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  1. One constant in America is constantly lower standards of everything that matters, and the outsized, limitless stupidity of Nigarrolls. They are a sub-species, wired differently so that the bare threshold of civilization, behaviors, and cognition cannot be attained and maintained by these inferior people.

    200 plus years of attempted co-existance allowing them to dwell amongst us is a colossal failure, a complete one, despite unlimited amounts of treasure and effort to bright them up to an acceptable level of human activity.

    All the efforts of Whites, Asians, and Hindus should be focused on a Homeland for those with a culture of depth and length, civilized precepts, and a higher distribution of IQ. IQ is NOT everything, however.

    When I think of Blacks today, I think of pestilence, vermin, parasites, and pathological organisms. I’ve also come to the realization that it is very much okay to hate.

  2. My ancestors fought and died so feral animals could take down their statues and attempt to erase their history. By erasing their achievements, they are trying to erase my birthright and erase my family. This is something I will fight to the death for. They better be prepared to fight for what they believe in. Because we are.

  3. @Poupon Marx…

    ‘When I think of Blacks today, I think of pestilence, vermin, parasites, and pathological organisms. I’ve also come to the realization that it is very much okay to hate.’

    In Nowhereseville Northeastern North Carolina, I live knee-deep in Negroes, and, though some very definitely approximate your description, most don’t.

    I see these people every day, as they are the postal-negroes, college students, mechanicks, landscapers, plumbers, reverends, and, yes, my neighbours.

    I agree with President Jefferson Davis, in that, we can be in favour of Southern White Supremacy without hating, or even, disliking Negroes for not being like we; or, in the worst case scenario, like erstwhile Miss’ippi White Knights Imperial Wizard Sam Bowers, who said…

    ‘”As Christians we are disposed to kindness, generosity, affection, and humility in our dealings with others. As militants we are disposed to use physical force against our enemies. How can we reconcile these two apparently contradictory philosophies? The answer of course, is to purge malice, bitterness, and vengeance from our hearts.”

  4. And, I’ll say it again – Big Federal City Welfare Niggers are NOT the same as small-town and rural Confederate Negroes.

    Witness Andrew Dunham and Miss Arlene Bynum who, amongst other such as Andrew Hervey, has riskt their necks to stand with us – as recently as this weekend in New Orleans.

  5. AntiFa may claim a cheap victory. If they don’t show up today, they’ll claim that they did their bidness on Friday and were successful against the Cuckfederates.. They’ll also claim that their opponents are too stupid to close with them and give battle. If their opponents hadn’t shown up, AntiFa would have claimed that they were cowards and that AntiFa rule the battlefield. In any case, they claim two victories without having to really fight. Classic Russian Civil War tactics, where the Red Army won fabulous victories without fighting more than a few real battles, many of which they actually lost. Like Tet in Vietnam, the VC were destroyed and the NVA mauled and heavily defeated. Yet everyone today thinks the U.S. and it’s allies lost. It’s not whose army that wins, it’s whose story that wins. The leaders know their history.

  6. White Southerners do not require coloreds to validate our Confederate heritage…whether they reside in big cities or rural areas. I’d really like to know who made up the term “Confederate Negroes”/ “Black Confederates”. Our White Confederate ancestors separated themselves from Negroes and I seriously doubt they ever referred to Negroes as “neighbors”.

  7. @Becca…

    ‘Our White Confederate ancestors separated themselves from Negroes and I seriously doubt they ever referred to Negroes as “neighbors”.’

    I don’t know where you live, m’am, but, in Northeastern North Carolina, Negroes and Whites have pretty much been together – living on and or around plantations and farms and often working with each other.

    In fact, just this morning, in Sunday School, some of the octagenarians were recalling the Negroes who lived on their property, and who helped them do all their farming, at a time when many still did not have John Deere and Massey-Ferguson tractors, but, were working with horses and mules.

    Furthermore, many of us, perhaps a bit older than you, were raised up by Negro mammies.

    This is what is difficult for many to comprehend – how together we have been, and yet how separate, as, even today, most of the churches in my part of the state, are segregated according to race.

    Non-Southerners, and or Southerners less than 50 years of age, have a very difficult time comprehending the true history of our culture…

  8. Furthermore, in Northeastern North Carolina, you cannot get decent local cuisine that is not cookt by negroes.

    Every restaurant that serves pull-pork features the negroes who do the pig, in the wee hours of the morning, and then the negroes who run the restaurants, all under White ownership.

    This IS the way it is, here, AND … is the way it was.

  9. juniusdaniel First, I was speaking about the 1860s. Our ancestors who lived back then separated themselves in all social situations. Some poor Whites may have worked side-by-side with coloreds by necessity, but after hours activities were racially segregated.
    All our cemeteries were/are segregated. I know this because I have been doing genealogy for 4 decades and I often visit very old cemeteries. Some family cemeteries have family members buried inside a fenced in area while their colored ‘neighbors’ are buried a great distance away, outside the fence in the cow pasture. Most of the colored neighbors just have rocks at the head of their graves.

    Those octogenarians you speak of were surely referring to coloreds who were in their employ. My grandfather employed a lot of coloreds to work his 1000 acre farm back in the 1950s and 1960s, but he never invited any of them to his home for Sunday dinner…and I suppose those Sunday School men never invited their colored workers to the community social/barn dance. That is what is meant by being together. Coloreds lived all around me when I was a young girl, but they most certainly did not attend the school I attended. They never attended my school’s sports events and they didn’t eat in the restaurants where I ate. We had special water fountains at the county courthouse marked “White” and “Colored”. The public restrooms were also marked thusly. Although we lived ‘near’ one another we were never considered ‘together’.
    Your implication is that White Southerners have never practiced racial segregation, and of course that just isn’t so.
    Now, in the past 50 years our government has shoved Marxist culturalism down the throats of White Southerners and unfortunately far too many have succumbed to the propaganda. But in fact, our ancestors were not egalitarians, they were racial separatists…even if they lived in close proximity to colored people.
    I am sorry for you that White people in North Carolina can not cook. Here in the Heart of Dixie we have some really fine White cooks.

  10. Lots of civic nationalists showed up at Lee Circle. They can’t advocate for the preservation of the monument. Baked Alaska was confronted by a local who called him a fascist. Baked Alaska ended up agreeing with him that violence is bad, and if there is a vote to remove the monument that it should come down. Another guy told him that the monument stood for white supremacy because the CSA fought for white supremacy. Baked Alaska couldn’t answer.

  11. The real argument for the monument is anti-democratic. If the majority votes to put whites into labor camps, is that acceptable? Majority rule is illegitimate when millions of foreigners are imported to alter the majority to suit a particular (((group.))) New Orleans was a white majority city when these monuments were erected. Now that whites have been driven out of the city limits by crime, the city council can vote their monuments out of existence by legal formality.

    In reality those monuments are the heritage of all people, not just those who live in the city limits. Legal form allows the city to disrespect its own past. That does not mean it is right.

    Finally, these people feel the need to remove the monuments and the battle flag because the differences over which the Civil War were fought were never settled. They are afraid that this time they might not win.

  12. If a full, I mean full, marching band could be used in a protest and have them play “Dixie” many times full volume and encourage all Southerners in audience sing along that would drown out the scum on the Left and all their hate-whitey chants.


  13. @Becca…

    Thank you for your interesting and great remark.

    I never made any such implication that White Southerners did not practice racial segregation, nor did I ever suggest we are, or were, ‘egalitarian’.

    We did segregate and do, and we are preferential, as we were.

    I live in an old town that still lives along the Jim Crow lines of my childhood, and yes, we are apart, and yet, remarkably together.

    This is the difficulty of how those two things work that flummox so many to understand it.

    As to the ability of Whites to cook in North Carolina, we certainly do it, but, all in all, we still prefer our Negroes to do it for us.

    Cultural Marxism has had limited success, up here in Northeastern North Carolina – the cradle of The Confederacy – the olde plantation country where Blacks and Whites have our own Southern ways.

    All the best to you, wherever you are.

  14. Ironic, that. Three years ago, I happened to be in Virginia when Hunter and co held a street protest in Richmond, which i was privileged to attend. After the show, everybody repaired to an eatery for a barbecue.

    I looked in the kitchen, and saw what looked like at least a dozen sweating negroes. Decided to skip the barbecue.

  15. @juniusdaniel1828k…I note well your symbiotic existence with the placid and law abiding Negroes of your borough and environs. I also offer the opinion, which I believe matters more than most, that your environs have no extrinsic value for duplication, theme, scheme, or template. Just as a pathogen may debilitate or terminate very large numbers, an occasional immune person may emerge, who for some strange reason does not get sick. The exception does not prove the rule, but proves that individual Negroes have merit and value, the vast majority do not and collectively cannot be co-existed or co-habited with.

    Now, when I lived in Hawaii, in the mid-sixties, the indigenous people-of the South Pacific, brown, less than the mean IQ of Whites lived separated, simply, basically and HAPPILY. They were content with a pre-industrial milieu. However, that changed when (((Cultural and Social Marxism)) came to town, and those very same people were told that they were actually unhappy, exploited by the White Main, deprived, and discriminated against. They, of course, bought into the whole Free Cheese, We Needs regimen. Two Soros knock-off Jews control the Punahou Private School, where Barry Fairy Sore Toe went to and which now has been converted into the Jewish Marxist Sausage Factory.

    I would not want to live in your neighborhood for several reasons: One, pure aesthetics. Negoes are not attractive in any dimension, aesthetically or concretely. Two, they are susceptible to casuistry and solipsistic arguments and motivations. IOW, the are congenitally weak-minded, impulsive, and prone to be driven by lower primate unfiltered impulses. I predict that it is only a matter of time until they are “turned” to hate and destroy the White Main. Think of a can of gasoline in the corner. It’s fine until someone brings an ignition source. Have you ever seen piranha fish feed?

    Good luck in the interim. I would keep one in the chamber, and pack heat on my person.

  16. @Becca

    I liked what you wrote about segregation but we have to remember there is a difference between the Southern form of Segregation and the Northern form of complete outright avoidance. Under the Southern form, Negroes and whites could interact within the basis of the social structure. This took forms such as poor whites and Negroes at times having to work in the same jobs or folks having Negroes in their homes as maids. As long as the boundaries were maintained and respected everything went well. I know my father told me of an old Negro who ran an outdoor barber shop in the court square that my great-granddaddy would go to for a shave an a haircut back in Kentucky, Obviously each locale had different rules and enforced laws differently. Kentucky for instance because of 1/4th of the state being mountainous didn’t have statewide Jim Crow, it had a local option system where it was up to each county as to what facilites they would have for various things. This led to a great deal of confusion, for instance in my father’s county, the Negro schools were closed about WWII time and very limited integration was allowed, simply because the county didn’t have the money for separate schools. So the county seat town school practiced a form of limited integration but the county school was all white. The next county over had fully segregated schools. They also integrated the county hospital because of a famous mine explosion in 1945 where a Negro miner rescued some white men he worked with.

    The Northern system of outright avoidance, what was practiced in the Northern cities, was heavily class stratified. Even whites of different ethnic groups didn’t associate with one another, and association with Negroes was limited to the factory. Yankees didn’t even desire Negro domestics, they preferred white ones. The school boundaries were gerrymandered in such a way as to keep Negro exposure to a minimum. Thus a person could grow from the cradle to adulthood and barely if ever deal with Negroes or even other ethnic groups. The only exception being skid row, now that was integrated.

    The Southern system was by far superior as it was HONEST and backed up by law. The Northern system was dishonest and relied upon shall we say less than legal means to maintain it. The Negro Malcolm X who grew up in Lansing Michigan said that ironically by confining the Negro to skid row and leaving him there, the Northern man actually created the dangerous savage Negro we know today. That was because in that environment surrounded totally by crime and dysfunction he grew to be less human and more like a beast of prey, living by his desires and his wits. When this population of dangerous Negroes grew too large to control coupled with leftist Jewish politicians who desired to use them to gain power, everything collapsed

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