The Trump Revolution Changed Nothing

I wholeheartedly agree with this Rich Lowry article:

“The early Trump administration has been many things, but “populist” hasn’t truly been one of them.

When you discount the tweets, the all-consuming media controversies, the drama over personnel, and the Russia investigation — granted, that’s a lot of discounting — it has been a fairly conventional Republican administration on policy. …

In short, the Trump administration hasn’t created a new populist departure in American politics; it hasn’t even — as some of us hoped — nudged Republican policymaking in a more populist direction to better account for the interests of working-class voters. The early months of the Trump administration have proven to be populism’s false start. …

The working-class voters who supported both Obama and Trump, meanwhile, could produce more surprises. Perhaps Trump’s most dedicated followers will be disillusioned and go looking for a new charismatic leader. Or perhaps Trump will find that his alliance with conservatives is lowering his public standing and end it.

Victory in November 2016 surprised most Republicans and gave them an opportunity to build a new governing majority. So far they are squandering it.”

Doubling the number of refugees?

Good luck with that pitch in 2018 and 2020. Populists won the primary and general election, but lost the administration. This proves the futility of trying to reform the Republican Party. If Donald Trump can’t change the Republican Party, no one can and it should be abandoned to its fate.

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  1. Thus far, it has indeed been one of most anticlimactic anticlimaxes in the annals of disappointment. The whole situation had me bursting with energy right up through the election season and the inauguration … and then, what a letdown.

    Vox Day and some others are still trumpeting the “God Emperor” theme, and won’t hear any dissent from it, but it looks more and more like desperate rationalization of history’s biggest wet blanket.

  2. Considering the fact that Trumpenthal’s entire fortune is tied up in banks connected to the wholly owned US subsidiary of the Rothschild banking system, known as the US Federal Reserve, it should come as no surprise that the Rothschilds exercised their “option” and commanded the actions we’ve seen over the last four months.

    Now, Trumpenthal is opening the borders to a new surge of Muslim savages, twice any previous group.

  3. We need to call the State Department officials (largely staffed by WHITE MALE Race Traitors, who wield actual power, despite the screeching the MGTOW faggots) and raise Hell. We must engage. And we must be ready for full on engagement with the jihadi vermin. RaHoWa is here and now.

  4. “… it hasn’t even — as some of us hoped — nudged Republican policymaking in a more populist direction to better account for the interests of working-class voters.”

    I call bullshit! on Rich Lowry and his NR, the publication which called for the DEATH of white working communities. Since when have any of those creeps embraced populism? They were hostile all along. What frauds.

  5. “if Donald Trump can’t change the Republican Party…”. HW’s almost got it. Trumpenthal never had that intention or systemic purpose in the first place. His/its purpose from the beginning was to fool the Whites into validating – by voting – the (((system))) that is destroying them yet one more time. And in that he – and (((they))) – succeeded. Still more remarkable is the fact that most of the flyover country Whites who voted Trump, mesmerized by his daily mock-battles with the MSM , still have not realized that they’ve been had….Hell, even bigdome VoxDay hasn’t figured that out yet. But ZOG-slut Marco Rubio got it right during one of the so-called debates, calling Trump a con-artist. S’truth, and one of the slickest ever seen in ‘Murkan politics.

  6. The point is we didn’t have ANY CHOICE in 2016 and we knew this. I was one who always believed Hillary Clinton would win via theft and I believe she would have won but because of her constant fighting with Bernie Sanders and the EMAIL Crap she was severely compromised. To me, supporting Trump was just a troll operation. I never actually believed anything would come of it. Well it did, now what?

    The thing is this we all knew ONE of TWO THINGS would happen, either he was a TOOL or he would be MADE INTO A TOOL. We knew this going in, this became obvious after the whole Muslim ban was thrown out by the courts and his underlings like Nikki Haley began trumpeting policies that Trump himself said he didn’t support. The governments running on AUTO PILOT, the DEEP STATE is a real thing and we proved it. Now onto Phase TWO

  7. Some intel I’ve gathered on Donald Trump and his NYC jewiness –

    He was sent to military academy for high school because his parents deemed him a disciplinary problem. Among other misbehaviors, he had been sneaking into Manhattan from Queens (where the Trumps lived. Note the close childhood friendship he shared with Peter Brant, future jewish businessman:

    Donald internalized the hatred of the so-called ‘WASP’s’ from his environment; just this morning on Martha Raddatz’ cable news show some journalists were recounting their experiences with Trump. One said he’d met with Trump in Palm Beach, Fla, years ago; Trump told him the locals didn’t like him or want him there, and that he liked to ride with the stereo blaring to piss off the ‘f*cking WASP’s.’

    Recall that Trump would have been 20 in 1966, long before the jews began their anti-german campaign, which didn’t start until around 1983 when an anti-german lie spread like wildfire through NYC and turned the blacks against this former group of ‘ethnics.’ It was commonplace prior to the 1980’s for the germans and irish to be considered somehow not sociopolitically white aka ‘WASP’ in NYC (not so much in NJ). WASP was an acronym created by the jews precisely to divide these groups and to lower the guard of the germans and irish. Jewish Wikipedia attributes the term’s origins to the irish but I can 100% assure people irish catholics did NOT create or popularize it. The irish didn’t tribally separate themselves from the anglos; the conflict was totally religious in their eyes.

    So Donald Trump’s father may have shared some of the jews’ antipathy for the ‘WASP’s’, even as he feigned Swedish origins at a time when his construction company was courting jewish tenants after the Depression. WWI resulted in widespread anti-german sentiment pervading anglo-America, well before Hitler and much later the jews carved deeper divisions between these racial brothers.

  8. Off-topic: will someone please stage an intervention on Richard Spencer (Brad, I’m looking at you) and de-program him from the Eurasian brainwashing? I know his fat, aggressive Communist (ex?)-wife, Nina Kouprianova, is Dugin’s translator or whatever, and obviously has influenced him greatly, to the detriment of our overall movement and his intellectual bearings. #SaveRichard

    He’s posting pseudo-artsy Photoshopped pictures of himself on Twitter with captions such as “better to wear a Red Army helmet than subsist on a diet of Hamburgers in Brooklyn”… what the F*CK?! Yeah, it’s so cool to be a commie rapist criminal who had to eat your own children to survive, right?! Richard is making a total fool out of himself and our movement

  9. Trump was in favor of the jew bank bailouts back in 2008. I tried in vain to spread this on the Daily Stormer. Trump has always been on team jew. Richard Spencer is also jew compromised. He was mentored by jew Paul Gottfried, plus he has made connections in DC. He is using you guys.

  10. Trump was always an Israel loving, Boomer cuck. I’m just surprised how quickly and completely he sold out. Doesn’t matter anyway, worse is better. My biggest fear was Trump was going to do just enough to keep the economy chugging along while doing nothing about our demographic situation and keep normie conservatives fast asleep. Luckily, total economic collapse and RaHoWa seem completely inevitable at this point.

  11. Who cares. We used Trump to spread our message into the public sphere. I repeat. We used Trump, Trump didn’t use us. Trump is going to get BTFOd in the 2018 mid terms and lose to some liberal like Elizabeth Warren in 2018. In 2024, we nominate and elect a fire breathing Alt Right nationalist.

  12. “If Donald Trump can’t change the Republican Party, no one can and it should be abandoned to its fate.”

    Don the Con wanted to change the Republican Party? Is the Alt-Right leadership still in denial? lol

  13. Stop blackpilling. Trump is doing exactly what he promised: promoting civic & economic nationalism. He’s going to build American industry as well as the wall, and he’s going to vette foreign visitors & immigrants more thoroughly. He’s buying us time.

  14. “He’s buying us more time” – the anti-White Mantra, as Don the Con floods the country with legal non-White immigration + legal refugees at a rate as high as Obama. Gotta bring in future Democrat voters!

    Majority colored is majority colored. Makes not a difference if a Conservative holds a ceremony for them or or not.

    Anyone who supported this guy on the campaign should now be ignored. They have proven themselves incompetent, especially those in leadership roles. If they will not step aside, because their egos are so big, they should be shunned.

  15. Just went through all 201 pages of posts… took a week.
    Second biggest mistake? Giving $$$ to open borders ron paul in 2008 and 2012.
    Biggest mistake?
    Believing that lying joo POS trump.
    Now studying white race survival, anywhere there are forums…

  16. @Onecler Interesting bio sketch. Apparently we elected a self hating White. That explains a lot.

  17. Reminiscent of the “Reagan Revolution”, a previous disappointment. Then, if voting really made any difference it wouldn’t be allowed.

  18. Trump is extremely useful to the jews:

    He appointed Sessions who wants to resurrect the ‘war on drugs’ with harsh penalties for non-violent offenders. Pharma has been forcing prescription opiates into mostly white states like West Virginia for years, circumventing laws designed to prevent such abuses.

    Our working class white youth, who would otherwise form the shock troops of resistance, will have their 2nd Amendment rights taken stripped en masse.

  19. And notice how the arguments Trump’s attorneys are making about re-instating 2nd Amendment rights for past misdemeanors is ‘administrative onus’ or something.

    Yet treating non-violent drug offenders like felons won’t clog the f*cking court and legal system.


    We are so jewed.

  20. We knew Trump was a Jew tool going in. And he’s sucked ass. But playing hardball with NATO and the EU so the Brussels elite is threatened is helpful for European nationalists. We could have had Hillary and been utterly defeated and deflated. People need to just realize that we used Trump as a springboard to spread our ideas.

  21. I didn’t say campaign for Republicans. But would you like Pres. Hillary, another Jew dyke SCOTUS, and hate speech laws?

  22. I would like lots of things, like your #ZOGEmperor Trumpie, not allowing 60,000 Haitians to stay.

    But life isn’t fair.

  23. I’m not defending Trump. You just lack any perspective on how much worse Pres. Hillary would be. 60K Haitian voodoo priests is nothing compared to what Hillary would have unleashed. And the Alt Right is a movement would have lost momentum had the bitch won. So yeah, Trump cucking sucks, but we’re on the offensive in the culture wars. Unlike the Obama years where we constantly fed a stream of pozzed bullshit and on the defensive.

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