PayPal Censors Occidental Dissent

This doesn’t come as a surprise.

We’ve been seeing a coordinated attack by the Left on our community since the election. The SPLC is suing The Daily Stormer in order to shut down the largest pro-White website. Twitter has changed its algorithm and purged countless Alt-Right accounts in order to silence us. Facebook has escalated its censorship of our content while turning a blind eye to even the most violent leftist speech. YouTube has demonetized and filtered virtually all of our videos. Disqus was pressured by the “Sleeping Giants” campaign into no platforming pro-White websites including Occidental Dissent.

Now, PayPal has cancelled our account. If I was holding a fundraiser for the travel expenses, bail money and medical care of violent communist antifa street gangs, I would be able to use services like PayPal, GoFundMe and Patreon. Corporate America is on their side, not ours:

“We vote for president every four years, but we vote with our wallets and eyeballs every day.
Bill O’Reilly’s sudden fall from cable news supremacy happened because over 60 advertisers—under digital grassroots pressure—decided that they couldn’t be seen supporting him after it was revealed that Fox News spent $13 million to settle sexual harassment accusations against their primetime star.

But this is just the highest-profile example of an accelerating trend that just might turn the tide on fake news, hate news, and their hyper-partisan enablers—while opening the door to more conscious capitalist support for quality news.

In the past few months, we’ve seen the alt-right mecca Breitbart systematically abandoned by advertisers who found their ads next to a “black crime” section, mash notes to the confederate flag, and serial fear-mongering about undocumented immigrants and Muslim citizens alike. This came about because online activists at Sleeping Giants began publicly alerting companies via social media that their wares were being sold on Brietbart. In this new era, consumers are asking corporate citizens to live their values or suffer the consequences. …”

Do you see where this is going?

The Left is trying to no platform “fake news” and “hate news” and “hate speech.” Naturally, they are the ones who get to decide whose speech is “inappropriate” and whose isn’t. This is necessary in order to force their orthodoxy onto the public and stamp out all heretics. Not only do they finance and support violent street gangs who “punch Nazis,” they want to ban us from college campuses. When they punch you in the face with brass knuckles or beat you with a bike lock while screaming about “racism” and “bigotry,” understand that they are only motivated by “love.”

Anyway, we expected this and will adapt as always. We’re going to get even angrier. The fact that they have moved from ignoring us to fighting us shows how far we have come.

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  1. Well how about some fund raising here using more traditional payment options?

    The SPLC is very good at fund raising – our side…..

  2. Encourage your users to download Ublock Origin or Adblock Plus. You have no idea how much all online media is suffering, if they’re going to try and take us down we should drag them down with us.

    Widespread adoption of adblock will seriously hurt their media.

  3. We have to devise a way to take out these communists that are moving their plan to destroy patriotic Americans. I’m using our definition of patriotic, no Morris Dees’ definition or Noam Chomsky’s. All part of the JQ problem.

  4. PayPal purged Bare Naked Islam today as well. They also informed the site owner he would have to wait 6 months for his $7k in recent donations to be forwarded to him

  5. I refuse to use PayPal, as they were leaders in a gang of scalawag corporations that tried to bend NC to their will, during our transgender tribulations…

  6. ‘We’re going to get even angrier.’

    We don’t need to get angrier, Sir, as that just weighs us down.

    We need to be more clever,

    Bravery, committment, and cleverness is what wins battles and wars.

    Doubt it?

    Ask Nathan Bedford Forrest.

  7. I’d also recommend Bitcoin and show everyone else how to use it in a YT video. Either that or a class action lawsuit. If Christian bakers had to bake a wedding cake, so should PayPal.

  8. “Widespread adoption of adblock will seriously hurt their media.”

    I’m finding more and more sites that detect AdBlock and deny you access to their content if you don’t disable it.

  9. “I’m finding more and more sites that detect AdBlock and deny you access to their content if you don’t disable it.”

    I haven’t seen that much yet but I have seen news sites that want money to read their stories, so I go elsewhere. The internet is infinite and so the competition is infinite. If they block people then they can’t enforce The Narrative.

  10. Isn’t it illegal for a business to discriminate against customers based on the customers’ religious, political or other personal beliefs? If some victim had the money and the endurance to sue these arrogant corporate assholes they might have a strong case.

  11. You should get onto GAB. They are starting a patreon type feature v soon. This paypal thing is very concerning. Have felt for a while that just as the California Revenue bureaucrat exposed Brendan Eich’s donation to the Prop opposing gay marriage, so too will SJWs in Patreon & Paypal attempt to publicize supporters of Alt Right content providers. It would lead to a kind of economic civil war were they to do this.

  12. @Spahnranch1969

    Yeah, but these sneaky Jews usually put a clause or two in the small print section saying that “disseminating hate” or other nonsense is prohibited.

    Same as how employers get around the First Amendment by claiming that the presence of a “Nazi” or “racist” harms other workers – even if you don’t mix your day-job with politics.

  13. @Quicksilver75
    You are right to worry. I wouldn’t trust SJW controlled companies with my information either. SJWs are unprofessional.

    Good news on GAB starting their own payment service. I was just thinking there’s a huge opportunity for someone to make money, from the Whites these companies are turning away. As usual someone is way ahead of me.

  14. ESPN (Electronic Semitic Propaganda Network) recently had to fire around 100 of its on – air personalities because that cable channel is hemorrhaging gentile viewers like crazy. Likewise, if enough goyim stop using Shitter, Kikebook, JewPal, JewTube, etc they will suffer a similar fate. We CAN do this!

  15. “PayPal purged Bare Naked Islam today as well. They also informed the site owner he would have to wait 6 months for his $7k in recent donations to be forwarded to him…”

    While they collect the interest on that money, that isn’t theirs. Ah, yes, the STENCH of Jewish Usury!

    Why not get WEEV over at Daily Stormer to start a new platform from scratch that ALL Whites can use, and which will NOT censor free speech, but not allow porn, etc.?

    Why let the JEWS have OUR money? In other words. I’d much prefer to keep it ‘in house.’
    Just sayin’….

  16. Hunter, after 9 years of business with PayPal, American Freedom Party’s account was terminated yesterday. They used a b***sh** explanation that transactions were “questionable”. There are numerous other payment gateways however…

  17. @Hunter Wallace

    Does the ban obstruct recent donations that were made to Occidental Dissent through PayPal? In other words, were you able to collect all the funds that were transferred when this payment method was still apparently working properly for donors?

  18. I’m trying to put the best spin I can on it, it’s a measure of our enemy’s desperation. Going after net neutrality is also in the works. (((They))) and their goyim collaborators hate OUR speech (hence “hate speech”). It threatens to undo White Genocide which they’ve had in the works for many years and spent billions on.

    It helps to remember that Samizdat, facing far worse consequences than us for getting caught, brought down USSR using fax machines.

  19. You know the left have peaked when they desperately try to shut us up/down. We simply use truthful, logical argument that they cannot counter. They are on the way out, largely due to alternative views getting out there in the public domain via the online revolution. Silence is suicide. Say it loud, say it proud. Inform the crowd.

  20. I knew OD was under attack when Disqus discontinued service to them. American free Press and Barnes Review are also under financial attack by such companies. It appears that any decent sized outfit who stands up for White people, the South, or talks against Jews is getting hassled. We live in troubled times, but our people will endure.

  21. “Bitcoin is the future” – Be really careful with bitcoin, I think it is on the cusp of being owned by a Chinese state actor. Chinese miners have a substantial fraction of the overall hashing power, and when they get to 51% they own the concensus(and can do what they damned well please with bitcoin).

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