get the newspaper to learn of recent events. You can read the news on a mobile device as you sit in your comfy chair at home! Heck, we don’t even have to search websites for our news anymore. It’s all aggregated in social media and special news apps that notify you when breaking news happens.

But yet, there is still an instinct deep in our nature to compete. Computing advances in recent decades have made competing easier and more accessible through virtual online gaming. We no longer have to hone special physical skills, train our bodies, or master a weapon. We can do it all in a pretend and safe environment where there is no blood to spill.

Watching a sporting event does require a little bit more effort than gaming. One must carry a few pom-poms, sport your team’s gaudy apparel and traverse some bleacher stairs to get to your uncomfortable seat. For some smaller venues, you must still go to the concession stand to get your unhealthy food, but for the spectator at a larger venue, usually those owned by those massive faceless megacorporations (like the Dallas AT&T Stadium and Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium), he need not even stand because a vendor will come by soon enough with his over-priced cheese smothered nachos and Bud Light.

On Thursday evening, the American Empire’s president, Donald Trump, rained down 50-some-odd Tomahawk cruise missiles on an airbase in Syria. The justification, a “reported” gas attack on Syrian civilians by the Bashar al-Assad regime. Much like a Saturday night at a Southeastern Conference (SEC) football game, the pundits, politicians, and people of this country picked their sides, donned their war paint and cheered or jeered the decision to initiate an act of aggression against the Islamic State’s opponent.

I spent Friday reading the social media comments of the blissfully unaware and cognitively dissonant masses. Some of them are my friends on Facebook. The usual suspects have picked their sides.

For the “normie,” a deliberate strike by the U.S. military against a declared foe is a reason to celebrate. Our biblical and spiritual roots tell us there must always be a good guy and a bad guy. Friends and enemies. Aggressors and victims. If we weren’t so busy watching our evening episode of The Walking Dead and catching some of The O’Reilly Factor on FOX News, why we might just suit up in our chain mail and armor and join the crusades ourselves! Thank God we can just sit back, relax and watch it all on TV. Where did I put that remote?

I think I read somewhere once that a guy named Vespasian (this Roman dude) built this place called a “colosseum,” so that fat, hedonistic, blood lusting Roman citizens could catch a gladiator mauling or two on their way to the vomitorium. That empire eventually fell.

Let’s do our best to help this one along a little faster.

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  1. Trump’s first major act was to attack a nationalist. He’d do the same thing to any defiant nationalist European leader who makes a move against kebab.

  2. The tub of lard in that Alabama outfit looks like the baby killer who left his kid in a car to cook all day.

  3. ‘But yet, there is still an instinct deep in our nature to compete.’

    The point of this realm is war.

    We were bred and born to :- war with ourselves, war with our siblings, war with our parents, war with our children and our spouses, war with our neighbours, war with those with whom we work, and yes – if all those wars aren’t enough, we make up proxy wars, such as sports, and go whole hog for them.

  4. Trump and his Hebes aren’t nearly as schmart as they think they are. And yes, Captain John – target Kushie and his pack of Hebes

  5. It is the Society of Spectacle, to use a Marxist term, whereby the system buys off opposition by immersing the populace in a flood of distracting images. In our reality it is worse than a Society of Spectacle, it is a form of virtual Negro worship which the anti-white system that rules over us uses to inculcate the masses in acceptance of multiracialism and even miscegenation as the new norm and the height of fashion. As for myself i was once a rabid college football fan but I no longer go to ballgames or even listen to the broadcasts. Collegiate and professional sports is merely another weapon in the arsenal of the anti-white system that rules over us and probably no other weapon has been so effective. Look how the NCCA used the threat of boycott to force NC to cave in to the system’s demands. I have already mentally seceded from the whole anti-white system and call on others to do this same. Without mental secession there can never be a actual political secession.

  6. Yes there are themes about miscegenation in my article here. Sports ball encompasses a lot of degenerate themes. But my point more specifically here was to observe the normie reaction to Trump bombing Syria and juxtapose it with our thirst for proxy war on the playing field. It’s the same instincts in action.

    Normie basic bitch conservatives tend to come from our warrior stock. They hold onto their instinct for conquering and tribal war and substitute the real thing with sports and when our military engages an “enemy” with an act of war, those instincts get an overdoes of dopamine. This is why the normie conservative is just as dangerous as a liberal. No will to actually fight for anything important, but possessing and unfulfilled instinct that our government must satisfy from time to time.

  7. Trump “rally” Palm Beach, FL (Don Black country) April 18th

    A chance for the Alt Right to get in his face

  8. “The tub of lard in that Alabama outfit looks like the baby killer who left his kid in a car to cook all day.” You mean the “confused” half whore-chaser half-queer baby killer? Yes, it does.

  9. I don’t watch college football anymore, it’s just mostly nigger retards on both sides of the ball. I watch high school football in my area where the teams are 98% 99% white.

  10. Hunter I think you forgot a small point here. Southern Men in the 1800’s were famed for their competition. They competed in everything, hand to hand fighting, wrestling,knifefighting, cockfighting, dogfighting, marksmenship, duels, horse racing and even in some places they actually held Medieval Jousts. Gambling was also legal and they competed in all the games of chance

    Following the war, Northern laws against things such as brawling and dueling became accepted in the South and began to be more enforced. Things such as cockfighting and dogfighting began to be outlawed as did free for all public brawls, knife fighting and other more brutal games. The Southern Baptists saw that gambling from craps to simple card games were outlawed as well. Horse racing became severely restricted as well, eventually by the 1920s that gave way to auto racing.

    Football came along at a time, 1890’s when most of the rough and tumble games that had been known to our grandfathers before the war were gone. It allowed folks to get their fix of violence without anyone getting killed. This is why football is so important and why it takes over some folk’s lives to the point of obsession. A man respects a winner, and when he feels like in football his team won or in stock car racing his driver won, he feels like a winner he lives vicariously through them. UNFORTUNATELY in the age before Television, these pastimes were just pastimes, but since TV and the Internet we can literally live them. This is bad.

    We would have been better off with our old violent games and duels.

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