Antifas Set Police Officers On Fire In Paris

I’m sick and tired of the “two sides of the same coin” narrative:

“The violence broke out during May Day protests close to the Place de la Bastille, where demonstrators shouted ‘Fascists out!’

A police source said: ‘Around one hundred hooded protestors got as close as they could to police lines, and then one or two threw Molotov Cocktails.

‘One officer suffered serious burns to the face just after 3pm. He was rushed to hospital. He is in a bad way, but his condition is not life threatening.’

Another officer suffered serious hand wounds, while others were less badly hurt. …”

Antifa is a terrorist network. The Alt-Right has never done anything like this. We stand for free speech. They stand for ending free speech and free assembly. They believe in using violence and intimidation to advance their goals. We believe in persuasion. They believe in denying others their constitutional rights. We are only trying to assert our constitutional rights to speak and assemble in public places. We are defending ourselves. They are coming to our events to assault us.

Have you ever seen the Alt-Right hurl Molotov Cocktails at the police? No, you haven’t. Antifas are communists and anarchists. They aren’t just opposed to us. They reject the concept of law and order itself. In their view, police officers are “fascists” and “pigs” and equally their enemy. They do not believe in private property either. They believe they have the right to destroy your property in fits of emotional rage. These people are so rabid and violent that they beat up trash cans.

It is time to wake up. Antifas are a menace to our communities. They are the ones who are doing shit like you saw in Washington, DC, at Berkeley and today in Paris below.

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  1. ANTIFA members may perceive themselves as Anarchists but in reality they are shock troops for the Judeo-Bolsheviks. In fact Yuri Bezemov explained this many years ago that if a Communist coup de etat took Washington tomorrow, ANTIFA, Feminists, Homosexuals and others would be the first to die. Yuri explained it this way, to have a Communist State you must purge all of the revolutionaries. The Leftists have to die first because in his words, they KNOW TOO MUCH. Three can keep a secret if Two are dead.

  2. Yes, good old Yuri. The KGB call these people Useful Idiots. They either quieten down after the revolution, or they are put up against a wall.

  3. Speaking of Useful Idiots I found it very effective when used against an Anti-White Jewish Commie at a normie forum I post on. It would trigger him.

  4. Hunter, you banned Chris 313 for his “How to Talk to a Cop” blog post. His rude but 110% accurate blog has been ovened, – but he was totally, brutally en pointe in the message of that brilliant analysis.

    Chris’s article pointed out that the Po-Po coddle and protect Negroes, no matter what the Groids do. They won’t even shoot Groids, no matter what, for fear of their ZOG Masters will do to them, when they could easily shut ZOG and their Anti Fa minions down. Cops prevent Whites from defending ourselves. It’s not consistent; cops do help, like in Auburn, AL, Other places, as in Berkeley, or ANY place in Europe, they obey their (((owners))) , and allow the Orcs to do ANYTHING they want. They threaten, arrest, and persecute their own White People, in favor of non-White/Commie/homo/total freak TRASH.

    Sooo…..I’m not terribly sympathetic to the po-po that got lit up The police in Europe are monstrous to the indigenous populations of Europe. Read their Twitter feeds sometime. Police could disobey ZOG, take over, and protect their own Nations – but they DON’T. Did they shut down the freaks, in this instance? NO. They didn’t, So they’ll get what they’re colluding with.

    Don’t worry – no one is shouting “1488” or doing the Roman Salute – so it’s all good.

  5. So now (((Thought Police))) Denise is recommending killing cops?

    This woman is really “smart”. The #HappyGoys will go far with her. Use enemy terminology like (((Nazi))) and kill cops… You will go far in politics with her (((foul mouth))) and big brain.

  6. You comment just like a subversive Jew. Divert, deflect, insult, twist meaning…………..

    How much are you getting paid, (((RB)))?

    Were you in Pikeville?

  7. By the by – I stand by what I wrote. So SANE authorities allow “protestors” to set agents of their authority on fire? When has this EVER happened before? Are the cops actual human beings, or NOT?

    Who allows the fiends that set them on fire to get away with it?

  8. To embroider the this them, let’s all recall the German Po Po, who actively cover up the destruction wrought disarmed GERMANS, by the Arab ‘n African rapugee invaders.

    In fact, the more the police are attacked and killed by Negroes and other Orcs, the more they defer to their killers. Weird, huh….

  9. RB… You aren’t half the man Denise is, and she’s a woman! I’ve followed her posts for quite a long time, under my various usernames here and there… and she has consistently been SPOT-ON and truthful. She said nothing in her posts here about killing cops, retard. She said rather that she can’t be expected to feel sorry for them, the agents of ZOG that they are, when they reap the fruits of their “just doing my job” treason. And I agree with her 110%. As do many, many, many, many, MANY of us.

    Crawl back under your slimy rock… you obvious (((anti-White))) blowfly.

  10. Thank you, JimB, from my heart.

    This is all getting very real now. I live in a very rural area right now. I’ve done demos in major Northeastern cities, in the past, and I know how VILE the Commies are. One women I know was BIT by one of them (A jew did it). She had to spend the night in the hospital to make sure she didn’t get poisoned, or something.

    The cops are trained by the Israelis, and they protect the Anti Fa/Orcs, and re more than ready and willing to stomp White Activists, who do NOT attack them.

    The NSM and Skind I knew were infinitely more reliable, alert, and effective than the Paid Whore Po Po,

    We are on our own.

  11. I hear you loud and clear, Denise. Yes, it’s definitely real. Shame about your friend; I hope she’ll be Okay. Roger-that about cops and Israelis.

  12. JimB, the biting occurred a few years ago. The woman was OK, but she was truly freaked out, understandably so. The attack accomplished it’s goal; she never participated again.

  13. From what I am gleaning about Pikeville, the presence of armed NSM encouraged, shall we say, the police to do their actual job.

  14. The police work to protect each other and the rotten System that pays them, they could not care less about protecting the public. Therefore I don’t feel the least bit sorry for those French pigs who got flame-broiled by Antifa terrorists. F*** ’em.

  15. @Denise

    These Antifa scum also like to dox innocent family members of our activists in order to keep us quiet.

  16. @ RB “So now (((Thought Police))) Denise is recommending killing cops?”

    She stated no such thing. The cops serve our controllers. They protect them and their property while we are left on our own. They’ve put themselves in their present situation.

  17. These parasitic fags of the left need to realize that if our perfectly legitimate concerns and messages are sent underground, it could breed resentment and hatred that will un bottle itself in an ugly manner. Free speech denied is violence forced.
    Psychologically, its good for people (on both sides) to un bottle their thoughts and be heard-to get it off their chest.
    When the left, and wider public lends an ear to our point of view, they’re then able to counter what we say if they feel we’re wrong…..or agree with what we’ve said. Either way, free speech should apply to all and everyone.

  18. Antifa terrorists are an incredible blessing, as they, in a short time, will do more for the Alt-Right, in the eyes of the unwasht masses, than we could do for ourselves in a century.

  19. Yes Junius, that’s my take on it. Even mainstreamers are starting to see the treat to free speech when these vile bastards can shut down people like Ann Coulter.

  20. @More of The Same…

    Good to hear from you. Glad to get some reinforcement on this issue.

  21. @John…

    ‘These parasitic fags of the left need to realize that if our perfectly legitimate concerns and messages are sent underground, it could breed resentment and hatred that will un bottle itself in an ugly manner.’

    John, they are not going to realize that. They will NEVER EVER realize our concerns.

    The only thing we ought concern ourselves about them is in finding ways to maximize the help they can give to our side, in the eyes of the sleepy-eyed Whites Masses.

  22. Police authorities call for “Time Out” and for treating this rabble or psychopaths with “respect” and “gentleness”.. IOW, police cannot respond in kind. They are expendable as a cellophane wrapper.

    What should happen is that the police should be authorized and immune from litigation to use RUBBER BULLETS from .45 and 5.56 caliber weapons, with full auto capability and unlimited ammo. They should also carry substantial rounds of standard metal bullets.

    After that, Special Forces should be deployed with truncheons, baseball bats and similar implements.

    The use of flogging was a successful motivator and reset device for thousands of years of human civilizations. It should be used “liberally” for situations such as these.

  23. So why would the ‘coloreds’ set their protectors on fire?!

    Does no one suspect (((some))) kind of plot?

  24. I wonder whatever did happen to Yuri. Probably sharing space with Larry McDonald or James Forrestal.

  25. Onceler, colored often don’t know forward from backward. If more of them realized they were simply tools for the (((real protected class))) it might be quite an enjoyable show for us. As you know, blacks don’t lead but are led, agitated, triggered, whatever. Unbeknownst to them, we do share a common enemy. I often wonder which one of us will get to them first. I explain to any who will listen who was really behind the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. I even point them to NOI’s “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews”. If they’re gonna believe anyone, it will be a brother…..

  26. Western Cops, likewise soldiers unfortunately are under (((authority))) and can’t speak out or combat those who bother us the much, like those braindead ”Che Guevara” flags waving tools.

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