New Zealand Strengthens Immigration Laws

The mostly Anglo-Celtic nation of New Zealand has been flooded in recent years with large numbers of Asian immigrants. The White population which stood at almost 92% in 1961 is now down to less than 74% . Thankfully, the rapid change is waking up many people and the government is beginning to respond.

ABC News reports:

New Zealand announced Wednesday that it is introducing tougher requirements for skilled overseas workers as it tries to control immigration numbers that have reached an all-time high.

The changes come a day after Australia said it would scrap a temporary visa for skilled overseas workers and after U.S. President Donald Trump signed an order he said should help American workers whose jobs are threatened by skilled immigrants.

New Zealand’s Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse said in a speech that the government was unapologetic that industries relying on overseas workers are finding it harder to recruit people from abroad.

“We are absolutely committed to the principle of kiwis first,” he said, using an informal term for New Zealanders.

…It is the second time New Zealand has tightened its immigration rules in the past six months and the latest changes come during an election year, when many people have expressed alarm at the immigration rate.

Woodhouse is a member of the conservative National Party. He voted against a 2013 bill which legalized homosexual marriage. He is also the father of three White children.

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  1. Cool action in New Zealand. I suppose anything that opposes Neo-Babelism, even when a small action, is a step in the direction back to ethnonationalism.

  2. Band-aid to a bullet wound approach. Sort of like a promise to build the wall and a temporary increase in immigration enforcement.

  3. Another reminder that this truly is genocide, and that necessarily makes the perpetrators evil.

  4. No mention of the current problem… how to reduce that 26% down to a more tolerable and manageable 8%.

  5. @JPS…

    ‘Band-aid to a bullet wound approach.’

    It well may be – and yet, two years ago, or, one, even, you would not even have received a bandaid.

    It’s not enough, but, it’s promising.

    Let’s take it for that.

  6. In 2050, white refugees from the Islamic Republic of Europe should seek asylum in N.Z. its underpopulated. Australia could use a few in its sparsely populated inland regions as well. Stay in Europe and they’ll be exposed to chopped off heads, covered women and sharia law. Australia and N.Z. is calling!!!

  7. Australia and N.Z. are tightening up their regulations. N.Z. always was a springboard for Australia, because of its lower entrance regulations. Regulations may not address race, and unfortunately for white South Africans it is a race question, but are sheared by the same comb.

    Unfortunately these new regulations will hit white South Africans, who want to escape this corruptocracy. Over the years the doors also started to close for them when going to the U.K., due to tighter regulations.

    Translated (just a part of it):

    “For Australia the number of 200 occupations, which would give them permanent status, will be reduced considerably. The number of years before permanent status may be applied for, will increase from currently one to four years.

    For N.Z. the required minimum income and financial status will be increased.

    2016 Statistics: 26% South Africans go to Australia, 25% to the UK, 13,4% to the USA, 9,5% to N.Z.

    It seems that considerably more of us that planned to climb on a plane, will rather be forced to think how we are going to secure ourselves locally and survive.”

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