Why Should We Defend Our Southern Heritage?



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  1. I’m really getting tired of all of the darkies, being used as reporters and commentators on the TV news.

  2. Arlington national cemetery dead honkies fought for democracy we no longer have.Election cycle stuffing the ballot box for couple of hours alien regime reasserts itself for legitimacy

  3. Same here Krafty. 12% of the total US population but are over represented on TV news. One would think they are 80% of the population the way they are portrayed.
    No, I don’t watch TV not am I subscribed to cable or satellite. Where I work, there is a television that stays on 24/7. I simply watch the people (sheeple) watching the idiot box.

  4. Brad asks: “what comes after that?”

    The abolition of humanity; our replacement by machines and transhumans.

    What we are dealing with is a hatred of humanity itself.

  5. Southerners should make every effort to divorce themselves from the corrupt and corrupting culture of the latter-day American Empire. That empire is in its death throes–you can see if from the images Hunter has posted above. As my old friend Sam Dickson once advised: “Southerners, abjure the realm!” If we can create true Southern community in our small towns and rural areas, we will have a solid base once the rest of the rotten edifice falls in upon itself. That is what we are trying to do in The League of the South.

  6. The rightness of the Southern Cause, while unclear to many in 1861, was crystal clear by 1993. The problem the Southern Rights people had was that their warnings took so long to really come to fruition. They knew it would happen, just not that it would take a century to become horrible. Even during the worst of Reconstruction, widespread miscegination and other things didn’t happen and at the time this was sold to the American people and even Southerners to say, SEE ALL THE NEGROES WANT IS SOME BASIC HUMAN DIGNITY THEY WONT HURT YOU. Anyone who warned against the creeping degeneracy during and after Reconstruction was seen as an alarmist.

    After the Civil Rights Act was signed, when the KKK came out yelling exactly what the Southern Rights Clubs had said would happen people called them alarmists. Of course like everything it took some time before the developments everyone warned against happened. This is the problem, there is always a time lag and people forget

  7. “… but slavery would have gone away in time …” (11:13)

    That’s one argument I would drop if I were you, Mr. Wallace. It’s unmanly, by which I mean not only that no man would make it but that no man would accept it.

  8. Maybe, just maybe, some of these professors will slowly realize America is unsustainable that she is heading for a Soviet style collapse in the decades to come, and there can be no political reform through the system.

  9. How does spaghetti face John Bonaccorsi know what a man would or would not accept ?
    Wasn’t he in one of those “Merman” outfits ?

  10. “How does spaghetti face John Bonaccorsi know what a man would or would not accept ?
    Wasn’t he in one of those ‘Merman’ outfits ?”

    There we go–right on time: the elevated discourse that is synonymous with “Dixie.”

  11. I really hope some young white man reads what I’m writing. I don’t really post that much about policy or politics anymore. There are far better writers than me.

    This is the 4th year in a row my husband and I have been to the Alabama tax sales. Kikes are all over these things, buying up property pennies on the dollar. If you don’t pay your taxes, it goes up for a tax sale auction (for lack of a better term). If you pay the taxes on the property for 3 years, you get a tax deed certificate. After 7 years there is no right of redemption from the prior property owner. Then you get a quiet title from the court house. Paid off, mortgage free property.

    Think of all the money that would be freed up by young men if they didn’t have to pay obscene rents and mortgage payments. Momma could stay at home with the kids while daddy worked or worked on the business.

    If I could go back into a time machine to the ripe age of 18, I’d never attend college. I would work retail, restaurant work, shit work, etc…..and save up my money. Many of these properties went as low as $200. I’d buy a few a year. By the time I turned 32 I’ve have a ton of land or properties I could create as rental property OR put double wides on them and rent to white folks for a reasonable rate.

    College, seminars, protests IMO are a big waste of time. If you control the area by owning most of the land and property, you control the narrative. That’s what the kikes are doing. I’d rather be effective than be right.

  12. @Mr. Griffin…

    Thank you for doing these videos.

    These, and hopefully others, will comprise a collection of video online references for those of our brethren who will ingest them, come to terms with what it means, and then cease the noxious pretence of being ‘an American’.

  13. @John Bonaccorsi…’

    ‘“… but slavery would have gone away in time …” (11:13)

    That’s one argument I would drop if I were you, Mr. Wallace. It’s unmanly, by which I mean not only that no man would make it but that no man would accept it.’


    John, I agree with you that Southron Slavery of Negroes would still be here today, if The Emancipation Proclamation had not brought it to a close.

    That said, right now we have, and have had, the Northern System of slavery – ‘free-trade’, the wholesale outsourcing of tens of millions of manufacturing and service jobs that belong here; – and which, in most cases, the departure of which has led to foreign slaves, many many working for below a living wage in 3rd world sweatshoppes.

    As well, we have approximately half of all Negroes on the dole, living on The Washington Welfare plantation, and a cycle of incarceration and ghetto life (fatherless children and families that have never known the dignity of work) that is, just as much as ever was slavery, a crime.

    Moreever, because of North Government Slave practices, millions and millions of innocent women, and children have been bombed or made homeless by Northern Government practices of usurping countries that do not sing their economick and political tune.

    Too, tens of millions of Americans, everywhere, live in small towns, the downtown of which has been abandoned – the result of this leading whole generations of children who did not know about the salubriousness of growing up in a centred community with a robust downtown.

    And, dare I say – Americans, everywhere, have been deprived of the possibility of owning a shoppe and making a solid living, as so many did, when you and I were kids.

    The mom & pop store was destroyed by Northern government slavery.

    You know, when I think of The North System of Slavery, I think of the tragick 1912 Waist-shirt factory fire in Manhatten – white mothers of every ethnicity, and their children by their side all day long, working themselves to a shred.

    Well, the fact that The North no longer does this to those it regards as it’s own, still does not change the fact that it is readily enslaving tens of millions of foreign workers and badly damaging it’s own society.

    Though I can’t say I am fond of any slavery, I prefer Southern slavery of the negro to Northern Slavery of all.


    Because, at the very least, it was not hypocritical.

    P.S. On a smaller note, I have never been able to comprehend why so many Northern Whites regard the notion of enslaving all peoples equally (their own Whites) as superior to that of the Negro.

    Particularly you – so staunch in favour of The White Race.

    Anyway, all the best!

  14. @juniusdaniel1828

    Well, I think you know, Junius, that I am as troubled as you are about some of the things you’ve mentioned. I agree: the small towns and the mom-and-pop stores were destroyed by Washington, just as the ghetto life was created by it. That’s what you get when whites are insufficiently whipped: they’re either enslaving Negroes or voting for politicians who make a mess of things. Whites have their heads up their asses, Junius. How is that my fault?

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