Lügenpresse Nearly Unanimously Supports Trump’s Syria Strike

If it wasn’t for the Alt-Right press, we would probably already be in Syria, guns blazing, just like W. took us into Iraq:

These same people have been saying for a year that Trump is a dangerous fascist! When he actually starts killing people and ignoring international law and the Constitution and making reckless moves, the Alt-Right unanimously opposed him while the Lügenpresse unanimously supported him. The political establishment closed ranks and joined forces in support of Trump.

Note: There is a major effort underway to censor social media. YouTube is demonetizing anti-war videos which have nothing to do with race for not being “advertiser-friendly.”

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  1. Two things, there is procedural fascism. There’s also spiritual fascism.

    What’s happening is what Liberal Democracy does.

    What Trump is doing now is not unlike Chamberlain in 1939. Except Chamberlain clearly understood he was throwing away an Empire.

    Trump’s calculus? He thinks he can turn a profit in the Ukraine or some other section of Eurasian Russia.

  2. Heretofore, I’ve bristled at suggestions that Trump’s victory means a Confederate flag should be flying atop the White House; but now, well, I’m inclined to let you jokers own this thing …

    Deo Vindice — or Duit on Mon Dei — or some such lofty thing.

  3. on a daily basis, the number of people who hit the top 100 WN, hardRight, and alt-Right sites exceeds the readership of the old JewMSM by 1000X. Stop worrying about what these ZOG faggots think. As for Trump, I warned you all about this Zionist stooge right at the beginning of his fake-populist Performance Art run for the WH. After an enforced sabbatical, I’m back. But not to gloat. To continue to enlighten.

  4. We have enough National Alt Right and Alt Light blogs

    We need to grow the local blogs

    What s the best Alt Right blog where you live?

    Mine is probably SecondCityCop – focused on Chicago crime police and racial politics

    Also follow local sports blogs and work in Alt Right politics

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