Le Pen Denounced by Israeli Government

Israel’s foreign minister has condemned French nationalist presidential candidate Marine Le Pen for saying France should not be blamed for rounding up and deporting Jews to Germany during World War II.

Reuters reports:

Far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has touched a raw nerve in France by denying the French state’s responsibility for a mass arrest of Jews in Paris during World War Two.

…”I think France isn’t responsible for the Vel d’Hiv,” Le Pen said in a French media interview on Sunday, referring to the July 16, 1942 German-ordered roundup by French police of 13,000 Jews in Paris.

…”We have taught our children that they had every reason to criticize France, to see only the darkest historical aspects perhaps. I want them to be proud of being French once more,” she said in the interview with media organizations Le Figaro, RTL and LCI.

And right on queue… Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports:

Israel condemned far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen for saying that her country is not responsible for the deportation of thousands of Jews to death camps in 1942.

“This declaration is contrary to historical truth, as expressed in the statements of successive French presidents who recognized France’s responsibility for the fate of the French Jews who perished in the Holocaust,” Israel’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement issued on Monday, a day after Le Pen made the statement during an interview in Paris for the RTL network and Le Figaro daily newspaper.

The ministry’s statement also said: “This recognition underpins the annual events marking the anniversary of the expulsion of the Jews from France and the study of the Holocaust in the education system, both of which are important elements in the battle against anti-Semitism, which unfortunately is once again raising its head.”

Notice that France, much like the USA, Germany and the UK, has institutionalized self-loathing and historical guilt. Le Pen’s talk about eliminating that was immediately taken as a threat by the globalists.

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  1. The Jews, I am convinced, are completely incapable of reflection. They never, never, never see themselves as the problem. They are incapable of looking inward and saying “maybe I’m the problem “.

  2. If Europeans gain their national pride again, they may begin to notice all the Hebrew names that have been rubbing their face in the dirt for 70 years. Then how would the Jews make their millions?

  3. Le Pen is making a bid for the Arab vote with this one?

    She’s being shit down now that HR McMaster PhD is keen to fight “Revisionist Powers”.

  4. @Mr. Cushman…

    ‘@Windbornmill, it sure makes the point about who has a stake in keeping the guilt industry rolling in France.’

    Yes, Sir – it sure does.

    Gotta keep that ole blame goin’ ’round, just so folks feel too weak to protest about how you’re workin’ ’em..

  5. @Sursum…

    ‘The Jews, I am convinced, are completely incapable of reflection. They never, never, never see themselves as the problem. They are incapable of looking inward and saying “maybe I’m the problem’

    They cannot, Sursum. They are too convincet of their own superiority, and their manifest destiny to lead the planet.

    Unlike many here, who comment on these things, I don’t get this view from reading Kevin McDonald, David Duke, Andrew Anglin, or Don Black, but, from having personally witnesst this kind of thinking, thousands of times, firsthand.

  6. As the Jews never tire of reminding us, the first question that we must ask ourselves about any statement or policy is: is it good for the Jews? Actually, that’s the only question. Any other question might lead us to presume that we have legitimate interests of our own and that wouldn’t be good for the Jews.

  7. #revisionistpowers

    This is where you gotta hit Trump again and again. He’s knowingly appointed a Cold Warist.

    General HR McMasters PhD anticipated the problem of what he called “Revisionist Powers”. Getting rid of Flynn and sidelining Bannon looks to have been the tiring point at the NSC.


  8. Holocaust used to justify White Genocide. Has she been talking to daddy lately? Will she apologize and grovel? White self hatred is sick.

  9. There once was a moron named Trump,
    Who’s “brand” took a couple of lumps,
    We deciphered his lies
    In the blink of an eye,
    Now his only supporters are chumps.

  10. Funny how “I was just following orders” only stopped being an acceptable defense after the orders being followed hurt the Jews.

    Even if you accept the conventional Holocaust narrative, you can’t hold France morally responsible for what Germany enforced in the Vichy era. They were an occupied state, for God’s sake.

    Only the Jews could have the audacity to enforce a culture of guilt upon a people for not offering resistance when the bayonet was at their throats.

  11. For those of our American readers who are probably not familiar with the penalties implemented in the European sport of Soccer/football – the referee has 2 types of penalty cards he can show the player who did something bad.

    The Yellow Card or the Red Card

    The Yellow card is warning card, not an out and out expulsion. The Red card is an “in your face” you’re being kicked out.

    Miss Le Pen needs to show the yellow card to the Israeli ambassador to France – tell the ambassador in no uncertain terms that you’ve been put on notice that if you interfere in French domestic politics or defame French history, you’ll be given the Red card and given the boot.

  12. Tell the Frogs the truth, that Jews have manipulated and forced the mass invasion of sub-human Mudslums, in exchange for detente with the Sunni Muslims. IOWs, (((We))) will subvert and give you the entire Western Christian Civilization in exchange for leaving us alone and allying with you against the Shia. Oy, oy.

    See, we are cattle and domesticated animals to the Jew, unclean, the Goyim.

  13. What exactly does the Jews’ “G-d” look like? We know what Jesus looks like, and Mary, we know what Mohammed looks like, and Krishna and Buddha, but G-d? No idea. Also, ever go in a temple….. no pictures of G-d, or statues of him either. Just lots of menorahs and Stars of Saturn (Satan). Remember, the Star of Saturn is a “hex”agram.

    ” Here is another remarkable correlation between the life cycles of parasitic animals and the life cycle of the Jew. Because of their parasitic mode of existence, the Jews have left no artifacts which could be discovered among the ruins of ancient civilization, even though they are known to have been present for long periods of time during these civilizations. Despite
    the historical records of their presence, we can find no concrete artifacts signifying their existence. Because we have heard, and still hear, so much about the great Jewish cultures of the past, archeologists have made extensive efforts to discover some examples of Jewish art and sculpture and architecture in ancient cultures, the solid evidences which survive the ravages of time and natural catastrophes. Yet they found nothing. The sole results of these searches are a few pieces of crude waterpots, fashioned from mud, which a Stone Age man could have produced with his bare hands, since he did not know the use of the pottery wheel which made its appearance among early civilizations. These scanty evidences of the great Jewish past is but one more witness to the biological parasitical existence which the Jew has always led as a soft, amorphous and rootless creature feeding at the expense of others, and leaving no concrete artifacts to memorialize his presence.”
    (c) 1968 The Biological Jew, Eustace Mullins, Page 14

  14. The reason the Jews don’t make an image of their God is because it would look terrifying.

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