Le Pen Finishes Campaign with Focus on Immigration

Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has returned to a sharp focus on stopping mass immigration and securing France’s borders as the campaign draws to a close. The National Front leader needs to finish first or second in a crowded field of candidates to qualify for the second round of the election. She has held a small lead in the polls through most of the campaign.

France 24 reports:

Facing a slight slump in opinion polls just one week before the first-round of France’s presidential election, far-right candidate Marine Le Pen has returned to her party’s core issues: immigration and security.

With only five days left before the first round on April 23 (the top two in the first round go through to the decisive second round on May 7), and with opinion polls forecasting a tight race that is barely possible to predict, Le Pen on Monday re-focused her campaign on immigration.

The anti-White media has been black pilled of late – certainly a positive sign. For example, Aljazeera notes the National Front’s strong appeal to young people:

Polling for the first round of the presidential election puts Le Pen on around a quarter of the vote, which would be enough to get her into the runoff, where she currently polls at around 40 percent.

Notably, the largest demographic for National Front support comes from voters aged between 18 and 24, where Le Pen polls at 40 percent.

The Washington Post calls it a “youth revolt” and says that “Marine Le Pen’s hopes of winning the presidency may rest on her appeal among the young.”

The Local predicts Le Pen will win up to 8 million votes based on expectations that she will put the French first, reclaim her country’s sovereignty, enforce the borders and crack down on immigration and crime.

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  1. So awash with degenerate and liberal lunacy as France has long been, it would really be a truly ironick twist of fate if it would take any leading role in deflating The New World Order.

  2. It is encouraging to see she has such strong support among the young. White Genocide wise youth seem to be the case throughout the worldwide alt-right. These are the folks who will determine the destiny of our race.

  3. I’m going to allege a “Bradley Effect” on the polls: people not willing to tell pollsters they support a heretic.

    Le Pen in the top 2, then it gets interesting.

  4. Le Pen wins, France goes off. The “youths” will riot. France is Europe’s weak link, the first fuse to be lit in the internal war with Islam.

  5. Has anyone taken a look at France between 1936-1939. Absolute political trainwreck.

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