No Surrender to the Syrian Snafu

The blackpill. Most seasoned readers will understand that phrase, but for those who aren’t initiated in the jargon of the Alt-Right (or Alt-South) movement, it means that we have to swallow some bitter medicine.

We said all along that we understood Trump was not /ourguy/. He was simply a tourniquet to stop the bleeding and a vehicle to open the national dialogue in our favor. Certainly we have come a long way. We can still credit Trump for helping to cement our movement of ideas and a springboard for recruiting. But in the wake of the Syrian missile strike (and now talks of regime change) we can no longer depend on him for anything that he promised during his campaign.

With that in mind, I believe the Alt-Right needs to set our sights on long-term goals unrelated to Current Year politics. Don’t disconnect. Don’t disassociate. Don’t retreat. That’s the same cowardice that put this country in its current predicament. We must double down and move forward deliberately and intelligently.

Identity Dixie’s mission is Southern Nationalism and the unique values that emboldened men like Robert E Lee and Nathan Bedford Forrest to confront tyranny so many years ago. Nathan Bedford Forrest is a particularly important figure for us to learn lessons from. We should also be emboldened by men such as Frank and Jesse James, who continued to wreak havoc for many years after the war ended.

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I won’t go into Forrest’s many campaigns during the War of Northern Aggression or his guerrilla cavalry “Partisan Brigades,” though we would do well to learn from the latter. Instead, perhaps Forrest is most famous (or “infamous” as shitlib dogma would have us believe) for his early role in leading the Klu Klux Klan. Despite a humiliating defeat, Forrest pressed on with the values he led so many honorable Confederate cavalrymen to defend.

The KKK was the first iteration of White Nationalism in the post-war South and those were far different times. Those early nationalists were resentful of the devastating defeat they had suffered, but more importantly the humiliating occupation and demands of the vengeful American Empire and used tactics that can’t be condoned today. But their general advocacy of separation for white and black communities was completely rational and for that, they should be recognized. So for Forrest and his followers, losing the War didn’t end their fight, it simply shifted it in a new direction.

But Forrest can also be held as an example of what can happen when one becomes too blackpilled. He eventually faced so much pressure as a prominent Confederate figure that he renounced the activities of the Klan. Even a man of honor such as Nathan Bedford Forrest can be cucked. Let his shame be your motivation.

Frank and Jesse James are well known for their role as outlaws targeting white abolitionist Radical Republicans during the post war years. During the war they had defied their oath of allegiance to the Union militia and had joined the pro-Confederate irregulars known as the Bushwhackers. When the war ended, they spent their remaining days robbing banks owned by Union sympathizers and continuing to fight the government that was openly hostile to them.

Their legacy is our legacy, because despite their failure to defeat the American Empire, their uphill battles still reverberate even today. Would the Alt-Right movement have any legs in 2017 if our forefathers had not lit that torch for us to carry? The issues of their day are the issues of our day. They had a duty to posterity to fight for the interests of their people then, and that duty is no different for us in the here and now.

Donald Trump’s weakness in the face of (((neoconservatism))) need not blackpill a man who honors the sacrifices of his ancestors. We MUST press on!


-By Spencer R at


  1. The South needs to secede from the Union again. That would deprive the jew warmongers in NYC and DC of White Southern boys to fight their endless wars of zionist aggression. Nor would they have access to all those important military bases in the Dixie any longer. Then you could deal with your beaners and nigras as you see fit.

  2. Dear Silas,
    Thank you for the great article.

    As to Forrest, I respectfully disagree that he was ‘cuckt’. What he was was getting older, and, perhaps most importantly, born again in Jesus Chryst.
    As such, the last years of the man were very different than those for which we remember him.

    The older one gets, the more chance you are likely to find yourself quite a different person than you once were.

    As to your admonishment to ‘not disassociate, not retreat’, I don’t.

    Every week brings new opportunities to speak locally, to our brethren in Nowheresville Northeastern North Carolina, and I do that. Many think Southern Nationalism is preposterous, but, not all, and some who do, at first, gradually begin to change their minds.

    As to Trump ‘being our guy’, no, he is not able to stand in the stead of secession and true Southron leadership, BUT, in the face of our fellow Southern brother’s preferring slavery to The Yankee Empire, as opposed to being free men, he was a good choice.

    If he remains that way, we will just have to see. Clearly many have been addled by recent days, though, the smoke is far from clearing the battlefield to judge, accurately, what is going on.

    May I ask? What state in Dixie are you, and are you a rural man?

  3. @Spahn…

    ‘The South needs to secede from the Union again. That would deprive the jew warmongers in NYC and DC of White Southern boys to fight their endless wars of zionist aggression. ‘

    I’d like to think that, too, but, Kudzoo can envelope any forest edge, anywhere, anytime, so there ain’t no guarantee.

  4. Yes to all of this.

    Even knowing that Trump was a bad man who made his living off of gambling, prostitutiin, alcohol, dumb shows, the speed of his betrayal is breath taking.

    It’s as if he said, if you can’t beat em join em.

  5. In the photo of Frank and Jesse James above isn’t Frank(on the right) giving the hand sign of the Knights of the Golden Circle?

  6. @winbornmill,

    Thank you for the reply. I did not write the piece, I posted it from one of our authors at As to your question, I’m from a rural part of the Old Dominion.

  7. @Silas…

    You’re very welcome. Perhaps you are not so very far away from me, as I live just a few miles below Southampton County, Virginia.

    In fact the entire area either 25 miles north of the state line or 25 miles south – no matter how far east or west you go in the two states, I refer to as, ‘Virlina’ – the 14th Confederate State, which, though it is unpublicized, carries on it’s old customs.

    I love this area, as so much of it seems so utterly out of kilter with all of modernity.

    Wherever you are, in our Mother State, I hope it is like this. It’s a 150 year old ‘safe-zone’ for all unreconstructed Confederate hearts.

  8. Hunter, I find it amazing how most folks when they talk about General Forrest, they forget about his later life and solely focus either on FORT PILLOW or the KLAN. Most people don’t know that Forrest before his death advocated that Negro Lawyers be admitted to the bar and that Negro schools be supported by the state. Even Gen Wade Hampton cucked at the end, to the point that Pitchfork Tillman called him a N-r lover which was how Tillman’s Populists overthrew Hamptons Bourbons

    APRIL 10, 2017 AT 4:01 PM
    In the photo of Frank and Jesse James above isn’t Frank(on the right) giving the hand sign of the Knights of the Golden Circle?

    The Knights of the Golden Circle is the parent organization of the Ku Klux Klan or Kuklos Klan. Kuklos is Greek for Circle. Knights of the Kuklos simply means Knights of the Circle. Being that the KGC National Headquarters was Cincinnati Ohio at least before the war and I believe afterward, it was outside the scope of Reconstruction and could faciliate all sorts of actions. This is how dumb people are, they think dirt poor Good Old Boys who were largely disarmed but for a fowling piece and a broken pistol suddenly came up with the $$$$$ to get Henry Repeating Rifles and new pistols. The Klan and the Red Shirts had all sorts of outside funding, largely funneled via Masonic Lodges it is believed.

    Frank and Jesse some say were high-level operatives and according to some the KGC which after the war functioned as the Confederate Underground helped them be smuggled from place to place and set up assumed identities for them. People need to quit thinking of this era as a strictly battle between Yankee and Southron, when it was a bit more complicated than that we distill it down to those two things because it makes more sense. The war was a political war and it created vast problems because you had states like Maryland where probably 40% of the population supported the Confederacy 25% supported the Union and the rest supported whoever was strongest at the moment. Then you had places like Tennessee where probably 30% of the states total population supported the Northern government. Then you had Northern States in the Old Northwest and elsewhere who had certain counties and towns supporting the Confederacy.

    When the war ended you still had plenty of wealthy Confederate supporters who were more than willing to send money south to start the resistance to Reconstruction. Some of these double agents were even within the Federal Army itself. In the book GONE WITH THE WIND, Margaret Mitchell wrote Scarlett remarking about how fast the Yankees who moved to Atlanta soon came around to advocating Southern principles once they had to live around Negroes

  10. @Billy Ray: Governor Wallace got soft in the head towards the end of his life, too. But maybe being incapacitated in a wheelchair for so long had something to do with that. What about Edgar Ray Killen? Is he still keeping the faith?

  11. Yes. He was just to slow down the destruction and racial genocide against us. That’s all. He’s Jewed to the gills and a virtual Jew, i.e., a Shabbos Goyim. A servant to the Jews, doing their dirty word. He is considered unclean.

  12. @BillyRayJenkins…

    ‘Hunter, I find it amazing how most folks when they talk about General Forrest, they forget about his later life and solely focus either on FORT PILLOW or the KLAN.’

    Many of us are aware, Good Sir. People are like trees – they have periods in their life, and some have periods that are more varied than those others have.

    The Holy Spirit moved Forrest and softened him.

    If you don’t have that, with every respect intended to you, you cannot understand it, no matter how smart you are, and you are dang smart as they come.

  13. The devil is a liar. And, a damn good one. As are his servants. We’ll take the bait again. It may just may take a while.

  14. ‘Even knowing that Trump was a bad man who made his living off of gambling, prostitutiin, alcohol, dumb shows, the speed of his betrayal is breath taking.’

    Oh, for goodness sake.

    You are just a troll in my opinion. All during the campaign you denigrated Trump at every opportunity.

    Trump has been very good on trade issues and bringing jobs back.

    He is doing good work the immigration.

    The Syrian attack may or may not turn out to be a big deal. He caused very limited damage and didn’t destroy Assad or his soldiers.

    He could have but he did not.

    He golfed with the Jap leader, met with the Chinese head honcho and hosted the Jordanian midget recently.

    He is not shooting from the hip and acting alone.

    The North Korean nut has countries in his region worried.

    Could it be Trump is working on better deals with Japan and China for our benefit?

    To have them make concessions perhaps he will help them neutralize the threat posed by Kim Jong-un who is threatening to nuke the US and and his neighbors?

    Our emotions seem to get the better of us. We’re either euphoric or in the pits of despair.

    Sure, we can speculate about many things. That ‘s what message boards are for, but we should chill and wait to see how things unfold.

    We just might be pleased the way things turn out.

  15. I don’t know if this is the correct board to advance this idea. It might be. During the second term of Obama with the very real threat of another Clinton nightmare, there was hardly a state in the union that didn’t want to secede or didn’t have its own quasi-official secession movement.

    Now I’m not advocating some kind of Turneresque Civil War. At the moment, there are too many White Americans who are still too fat and happy, not willing to rock the boat, and too brainwashed by political correctness to support it.

    Several years ago, I read the British POV on the American Revolutionary War. Now there was the expected Pro-British theme that the War for Independence didn’t have the support of most of the American people. Those who could, which amounted to over ten percent of the population, left America to head for Canada or even move to England.

    Most telling to me though, was that the author pointed out that what brought down the wrath of the British was the open defiance. That had the colonists just eschewed open defiance in favor of simply ignoring Great Britain’s edicts that nothing would have been enforced at bayonet point.

    The author had a point. Open defiance brings down the government to flex its muscles. We saw that when Eisenhower ordered school desegregation. The thing is, people in the South knew this was coming a couple of years in advance. Had they collectively and quietly removed their children from the public school system. Had they let Yankee cameras record Black kids being escorted into empty White public schools, FEDGOV would have looked foolish and not tried it again.

    An earlier case of how passive resistance works was Prohibition. Once FEDGOV imposed it, there were no riots, no open acts of defiance, but everybody had a still and made a point of finding a speakeasy. FEDGOV repealed Prohibition, because no one was fighting it, but no one was obeying it.

    Obviously Trump is a big disappointment. No surprises there. The only shocker was how quickly he capitulated and turned coat. I thought he’d last at least a year. But that may be a great thing in the long run. He got it out of the way before we got too complacent and simply shut our eyes and let it go along with everything else.

    De facto secession didn’t work one hundred and fifty years ago, but we can still strive for a form of de jure secession where we control our local and state governments. And in the meantime, all White Americans need to take a page from the Jewish playbook, actively engage in networks where we help each other and establish a nation within a nation.

    In the meantime we keep the pressure on Trump. He’s too busy playing El Jeffe overseas. He hasn’t come home to face the music. We need to be loudly vocal in our skepticism over how he will keep his promises to build a wall and repair our infrastructure if he is blowing the budget on another war for Israel. We need to loudly wonder if his jobs programs involves military service. And accuse him of maintaining and fortifying the economic draft that is forcing our children into the military, because there are no good paying jobs at home.

    Last but not least, if he is so stupid to host another rally, we need to call for a boycott. Trump is used to coming out to overflowing auditoriums full of adoring supporters. If, after this debacle he comes into an empty auditorium or two, he might be slapped with the reality check he needs, because we know that all those Hillary supporters in the press oohing and cooing over what he has done won’t show up.

  16. @Billy Ray: Governor Wallace got soft in the head towards the end of his life, too. But maybe being incapacitated in a wheelchair for so long had something to do with that. What about Edgar Ray Killen? Is he still keeping the faith? @Bill Ray: I think you could be our next “Bloody Bill” Anderson!

    Well I’m not fit to shine Bloody Bill’s boots, I’m just a regular Joe. Thanks for the kind words

    George Wallace was a complicated individual. In 1958 he lost the election BECAUSE his opponent John M. Patterson, who is 95 yrs old today ran a campaign featuring the Ku Klux Klan, evidently Imperial Wizard Shelton supported him. Patterson turned out years later to become a hardcore Leftist Democrat, serving as a judge on a special court that tried and removed AL Chief Justice Judge Roy Moore in 2003 over Moore’s refusal to remove the 10 Commandments Monument. Patterson even endorsed Barack Obama I believe two times. He like Robert Byrd and Hugo Black were Scalawags of the worst type.

    George Wallace in 1958 ran as a populist moderate, calling for an end to Civil Rights violence and receiving the endorsement of the NAACP. He discovered the error of his ways and after the Freedom Rider nonsense Wallace came out as hardcore of a Segregationist as one could be. However the death of his first wife and the influence of his second wife coupled with Bremer putting him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life I believe worked on his mind to the point that he did in a sense loose touch with reality. Wallace was a lifelong Democrat and did support many of the Democratic Party policies, but he was also a Conservative so with the National Party he was persona non grata. I give Wallace a pass because he suffered for the cause. Only thing you can dislike Wallace for doing is apologizing.

    However if I compared Miss Gov Ross Barnett to George Wallace, Ross stands above him for one reason. Ross’s Daddy was a Confederate soldier, survived the Reconstruction Regime of Confederate traitor James L Alcorn and two Carpetbaggers, Col Ridgely C. Powers and General Adlebert Ames who was both Provisional Gov of Miss 1868-1870 US Senator 1870-74 and Governor 1874-1876. Ross thus knew what Reconstruction was from his Daddy’s knee and probably his Daddy’s friends as well. When the mess came to Mississippi, Ross fought it and in retirement NEVER apologized.

  17. @spahnranch1969

    The last I read, Edgar Ray Killen never apologized and he still sitting in prison at 92 years old. He is Mississippi’s Rudolf Hess. The point to the whole thing is this, those two Jews and the Negro were told kindly to leave, they refused and so they were punished, big whooptie do. You will never hear of the FBI wasting millions of dollars to find out who killed a White person but for DER JUDE the skys the limit

  18. That was very well written Silas Reynolds!

    Have you written for us here on OD before?

    You’re a very good writer.

    Are you a good public speaker?

    We tend to have lots of good writers, but need more inspiring speakers.

  19. Cable news has repeatedly shown a poll that 57% approve of the missile strike but theres another poll that I saw on twitter that only 18% support ground troops. Both are good news. 57% is not a great number for something that the politicians of both parties are praising.

    I’d say keep the pressure up on the nepotism. Its a simple issue. No one in the White House can defend nepotism. Kushner and Ivanka can be forced out and thats a victory over the elites and neocons.

  20. Denise
    April 10, 2017 at 8:05 pm

    “O/T but not really – read this goys. Tell me what you think:


    I don’t need to read it, because I already know it.

    1) When every one of his children is married to Jews, or is sleeping with one, there is something strange going on. Either the entire family was born with a freaking weird fetish, or the Trumps are crypto. DUH…

    2) In Don Black’s neighborhood, Trump was screaming about the anti-Semitism in the clubs there. DUH…

    When Whites are raped or slaughtered by Negroes, Trump says nothing. Yet when some rocks in a cemetery are kicked over, he screams anti-Semitism on Twitter!

    The saddest part of this whole affair is WN who make it their bread and butter to warn us about Jews, supported Trump over a Pro White candidate and they allow Trumpists and Republicans to shill all over Stormfront.

    Let that sink in.

    Getting Pro Whites to support Pro White candidates is just as an impossible task, as it is to get unawakened Whites to support a Pro White candidate. Both would rather support Pro Jewish leaders instead.

    Let that sink in.

  21. @Miss Denise…

    Quite a few times, last year, I said to y’all that Donald Trump is one of the most profoundly Jewish non-Jews I have ever seen.

    If nothing else, you can’t be a smashing success in Manhatten (the capital of The Jewish West), and not be.

  22. clytemnestra57,”…Open defiance brings down the government to flex its muscles… vs. …passive resistance…”

    Very good comment.

  23. We need to form our own army and break away. Let these fucking minorities fight for the filthy muzzies.

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