Antifas Riot, Vandalize Property, Create Mayhem On May Day

I’m sure many of you saw this last night:

Portland, OR

“Protesters shattered business windows, set bonfires in the streets and vandalized a police car Monday afternoon in downtown Portland as a May Day protest devolved into a short-lived but chaotic riot.

The demonstration began as a city-permitted march featuring impassioned but peaceful rhetoric, but it ultimately was defined by black-clad protesters, fires and property damage. Ninety minutes into the march, police declared the gathering a riot. Officers used flash-bang grenades to disperse the crowd after they pronounced the march illegal, eventually arresting 25 people. …

Police later said items protesters threw or launched at officers also included fireworks, road flares and smoke bombs. Anarchists also threw at least one Molotov cocktail at officers but didn’t hit them, a police spokesman said in an email.”

Olympia, WA

“OLYMPIA, Wash. — Police declared a riot in Olympia Monday as a group of people dressed mostly in black threw rocks, bottles and pepper-spray at officers.

Police said they had arrested nine members of a “mob” throwing rocks and breaking windows of businesses. Police said nine officers were injured by rocks and marbles fired at them with slingshots.

Police had tweeted that about 40 people began walking eastbound on 4th Avenue shortly before 7 p.m. They had signs that read, “End the Port,” “F— Nationalism” and “Become ungovernable.” …”

New York City, NY

“At least 14 have been arrested during a May Day rally in New York after blocking the entrances to banks JP Morgan and Wells Fargo. Thousands of people are taking to the streets across the US as part of May Day demonstrations.

People are rallying to protest the Trump administration’s immigration policies that have ICE raids all across the country, and supporting workers rights that have led to mass arrests. …

Protesters marched through the big department store Macy’s dropping banners that read “Slave labor has always been in fashion.” …”

New Orleans, LA

” Since this article we written, approx 150 Antifa showed up on May 1st and attacked those guarding the monument. These defenders were mostly elderly people who weren’t prepared for this type of confrontation. As of 9:30pm cst the Marxists have taken over the monument. We will update everyone when we get more details.

In the meantime, meet some of the local New Orleans Antifa. …”

It was a banner day for antifas.

In Paris, France and Portland, Oregon, they rioted, set fires and attacked police with Molotov Cocktails. In Olympia, Washington, they rioted, smashed windows, attacked cops. In New Orleans, they attacked a bunch of Confederate heritage activists at the Jefferson Davis monument. They were active all over the US in Washington, DC, New York City, Los Angeles, Durham, NC and Austin, TX.

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  1. James Owen
    MAY 2, 2017 AT 5:58 PM
    The News media seem to be quiet on all this.

    I reckon old Senator McCarthy was right when he said the entire Media/Entertainment/Schools and State Department were owned by the Communist Party

  2. Antifa won’t be defeated with words or memes. I am going to drive to New Orleans tomorrow evening.

  3. In the Eastern Europe was peace and silence. Nothing to report, Because we dealt with genetical white liberals first and thatswhy don,t have no problems with media or jews or blacks or moslems or enteryourchoice.

    Senator McCarthy fan club is what western pro whites need most. And modern science knowledge about genetically born white liberal. Senator McCarthy got the point before infamous racist dr.James Watson got the model of DNA

  4. This reminds of the riots and “demonstrations” of the Sixties. TPTB did nothing to stop it then and they’re following suit again.

    God Bless National Socialists.

  5. Just like today, those ‘spontaneous riots’ were in reality staged and funded by jews.

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